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  1. Thomas Plaster
    23 August, 2017 at 3:03 pm — Reply

    I grew up in the 1970s & early 1980s. In a region/state/locale that was hugely White. And I still saw most of this going on back then. Nothing new under the sun. All these problems with blacks exposited by her here were the reason why segregation was once instituted. Whites a century ago and more saw the same behavior.

    Taking a page from recent current events i.e. speaking of R. E. Lee; Lee once mentioned that wherever the negro is found (I’m sure he meant serious numbers) things (society/culture) are going down (degenerating) and wherever Whites are things are going up. Words very close to that; the gist is spot on.

    I’m sure he meant the upward development of the White race and its condition on this planet. That requires the nation to be all or nearly all White. Multiracial societies are not multicultural playgrounds, happy camps. They are multicultural landfills/garbage dumps.

    Let’s be honest; Whites do not need other races to build healthy and prosperous societies and cultures. Other races, like oriental, specifically Japanese, copy our culture to a large extent and look what happened; Japanese went from a veritable feudal to modern western society in just two decades. Other races, like African and mestizos just flood to our White countries and fail miserably. Why? Because they are self evidently NOT equal to Whites. If they were equal they’d stay in their own (ancestral) lands and make something similar to western civilization. But they don’t.

    In Africa they were bequeathed (through threat of violence no doubt) two up and running western nations; Rhodesia and South Africa. Quickly those became third world hell holes. Probably as bad as any third world nations have been. And it only took a decade or two.

    Look at cities/towns in Liberia and Lagos. And also Haiti in the Caribbean (a virtual African nation in the western hemisphere); they literally look like landfills, due to all the garbage left lying around. Disgusting.

    Take a look at aerial photos of New Orleans a week after the Hurricane Katrina in 2005; a very close facsimile to Liberia/Lagos/Haiti, a city trashed in every sense of the word. The SuperDome and the interstate overpasses that were high enough to not be flooded that many blacks flocked to. In just one week blacks in USA were turning New Orleans into a third world hell hole like those in Caribbean and in Africa.

    Why any White would want to live in any multiracial society but especially with any serious number of blacks, is totally beyond me. The Whites who side with blacks are truly delusional. And they don’t realize that when Whites are a minority and hold no elected/appointed gov’t offices it will be open season on Whites. All of Whites, including the ones who previously sided against their own race.

  2. JimB
    23 August, 2017 at 7:25 pm — Reply

    If even 1/10th of the White women in this country were as aware as this woman (even though I wouldn’t consider her truly RED-pilled), we’d have already achieved victory over our enemies. Our women have no clue how important their world-views are in relation to child-rearing. Those children, male and female, grow up having been psychologically shaped to a GREAT extent by their mothers. De-racinated whores tend to produce more female offspring of the same caliber, sometimes even White, and produce male offspring who seldom become men due to the fact that either daddy is a knee-grow (and is in prison, or MIA for some other reason common to knee-grows) or daddy (if he’s White) dumped the de-racinated whore long ago and married 1) either another White woman or 2) settled down with an Oriental female…

  3. Thomas Plaster
    23 August, 2017 at 9:44 pm — Reply

    It is clear that the hype for miscegenation is instigated by jews, who dominate the entertainment & news media plus education institutions. It is clearly aimed at Whites, who it is meant to harm. And especially aimed at White females since they are more emotionally driven and a slave to a fashion (of any type).

    White female and negro male miscegenation cannot be called a relationship in any way. More like a “pairing”. The MSM constantly portrays the negro male as hip/cool/slick and “all that”, an incredible soul brother in and out of the bedroom who knows how to handle “hiz bidness”, totally dwarfing in masculinity White males who are conversely portrayed as betas, cucks and helpless/hopeless/hapless slackers and lay abouts.

    The reality in life is much different. Any female, negro or other race, who cavorts with negro males will face higher incidences of STDs, higher incidences of use (and maybe trafficking) of illegal narcotics, higher chances of coming to the attention of law enforcement (due to aforementioned drug involvement), general enconomic failure with concomitant financial instability, greater chances of domestic violence and frequent abandonment of his progeny.

    When the White female tires of this and seeks divorce she will pass the financial burden of care for her mixed race brood onto gov’t who will get the money for it from the usual source; White males, who generate most economic wealth for the gov’t to tax.

    Even the socially highest “ranked” White females who cavort with the socially highest “ranked” negro males will suffer these outcomes. Witness that Nicole Simpson woman and OJ Simpson; she was raped on her first date with him, domestic violence aplenty, introduced or deepened her involvement with drugs, she stated fear should would get AIDS from him eventually due to all his infidelity with anonymous and dubious reputation females, he spent little time with their children (a form of abandonment if not the precusor of it) and finally outright murder.

    I have no sympathy for these women. I save sympathy for many others who suffer through no fault of their own.

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