King Day: Let’s Blanket the Nation

by Kevin Alfred Strom

A NEW, home-printable National Alliance flier exposing the lecherous Negro fraud who went by the name of Martin Luther King is now available for download. Just click here to download the high-resolution PDF, print it out and fold it in any quantity desired, and you’re ready to go — and get the truth out to hundreds or thousands of people in your community.

These fliers have also proven to get results through the reaction of the controlled media too, who often take the (mistaken) attitude that they can reduce the impact of the flier by attacking it (and the Alliance) as “bigotry,” “hate,” or “neo-Nazism.” All they succeed in doing is inoculating the public against the use of those pejorative terms, since any reader can easily see for himself who is speaking with reason and authority — and who is frantically trying to prevent the public from reading an alternative point of view.

These fliers can be placed inside screen doors, under windshield wipers, posted in quantity on community bulletin boards, handed out on the streets or at community events, slipped under the doors at college campuses and dormitories — wherever our people can be found.

Let’s make 2017 the year we break all records in flier distribution and keep up the momentum of the tsunami of truth that is washing over our land!

Download the MLK flier “No King Over Us”

Check out other available National Alliance fliers

* * *

Source: National Alliance

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Will W Williams
Will W Williams(@www)
12 January, 2017 11:32 am

The power of the well-placed leaflet is still strong. The timeliness of this one — NO KING OVER US: The Truth About Martin Luther King — is only good if responsible Whites get off their butts and use it NOW!

For those Whites who want to stay indoors this weekend because it is cold, get on your Facebook deal or your Twitter thing and spread the truth about this disgusting Negro that way. Be creative. Counter our racial adversaries’ “community organizing” with our own Day of Service using this excellent leaflet or electronic pdf:

Or, in the alternative, just stay home and watch the Negroes play ball.