Holocaust-Denying Bishop Plans Consecration Without Pope’s Consent


Richard Williamson risks excommunication if he ordains new bishop on Thursday; Williamson said in 2009 that he does not believe the Holocaust happened.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ordinarily, we would not be particularly interested in any church’s internal arguments over proper “consecration” procedures or similar minutiae, but a major axis of this particular power struggle is the relationship of Rome to organized Jewish power, and to the myths that power structure has imposed on the peoples of the West.

A HOLOCAUST-DENYING Catholic bishop who made headlines in 2009 when Pope Benedict XVI rehabilitated him and members of his breakaway traditionalist society is heading for new trouble with the Vatican.

Bishop Richard Williamson is planning to consecrate a new bishop on Thursday in Brazil without Pope Francis’s consent — a church crime punishable by excommunication.

The Rev René Miguel Trincado Cvjetkovic confirmed the planned consecration of the Rev Christian Jean-Michel Faure in an email to the Associated Press. The consecration was first reported by the traditionalist blog Rorate Caeli.

Williamson, Trincado and Faure have all been, or are in the process of being, kicked out of the Society of St Pius X, which was formed in 1969 by the late archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in opposition to the modernizing reforms of the Second Vatican council. They have opposed the society’s recent efforts at reconciliation with the Holy See.

In 1988, the Vatican excommunicated Lefebvre, Williamson and three other bishops after Lefebvre consecrated them without papal consent.

Benedict, first as cardinal and then as pope, tried to bring the group back into full communion with Rome, eager to prevent further schism and the expansion of a parallel, pre-Vatican II church.

In 2009, Benedict removed the excommunications — but an uproar ensued, since Williamson said in a television interview aired just before the decree was made public that he did not believe Jews were killed in gas chambers during the second world war.

Trincado said neither Williamson nor Faure fear a new excommunication “because what we intend with this consecration is to preserve the true Catholic faith from the greatest crisis that the church has suffered in her history”.

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Source: The Guardian

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