Is Israel Trying to Bribe Russian PM Medvedev?

Dmitry Medvedev (L) and Uri Ariel (R) visited an Israeli agricultural research centre together.

“Gift” of this unmanned drone violates export licenses

SPAIN HAS ASKED Israel to explain why it gave a Spanish-made helicopter drone to the Russian PM as a gift.

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel gave the drone — used for crop inspections and costing €50,000 ($53,000) — to Dmitry Medvedev early this month.

Spain prohibits the export of sensitive technologies to certain countries. The drone’s export licence had a clause requiring Spanish permission to do so.

Israel said the gift had been approved by “relevant professional officials.”

The export licence for the drone lists Israel’s Volcani Centre as its final user.

It was made by Spanish company Alpha Unmanned Systems.

Spanish media reports said it had US-made cameras, installed by Israel after it was acquired from Spain.

Spain used the excuse that “Russia is under European Union sanctions” to question the gift, but the real question according to informed observers is whether there is a pattern of under-the-table Israeli gifts to high-level officials in order to gain access and push policies favorable to the Zionist state.

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Source: BBC and National Vanguard correspondents

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