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by David Sims DURING THE EARLY years of the Soviet Union, a People’s Commissar for Justice (similar to an Attorney General) named Nikolai Krylenko—who, oddly enough, wasn’t Jewish—met with someone accused of a crime, Mikhail Yakubovich. Speaking to Yakubovich, Krylenko said: “I…
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by David Sims THE VOTE to confirm Brett Kavanaugh should be held immediately. Women are being induced to lie, either for money, for ideology, or for notoriety. The Democrats would like to delay the confirmation vote until after the midterm elections. I want everyone to consider something. If the Democrats…
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Head in the Noose by Relampago Furioso (slightly edited and condensed) I’ve been away for a while because I don’t really know how much good it does to keep doing this. The hour is late, the awakening is falling flat and there are snakes and deceivers all around. Even I often do not know who to trust in this…
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