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How — and Why — Jews Gave China the Bomb

1035bEven the highest officials in the US government didn’t know of the frantic Jewish activity to checkmate Germany.

ON JANUARY 30, 1933 a Certain Person took power in Europe. The U.S., which had no diplomatic relations with Communist Russia, was then visited in June 1933 by one Maxim Litvinov. Roosevelt had consented to recognize the Soviet Union. The visit by Litvinov would formalize things and get the show on the road. (ILLUSTRATION: Tsien Hsue-shen)

The First World War, if it did nothing else, proved that no European military combination would be able to defeat Germany. It took U.S. power to tip the scales. But in 1933 the U.S. did not recognize Russia and a military alliance between these two powers was the only means the liberal-minority coalition could depend on for victory over Germany. Therefore, there was a lively communication, not for the first time, across the capitalist-communist frontier. We know that Napoleon’s Continental System was penetrated daily by enemies. So was, and is, the Iron Curtain.

The mood in 1933 among the Jews and their political allies was desperate. Could the U.S. be armed in time? The question of timing was paramount, for if France and England went down in a fast blow, and the Germans turned eastward, and Russia went down, the United States would be paralyzed, repeat, paralyzed. National Socialist Germany would be in control of the resources and manpower of all Europe — and allied with Japan! Something was needed besides a tenuous Russo-American alliance.

Now we all have learned about the frantic international cooperation by physicist after physicist, Jews nearly to a man, in the intense search for a practicable nuclear weapon to use on the Germans, a search inspired by the doubt that America could be geared for World War II in time. If such bombs could be developed and produced, Germany could be destroyed even with France, England and Russia prostrate. The feverish nature of the research is evident to anyone who has studied the individuals involved. Einstein was the key go-between in delivering the data from the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute to the U.S. and the affair was considered so crucial that only Jews were deemed trustworthy to carry it out. The trio in charge was Morgenthau, Lilienthal and Oppenheimer. In the Soviet Union, Landau and a whole string of Jewish scientists were receiving all the “secret” bomb plans.

Harry Truman: utterly clueless
Harry Truman: utterly clueless

Harry S. Truman stated that as vice president he did not know of the existence of the Manhattan Project, the U.S. atomic bomb assembly line. If he, the #2 man in Washington did not know of the project, imagine what he knew about what was going on earlier in the 1930s — that is, from January 30, 1933 on.

What nobody knew, or even knows now, was that the Jews and their allies were setting up a second nuclear bomb project for China. All that one can deduce logically is that if France, England and Russia collapsed and America finked out in one of its Congressional fits, the Chinese, preferably the Chinese Communists, would have a nuclear weapon for use on a Certain Person.

The source for this deduction is The China Cloud, America’s Tragic Blunder and China’s Rise to Nuclear Power by William L. Ryan and Sam Summerlin (Little, Brown, 1968).

The top eighty Chinese nuclear physicists received their training in America, primarily at the California Institute of Technology, but also at M.I.T., Harvard, Yale and the universities of Chicago, Michigan, California and Columbia. These eighty men are the ones responsible for setting off the first Communist Chinese hydrogen bomb on June 17, 1967, over the Takla Mahan desert in Sinkiang. Tsien Hsue-shen, the chief missileman in this successful test, received his education at Cal Tech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Like most of the rest, Tsien got his training free from funds contributed by the U.S. from its share of Boxer Rebellion indemnities.

Theodore von Karman
Theodore von Karman

Oddly enough, reading between the lines of The China Cloud, which is necessary in order to understand the factual information presented, one observes that the people working in the federal government and in the state government of California had no comprehension of the forces at work about them. But two Los Angeles detectives did. Their names were Bill Hynes and William Ward Kimple. Hynes was head of a “Red Squad” office (his idea) and Kimple was an undercover man who at first failed to get into the Communist apparatus. “Most were New York Jews,” he would say in later years, “and I couldn’t get into the Party.”

Nevertheless, Hynes and Kimple penetrated into a most complex net centering on the training of the Chinese at Cal Tech as early as 1933. On page 44 of The China Cloud we learn that the Chinese, ostensibly not Communists, were placed in Cal Tech specifically for nuclear physics research. Theodore von Karman had assigned Tsien, mentioned above, to Cal Tech’s JPL. Von Karman, a Hungarian Jew, was the great gathering point for data on possible missile delivery systems. He and Tsien were cooperating closely as early as 1935. A typical bit of chitchat by Von Karman, “I remember that Professor Paul S. Epstein of the Physics Department, a great theoretician, once said to me: ‘Your student, H.S. Tsien, is in one of my classes.’ ‘Ja, he is good, I replied: ‘Tell me,’ Epstein said with a twinkle in his eye, ‘do you think he has Jewish blood?'”

Paul S. Epstein
Paul S. Epstein

What Hynes and Kimple apparently ran across was Dr. Sidney Weinbaum’s Communist Party Professional Unit 122, Pasadena Section, which was formed in 1936 or 1937. Tsien was in contact with Weinbaum. Coming in and out of the homes where Professional Unit 122 met was the brother of J. Robert Oppenheimer.

The authors of The China Cloud at no time provide evidence that they quite understand what their assembly of facts indicate. One could never prove before a Congressional committee that the Red Chinese were placed in American schools of physics and rocket propulsion so that when the Chinese Communists overran China (1948) they would have a ready-made team to create a nuclear stockpile and delivery system. Neither could it be proved that the movement of each Chinese into a key college course was greased by Jews. But rest assured, it was. The pattern of coincidence, if it were argued to be a coincidence, would have arrayed against it the most astronomical odds imaginable.

Dr. Sidney Weinbaum
Dr. Sidney Weinbaum

The prevalence of Jewish physicists (and agents, organizers, technical directors, and espionage operators) in wartime atomic research around the planet has never been properly evaluated. When noticed at all, the phenomenon is attributed to some sort of “genius” absent in other physicists. The peculiar circumstance of Jews all along the path of nuclear development — even to the proprietors of rooming houses used by various conspirators — is not understood. For such a dense mass of Jews — almost no end to them — to appear in cooperation at a given time and in a given place would presuppose a powerful motive. The motive was a Certain Person, who had them literally desperate, working on a time schedule that was giving practically all of them a nervous disorder. The number of them who knew about what was going on in the U.S. probably included even the inmates of Miami Beach homes for the elderly. However, Truman says he didn’t know.

Something of a similar nature is probably taking place now in regard to other technical developments. We may wake up one day and find out that not only the vice president knew nothing about it, but that the president was equally ignorant. This time the data will not be dispatched to Moscow — there’s some sort of Russian revivalism going on in the Socialist motherland — but to a computer near Mount Zion.

* * *

Source: based on an article in Instauration magazine, May 1978

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12 October, 2016 7:38 am

There’s another book that I just became aware of
“Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy” by Michael Collins Piper that touches on this same topic, the cooperation between Israel and Communist China during the development of the Israeli nuclear weapons program. The Israeli program was opposed at the time by President Kennedy and Kennedy’s opposition to that program, as well as some of his other policies towards Israel, was the reason why the leadership of Israel and the Mossad and other supporters of Israel and other nefarious forces, all cooperated in the assassination of JFK.