Hitler’s War: What the Historians Neglect to Mention

Hitler’s War: What the Historians Neglect to Mention is an English rendition of Hitlers Krieg? Was Guido Knopp Verschweigt by Alphart Geyer (2009). It is a 96-minute “Made in Germany” underground documentary film. It’s the first documentary ever to unabashedly explain — from the German perspective — how World War II really began, and the many efforts that were made by Hitler to avoid it, and to establish a lasting, viable and mutually acceptable peace.

It documents many facts that have been deliberately left out of the “official narrative” as presented by the victorious Allies, which we have all been taught since 1945, and of which Germans especially have been constantly reminded since the war ended, with the blame entirely upon Germany’s shoulders. Many of the claims of the Allies that have been widely accepted as fact are refuted here as patently untrue, distorted, or ignored completely.

The film is largely based upon the book Der Krieg der viele Väter hatte by German author and historian Gerd Schulze Rhonhof. He has also published Vorkriegsgeschichte (English: The War With Many Fathers) and Ein unvermeidlicher Krieg? — Der Weg zum 1 September 1939 (An Unavoidable War — The Path to September 1st, 1939). Rhonhof is a former high-ranking German military officer (Brigadier General in the Panzer Division) who has done, as any honest historian should, his own deep research in the war archives, and has been assisted many other historians. His site is (pre-war history) which contains all of his documentation. His books and assertions, not surprisingly, have not been so well received by many politicians, academia, the Left, and the controlled media.

The making of this film seems to have been prompted primarily by some comments made by Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking to a live audience and the various heads of state from many nations, gathered at a ceremony in Danzig in 2009, to remember Hitler’s (allegedly) “senseless and unprovoked” attack on Poland, paying respects to the Polish victims on behalf of Germany, and, as always, expressing gratitude to the Allies, for their sacrifices in the victory over National Socialism. Merkel, like all other German chancellors since the end of World War II, accepted full responsibility and with it, the perpetual guilt for the entire war on behalf of all Germans, and unquestioningly accepted, again, the villain role ascribed to National Socialist Germany by the victors — which many Germans, to this day, deeply resent yet have silently endured for all their lives. Merkel’s comments, however, struck a raw nerve for many Germans who know “the rest of the story”.

The film is also a sharp rebuke to well known German “journalist”, author, filmmaker and commentator Guido Knopp (to whom the original film title actually refers), and who many Germans regard as “Uncle Guido” (in the English sense of an “Uncle Tom”), as he has a reputation for being a domestic Propaganda Minister for the World War II Allies on all topics relating to the Third Reich and National Socialism. He, like Merkel and the others, continues to ignore many facts, and only dutifully reminds Germans of the guilt of their forefathers (and by extension, their own “inherited” guilt), based upon a highly sanitized “official version” of history.

There are always two sides to every story, and now the Germans are finally telling theirs. This film is a “must see” for anyone who possesses a sense of justice, honor, fairness and dignity — who has respect for all of the victims of World War II (not merely the “politically correct” ones) and who are interested in an accurate account of history. Indeed, if we are to learn from history, and not be doomed to repeat it, then we must also have a fair and accurate account from which to draw our conclusions and upon which to make decisions in the present that will determine our future.

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Source: West Virginia radioman

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16 May, 2019 1:18 pm

The video is no longer available at Youtube (surprise). Is it available elsewhere?

Reply to  DeMar
29 September, 2019 3:58 pm
29 September, 2019 4:02 pm

As of 09.29.2019, the video is available at: If you have difficulty understanding the English dubbing because of the too-loud original background narrative, then begin your research of the Truth by reading 1) The Bad War by M. S. King, 2) David Irving’s Hitler’s War and the War Path, and 3) the Forced War: When Peaceful Revision Failed by David Hoggan. Additionally, regarding the USA’s culpability, I entreat you to also read 1) Day of Deceit by Robert Stinnett, LC, 2) The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin and 3) Major Jordan’s Diaries by George Racey Jordan. After reading these corroborated historical tomes, you’ll indeed realize the “truth has set you free” from the bondage of Establishment lies. Remember, it is the “winners” who write the history;… Read more »