White Crime Figures Grossly Exaggerated

albertoUS government blames Whites for non-White crime wave through deliberate racial misclassification

THREE DRAMATIC EXAMPLES of how the US federal government uses deliberate racial category obfuscation to shift the blame for nonwhite crime onto white Americans, can be seen in the line-up of most wanted figures at the websites of the Texas Department of Public Safety, the US Department of Justice’s US Marshals, and at the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list.

At the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)—which is an official department of the government of the state of Texas responsible for statewide law enforcement and vehicle regulation—their current “10 Most Wanted Fugitives” listing shows nine Hispanics—varying in race from overtly Indian to mixed race—and one black.

However, the DPS website describes all of the Hispanics—no matter how dark or how Indian-looking—as “white.”

The basis for this deliberate misclassification originates in the official federal government’s definitions of race,which only has “white,” “black,” “American Indian or Alaska Native,” and “Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander” as its official classifications.

Accordingly, Hispanics are routinely lumped in with the “white” category—as are North Africans and Middle Easterners.

The Texas DPS has taken this to its logical conclusion, and following the federal government’s lead, has simply classified even the most nonwhite-looking Hispanic as “white.”

Each mestizo listed in Texas’ 10 Most Wanted have been wrongly — or deliberately — classified as “White Male.”

This deliberate racial obfuscation is not limited to Texas, of course, and is in fact followed countrywide.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) is a fully-fledged participant in this deliberate conspiracy to blame whites for nonwhite crime. On the wanted list issued by the US Marshals—an official agency of the DOJ, for example, it can be readily seen that nonwhite Hispanics are routinely classified white as well.

On the US Marshal’s website, it is possible to click on any Hispanic-sounding name to see the photographic evidence of their deliberate racial deception.

The FBI is also an active participant in this anti-white conspiracy. It claims that obviously nonwhite Hispanics are “white”—although it does add “Hispanic” in parenthesis after the main racial classification. Nonetheless, when the FBI compiles its final statistics, it uses the main racial classification as it primary determinant.


This deliberate racial misclassification has far greater impact than “just” lying about race—it affects the national crime statistics in that it effectively shifts responsibility for all Hispanic crime onto white Americans—which in turn dramatically boosts the level of “white” crime.

This in turn is then used in statistics to “hide” the reality that the vast majority of crime in America is committed by nonwhites—with liberals always trying to use these fake “high white crime rates” to make excuses for the very real high nonwhite crime rates.

To make matters worse, the line-up of names of these “most wanted” figures makes if dramatically clear that they are all recent “immigrants” who have taken part in the federal government-promoted mass invasion of America over the past few decades.

In other words, the government has, against the will of white Americans, caused the country to become flooded with Central and South American nonwhites—and then has used deliberate racial misclassifications to blame the Third World nonwhite crime wave on white Americans.


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LH Collins
LH Collins
14 December, 2021 12:07 pm

This guy is neither White or Hispanic: not a Spaniard, nor do any Whites define themselves as “Hispanic or “non-Hispanic”. Just call yourselves “Aryan-Americans,” or “Anglo-Americans”.