Sweden: We Are the Real Workers’ Movement

THE Nordic Resistance Movement’s media group presents to you today a video of Fredrik Vejdeland’s fiery speech at the 1 May demonstration in Kungälv.

In his speech Fredrik Vejdeland spoke about how large sections of the so-called “workers’ movement” would rather demonstrate against the Nordic Resistance Movement than for the workers they claim to represent. He detailed how the Left have gone from representing the working class to pushing LGBT and “equality” issues. He also mentioned they receive money from people such as George Soros.

I will ask you in the audience: Would you have confidence in the Nordic Resistance Movement if we had support and financing from a person like George Soros?

Do you think the Nordic Resistance Movement will ever receive support from such a crook?

No, and you are completely right. In contrast to the so-called workers’ movement, we do not sell out our people or our workers. It is not just incompatible with our ideology; it also goes against our honour.

* * *

Source: Nordic Resistance Movement

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Will Williams
Will Williams(@www)
22 May, 2019 4:48 pm

Bravo! As National Alliance members are aware in their April NA Members BULLETIN, we are allied with outstanding, sincere White racial nationalist groups in Europe. Excerpt from that latest snail-mailed issue of our internal monthly Members BULLETIN:

The folks at NORDFRONT (the Web complex of the Nordic Resistance Movement) are leading the way in Europe. Times and conditions are finally right for stoic Whites on both sides of the Atlantic to resist through serious and completely radical organizations. The National Alliance is glad to see the emergence of these compatible groups… I then thanked W.P., our correspondent who is helping to build the bridge between NA and NORDFRONT to “conquer Scandanavia,” as he put it.