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American Dissident Voices: Renewal and Rebirth


American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 28, 2013

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

TWENTY-TWO YEARS ago today this radio program, American Dissident Voices, was born. Today, it is reborn. From 1991 to 2006, Dr. William Pierce and I were heard in offices, at camps in the woods, in automobiles, at kitchen tables or on bedside radios, crackling through the airwaves via faraway AM and shortwave stations or in the perfect fidelity of the Internet. (ILLUSTRATION: The new National Alliance headquarters and media production center under construction today.)

With our call to racial loyalty we were, perhaps, shocking millions — but certainly awakening thousands. Many of those American Dissident Voices broadcasts are still being heard today. Our message? The paramount importance of the survival and progress of our race — upon which everything depends and without which nothing matters; the fundamental biological, evolutionary, and racial nature of human life and of society; the true nature and identity of our enemies; and the application of these truths to every challenge facing us as a people.

By telling the truth — without sugar coating — about the dire plight of our race, and its potential for future greatness almost beyond imagining, we awakened uncounted souls from the depths of catatonic consumerism; from empty, childish religion; from phony, raceless conservatism; from deadly, anti-racial liberalism. I still receive letters from those whose lives I touched. And those we reached helped us reach more and more of our people and build the National Alliance, the most promising and most uncompromising organization for White people ever to exist on American soil.

And we made some powerful enemies. To keep us off 50,000-Watt shortwave station  WRNO, organized Jewish groups boycotted the station and withdrew their advertising from it and its FM sister station — but Joe Costello, the station’s owner, believed in free speech and kept us on the air even though it cost him a huge amount of money. Then they “outed” Joe Costello as a so-called “racist,” and published in their newspapers that he had given money to — horror of horrors — David Duke’s political campaigns, trying in yet another way to ruin him financially. But Joe Costello would not bow down. American Dissident Voices stayed on WRNO — for many years.

Also defiant was the ownership and management of clear channel KXEL, an AM station that covered half of the United States and Canada at night. Pressure was applied to them again and again for months, but the station’s owners would not capitulate — and our voice was still heard. The controlled media published editorials denouncing American Dissident Voices and KXEL in both countries, and Jewish groups even tried to get the Canadian government and the Washington regime’s FCC involved. But the only thing that finally worked for them was for the enemies of free speech to out-and-out buy the station and then refuse to sell time to us, and that process took a very long time. In the meantime, twenty states and five provinces got a weekly 50,000-Watt clear channel dose of truth.

Less inspiring — but still edifying — was the case of the Delano, California FM station that carried our show for a while. After a few weeks, though, the general manager of the station notified us that we were being cancelled because, although he agreed with many of our positions, our failure to venerate God’s Chosen Race was “unscriptural” and a sin of such magnitude that it could never be forgiven, much less tolerated.

Then there was the curious case of the two millionaire brothers who owned a powerful Los Angeles radio station and who put American Dissident Voices on the air for a month or so. The brothers personally called Dr. Pierce on the telephone after a few shows had aired, apologizing profusely and admitting that they knew that everything we were saying about race and the organized Jewish groups was true, but that if they continued to air the show they’d have zero advertising revenue — and Black rioters burning down the station (and possibly the brothers’ homes) in very short order.

When the Internet came into almost everyone’s home in the mid-1990s, American Dissident Voices was there — with a bigger audience than ever and almost no way to shut us down. But the Enemies of Life play dirty and they do not play by the rules, even their own.

For example, it’s not yet illegal for a racially conscious White man to run for governor or president, so David Duke was brought down — for a time — by other, quasi-legal means. And it’s not yet illegal for a racially conscious White man to broadcast and publish articles and radio shows that reach hundreds of thousands of people, with ratings that exceed those of some large establishment media outlets, so I too was brought down — for a time — by other, quasi-legal means as well. The regime has used the same techniques of perjured testimony and corrupt law enforcement against countless good people and truth-tellers in an effort to prevent the revolution from coming.

When the unworthy and the merely ambitious inherited the National Alliance name after Dr. Pierce’s death, I kept American Dissident Voices alive and independent until the System falsely charged and imprisoned me and stole every material thing I had on this Earth. ADV as produced by the post-Pierce “National Alliance” became moribund. Its inheritors did not understand what they had inherited. Listenership dwindled and the broadcasts ended. Recently even the National Alliance, no longer uncompromising and a shell of its former self, was effectively disbanded.

Some have called for reforming the existing shell of the Alliance by an appeal to its board of directors, but that effort was doomed from the start. I doubt that a single member received even the courtesy of a reply to their heartfelt calls for change.

This situation is intolerable.

On this, the twenty-second anniversary of the first American Dissident Voices broadcast, a group of those who worked closely with William Pierce over many decades is gathering together to do something about it. Not only are we re-starting ADV, we are re-forming the National Alliance and building a headquarters and media center in a new redoubt in Dr. Pierce’s beloved Appalachian mountains.

The National Alliance’s long-time Membership Coordinator, former Green Beret Will Williams will manage the new Alliance; I will direct its media. Both we and others who will be assisting us behind the scenes worked directly with Dr. Pierce, some of us on a daily basis, for decades.

It is time to be uncompromising again. Those who took the Alliance in a “big tent” direction, hoping for quantity at the expense of quality, have all failed — miserably. Excising the parts of Dr. Pierce’s Membership Handbook that pointed out fundamental contradictions between Christian doctrine and the National Alliance worldview did not bring numbers to our ranks nor advancement to our cause. The original Membership Handbook, the one actually written and approved of by Dr. Pierce, will be our starting point. The Cosmotheist understanding of the purpose of the Universe and the meaning of our lives, undergirded by reason and science, will be the basis of all our efforts.

None of this is to say that the new National Alliance will be a movement mired in the past, crystallized forever by whatever William Pierce’s last utterance may have been on any topic. No. The world is changing, ever evolving, and so must our strategy and tactics also evolve. Even — and I hesitate to say this, but it is true — even the details of our understanding of our mission and our place in the Universe may evolve as new facts come to light. But, like William Pierce himself, we who stood beside him, we who understand what he understood, we, as the only adults in a world of children, have the responsibility to educate and guide our people toward the light, toward ascending the Upward Path once again.

We must never lose that vision. We must not base what we say and do on gaining popularity at the expense of our long-term goals and fundamental principles. There will come a time for single-issue front groups, for cooperation with other nationalists to achieve certain limited goals, for a modus vivendi with other races and nations, but never at the expense of the goal of White living space, never at the expense of pretending to believe what we know isn’t true, never at the expense of allowing other, opposed, ideologies a place within the National Alliance leadership.

It will be objected that we are but a handful of men, and that is true. But I was there when all the men and women who had promised to help Dr. Pierce build a new community had abandoned him, and membership was at an all-time low. One by one, Will Williams came, Fred Streed came, I came, Joe Pryce of Dresden fame came, and others of sterling character and generous hearts and inspired souls came to the mountain — and we made something great grow in those Appalachian hills, something that, whatever comes, will never be forgotten. Great movements of national renewal always begin with a few trusted men, gathering together to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to a cause that is greater than themselves, to a future that requires devotion — and action — to come into existence.

It will be objected that my reputation has been sullied beyond repair by the System’s lies and no one will listen to my words. But the reputations of the Heroes of the Twentieth Century, whether they were Europeans forced to fight for their lives against the regime in Washington, or Americans who tried to stop the slaughter and build a secure, confident, triumphant White America, have had their reputations cast into the mud as well — yet history will vindicate them all. Rightly heard, their stories are inspiring stories of men battling an unworthy enemy who cannot stand the light of day and who ruins lives with transparent, desperate lies when he fears his crimes are about to be exposed.

Our new National Alliance will be the living embodiment of William Pierce’s vision, based on his moral and religious principles and carried forward by the those who gave up almost every material thing  to make that vision a reality. Will Williams has been building the new offices and media center and, in the text version of this broadcast, I’ll show you a picture of its current progress. I have set up a studio for producing this radio program again. Together we have started an online community called White Biocentrism for those who are interested in educating themselves and their families.

White Biocentrism may be found at and we welcome supporters there who are willing and able to help us build a community of strength and unity, based on the racial and philosophical principles embodied in Dr. Pierce’s work. White Biocentrism is not a “free speech” forum, however — it is not a place where agitators and nay-sayers may come to disrupt our growth and waste our time. It is a place strictly for genuine, authentic, serious, and decent White men and women to join us, grow in understanding, and help us expand our efforts and influence so that our people may survive the dark times ahead.

I invite you who are hearing my words today, as we enter a new year of new possibilities, if you are serious about building a new nation and a new civilization; if you have severed every shred of your loyalty from the monster on the Potomac, if you believe as we do that the future is what we make it; if you believe that we are personally responsible for the nation our children and grandchildren and their great-grandchildren will inherit — and for the racial quality of those future generations; if you believe with us that no multi-racial society can be a truly healthy society; if you believe that the first step in building our new nation is to raise the consciousness of others; I invite you to join us in this, not only the greatest undertaking of our lives, but of all the centuries our people have lived on this planet. Join us as we fulfill in reality the words which Dr. Pierce placed on the masthead of National Vanguard magazine: Toward a New Consciousness; a New Order; a New People.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the reconstituted National Alliance membership organization, founded by William Luther Pierce in 1970. This program is published every week at and Please write to us at National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. We welcome your support, your inquiries, and your help in spreading our message of hope to our people. Once again, that address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free — free men are not equal — and equal men are not free.

Listen to the broadcast


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  1. H. Millard
    28 December, 2013 at 3:49 pm — Reply


  2. Arvin N. Prebost
    29 December, 2013 at 6:23 pm — Reply

    This is a wonderful development.

  3. 11 January, 2014 at 1:59 am — Reply

    Sure took you a while.

  4. 30 November, 2015 at 6:15 pm — Reply

    Heil! Kevin.

    I was ADV warrior around 2003-2006, when I posted in NYT Forum “Human Origins”. Do you still does?


    I guess this was my “name” but not sure.

  5. Alfred Schaefer
    29 July, 2016 at 5:29 am — Reply

    Only recently did I discover Dr. William Pierce and his downloadable speeches. Each and every one of them is very inspiring. His wisdom is now more relevant than ever before, as people are understanding the emptiness of our world of perversion and greed, all the while we tolerate the invasion by the dark masses from the third world. But the fall of the construct of lies, whether 911, the 6 million lie, or all the other lies, people will be looking for proper leadership. I recently made the video “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”, and this seems to have stirred up what needs to be stirred up.

  6. Ivar Diederik
    11 February, 2017 at 11:07 am — Reply

    I just listened to the last of the 308 broadcasts. Each broadcast is about 22 minutes long, so a total of about 113 hours. It took me four months to get through them, listening to about three of them every day.

    I regularly interrupted my listening to look up the names and news stories mentioned by Dr. Pierce, verifying all the claims. Some of the broadcasts I listened to twice.

    This has been an amazing experience. I highly recommend these American Dissident Voices broadcasts to anyone who wishes to get a better understanding of the mess we’re currently in, and how to undo the damage which has been done.

  7. 29 December, 2018 at 12:25 pm — Reply

    Yesterday, 28 December, 2018, was the five-year anniversary of this first renewed, weekly American Dissident Voices broadcast.

    SALUTE! You did it, Kevin. Hitting the mark each Saturday morning for 260 consecutive weeks, despite scores of attacks, personal setbacks, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles to overcome, that your listeners never learned about, despite building and maintaining National Vanguard and other multi-media. Of course having Vanessa standing by your side most of that time got you through the worst of it.

    If people only knew. An interesting book could be written about our, let’s say, four and a half year struggle against lies, stupidity, and cowardice. But forget writing about history, let’s keep making it!

    If today’s ADV doesn’t get those who agree with us, cheering NA from atop their fences, to make the commitment to actually participate and join with Alliance-building, I don’t know what will:

    …Doing what’s right

    Think on this too: Should we wait to do what is right until such time as 51 per cent. of the human population of the United States agree with us that it is right? And, if that time never comes, should we do nothing? Should we spend all our money and energy and the minutes of our lives trying to sell the blankos on some watered-down version of one-tenth of what we want that they might be able to barely comprehend (and support for all the wrong reasons)? Or should we start doing what is right right now to the best of our ability? Should we not immediately and enthusiastically start working for the day when people with our radical, uncompromising racial-nationalist philosophy and Cosmotheist world view will hold all political power and retain it forever? We know that only we deserve to lead our people away from the pit and toward the stars. We know also that our Folk will instinctively understand that our way is right — that our way is the only way — once they are shown…

    If we don’t conceive it, it can’t happen.

    Doing what’s right continued…

    And consider: Should we ever be deterred from doing what is right by majority opinion? — or by what we have been led to believe is the majority opinion by the world’s most skilled deceivers?

    Are you a member of the minority — the decisive minority — who can see the reality of corrupt “democracy” for what it is? We are millions now. Millions are now Jew-wise and see the Jewish money-men and media-men as enemies. Millions are now ready for the answer: Racial-nationalism, racial socialism, and the principle that the best and strongest and most devoted men shall lead.

    We millions need only organization and faith and unrelenting effort to take control of our own destiny. Are you a member of that decisive minority? — which Dr. William Pierce told us was really a majority — not a majority of numbers but, to use his words, a majority of will and determination.

    Are you ready for the total social transformation embodied in our foundational document, Building a New White World?

    Soon, if we do our duty well, our people will be ready for a new cosmic vision of the purpose of Life and of the European race.

    I want to send every one of you who hears these worlds a beautiful, full-color, glossy magazine-style copy of Building a New White World. It details our plan and our vision for the future — and the only possible path to that future. It can change your life, and it is the most impressive piece we offer for recruiting that worthy man or worthy woman you know into our sacred cause. Building a New White World is available for $3 per copy from National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA.

  8. Χωρίς Όνομα
    27 July, 2019 at 3:20 pm — Reply

    As a …”recently awakened” White USA Citizen of European descent, I, too, have been reading/listening to WLP’s articles/broadcasts for a few months now. I am in awe, still amazed how could I have missed ALL that when it happened decades ago, I was a 30-something then, I am almost twice that now.

    National Alliance website and the resources found therein have been instrumental to my awakening. I somehow knew that a sinister force was behind the “mess of our world”, I could sense its pernicious effect, eroding the foundations of our White European Civilization, BUT -somehow- I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I was always in doubt and -I admit- afraid not to …”offend” anyone. Today, I know, “offending” is good, it is one of the fundamental values in our life, the driving force behind finding the Truth or at least coming to a heroic “End” while trying to do so.

    So am I declaring that I am one of YOU! I am thinking the same way and willing to act accordingly.

    However, if I actually join the ranks or act independently in my own “parallel universe” will depend on whether I find (alone or with your help) convincing answers to the following 3 questions:

    1. Explain the “quasi-legal” methods used by our enemies to “bring down” David Duke and Kevin Strom.

    2. Tell us the TRUE story behind the 2002-2013 era (i.e. What was Erich Gliebe role, including Shaun Walker’s short stint and what connection did Thomas Mair had with the National Alliance.

    3. Explain how/why the lurid stories circulating on the Internet about WLP, are NOT true: (embezzlement, acceptance of stolen goods, salacious stories i.e. Alliance’s money spent with eastern-european women or questionable ethics, failure to pursue an academic career, like Revilo Oliver, but turned into racial nationalism as an alternative, etc …).

    All these allegations, need to be once and for all explained and refuted or the “movement” will never reach critical mass because our people although willing and committed, they have been betrayed many times in the past and seek a genuine leader to line behind and march to battle with. And you can be sure about that: We will march to battle determined to vanquish our enemies and come out of this mess victorious or if that’s not attainable, then die an honorable death, sacrificing ourselves for OUR race.

    Interested to read your comments/replies.

    • 27 July, 2019 at 5:57 pm — Reply

      You sound like a serious man, so feel free to email me your telephone number and a good time to call via our contact form and we can talk. The short answer is that disinformation agents, some of whom work for our race’s enemies and some of whom are simply volunteer haters, make up false stories about racial-nationalists faster than they can be refuted.

      1. Explain the “quasi-legal” methods used by our enemies to “bring down” David Duke and Kevin Strom.

      US Attorneys, JTTF agents, and other regime functionaries are often crooked, heavily-politicized sons of bitches. David Duke was exonerated by tax authorities after he had served his time (and even if he hadn’t been, so what?), and as far as I am concerned had given great works and benefits to his people long before anyone donated a single dime, and continues to do so, so whatever he does with the relative pittance he receives for his unselfish work is his business and certainly not the business of the murderous regime in Washington, whose functionaries deserve what they meted out to Dr. Duke multiplied by 10 to the six-millionth power.

      As for what the liars did to me, you can read all about it on my personal Web site, or I’ll tell you the story via telephone.

      2. Tell us the TRUE story behind the 2002-2013 era (i.e. What was Erich Gliebe role, including Shaun Walker’s short stint and what connection did Thomas Mair had with the National Alliance.

      Another long story, easier to discuss via voice without typing it all out. Short version: Mr. Gliebe was in over his head, easy prey for ambitious, corrupting men who wanted but didn’t deserve power and access to Alliance resources, and who betrayed Dr. Pierce’s ideals for transitory, illusory “popularity.”

      Will Williams, who has more courage and strength in him than any ten men half his age, has, at great personal sacrifice, restored the Alliance to what it was intended to be and set it on a course of which William Pierce would be proud.

      As far as I know, Mair bought some books and that was made into a “conspiracy” by the usual suspects. Hell, Morris Dees has probably bought some books from us too.

      3. Explain how/why the lurid stories circulating on the Internet about WLP, are NOT true: (embezzlement, acceptance of stolen goods, salacious stories i.e. Alliance’s money spent with eastern-european women or questionable ethics, failure to pursue an academic career, like Revilo Oliver, but turned into racial nationalism as an alternative, etc …).

      I think it’s up to accusers to prove their accusations, not the other way round. There was a time when certain defective or questionable people were making up a half dozen lurid new stories about Dr. Pierce and me and Chairman Williams every single week. We can talk about some of those, too, if you want to. Set aside an hour.

      Just one such liar, and there were many, is the main subject of

      which is quite an educational read.

      William Pierce and Revilo Oliver were friends of mine, and were diligent and true and unselfish and faithful to our cause until their dying breaths. Will Williams, his wife, and I and my wife, and a team of very dedicated people are seeing to it that their works live on to inspire new generations.

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