Italy: Nordic Resistance Movement and German Comrades Join CasaPound Demonstration

MEMBERS OF THE Nordic Resistance Movement were in Rome on the first weekend of January to attend a memorial march by the Italian party CasaPound.

The march, which is held annually, honours the memory of three young members of the Italian Social Movement who were murdered by communists and the police on 7 January 1978.

During the visit the Nordic Resistance Movement delegation visited CasaPound’s headquarters in central Rome as well as some of the city’s major historical sights. NTV reporter Pär Sjögren also took the opportunity to interview Julian Bender from Der Dritte Weg, who brought a group of members from Germany to join the march.

Videos and photos from the visit:

CasaPound’s headquarters in Rome
Names of inspirational figures decorate the walls of the building’s entrance
CasaPound’s “Arrowed Turtle” symbol
The Nordic Resistance Movement’s Henrik Pihlstrom on the roof of CasaPound HQ
A memorial plaque to the three men — Franco Bigonzetti (19) Francesco Ciavatta (18) and Stefano Recchioni (20) — “murdered by communist hatred and servants of the state”
Pär Sjögren at the memorial

* * *

Source: Nordic Resistance Movement

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The roman
The roman
8 February, 2019 11:35 am

NO report of the meeting in any of our fake news media. Furthermore the major Virginia Raggi , member of the gatekeepers 5 stelle , want to shut down Casapound . Italy is an occupied country like all the other so called ” western democracy” . IN this deep misery, the visit of the Nordic movement leaders is a ray of hope. Viva l’Italia e viva l’Europa libera.

10 February, 2019 5:05 am

To The Roman,

Same thing here in France, don’t worry ! France is also an occupied country, and we all know here, who are the ((( occupants )))…..France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany….every place where the muzz cancer is turning into metastatic….

That’s why I need to thank again National Vanguard and so many other US-based sites, where I can get real news !

And thanks God, I can speak, read and write English !

Take care everybody, and let’s keep some hope in our minds and souls !