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The Toxic Media and Their Hate, Lies, and Desperation

by David Sims

DURING THE EARLY years of the Soviet Union, a People’s Commissar for Justice (similar to an Attorney General) named Nikolai Krylenko—who, oddly enough, wasn’t Jewish—met with someone accused of a crime, Mikhail Yakubovich.

Speaking to Yakubovich, Krylenko said: “I have no doubt that you personally are not guilty of anything. We are both performing our duty to the Party — I have considered and consider you to be a Communist. I will be the prosecutor at the trial. You will confirm the testimony given during the investigation. This is our duty to the Party, yours and mine. Unforeseen complications may arise at the trial. I will count on you. If the need should arise, I will ask the presiding judge to call on you. And you will find the right words.”

Krylenko was telling Yakubovich that he must agree with everything the prosecutor said, or else he would be disloyal to the Communist Party. And we all know what happens to Soviet citizens who are disloyal, don’t we? Unless Yakubovich agreed that he was guilty of whatever crime he was charged with, he’d be guilty of treason (in addition to, or instead of, the “crimes” he was already charged with), and his execution would surely follow.

A watered-down form of that is what’s going on with the left’s censorship and purges of White- and right-wing voices on the Internet.

I can explain Twitter’s reasoning in recently banning racially-conscious pro-White political commentator Millennial Woes. Once you hear it put forth concisely, you’ll understand why Twitter would never provide an explicit justification, but must instead refer nebulously to “terms of service” that, at first glance, don’t seem to apply in Millennial Woes’ case.

Millennial Woes stated a truth, a fact, that Must Be Kept Secret. If White people were ever to become generally aware that they are losing a low-intensity race war, losing rights and ground by the year, and that the point of no return was near at hand, then they might organize to defend themselves. If that were to happen, then there might be — shudder — violence.

See how it works?

Now, you and I know that violence in self-defense is perfectly right and proper. There isn’t the slightest thing wrong with it. Indeed, it is the duty of a person to defend himself, his family, and the innocent.

But the political left does not want the family and the innocent to be defended. The left is the international aggressor against the family and the innocent. The left considers the family and the innocent to be their enemies, whom they want destroyed. The left is a thoroughly amoral monster in pursuit of power and domination. And they control the mainstream media, which is why CNN and MSNBC emit some of the most damnable lies ever to enter the historical record.

The political left has become rather skilled in speaking of bad things as if they were good things, and in speaking of good things as if they were bad things. They say “of course” about things that are dubious, when they aren’t known falsehoods, as if the truth of their lies was something given to them for free.

* * *

MSNBC, when it was trying to derail the Kavanaugh nomination last week, suggested that Kavanaugh “is so damaged that he can’t be a fair jurist,” and that he was “too emotional” at his confirmation hearing. No, Kavanaugh wasn’t “too emotional.” The emotion signaled that Kavanaugh is either a skilled actor or he was speaking from the heart. I’m unaware he was tutored in drama, so I’m assuming that the latter is the case.

What do you mean by “damaged,” MSNBC? If you mean that Kavanaugh has recently had his eyes opened in regard to the habitual duplicity, the immorality, and the ruthlessness of the political left in general, and those of its media organizations in particular, then you have only yourself to blame. I’d call it education, though, rather than damage. Heh.

You lefties started your decline with your false accusations against George Zimmerman. Of course, there were people on the right who’d caught on to your mendacity decades earlier, but you succeeded in keeping them discredited by using labels (like “racist” and “anti-Semite”). But George Zimmerman’s trial on the false allegation that he had stalked and murdered Trayvon Martin was the watershed moment; it was the event that woke up the sleeping giant of White voters who elected Donald Trump several years later.

And you media leftists are stupid if you think you can fool us anymore. Once upon a time, you could spin lies that people would believe for decades. Now, you can’t tell a lie that lasts a day. And sometimes not even an hour. Furthermore, you are disbelieved by many on principle. If MSNBC says that something is “true,” then it’s probably a lie. If CNN says that a law or a policy is “good,” then it’s safe to assume that it is bad. That’s how it is now. The faux-sincerity of your actor-anchors doesn’t fool anybody anymore. And no matter what you do going forward, you will never again have the credibility that you once did, even though you didn’t deserve it even when you had it.

Furthermore, even if your conspiracy to drive off everyone on the political right — including amateur political commentators like Millennial Woes — succeeds, you still won’t get your credibility back. Not as long as your antics over the past decade remain in living memory, at any rate. The public will understand that they live in a bottle, which they will either have the power and the will to break, or not.

* * *

Ezra Levant is the boss who runs “Rebel Media,” which has positioned itself as an alternative to these big and mostly Jewish-controlled media companies I’ve been talking about. He is also a Jew. He can be a good Jew when he wants to be. He just doesn’t always want to be. He has been nice to Tommy Robinson. Tommy Robinson mostly does good things, like standing up for little British girls who were raped, pimped, addicted to heroin, and occasionally tortured and murdered by Muslim immigrants. The police would not protect those girls, but Tommy did. That is a good thing. And Ezra is good for helping Tommy when the neglectful-of-their-duty UK police sent its thugs to arrest him on phony charges.

But it was the Jews who pushed for Third-World immigration to the UK in the first place, while speaking unctuously about “diversity” and “vibrancy” and the wonders of multiculturalism. It was the Jews who did that to Britain. Nobody else. The Muslims (and the Africans) in the UK are the symptoms. The Jews are the disease.

It was the same way in the United States. The Jews pushed for a change to US immigration policy in 1924, so that future new Americans would come mostly from the Third World. They failed in 1924, but they tried again in 1965, and they succeeded that time. And then in came the Mexicans, and the Africans, and the Muslims, and so on. Same disease. Same symptoms. Same cause.

Tommy Robinson likes Jews. It’s the only worm in his apple. Ezra Levant likes Tommy because Tommy likes Jews. As long as Tommy likes Jews, the Jews will have “a voice on the right” that avers that Jews aren’t really the problem, when in fact they are the central demographic problem and the source of all other demographic problems.

* * *

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  1. Axis Sally
    8 October, 2018 at 11:35 pm — Reply

    The Enemy would like nothing better than we expend our energy in impotent street violence, as their African attack dogs do. What they really fear is controlled violence—an Aryan specialty. They dread the possible return of the stuka, the panzer, the V-1, the V-2, the sturmgewehr, the P-38, the U-boot… ah, those were the days… .

    In the case of Millennial Woes, I think they are trying to goad young pups like him into said streets to be savaged by said attack dogs. Ditto Tommy Robinson and others of that ilk. The Enemy believes that the human population of the Earth is overgrown by several orders of magnitude, and must be reduced. I agree with him. However, he believes that we Aryans will be consumed in the inevitable conflagration while they survive to rule over a mongrelized remnant. We must see to it that it doesn’t happen that way. They have sown the wind; let them reap the whirlwind.

    • JM/Iowa
      10 October, 2018 at 1:21 am — Reply

      The time is now to spend our energies on reaching out to our people for the making of that whirlwind, wouldn’t you say so Miss Axis Sally?

      Let us all contribute on a daily basis to making it so, the time for passively watching events unfold (often to the detriment of our race) is over as the hour is late. The responsibility for putting our people on a progressive path towards the Creator’s purpose belongs to every White of good character.

      • Axis Sally
        13 October, 2018 at 9:34 pm — Reply

        Yes, I agree with you, Mister/Miss JM/IOWA. But how does one “reach out” (shuddering at the junk-culture cliché) to those who have been spawned, raised, and come of age in Bolshevik sewage-water and believe they cannot live out of it? I agree too, that writing and commenting on the Enemy’s Internet platforms is ultimately futile. We must all individually commit to personally dispensing controlled violence, when the time comes, with little or no support. We also face the challenge of achieving enormous kill ratios in exchange for the sacrifice of our lives. That is not the problem. The problem is, preserving a kernel of Aryan manhood and womanhood, willing and able to evolve the race in the golden era which will follow the present debacle. In my opinion, the best we can hope to achieve, given the circumstances, is to lead by example, i.e., by our every daily thought, word, and deed. Imagine the Führer looking down upon you from above; would your personal posture, deportment, diction, rhetorical logic, or deeds at this moment inspire in Him approval?–or revulsion?

        I personally strive to “contribute on a daily basis” in the the above ways, as well as serving in several community service organizations where I may set a positive example. I wear simple workingman’s garb (feldgrau, no blue jeans,) eschewing Enemy “fashion” dictates. I have no automobile. I have no television set. My thermostat is disconnected. I eat my own hundefutter–advocating nothing for others that I would not do myself. I wear the bergmütze so that like-minded individuals might recognize me for what I am. The National Alliance would denounce this as “hobbyism,” but do you know?–young and middle-aged “hipster”-type men and women stop me to admire my hat, not realizing what it represents.

        Do you see, JM? There are perhaps thousands of young Aryans who hold within them the seeds that will blossom into the Neue Reich. They will see, our deeds will resonate with their genes, and, hopefully, they will be inspired and follow.

        As for you and me, JM; perhaps we will have a chance to fight together… .

        • JM/Iowa
          14 October, 2018 at 1:51 am — Reply

          That would be “Mister,” and I’d like to answer a few of the questions you posed to me as you expressed a willingness to know my thoughts. First, “…how does one “reach out…?”” by any and all means that are available to us in an organized, multi-generational effort. Mr. Strom’s ADV broadcast of 10/6/2018 https://nationalvanguard.org/2018/10/i-cant-but-we-can/ comes to mind as he cited a few examples of what we Aryans can do in a cooperative fashion. Each of us can and should contribute according to our talents, abilities, and experience as the whole can be greater than the mere sum of its parts when well led and motivated.

          Next was your compelling scenario: “Imagine the Führer looking down upon you from above; would your personal posture, deportment, diction, rhetorical logic, or deeds at this moment inspire in Him approval?–or revulsion?” Approval. I live by a great man’s words: “It is not enough to believe, you must also fight!” Of course, the “fight” is the struggle to survive these times, alert others to who we are and what we do, and do so with a progressive vision that we strive for such concepts as Higher Man through a society so ordered to bring these new people to replace us……and beyond that towards godhood. We in the National Alliance aim to set us Aryans as a whole on that path. I travel that path. I want those who agree with our goals to travel that path with us, and continually alert others that we are where I am. Adolf Hitler would most definitely approve as not only do I understand and agree with our Cosmotheist principles and goals, but more importantly I act upon them.

          I do see that you seek to set an example for new generations with your life as a devotee of your life-philosophy–National Socialism? Setting an example is the essence of good leadership and wonder if you mention to those you communicate or otherwise associate with the life-philosophy of National Socialism or other Aryan belief systems to complete that picture. One can show that he or she is living according to their beliefs, but if no one knows what your beliefs are then is the picture complete? I ask this sincerely and without having any knowledge as to whether you do or not.

          So many White men say they “believe” but sit on their thumbs. Pfeh. As well not believe at all, and I’m often saddened by this. But there are others who have “fight” inside them and wish to do so intelligently and faithfully, it seems you do and perhaps someday we will do so at each other’s side.

          • Axis Sally
            14 October, 2018 at 8:02 pm

            Thank you, Herr JM, for your sincerely thought-out reply. It gratifies me to learn we are basically on the same wavelength. In answer to your question, “One can show that he or she is living according to their beliefs, but if no one knows what your beliefs are then is the picture complete?” I would reply that if I live strictly according to my National Socialist principles at every moment and in each and every action, then my actions (deeds) ARE the picture. Giving them the appropriate name (or simpler, wearing the armband,) would only confuse the issue by creating in the mind of the beholder a totally false picture, carefully crafted by the Enemy over the past eighty-five years, and especially post-1945. The time for names and symbols will come in due course, but it is not now. An example of how this has worked for me is my membership in one of the organizations (of predominantly Aryan membership) to which I previously alluded. At first I deported myself with quiet NS dignity—the type of thing I believe would make Him proud. It was not long before I was approached to assume leadership duties; in this case leading a fitness class. This gave me an opportunity to demonstrate Preußen self-discipline. They loved it, and submitted to it themselves with alacrity. The self-respect and pride that is a natural consequence was a new and welcome sensation to them. Next I was asked to stand as a candidate for a seat on their board of directors; I did and was duly elected. After that I was asked by the president to chair two committees modifying and managing their governing documents. Now I am in a position to quietly suppress some of the Juedeo-Christian-Bolshevist nonsense and subtly replace them with a more NS Weltanschauung. So you see, I am astutely educating some of my fellow Aryans in NS metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics, by my behavior and deeds alone.

            The object of this, in my view, must be the eventual redemption and recruitment of a small cadre of Aryan youth of genetic superiority to serve as the seed of the future autonomous Reich. Aryan children know, perhaps only on a subconscious level, that the disgusting filth daily ladled-out to them in the Enemy whigger factories, is repugnant to their very being, and some of them, perhaps only a small percentage, will rebel and seek out beauty instead. Hence the “first duty of every National Socialist is to be beautiful.” National Socialism is engraved in their genes; our example may resonate with them, they may in turn be attracted, and follow. I say small cadre because we must limit ourselves to the very best if we are to succeed. This is one point upon which I disagree, I am sorry to say, with the National Alliance platform. National Socialism will never again be a mass movement—that ship sailed, or rather sank, in 1945. Neither do I believe that we can hope to retake the U.S. territory in which to establish an Aryan nation-state. The Enemy’s grip on the North American continent, that we Aryans foolishly over the past 105 years helped him establish and maintain with weapons we invented and supplied them and soldiers and police loyal to them, is such that they will never relinquish it. Nor have we the weapons and manpower to take it by force. Our best bet, in my view, which I have stated elsewhere on this website, is to migrate north and resettle our traditional Hyperboreal lands.

            I have other views pertaining to a proper Aryan religion, but I will spare you that sermon.

  2. Paul
    14 October, 2018 at 2:43 pm — Reply

    @ Axis Sally : a girl ,eine Frau, that has abhorred blue jeans for traditional more customary clothes is certainly a step toward culture . ALso a Dirndl is never out of style , despite the cruel, pejorative the eternal Jew has cast upon it. How we dress and speak is the beginning of restoring our culture and race. It embodies Unterscheidungkraft .

  3. Axis Sally
    14 October, 2018 at 8:05 pm — Reply

    Jawohl, kamerad Paul! Have no fear, the dirndls will come out of storage once our Heer has established the frontiers of a territory we can defend and in which our race can once again evolve!

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