Hundreds Confess to Eating Human Flesh in South Africa

Before the rise of the Internet, the Jewish-controlled media used to simply deny that reports of cannibalism in Africa were real, claiming that “racists” fabricated them. Now that African news sources themselves admit the practice exists, the media can no longer maintain that lie.

HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE confessed to eating human flesh allegedly given to them by one of four men facing cannibalism charges in South Africa, reports say

The four accused cannibals — Nino Mbatha, 32; Lindokuhle Masondo, 32; Sthembiso Sithole, 31, and 30-year-old Lungisani Magubane — appeared in court on Monday in Estcourt to face charges of murder and conspiracy for allegedly raping, killing, mutilating and then eating the body of a woman, The Witness reports.

One of the suspects allegedly walked into a police station in the central South African town on Friday while holding human body parts, including a leg and a hand, and confessed to being “tired of eating human flesh,” according to the newspaper.

Police found more body parts at a home in the Rensburgdrift section of Estcourt, a town in the country’s KwaZulu-Natal province.

Col. Thembeka Mbhele, a police spokesman, said Mbatha — one of the accused cannibals who also acts as a traditional healer known as a “nyanga” — was arrested in Amangwe, where more body parts were found.

Meanwhile, ward councilor Mthembeni Majola, who held a community meeting Monday after the suspects appeared in court, said roughly 300 residents confessed to visiting Mbatha and knowingly eating human flesh.

Majola said the practice was not limited to Estcourt and that Mbatha had links across Uthukela, one of the 11 districts of the larger KwaZulu-Natal province.

Mbatha had apparently worked as a practicing healer in Ladysmith before fleeing to Rensburgdrift earlier this year after another nyanga was reportedly attacked and killed, Majola said, although that killing has not been confirmed.

“We don’t know what to do or who to trust,” Majola told the newspaper. “This has happened within our community. Families, people we know and live with, have now confessed to eating this woman.”

Some residents even confessed to personally digging up graves at Mbatha’s direction before giving him the recovered remains.

Villagers said during the meeting that Mbatha told them that exhuming the graves would protect them from harm, make them stronger and bring them wealth if they handed them over to the nyanga.

The provincial Occult-Related Crime Unit is now investigating the claims, Mbhele said.

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Source: New York Post

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
23 August, 2017 10:43 pm

“Before the rise of the Internet, the Jewish-controlled media used to simply deny that reports of cannibalism in Africa were real, claiming that ‘racists’ fabricated them.” Indeed, there’s a book by the Jew W. Arens titled The Man-Eating Myth that flatly denies the existence of socially sanctioned cannibalism in any time and place; incredibly, or perhaps not so incredibly, it was published by Oxford University Press in 1979.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
24 August, 2017 5:18 am

Wasn’t John Tyndall prosecuted for remarking, at a private meeting that had been secretly recorded by a BBC spy, that Blacks had come up with little more than “black magic, witchcraft, voodoo, cannibalism, and AIDS”?