One Quarter of German Men Refuse to Have Children

germanyGERMANY — along with all other White nations — is battling a baby drought that has caused its population to plummet, leaving a rash of vacant homes, spurring fears the economy may crumble, and giving an excuse for Jewish groups and politicians to open the borders to non-Whites.

In its most recent census, Germany discovered it had lost 1.5 million inhabitants — even after millions of non-Whites, with their high birth rates, were let in — and, by 2060, experts say the population could dwindle by an extra 19 per cent, to about 66 million.

Between 2000 and 2013, Germany’s birth rate dropped by 11 per cent.

Now panic is beginning to spread through Europe’s economic powerhouse as the financial crisis continues to stretch its tentacles into all aspects of society, especially the country’s labour market.

Adding to the country’s woes, a recent study by Europe’s Population Policy Acceptance Study found that more than 23 per cent. of German men thought ‘zero’ was the ideal family size.

‘In some areas, there are now abundant overgrown yards, boarded-up windows and concerns about sewage systems too empty to work properly,’ reports the New York Times. ‘The work force is rapidly graying, and assembly lines are being redesigned to minimize bending and lifting.’

Policy makers are now, belatedly, throwing some money at families in a bid to stem the birth dearth and encourage citizens to have more babies.

But despite the family subsidies, experts say the government is not doing enough, claiming Germany needs an overhaul of values, customs and attitudes. The policy was bound to fail, however, as long as non-Whites with their fantastically high birth rates are allowed to enter the country, reproduce, and demoralize the White population.

Establishment economists are now claiming Germany needs to find ways of keeping older workers in jobs for longer and making itself “more appealing to immigrants,” who, they say, tend to find other European nations far more hospitable destinations. (What a pack of lies — with a more than a million invaders expected this year, who are they kidding?)

Even with a stable population, Germany could do fine economically if its debt-driven fractional reserve banking system were abandoned. It is the debt-usury system that demands endless race- and environment-destroying “growth” to feed the gaping maws of the largely-Jewish overclass.

Establishment sources say Germany also needs to “feed more women into the workforce” while, at the same time, encourage them to have more babies — a highly unworkable plan.

‘If you look closely at the numbers, what you see is the higher the gender equality, the higher the birthrate,’ Reiner Klingholz of the Berlin Institute for Population and Development told the New York Times. But, he added, Germany has long subsidised families of a traditional set up, making change all the more difficult. (Typical Jewish propaganda, that. More career women equals a higher birth rate? Traditional families make for a lower birth rate? You can’t get much more Talmudic than that!)

‘Touching those is political suicide,’ Michaela Kreyenfeld of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research told the paper.

‘Women are perfectly integrated within Germany’s labor market but when it comes to babies, everyone expects a mother to stay at home and take care of the children,’ she told Reuters last year. ‘This of course deters women from becoming mothers.’

Last year it emerged the number of births in Germany fell to a post-war low despite a raft of government incentives meant to reverse a population decline.

A third of all babies born in Germany, still the EU’s most populous member state, came from immigrant families, the analysts said, noting that without them the overall figure would have been much lower.

‘As in every year since 1972, the number of people who died was greater than the number of children born. In 2011 the difference amounted to 190,000 people and in 2010 to 181,000,’ the office said in a report.

Demography experts have forecast that Germany’s population could shrink to about 50 million by 2050, based on current trends.

Germany’s birthrate peaked in 1964 when a total of 1,357,304 children were born in the capitalist West and communist East.

West Germans were already having fewer children in the 1970s because of improving conditions for women and their easier access to education, said Reiner Klingholz, director of the Berlin Institute for Population and Development.

‘So fewer children were born then, meaning that today we lack potential parents for potential children,” he said.

Without immigrant families, the number of newly born children in Germany would reach only 400,000 in a country of 82 million, Klingholz said.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has no children herself, introduced relatively generous child benefit payments in 2006, making it easier for women to return to the workplace after having children. What should be done is the opposite — and of course Merkel and Merkel’s Jewish masters know it: Make it easier for women to return to — and continue — being mothers during their child-bearing years.

White men of good racial quality, too, should be educated and encouraged in every possible way to have children and abandon their suicidal attitudes.

And — it should go without saying — every single non-White must be repatriated and removed forever from Germany and all of the nations of the White world.

* * *

Source: Daily Mail

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Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
14 April, 2016 2:49 pm

I just can’t see the Europeans voluntarily becoming wind-blown ghosts in their own lands. No, in the next ten years, they will discover that they have physical attributes, and that it is actually fulfilling to exercise one’s will through physical action. They will find out that liberalism sucks out peoples’ blood and guts and just leaves dust-dry beetles scurrying about in the sterile skull, which the liberals call, rationality. I am not talking about sex here—I am talking about battle, fatherland, heroism. The sacredness of sex will come later. One taste of heroic physical action, and ancient ways will re-assert themselves with a remarkable rapidity among the Europeans. They are going to need mature leaders to direct the explosion of emotional energy that results. They have been in their minds… Read more »