H&D Issue 81 Published

THE NEW ISSUE (#81) of Heritage and Destiny magazine is now out. The 26 page, November-December 2017 issue, has as its lead —

Ernst Zündel – 1939-2017 – German Patriot, Champion of Historical Truth and Free Research

Issue 81
November-December 2017

Contents include:

  • Editorial – by Mark Cotterill
  • Britain’s Stasi State: 2017 crackdown on nationalists – by Peter Rushton
  • Book Review: Archeofuturism 2.0 –  by Guillaume Faye – reviewed by Ian Freeman.
  • John Tyndall Memorial Meeting 2017 – full report of this year’s event.
  • Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd: South Africa’s Greatest Prime Minister, Part VII – by Stephen Mitford Goodson
  • Book Review: Left-Right Loyalist – by Frank Portinari – reviewed by Stevie Cartwright.
  • Ernst Zündel 1939-2017: obituary by Peter Rushton.
  • Mass Madness – Simon Sheppard asks: Is it us or them that’s cracked in the head?
  • Movie review: Dunkirk – reviewed by Mark Cotterill.
  • Two pages of readers’ letters
  • Movement News – latest analysis of the nationalist movement, by Peter Rushton

If you would like 2 sample copies please send £5.00 /$10.00 or for a year’s (6 issues) subscription, send £26.00 (UK) – $48.00 (USA) – £35.00/$48.00 (Rest of world) to 40 Birkett Drive, Ribbleton, Preston, PR2 6HE

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Source: Heritage and Destiny

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Will Williams
Will Williams
31 December, 2017 11:16 am

Alliance members are encouraged to subscribe to H&D if they want to stay informed of the latest cultural and political news in Europe from a White nationalist perspective. European readers get a good glimpse into what’s going on in America also, especially since American Martin Kerr is assistant editor with regular input.

Read Mr. Kerr’s excellent, ongoing seven-part series, here: I’m told that Dr. Pierce will be featured prominently in both parts six and seven, when those are released, shortly.

I submitted a letter as National Alliance Chairman to the H&D editor, responding to a defeatist, full-page letter in issue #81, critical of American White loyalist groups. That letter arrived too late for inclusion in issue #82, but I’m told to look for it in #83.