Cyber War 10

Lightning_Strikes_Photography-8ANYONE WHO HAS posted a political thought on a message board recently soon becomes aware that a raging cyber war is being waged for the hearts and minds of we whites. If the subject of a post touches upon race, or Jews, or Israel, or whether we need to fill more American body bags simply to make the world a bit safer for God’s Chosen Murderers in the Middle East, very quickly one realizes that there is a concerted effort to attack everyone and anyone who does not toe the Jewish party line on this board or that board.

Much/Most of this orchestrated pro-Israel activity comes from an entity known as “Hasbara.” This Jewish organization, nominally funded by Israel, but fully funded, in fact, by — who else? — yes, that’s right, Uncle Stupid and his slaves slaving in the tax mines — is an unabashed attempt to flood message boards with hundreds of pro-Israeli, pro-Jewish comments and thus kill all debate. Because so many of these hired haters speak and write passable English, the hope is to create the illusion of an American consensus for whatever anti-peace, pro-war policy Israel is backing that particular day. Recently, the Jewish cyber focus has been on Russia and Vlad Putin and Israel’s attempt to stoke a war between the US and Russia (Jews have never forgiven Putin — the “new Hitler” — and Russia — the new “Third Reich” — for putting the kibosh on their murderous plans for Syria and Iran a few years back after the CIA/Mossad manufactured a breathless report stating that Assad was gassing his own people).

These hundreds, thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, of Jewish “cyber warriors” are always very careful to never identify themselves as Israelis or American Jews.  Instead, they write and even imply that they are just your average Republican from Indiana or Ohio who is Red, White & Blue Through & Through and who is just tickled silly to send their kids to fight and die in the non-stop Middle Eastern wars fought for Greater Israel and who thinks that our trillions of dollars to Israel is money well spent.

If one is unfamiliar with the Hasbara folks, there are some quick rules of thumb on how to identify them:

A) Since they are apparently being paid by the number of comments they post and because they are thus always running from message board to message board, generally they post only a line or two, and never anything in depth.

B) Because they are in such a rush there is no room for serious debate on a subject.

C) Because of A) and B) a Hasbara’s comments usually devolve down to slurs, insults, name-calling, and, in keeping with the Jewish character and its fixation on bodily functions and matters carnal, some slinging of psycho-sexual imagery, i.e., very vile, very filthy shit about incest, bestiality, masturbation, goat-fucking, etc.

D) Pretty much any and all references to “Hitler” and the “Third Reich” are clear indications that a Jew troll is on the other end. Apparently these people cannot resist the temptation to use these words even though they prove to be dead give-aways.

Odds are, if you encounter any of the above, or if you run into any anti-white, anti-gun, pro-minority, pro-“migrant” comments on the boards, then these are clear indications that Jewish cyber termites are hard at work.  Become a “Hasbara Hunter.”  Unlike their opponents, Hasbara Hunters — known among the select as “88’s” — do not get paid a dime for their efforts but they have a pretty big gun in their arsenal — the Hasbara Jew calls it “hate”. . . “racism”. . . “bigotry”. . . and “anti-semitism”. . . . Whites call it “Truth.”

Any way, since at heart I am a collector — I have collected stamps, I have collected Olympic stick pins, I have collected odd or shocking surnames — I have amassed a number of comments on message boards that our fellow Truthers have fired off in their fight with these Hasbara trolls. Below, pretty much as they appeared, you will find a few of these comments. Some are quite hilarious. Some are spot on. All are angry. By the way, please feel free to cut and paste any of these and then next time you see someone arguing for World War Three with Russia, or next time you read that someone thinks the US should nuke Iran, or next time someone argues that Israel is Uncle Stupid’s only real ally in the Middle East, then you are armed for action.


As for holding gun manufacturers liable for gun-related deaths, I would expect nothing less from this Marxist Jew. If Bernie Sanders and the Jewish media can pull this off and if they can convince enough dead bodies in Chicago to vote for their man, it will be 1917 all over. In this case, however, it will soon be 40 million dead and disarmed white Amerikans, not 40 million dead and disarmed white Russians and Ukrainians.

Bernie for Prez — 2016
“Death to White Amerikans!”


Please place the race traitor Merkel in a cell with a dozen of her pets, these so-called “asylum seekers” then take the key and melt it down and toss it in a well. A fit fate for a fat fool.


A real pity the Krauts do not put Merkel in a public humiliation stock then pelt her with manure, rotten fruit and vegetables for a month or more. What a disgrace; what a race traitor. Exile her shapeless body to a tiny island in the North Sea and let her live off her fat.


Trump / 2016 & 2020

“Deport ALL Illegals and ALL Israel-Firsters…..All of ‘Em…..Now!  Repeat: ALL OF ‘EM….NOW!”


Russia bombs and blasts terrorists while the US supports and protects them. This kind of criminal, psychotic and almost baffling American behavior is precisely what happens when any nation finds its foreign policy usurped by another nation, in this case Israel. The US with its naval fleet continues to do little more than threaten and menace Iran in order to make the world safe for its boss, Israel, while Russia attempts to clean up the ISIS mess created and funded by the US and Israel.

Listen up, Americans: We stopped wearing the white hat when our foreign policy was usurped by Israel, AIPAC and the neocon traitors in our midst.


yet another hate-trump hit piece in the Jewish media by a Jewish writer. who cares if 40% of Americans can’t think of one single thing they like about Trump? my bet is that 40% of Americans can’t even find their own state on a US map. besides, add up the number of illegals in this nation, along with the number of welfare parasites, the number of Black Lives Matter primates, and the numbers in the BLGT freak show, and you come up with about 40%. if this worthless entitled 40% of America ever came out in favor of Trump, then i would look elsewhere for a candidate.

TRUMP / 2016

“America for Americans…..for a Change!”


Ever hear of this Wichita Massacre? most have not. had the races been reversed, had it been two whites who robbed, raped, tortured, and murdered 4 helpless blacks, what do you think the Jewish media would have done? ha. they would, even after a hundred years, still be running this story as proof of how terrible white racism is and how evil all whites are.


And in case you are interested, look back to the US/Israel coup in Kiev as the flash point for this new arms build-up and this war creep to the Big Tuna. Those two lovely war-mongers in Tel Aviv and Washington simply could not allow world peace to break out and now we suffer the consequences. This is what happens when the subject people have no more say in the criminal actions of their governments than caged hamsters.


If the US and its thug coalition wants to avoid WW3, i strongly suggest they sit at the peace table, keep their mouths shut and play the pair of deuces they were dealt. “Doc” Putin holds a full boat and he knows it.


Shlomo Morel is truly one of the great monsters of the world. What this Jew did to helpless German men, women and children in his concentration camps after WW2 makes even the ISIS head-choppers look tender and merciful by comparison. Jews won WW2 and thus they wrote the history and to this day they decide who is a criminal and who is not.


The Jewish answer to the holocaust lie? If you can’t debate, berate! Name-calling is genetic with the earth’s most practiced liars. Calling someone a vile name beats the hell out of trying to defend the indefensible, In this case, the holocaust whopper.


Yet another anti-gun hit piece in the Jewish media. there is no ‘gun debate’ except among Jews in the media. Americans have spoken loud and clear — “WE WILL KEEP OUR GUNS AND NO RAT-FACED JEW WILL TELL US OTHERWISE!”

Why are Jews so determined to disarm Americans? look no further than the USSR, 1917. when the Jewish bolsheviks gained control, the people were stripped of their guns and all means of self-defense. forty million dead Russians and Ukrainians later… the Jewish power grids tightens its control over America and as this evil Jewish clique — the media, the government, academia, etc — becomes ever more oppressive, well do they know that Americans will ultimately reach critical mass. this spells the end for Jewish control if these Americans are armed. disarmed Americans will be killed outright or placed in concentration camps where they will be worked and murdered at leisure. this was the pattern in the USSR and in all of eastern Europe after WW2. it will happen here too, unless we fight these Jewish creatures to the end and defend the Second Amendment night and day, day and night, 24/7/365.


Winners not only write the history and make the movies, they also juggle the books. If the winners say 6,000,000 Jews died, then that is the “history.” If there is not a shred of evidence to support the lie that six million — or one thousand, for that matter — died in a concerted plan of extermination, then the books (and history) can be cooked to suit. If first thousands, then millions, not only question the winners’ book of “history” but prove beyond a doubt that it did NOT happen, then the winners can make it a crime to question their lies and thus they can toss the “criminals” into a jail cell for 5 years (as is currently being done to thousands now in Europe).


The Jewish media loves to dance around the subject, but from the moment The Don told we whites that he would deport all illegals, then build a wall to keep them out when they tried to get back in, that sealed the deal. while the leftist dems and repub cuckservatives refused to even brook the subject, Trump was loud, proud and crystal clear: “These illegals are criminals, they are here, and now we are kicking their azzes out. deal with it!”

that was just the beginning.  Trumps disgust with the Marxist media and Political Correctness also mirrors white America’s disgust.  when our comb-over candidate refused to make the haj to Israel to seek permission from Jews to run for the American presidency, he became the only candidate in memory to tell Israel, AIPAC, and every other Jewish lobby, “Thanks, but no thanks. I’m rich. I don’t need your bribes or your demands that I always vote for Israel, whether it be more “aid” (aka US welfare checks) or new Israeli wars (where only American body bags need apply). The Don may not be a perfect candidate but among the anonymous herd he is running against, he sure looks like it.


“America for Americans…..for a Change!”


Separation……..Segregation……Secession…..anything to get these irresponsible, primitive and violent black primates out of our lives.  ANYTHING!


Hasbara hatebots out in force this morning hatin’ on Iran, Russia, Putin, Trump, and anyone else who does not toe the Jewish line.

Google “Hasbara” and see who these hate-filled Jews are. Ignore the part about them being paid by Israel.  That’s not just a lie, but a damned lie… as usual. We Americans are actually paying these reptiles to spew their daily hate… our taxes… our dollars…. our money… as usual.



these so-called “migrants” and “refugees” are like criminals everywhere — “give us your money, and your women, or else!” the gutless ‘leaders’ of Europe need to be dragged out by mobs and hung upside down from the first street light. perhaps while wriggling upside down these suits might start caring as much for we whites as they do these invading mud people.


had this crime been committed by someone with Don Trump, the jewish media would have this in lurid red headlines for the next six months. when it’s one of their own, however, like this jew, Bernie Sanders, no sweat….no problem………just a faux pas…..just a minor detail not worthy of further notice. Classic example of Jewish hypocrisy hard at work. much like the current flooding of white nations with millions of darks; Jews always hammer hard about how we whites should just open our borders to this inexhaustible flood of mud people. As for Israel? Ha, ha. Oh no, Israel must remain pure Jewish and all muds must be deported and a wall that could keep out King kong himself must be built to maintain Jewish purity. One set of rules for we cattle, another set of rules for the Jewish cattle drivers. That’s how Jewish hypocrisy works.


As we all know, blacks are never guilty of anything, especially the robbery, rape or murder of a white person. when a black is killed or imprisoned it is always because of racism. white cops should always be fired when they kill or arrest any black. because of slavery, blacks should be allowed to run loose and do whatever they please. All those security cameras which catch blacks robbing, beating, raping, and murdering are all racist cameras. I know this is really bad parody but what such events as Ferguson and Trayvon are truly about is this:

Blacks understand that they commit violent crimes way out of proportion to their numbers but so what? Since they can not stop being criminals and since they cannot compete with whites (or browns or yellows, for that matter), and since none of that is going to change, then whites must change and allow black crime and incompetence to go unpunished.  That’s what this is really all about.

* * *

Source: Thomas Goodrich

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