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FOR LIKE-MINDED kinsmen with computers, an interactive forum was set up when the National Alliance was reconstituted at Chairman Williams’ request. The forum, called White Biocentrism (WB), can be found at A number of Alliance members and supporters, as well as newcomers, use WB though it is still relatively small and not yet developed to its full potential. The Alliance is looking for more members to join and participate.

Unlike other pro-White forums, WB does not allow gratuitous vulgarity, useless trolls, attacks on others, or bickering from anonymous, disruptive critics. Several people who discovered WB over the last two years have joined our Alliance as either members or supporters, and the potential exists to recruit many more — if our members will help get the word out and participate themselves. Alliance members and supporters with computers and a little spare time are encouraged to sign up and participate.

We request that new registrants use normal-sounding user names. We don’t encourage the use of the flamboyant or flippant “screen names” seen on most other forums, since such names indicate a lack of seriousness, which is the opposite of the impression we wish to make on readers.

Read the White Biocentrism Statement of Purpose and Rules for Posting and introduce yourselves to others. We originally styled WB as a mentoring forum where newcomers interested in the National Alliance can be brought along by those of us with more experience. WB can be a helpful aid for networking and community building.

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Source: National Alliance

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James Clayton
James Clayton
3 September, 2020 6:00 am

spare time Now there’s an oxymoron.