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NBC’s Brandy Zadrozny by David Sims NBC REPORTER Brandy Zadrozny has appointed herself the “go to” expert on “conspiracy theories.” She is gaslighting us in about the same way that the ADL and other Jewish groups often do. She speaks of conspiracy theories as if there…
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by David Sims DURING THE EARLY years of the Soviet Union, a People’s Commissar for Justice (similar to an Attorney General) named Nikolai Krylenko—who, oddly enough, wasn’t Jewish—met with someone accused of a crime, Mikhail Yakubovich. Speaking to Yakubovich, Krylenko said: “I…
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by Andrew Hamilton LETS START WITH a simple proposition: It matters who controls the mass media. Whites will never win — or survive, for that matter — as long as a monotone mass media, funneled through innumerable channels worldwide 24 hours a day, is opposed only by leaflets, self-published books,…
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