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Resolution Radio Interviews Kevin Alfred Strom, part 2

If and when our people renew our quest to colonize other worlds, it would be a crime of unimaginable proportions to bring other races with us — one of many topics discussed on today’s program.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 30, 2017

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

SONNY Thomas of Resolution Radio and I shared thoughts and ideas on his up-and-coming alternative media network on his program two weeks ago — so let’s rejoin that interview now. When we left off last time, we were discussing the potential for our race to free itself from the bonds of Earth and seed the stars with life. Listen:

ST: I think once we get together as a species on this planet, then we can go out there and explore the Cosmos and see what else is out there. But if we can’t get our stuff settled here, we need to stay here until we do.

KAS: I don’t know if I agree with you, Sonny. I don’t think the racial problem is ever going to be “solved” — if by that you mean we’re all going to get together and “live in harmony.” I think that the races need to be separate. We can’t survive in a multiracial society. The birthrates of other races are apparently always going to be higher than ours — we have an extraordinarily low birthrate compared to other races. Therefore we can’t have them in our territory, or we’ll be wiped out. First we’ll become a powerless minority, and then we’ll be wiped out. We need White living space.

And I’m telling you — while I don’t think we’re ready for it yet —  if someday somebody who is like Elon Musk squared comes up with a way to successfully colonize another world, particularly another planet on another star system, with a thousand or 10,000 of the best and brightest minds of the White race — and has the wisdom to not bring along any Jews or Blacks or other races — then I would say we need to go for that. Because that may be our one chance to survive if the Earth does not survive. Actually, the Earth’s not going to survive. It’s inevitable. The Earth is going to become unlivable — for human life and eventually for all life. So we eventually have to do that.

Not only do we have to do it, but we have to do it before the fossil fuels run out. And right now, what are we using the fossil fuels for? Well, we’re making and importing forty trillion pieces of plastic junk from China to be sold in Walmart. We’re using our fossil fuels so we can drive back and forth on the highways 40,000 times a year. We’re driving our SUVs down to the grocery store. We’re using our fossil fuels to power 4-megawatt transmitters so our people can watch garbage TV shows and lies. We’re squandering them.

I am not saying the National Alliance advocates a trip to the stars now, because we’re not ready. But the National Alliance does advocate racial separation, because racial separation is a prerequisite for survival — and preservation of the unique genome that makes us what we are, that makes us special. So we have to have racial separation. Ultimately, we have to have better brains than we have now — brains that can figure out how to meet the huge challenges we’re inevitably going to face; and to seed the stars with our kind of life.

ST: I agree. I was having a discussion with a friend of mine the other day about the issue of “democracy” and how we try to “bring democracy” to other countries. It always amazes me that, for example, another decides to try a different form of government — say, Italy decides to adopt Fascism under Benito Mussolini —

KAS: Yes.

ST: Or Germany going from the monarchy to the Weimar Republic — which was obviously a sham — and then became National Socialist Germany. And Russia became fully Communist. How is it that we decided we were going to allow a Communist country to do whatever it wanted to do to its people, no questions asked, and yet when Italy wanted a new form of government called Fascism and Germany wanted a new form of government called National Socialism, we decided that those two forms of government were not acceptable. Not only did we kick out everyone in those governments, and wipe out everyone in those political parties that could possibly have risen again, but at the same time we allowed Communism to flourish. Then later on we realized that Communism was bad, then we had an enemy — and the Cold War began.

How is it that we can go into a sovereign nation and say, “You can’t have this form of government. We’re not going to allow you to have it. We don’t agree with your financial arrangements. We’re going to do a regime change” — and get away with it? That by definition is a war crime.

KAS: I think so. I think the whole concept that you detailed is preposterous. And it’s also a sham. It’s not sincere. I think that the reality is that, starting in the 1930s (and continuing right up to now with Donald Trump) the American people lost control of their own government. And now our government is basically run by Jews. The US opposes or supports other governments, based to a large extent on what the Jews want us to do.

For example, when the Soviet Union, under Communism, was largely run by Jews, then the Roosevelt administration tended to favor it to a very large degree. But when the Soviet government decided to clamp down on the Jews, and Jews became a waning influence on the Soviet Union, then almost all of a sudden the Soviet Union became a great enemy and we had to oppose it. It didn’t happen overnight, and people don’t get convinced of things overnight, so it was a gradual turn. But over the course of a decade the change was pretty profound.

That was also the reason the US opposed National Socialist Germany. It had nothing to do with the amount of freedom people had in National Socialist Germany, which was probably very comparable to what people enjoyed in the United States. That’s just an excuse.

It’s just like the situation in the Middle East in the last few decades. Our government didn’t oppose Saddam Hussein because he “oppressed his people.” Probably, people in the largely secular Republic of Iraq were more free than most of the people in the Middle East. They were under a secular government and not a fundamentalist Islamic government. So that had nothing to do with it. And the so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction were another sham — they never existed. The real reason for war was that Israel wants to be dominant in the Middle East, and Israel did not like a strong, secular, powerful, well-organized Iraq very close by. They wanted Iraq to have a divided, fundamentalist nutcase government, with all the different fundamentalist factions at each other’s throats, they wanted chaos, and they wanted weakness — and that’s what war brought to Iraq.

And they want the same thing in Syria. It has nothing to do with, “Oh, Assad is a dictator and we must bring down the dictator” — that’s complete nonsense. It’s all about destroying the power of Syria and making Syria into a weak, chaotic country ruled by fundamentalist nutcases of one kind or another. That’s what Israel wants.

And that’s why America went to war in World War 2, and that’s why we’re still going to war today. It all because that’s what the Jews want. The Jews have effectively stolen our government from us. In fact, I think that’s why a lot of Americans, particularly White Americans, basically hate government. It’s because most of them have lived their whole lives under a government that hates them. It’s not even their own government. It’s a tyrannical government run by billionaire aliens — billionaire Jews. It does not work for our own interests. People in this country don’t know what it’s like to live under a government that actually looks out for its people’s best interests. If we had that kind of a government, I suspect you’d see a lot of anti-government conservative types all of a sudden saying, “Hey, this government isn’t so bad.” But they’ve never lived under a good government. So they don’t know what it’s like.

ST: I think that more people are starting to realize that — they get that “ah hah!” moment. They realize: “Why have I always been told that we shouldn’t even talk about this particular group, or this particular issue?” It’s because they don’t want you to know about it. Most people think that the ADL was created after “the Holocaust.” Oh, no. It was created long before, after the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. Not 1945. It’s pretty obvious that they did that because they wanted to cover up the fact that most of the banksters “happen to be Jewish.” They were behind the Federal Reserve Act Not only did they get their stooge Woodrow Wilson to sign that Act, but they got him to break his promise that he was not going to involve us in the Great War, which he then did anyway. The purposely used the sinking of the Lusitania as a trigger mechanism, and got us involved in a war that we never should have been in in the first place. No more brother’s wars — that’s what we really need to be saying now.

KAS: Yes. It seems that again and again and again, the American people fall for the same trick: There’s some sort of arranged event — whether it be the Lusitania or Pearl Harbor (I exposed the truth about Pearl Harbor again recently on National Vanguard, which serves as the online magazine of the National Alliance), all the way up to the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the ridiculous, preposterous excuses given for the endless so-called War on Terror that we’re waging for Israel in the Middle East right now. So yes, the American people have fallen for that garbage time and time and time again.

The National Alliance, of which I’m the Media Director, is trying to build — not a numerical majority, but a majority of will and determination to do what we need to do to survive. If we don’t — and it’s all on us — we’re going to die.

ST: Yes. It’s going to be just like the original Planet of the Apes — where Taylor is thrown in a cage with Nova, and Nova can barely even talk, much less fend for herself. So that’s exactly what they want to turn us into. That’s their reality, not the reality I want to choose, but definitely the reality they want to put us in.

KAS: That reality can already be seen in Baltimore, Maryland. Just drive through Baltimore — or Detroit, Michigan — and you can see that reality. It looks like there was a war — a war that the subhumans won and the humans lost.

ST: I think I saw a report today that said Fort Myers or Fort Lauderdale and St. Louis are the most crime-ridden cities in the United States. Chicago may be the murder capital of the United States, but those are the two most crime-ridden cities. And we know which particular ethnic group is causing that.

KAS: Yes. Although I stated earlier that I hoped that Louis Farrakhan becomes the head boss in charge of the Black community, not just because he’s the best hope they have but because he’s a separatist, it nevertheless has to be acknowledged that the Black race is at a far lower level of biological development, on average, than our race. Wherever they go, they prove this.

People have been trying to “save” the Blacks of Africa, spending huge amounts of money, shipping in food, shipping in missionaries, shipping in huge quantities of infrastructure materials and building infrastructure and giving it to them — and no matter what is done, the people of Black Africa return to savagery and even cannibalism; primitivism in every possible way. Wherever that genome goes — whether it’s Africa, or Florida, or Chicago; it doesn’t matter — they bring the same sort of behaviors and social problems. Clearly, that is the most massive and obvious proof of racial inequality you could ever want.

If you look at the genome of Blacks, compared with other races, you will find that there is strong evidence that they have followed a very different evolutionary path than any other race. One proof of that is that there is far more genetic diversity — far more variability — in Blacks’ gene-patterns than there is of those of any other race, by far. What that means is that, long ago, the other races — non-Blacks — diverged off the evolutionary path they had shared with Blacks. We branched off from Blacks. Then we went through some sort of selective event. It was an event that greatly decreased our numbers — probably almost wiped us out. That’s why we have less genetic diversity. And that selective event, whatever it was, also selected us for higher intelligence, a different kind of intelligence, different kind of character and behavior than what the Blacks have. That’s why they’re so different from us: They didn’t go through that selective event. That selective event caused us to have greater frontal cortex development. The Blacks didn’t experience that.

ST: Switching gears a little bit; I’ve posted links to a lot of stories from National Vanguard on social media over the last two or three years, even sharing them in “deplorable” groups on Facebook, giving those people some information they probably wouldn’t have come across before. Let me ask a two-part question: Have you seen an uptick in the site’s viewership? And are people more willing to read alternative media like National Vanguard?

KAS: Of course I don’t know what people are thinking in their private thoughts. I have no way of knowing that. But the audience for our Web sites, which include and, has seen a slow but steady growth over the last four years. Our growth didn’t really seem to coincide directly with the Trump campaign, nor did it coincide directly with the all the publicity given the so-called “alt-right” phenomenon. But I think those events have helped — though that’s just speculation on my part.

I do see our audience growing. For example, right now National Vanguard has reached the same number of readers online as my local newspaper has here in Johnstown, Pennsylvania; the same level as a mainstream regional newspaper, the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat.

We’ve already passed several large Jewish groups in terms of audience size: The Wiesenthal Center only has about a quarter of the audience of I think we have something like six to eight times the audience of the American Jewish Committee’s Web site. To me, that’s pretty impressive. In the past, they were way above us, and now we have multiples of their readership.

We have approximately one quarter of the audience of the Republican party’s national Web site. We have almost half the audience of Hillary Clinton’s party, the Democratic party at That is unprecedented for us.

Now I am not saying we have the highest ratings of any racialist organization. We don’t. There are some “alt-right” Web sites that are doing even better than we are — and more power to them; we need some gateways to the hard truths of the National Alliance, and I don’t begrudge them their success. But on the other hand, some alt-right sites tend to water down their White racialism as they try to appeal to the maximum number of people. We, however, are absolutely uncompromising and hard core — we have a “we need White living space and must defeat the Jewish power structure to get it” kind of ideology. So for us to be having these kinds of numbers is extraordinary.

Now, what did Trump have to do with that? I don’t think he had anything to do with it directly. But it just so happens that he decided — and in my opinion, he was being deceptive — but he decided to appeal to the nationalist instinct in many White Americans. And when he did that, it was almost like giving permission to White Americans — who have been keeping their heads down and keeping their mouths shut for years — to finally say some of things that have been on their minds. Suddenly the Overton Window shifted because of the Trump campaign. So people are bolder now. They’re not keeping their heads down so much. And they’re becoming more radicalized.

A second wave is occurring as the younger people see all this and are getting radicalized too. As there’s suddenly more freedom of speech on the subject of race, young people — and even some middle-aged people like me — are being radicalized. It’s sort of like a snowball picking up speed — and picking up mass — as it rolls down the mountain. I am very energized and encouraged by that. I am very pleased with the increasing number of people reading National Vanguard — it’s very pleasing to me.

ST: Yes, I’ve seen the rise of a lot of both alt-right and alt-lite Web sites…

KAS: If you look at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Sonny — one of the leading Jewish hate groups — you’ll see they have a $27 million annual budget. They hate White people, and especially hate racially conscious White people. With that $27 million, I assume they have quite a staff. And yet our audience — our little Web site, National Vanguard — with five people working on it, all of them volunteers, and with a budget very close to zero dollars per year — not $27 million — we have four times the audience they do. Just imagine what we could do if we had a little funding and a real staff.

ST: I agree.

* * *

You’ve been listening to Sonny Thomas interview yours truly, Kevin Alfred Strom. This interview has been edited for broadcast. You can listen to the entire program on the Resolution Radio Network. We’ll return with more of this interview next week, right here on American Dissident Voices.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance. You can listen to our 24/7 radio network at and read our online magazine, National Vanguard, at To help us, send donations to National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. That’s Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. You can also donate by accessing Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to never give up.

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  1. James Clayton
    31 December, 2017 at 5:50 am — Reply

    After listening to your description of what’s being done with petroleum, it makes me appreciate the few who notice it– such as yourself– as evidence of intelligent life on Earth.

    Dr. von Braun made quite an impression on me when I was a child via Walt Disney and then I visited with him several times at the Restaurant 823 where I worked nights during high school. He is still disparaged as a Nazi. And he is a fine example of what the so called allies continue to try to exterminate. He and Walt Disney. If this is too long or belongs elsewhere, please just delete, edit, or move it.

    Wernher von Braun

    Von Braun in 1960
    Born Wernher Magnus Maximilian, Freiherr von Braun
    March 23, 1912
    Wirsitz (today Wyrzysk), Posen Province, Prussia, Germany (today Poland)

    Died June 16, 1977 (aged 65)
    Alexandria, Virginia, US

    Resting place Ivy Hill Cemetery (Alexandria, Virginia)[1]

    Citizenship Germany, United States (after 1955)
    Alma mater Technical University of Berlin

    Occupation Rocket engineer and designer, aerospace project manager
    Spouse(s) Maria Luise von Quistorp (m. 1947–77)
    Children three
    Parent(s) • Magnus von Braun (1878–1972)
    • Emmy von Quistorp (1886–1959)
    Awards • Elliott Cresson Medal (1962)
    • Wilhelm Exner Medal (1969)[2]
    • National Medal of Science (1975)

    Military career
    Allegiance Nazi Germany

    Service/branch SS

    Years of service 1937–45
    Rank SS-Sturmbannführer (major)
    Awards • Knights Cross of the War Merit Cross with Swords (1944)
    • War Merit Cross, First Class with Swords (1943)
    Other work Rocket engineer, NASA, Chief Architect of the Saturn V rocket of the Apollo manned lunar missions, engineering program manager


    Human colonization of Mars[edit]
    Main article: Colonization of Mars
    Some of the main reasons for colonizing Mars include economic interests, long-term scientific research best carried out by humans as opposed to robotic probes, and sheer curiosity. Surface conditions and the presence of water on Mars make it arguably the most hospitable of the planets in the Solar System, other than Earth. Human colonization of Mars would require in situ resource utilization (ISRU); A NASA report states that “applicable frontier technologies include robotics, machine intelligence, nanotechnology, synthetic biology, 3-D printing/additive manufacturing and autonomy. These technologies combined with the vast natural resources should enable, pre- and post-human arrival ISRU to greatly increase reliability and safety and reduce cost for human colonization of Mars.”[250][251][252]


    Popular concepts for a human presence in space[edit]
    Repeating the pattern he had established during his earlier career in Germany, von Braun – while directing military rocket development in the real world – continued to entertain his engineer-scientist’s dream of a future in which rockets would be used for space exploration. However, instead of risking being sacked, he now was increasingly in a position to popularize these ideas. The May 14, 1950, headline of The Huntsville Times (“Dr. von Braun Says Rocket Flights Possible to Moon”) might have marked the beginning of these efforts. Von Braun’s ideas rode a publicity wave that was created by science fiction movies and stories.
    In 1952, von Braun first published his concept of a manned space station in a Collier’s Weekly magazine series of articles entitled “Man Will Conquer Space Soon!”. These articles were illustrated by the space artist Chesley Bonestell and were influential in spreading his ideas. Frequently, von Braun worked with fellow German-born space advocate and science writer Willy Ley to publish his concepts, which, unsurprisingly, were heavy on the engineering side and anticipated many technical aspects of space flight that later became reality.
    The space station (to be constructed using rockets with recoverable and reusable ascent stages) would be a toroid structure, with a diameter of 250 feet (76 m); this built on the concept of a rotating wheel-shaped station introduced in 1929 by Herman Potočnik in his book The Problem of Space Travel – The Rocket Motor. The space station would spin around a central docking nave to provide artificial gravity, and would be assembled in a 1,075-mile (1,730 km) two-hour, high-inclination Earth orbit allowing observation of essentially every point on Earth on at least a daily basis. The ultimate purpose of the space station would be to provide an assembly platform for manned lunar expeditions. More than a decade later, the movie version of 2001: A Space Odyssey would draw heavily on the design concept in its visualization of an orbital space station.
    Von Braun envisaged these expeditions as very large-scale undertakings, with a total of 50 astronauts travelling in three huge spacecraft (two for crew, one primarily for cargo), each 49 m (160.76 ft) long and 33 m (108.27 ft) in diameter and driven by a rectangular array of 30 rocket propulsion engines.[66] Upon arrival, astronauts would establish a permanent lunar base in the Sinus Roris region by using the emptied cargo holds of their craft as shelters, and would explore their surroundings for eight weeks. This would include a 400 km (249 mi) expedition in pressurized rovers to the crater Harpalus and the Mare Imbrium foothills.

    Walt Disney and von Braun, seen in 1954 holding a model of his passenger ship, collaborated on a series of three educational films.
    At this time, von Braun also worked out preliminary concepts for a manned mission to Mars that used the space station as a staging point. His initial plans, published in The Mars Project (1952), had envisaged a fleet of 10 spacecraft (each with a mass of 3,720 metric tons), three of them unmanned and each carrying one 200-ton winged lander[66] in addition to cargo, and nine crew vehicles transporting a total of 70 astronauts. Gigantic as this mission plan was, its engineering and astronautical parameters were thoroughly calculated. A later project was much more modest, using only one purely orbital cargo ship and one crewed craft. In each case, the expedition would use minimum-energy Hohmann transfer orbits for its trips to Mars and back to Earth.
    Before technically formalizing his thoughts on human spaceflight to Mars, von Braun had written a science fiction novel on the subject, set in the year 1980. However, the manuscript was rejected by no fewer than 18 publishers.[67] Von Braun later published small portions of this opus in magazines, to illustrate selected aspects of his Mars project popularizations. The complete manuscript, titled Project MARS: A Technical Tale, did not appear as a printed book until December 2006.[68]
    In the hope that its involvement would bring about greater public interest in the future of the space program, von Braun also began working with Walt Disney and the Disney studios as a technical director, initially for three television films about space exploration. The initial broadcast devoted to space exploration was Man in Space, which first went on air on March 9, 1955, drawing 40 million viewers.[60][69][70]
    Later (in 1959) von Braun published a short booklet, condensed from episodes that had appeared in This Week Magazine before—describing his updated concept of the first manned lunar landing.[71] The scenario included only a single and relatively small spacecraft—a winged lander with a crew of only two experienced pilots who had already circumnavigated the Moon on an earlier mission. The brute-force direct ascent flight schedule used a rocket design with five sequential stages, loosely based on the Nova designs that were under discussion at this time. After a night launch from a Pacific island, the first three stages would bring the spacecraft (with the two remaining upper stages attached) to terrestrial escape velocity, with each burn creating an acceleration of 8–9 times standard gravity. Residual propellant in the third stage would be used for the deceleration intended to commence only a few hundred kilometers above the landing site in a crater near the lunar north pole. The fourth stage provided acceleration to lunar escape velocity, while the fifth stage would be responsible for a deceleration during return to the Earth to a residual speed that allows aerocapture of the spacecraft ending in a runway landing, much in the way of the Space Shuttle. One remarkable feature of this technical tale is that the engineer Wernher von Braun anticipated a medical phenomenon that would become apparent only years later: being a veteran astronaut with no history of serious adverse reactions to weightlessness offers no protection against becoming unexpectedly and violently spacesick.

    Disneyland – 1.20 – Man in Space – Part 1 of 4

    Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color: Welcome to the World
    Walt Disney began hosting his own television show for ABC in 1954 in an unusual contract: Disney provided ABC with a weekly hour-long television program in exchange for funding for the construction of Disneyland. As a result, the television show was also originally named Disneyland. The anthology series has since gone through a number of name changes over the years: Walt Disney Presents, Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, The Wonderful World of Disney, Disney’s Wonderful World, Walt Disney, The Disney Sunday Movie, and The Magical World of Disney. The series spanned an incredible 54 years—13 seasons of which were hosted by Walt Disney, himself.

    With a combination of documentary footage and animation, the science and history of rockets, and the effects of space travel on man are illustrated.

    Aired on Wednesday, March 9th, 1955 on ABC at 7:30pm

    Aired on Wednesday, June 15th, 1955 on ABC at 7:30pm

    Aired on Wednesday, September 7th, 1955 on ABC at 7:30pm

    Aired on Friday, September 18th, 1959 on ABC at 8:00pm (under the heading of Walt Disney Presents)
    Remembering a D.C. German Restaurant…

    My favorite eatery during the 1950s and 1960s was the Restaurant 823, a German rathskeller at 823 15th St. NW. The owners, Fritz Miller, his brother Andy and their boyhood friend Bobby Seibold, were from Nuremberg and made the restaurant a wonderful center for good German cooking.
    I especially loved the juicy weisswurst, which they got from a Maryland farmer. And there was Lowenbrau on tap!
    Fritz hired a Bavarian artist to paint trompe l’oeil landscapes in the inglenooks, and one could almost believe he was in the Bavarian Alps. The place was always packed, and the Gemuetlichkeit flowed.

  2. Walt Hampton
    31 December, 2017 at 8:41 am — Reply

    Image above appears to be the Stanford torus. Sub-races
    would definitely be out of their element in such an

  3. Anthony Collins
    2 January, 2018 at 3:23 am — Reply

    “Not only do we have to do it [i.e., colonize space], but we have to do it before the fossil fuels run out. And right now, what are we using the fossil fuels for? Well, we’re making and importing forty trillion pieces of plastic junk from China to be sold in Walmart. We’re using our fossil fuels so we can drive back and forth on the highways 40,000 times a year. We’re driving our SUVs down to the grocery store. We’re using our fossil fuels to power 4-megawatt transmitters so our people can watch garbage TV shows and lies. We’re squandering them.”

    The literature on peak oil commonly refers to energy return on energy invested (EROIE) in relation to fossil fuels. I find the term “energy return on energy invested” provocative: how about applying it to “welfare,” “education,” “foreign aid,” and other institutions and practices directed towards fossil races?

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