Germany: Police Attack Germans Who Tried to Stop Invader Buses

IN GERMANY, anger is rising as the non-White invasion spills into every hill and valley of the nation, changing the face not only of the cities, but the villages and countryside as well.

In this short video, a group of Germans are seen blocking the road so that luxurious quarter-million-dollar air-conditioned buses full of “migrants” are not able to pass. Police, under orders from the Jewish-dominated elite, use violence to clear the street so the buses can pass. The German patriots challenge the System functionaries to shoot them, and shame them — more than justifiably — for fighting against their own people and their own children’s future.

The only solution: New government(s) in all White nations, under which membership in the European race is the main criterion for citizenship, under which racial survival and upward progress are the main purposes of state and society, and under which all non-Whites, especially the Jews who opened the gates to the invasion, will be required to leave.

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