A Practical Vision

by Jeronimus

SO HERE IS MY vision — and if there are any money-men reading this, get in touch.

Get an apartment building or buildings in a metro area, like Lynn, MA. At least 30 units to start. Bring in eugenically paired married White couples who have children or intend to do so, and organize a home schooling group. Rent an auditorium or church basement for the home school, and do our own thing or even a space at the Boston Public Library.

The racial right is full of frustrated smart people who could easily organize a utopian community of home-schooling families in a metro area like Boston. Locating in a metro area is important — because a metropolitan area will have the best educational opportunities for kids — the best music schools, dance schools, martial arts. Kids could be raised multilingual with language nannies.

It will work because it will be an insular community within the services area of a city. This is what the Hasidim know that we don’t. The insular community will need to have access to all the funding and services of a metro area. Being an insular community is lonely in a rural area, but it’s fine in a city; in fact an insular community in an urban area is a very powerful combination, when you think about it. There should be enough families that the kids have a complete social life in the community, and everyone else is an outsider (to whom we are benign, but — “we don’t socialize with the English,” like the Amish say).

What’s going to set apart our home-schooled kids is superiority — because they are the children of eugenically paired couples, combined with the best educations. They will be musicians, artists, scientists, and so on. They will grow up to be represented in the military academies and the Ivies and in all the alphabet agencies — the Deep State.

I believe that the one-room schoolhouse collective home schooling model will go viral.

Not every parent will be a teacher, and video conferencing will be available if there is a need for teachers and tutors. But every parent will teach something to the group at some time. Every parent should develop some skill or trade, even if they don’t have a job. They can work, but high-investment parenting comes first.

In the old days, the smart kids all had calculus and physics by age 18, and went on to study engineering and take a lucrative part in the Industrial Age. Today’s public education took that away from White American kids, and that’s why so many Indians and Chinese are working in H1-B visa jobs.

We must make ourselves engineers, and start our own businesses, create our own jobs — and then hire White Americans of course! The best Whites we meet can be taken into our community.

We can defeat ZOG and take over the state just by having enough smart people in our group to overwhelm the Democracy-Idiocracy.

* * *

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  1. 31 January, 2018 at 11:46 pm — Reply

    I’ve thought about the same thing, but in a rural setting. As you say, that option is more difficult because of a lack of infrastructure. Even so, the great benefit it offers is isolation from the cultural (and criminal) influences of local non-Whites (especially on the children) that would otherwise be present in a metropolitan setting. I envisioned more of an Orania type arrangement, a standalone, private, unincorporated community that was as independent as possible from the surrounding population with its own small retail and other establishments.

    A problem with both ideas is the housing. Whether it’s an apartment building in a city or a series of homes on 500 acres, how do you rent them out or sell them to only White people without violating the Fair Housing Act? I managed income properties for years. In renting apartments, there are more factors to consider like credit history, employment, rental history, references and so on that you can use to obtain the best tenants. You’re not necessarily obligated to rent to the first prospect that comes along. While everyone gets a showing and an application, you get to choose the best candidate. Still, groups like the NAACP and others regularly send mock renters around to investigate rental practices. Eventually, you’ll be called out as “the building with all White tenants”, and trouble will come. I never had trouble with this because my properties were all in some of the costliest zip codes in the country and the monthly rent alone prevented 99.9% of undesirable applicants from even applying. High prices would be your only saving grace to weed people out, but then you’d price most Whites out of the building, too.

    Selling the apartments as condos or selling the houses in a rural isolated community would actually be more difficult because potential buyers are showing up pre-approved for mortgages, so money isn’t an issue. Legally, there isn’t much you can do when someone shows up and is willing to pay the listed price for your house; you have to sell to them or risk a lawsuit. This is how blockbusting of White neighborhoods by non-Whites (((worked))) in the past.

    Could the apartments or houses be given to potential residents instead of rented or sold? Possibly. You can give your private property to anyone you want for free. I don’t think there would be any ramifications there–but how would the initial investors earn back their money?

    There are only a couple of narrowly defined exemptions from the Fair Housing Act.

    For a private, single family home: 1.) the home must be in an individual’s name and not part of a corporation 2.) the sale or rental must be performed without a broker 3.) the owner owns three or fewer homes in his name at the time of the sale/rental and 4.) where the house is not occupied by the owner, he cannot have made a similar transaction within the last two years.

    Rental units are exempted from Fair Housing Law only when: the dwelling contains four or fewer units AND the owner resides in one of them, also known as “Mrs. Murphy’s Exemption”.

    Maybe the answer is building individual, privately-owned quad-plexes on a parcel of property people have pooled their money to buy and later divide.

    With regard to homeschooling, most states require that one parent teaches their own children. There is no farming your kids out to be taught by the neighbor. That’s why they call it homeschooling. So, one parent from every apartment in your building would be required to teach their own children. That means no two full-time income families. Families are permitted to pull their children together for difficult subjects like trigonometry, where they can pay an outside tutor to come in, but you can’t do that for every subject.

    Still, homeschooling is superior to government schooling in every conceivable way. I’ve researched it deeply and even written several articles on it. Every study comparing home vs. public schooling, whether funded and conducted by homeschooling agencies, public school districts, state departments of education and even the U.S. Department of Education consistently shows homeschoolers outperforming their public counterparts in every single subject, at every grade level, even into college, where they also graduate at a higher rate. Because the government school advocates can’t use academics as an argument against homeschooling, they always fall back on the trope that homeschooled children are socially backward. Nonsense. FYI: In 2014, only one person achieved a perfect score on both the ACT and SAT tests, a homeschooled White girl from Oklahoma. Just to give you an idea–the odds of doing that on just the SAT are less than 1% and the ACT, less than 0.5%.

    These are the kinds of constructive discussions we need to be having on these boards.

  2. 1 February, 2018 at 8:16 am — Reply

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

    The housing discrimination thing only comes up when you are a Trump sized developer, or if you do something really dumb like do an advertisement expressing overt discrimination.

    Our utopian communal housing would never be advertised. We wouldn’t be doing anything that Hassidic jews aren’t doing already, and in the extremely unlikely event that our low key urban commune of beautiful people was legally challenged, we would point to the Hassid precedent.

    I refer you to two important works of political fiction Idiocracy and Animal Farm.

    The jews purposely dumbed down white America. Who cares why they did it, but they did, and now they are importing our replacements with the H1-B visa program. However, Patel is not going to make too much effort to defend jews and Muhammad is likely to actually to take whatever side is anti-jew. The jews were not thinking long term when they started dumbing us down and replacing us – the fools took their strongest and most reliable allies ever and destroyed a large part of us, and made enemies of those who refused to let themselves be destroyed.

    The result is Idiocracy. H1-B visa workers cannot save the Idiocracy from itself. The H1-Bugmen are mediocre technicians and engineers, not inspired or creative. Home schooled white boys with a strong math education will found their own companies and wreck the bug man dominated companies. By the way, this is already happening, but like when a CIA case officer receives a commendation, it has to remain a secret. The Revolution is happening covertly, it’s not being televised, brothers.

    Idiocracy means that by 2040 they will not be able to stop the home schooled white nationalists.

    The second work of political fiction I make reference to is Animal Farm. The home schooled kids are Bluebells litter of puppies whom Napoleon takes and trains to be his Praetorian Guard attack dogs. The eugenically bred and home school educated generations will grow up to be the attack dogs of white nationalism. Because of their superior genes and preparation, they will go to West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy and graduate in the top of the class. They will become high ranking military officers and get in the CIA the NSA, and even become politicians. Lists of enemies will be compiled, and when the moment is right, Napoleons home schooled dogs will purge the USA of its internal sickness.

    • 1 February, 2018 at 3:35 pm — Reply

      Thanks for your reply, but I must disagree on the housing law. I was in property management for 25 years and have authored certification courses that include individual modules for fair housing law. Unless something has changed very recently, all properties are bound by the law unless they meet the specific exemptions I mentioned earlier. My last property was part of a small portfolio of a private owner that was three stories high and 33 units, far from a Trump-sized developer, and we were absolutely bound by fair housing laws. I’m not saying your vision or my vision is impossible, but we’re going to have to get very creative in the planning and have all our legal ducks in a row at the outset. Pointing to the hasidic jews and saying, “Well look, they’re doing it, too” will be no defense for violating fair housing law. As you well know, the jews live in a parallel society under a parallel set of laws that don’t apply to us.

  3. 1 February, 2018 at 8:34 am — Reply

    I want a group of homeschool families so the kids have a built in social life of their genetic equals.

    American kids are overstimulated with screen time and junk food, but also very lonely and undersocialized.

    Eliminating screen time won’t be painful at all because the kids will have each other and won’t lack for social life and gregariousness. That’s what is really missing. Screen time is a poor substitute for a fulfilling social life with peers.

  4. Axis Sally
    1 February, 2018 at 4:40 pm — Reply

    What part of We Have No Territory To Defend don’t you understand? Even the mestizo revolutionary Emiliano Zapata understood the importance of territory with his fighting slogan: ¡Tierra y Liberdad! Indeed, National Socialism is founded on the concept Blut und Boden—we cannot have one without the other.
    Aryans in the US born since 1913, and certainly since 1945, resemble fish spawned and raised in a sewage pond. It is therefore inevitable that we assume the sewage is normal and even necessary. The territory of America and Europe is not ours! The (((alien))) satrapy that calls itself the United States of America is not ours! Its now-openly stated goal is the genocide of the Aryan race. They certainly are not going to allow us to form enclaves in their territory, and to “work within the system” in order to oppose them. Perhaps we need a twelve step program, e.g., “Patriots Anonymous” to drill these realities into our own minds. The Enemy’s capitalist system depends on the cooperation of duped Aryan slaves in order to stem its ongoing collapse. We must therefore shun their exploitative economy, their Federal Reserve virtual shekels, their taxes, their compulsory public school indoctrination, their propaganda media, their forced integration, and withhold our creativity, brains, and labor from their markets, and let their system inexorably wither and die on the vine. Our männer must be free to acquire, control, and defend territory in order to create the conditions necessary for our frauen to carry-out their sacred mission to evolve the Aryan race. To achieve this we may utilize the following natural and unnatural phenomena:
    1. the ongoing global cultural and economic collapse;
    2. the concomitant weakening of Enemy command and control systems;
    3. current solar inactivity and concomitant weakening of the magnetosphere which may indicate a long-term cooling trend such as occurred during the 17-18th centuries;
    4. the increasing scarcity of cheap energy sources upon which the Enemy juggernaut depends;
    5. the ongoing global trend of mass migration.
    We Aryans are descended from ancient Hyperborean stock. As the Enemy facilitates the invasion of our former territories by racial aliens, we must simultaneously migrate north and re-occupy our ancestral lands. The above phenomena will tend to purge arctic and boreal temperate regions of whatever chthonic untermenschen may have wandered there during the warm cycle, causing them to flee to the warmer regions where they evolved, and where the Enemy will have prepared the conditions for eventual death and extinction intended for us. By establishing distributed, low-density enclaves in mountainous arctic and boreal regions we may perhaps make it difficult and uneconomic for the Enemy to hunt and persecute us. Northern Alaska must be ours; the Canadian Yukon and Northwest Territories must be ours; Greenland, Svalbard, and the Scandinavian Nordland must be ours; perhaps even Russian Siberia.
    Aryan frauen! It may be time for us to act upon our own initiative and go north to establish a Neu Venusberg where we may await such Aryan helden as may have survived to come and conquer the territory and supply the superior genes we need to build the bridge to the Übermensch!

  5. cc
    1 February, 2018 at 9:55 pm — Reply

    Consolidated Despotism from 1865 to present. The phony government on the Potomac forbids White people to take the upward path.

  6. cc
    2 February, 2018 at 9:42 pm — Reply

    No chance of White improvement under the degrading yoke of Federal tyranny. The actors and actresses in Washington speak of national security which only serves the tyrant. Those people never mention statehood and safety on the local level.

    Example: A few years ago, a marauding party of federal agents — an assassin team — invaded Waco, Texas and assaulted a local restaurant. 9 bikers were shot to death. A biker who was there told me the federals were awarded the biggest prize, killing 7. The marauders were elevated in two locations. Targets hit by descending bullets. The dead and wounded were also hit with shrapnel. Military hardware against the citizenry. In another location, the highfalutin special agents occupied the roof of a local motorcycle shop.

    The majority White bikers were clearly setup: ambush, dry gulch.

    Hateful surveillance of the citizenry, and the rigors of military despotism.

  7. Lieutenant Kelowitz
    4 February, 2018 at 10:12 am — Reply

    The instant SJW’s got wind that a “pro-white nest” had formed in their midst such a building would be targeted with protests, “Hate Lives Here” signs, and then, inevitably – violence. This idea has been proposed many times before and, in my view, will not work.

    The South African “Orania Plan” is still the best and most successful. In America, Craig Cobb tried something akin to it in Leith, North Dakota, but it failed because he was a grandstander, big-mouthed, swastika-waving fool, and unless you were living in a cave you know the whole story. Now, his idea COULD have worked, but just not with someone like him. An entire small town (very small) could be taken over by a stealth infiltration of white nationalists and then a seizure of the local town government would be possible. Such WN individuals would have to be techie types who make their living off the Internet, or some other not locally provided means of employment.

    Also look up something called “Project Gray Wolf” on Stormfront Forum – one of the best plans I’ve seen thus far, since it could work both in rural areas and in cities. But for the time being, the failed Leith, North Dakota concept is the most viable one, field-tested (up to a point) and would not take that much money to launch, but would nonetheless need someone leading it other than a Craig Cobb type.

  8. Bruce Arney
    5 February, 2018 at 2:18 am — Reply

    Great topic, plenty of food for thought. Much can be learned from the Hassidic Jews up in Monroe, New York.

  9. H.T. Simmons - WN
    5 February, 2018 at 12:06 pm — Reply

    Whites establishing their own living space is a cool idea, but harder to do than most people believe. You need impeccable leadership, for one thing. And money. Yes, MONEY. The poster who referenced Craig Cobb is a good point, since he had tens of thousands of dollars (from an inheritance) to work with. He not only bought properties for himself but for a number of other well-known WN’s. Good idea, bad execution. Cobb failed spectacularly. Shame, but true.

    Now, I checked up on this “Project Gray Wolf” over on Stormfront here: and I think this idea should be spotlighted in a separate article here on National Vanguard. I believe it is very viable, although it too has its limitations. There are many retired WN’s who are not dependent on jobs or money, and they can basically live anywhere they want. Imagine them taking over a small town, and then inviting younger WN’s in, with the idea that a supporting employment base could be founded. Might work, guys. Just leave crazies like Cobb out of the mix.

  10. Turner
    7 February, 2018 at 12:22 am — Reply

    The recently fired town manager of Jackman, Maine is attempting to organize one such movement in the northern New England area. His website:

    Listen to his story : HERE

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