Rock Island, Illinois: National Alliance Fliers Make an Impression

We are guaranteed the right to distribute our peaceful, anti-genocide National Alliance message by the US Constitution.

Local rabbi can’t stop talking about the National Alliance

AGAINST A BACKDROP of what they call “White supremacist literature” (actually, National Alliance fliers and business cards, which are pro-White-survival and have nothing to do with “supremacism”) being distributed in Bettendorf, an anti-White group calling itself “One Human Family QCA” is organizing a “Welcoming Quad-Cities” rally for 4PM Sunday in Rock Island’s Schwiebert Riverfront Park.

Rabbi Henry Karp

A week ago, a rabbi organized a group of anti-White organizations for a so-called “No Hate” rally in Davenport, Iowa’s Vander Veer Botanical Park — in response, he claimed, to the distribution of National Alliance literature in Davenport.

Rabbi Henry Karp is apparently angry that some White residents of the Quad Cities area are unwilling to accept the ongoing genocide of White Americans through replacement migration and media promotion of racial mixing. “Having a rabbi lead the opposition to our peaceful free speech is not unexpected,” said Chris Rossetti, an editor for the Alliance’s online newsmagazine, National Vanguard. “It clarifies just who it is that hates White Americans and just who it is that wants us to disappear as a race,” he added.

But while planning already was under way, another “motivator” cropped up. On Friday afternoon, fliers resembling business cards promoting the National Alliance were placed under the windshields of several cars in the parking lot of the Bettendorf Public Library, Police Chief Phil Redington confirmed.

The cards bore the name and stated beliefs of the National Alliance, a group founded in 1970 by Dr. William Pierce, a physicist and former academic. Rabbi Karp described the Alliance as a “hate group.”

The consistent distribution of National Alliance literature has spawned a kind of hysteria among Jewish and other anti-White groups, with one apparently bogus call to police about someone scratching a barely discernible (or imaginary) swastika shape in a bed of mulch at Meier Park in Bettendorf. Redington said, “An officer was dispatched, but he did not find anything. It is possible the caller erased the symbol.” “It’s disturbing,” Redington said of the reports, failing to inform citizens that the distribution of literature is completely legal and protected by the Constitution. He advocated the possibly fatal wasting of emergency responder time when he urged residents “who see supremacist literature or symbols to contact the police department by calling 911 so we know where these incidents are taking place.”

Rabbi Karp is so agitated that even the presence of a single National Alliance card or flier is, by his standards, a cause of “official concern.” When one National Alliance flier was reported found this week under a windshield of a car parked northwest of Davenport’s 53rd and Pine streets, Karp contacted the news media and police immediately.

The National Alliance flier bears a photo of a four-member White family and says, in part: “They hate our heritage. They hate our flag. They hate our freedom to bear arms. They hate our monuments. They hate our traditions. They hate our very existence. And they are doing everything possible to wipe us out — and erase White people, and our posterity, from the face of the Earth.”

National Alliance Chairman Will Williams

Will Williams, chairman of the National Alliance, said in an email to the Quad-City Times that the fliers are being distributed because “long-suffering White Quad-Citians need what the Alliance offers, just as Whites everywhere else do, to counter all the PC anti-White pabulum they’re fed by the controlled media.

“The perceptive few can actually understand that what they read is perfectly reasonable, not ‘hate,’ not ‘supremacy,’ or any of those other buzz words used to smear White loyalists,” Williams wrote.

Rabbi Karp carped, “As we have seen in the news across the nation, and the president’s reluctance to definitively denounce the hate groups, the need for such public expressions . . . remains a vital necessity.”

* * *

Source: Quad-City Times and National Vanguard correspondents

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
23 August, 2017 11:20 pm

“’Having a rabbi lead the opposition to our peaceful free speech is not unexpected,’ said Chris Rossetti, an editor for the Alliance’s online newsmagazine National Vanguard said. ‘It clarifies just who it is that hates White Americans and just who it is that wants us to disappear as a race,’ he added.” Indeed it does. A toad-faced Talmudist like Rabbi Henry Karp is a repulsive but eminently appropriate poster boy for “anti-racism” (i.e., Jewish supremacism).

Karp kvetches that the National Alliance is a “hate group.” That’s pretty rich coming from a member of a hate race, a race that has hated all other races (i.e., goyim) since biblical times and is now working for the genocide of the White race.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
Reply to  Anthony Collins
24 August, 2017 2:31 am

Speaking of poster boys, I think it would be useful and instructive to compile photo montages of the leading proponents of particular cultural carcinogens, such as the “race does not exist” canard, “whiteness studies,” feminism, gender theory, and pornography. Such montages would graphically show that they’re overwhelmingly Jews and that they’re a repulsive lot.

Once you draw the lines together concerning the Jews and their works, you want a draw a bead upon them.

24 August, 2017 3:16 pm

The main thing, that generates hate, is the hate speech of people like this rabbi. Ah, but it takes common sense to reognize it, and common sense is in VERY short supply in the world today. Lack of intelligence, and common sense, are very important to ZOG.

Will Williams
Will Williams
24 August, 2017 4:28 pm

I replied shortly to one email inquiry from the Quad-Cities Times reporter and was quoted accurately from that email response, but they didn’t use these parts(bold): WWW (replying to the question, “What prompted the Alliance’s fliering?”): I heard there was going to be a “Stop the Hate” rally today to oppose the National Alliance (NA). How did it go? A report from somewhere said the rabbi, the preacher and the Muslim helped to organize it, so I guess they have Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah behind them. ;-) The fliers speak for themselves. What prompted them? Long-suffering White Quad-Citians need what the Alliance offers, just as Whites everywhere else do, to counter all the PC anti-White pabulum they’re fed by controlled media. NA would like to thank Elizabeth Wadas over at Channel 8 WQAD… Read more »

24 August, 2017 7:05 pm

During that “no hate” rally the rabbi organized where everyone was invited, a few counterprotestors were escorted away by security from the event and not allowed to participate. It seems that according to the rabbi, “everyone” means only those who agree with the rabbi.

“Tolerance” and “Inclusiveness” indeed! They cannot live up to their own values.

Will Williams
Will Williams
3 May, 2018 9:18 am

So many updates to this ongoing story. This is one of the latest media reports, informing Q-C residents where they can go to buy their anti-National Alliance yard signs for $10 to “fight hate.”:

Purchase your signs at any of the following locations:
SIS International Fair Trade Show (108 E 2nd St, Davenport)
Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities (2930 W Locust, Davenport)
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (2400 Middle Rd, Bettendorf)
The Catholic Diocese of Davenport (780 W Central Park Ave, Davenport)

St. Johns Lutheran Church (4501 7th Ave, Rock Island)
Trinity Lutheran Church (1330 13th Street, Moline)

*Additional distribution locations are needed. Contact [email protected]*

Alex Wells
Alex Wells
8 March, 2021 3:27 pm

This is an excellent flier. How can one purchase them?