Serbia: Thousands of Buildings Worth Billions and $27,000,000 Cash Given to Jews

Most of these supposed “Jewish assets” were were originally acquired through the fractional reserve banking scam and other fraudulent practices, so they were stolen from the White population to begin with. Question: Have the White victims of WW2 — say, the millions of displaced or murdered Germans and Eastern Europeans — been compensated like this? Has that possibility even been discussed?

SERBIA — under “American” pressure — has passed a law awarding some $27 million cash and more than 3,000 highly desirable buildings (and associated real estate) to Jewish groups. The groups intend to rent out the properties for a payout expected to be measured in billions of dollars. (ILLUSTRATION: This former department store in downtown Belgrade is one of thousands of valuable properties to be outright given to Jews under a law demanded by Jews. The Jewish-controlled US government regularly pressures European governments to pass such laws.)

One of the first of its kind in eastern Europe, the “heirless property restitution law” passed in February will see thousands of allegedly “previously Jewish-owned buildings” handed outright to the country’s Association of Jewish Communities.

The association plans to rent out most of the properties, and from 2017 Serbia will also pay an annual 950,000 euros ($1.1 million) for 25 years in financial support to the community.

The funds will be spent on propaganda to “fight prejudice”  (read: softening up the population to accept future Jewish demands) and “preserving the memory of Holocaust” along with “supporting survivors,” said its president, Ruben Fuks.

‘Moral obligation’

Ruben Fuks
Ruben Fuks

Presenting the new law in parliament, Justice Minister Nikola Selakovic said Serbia had a “moral obligation” towards Jews who “dedicated their lives and work to our Serbia.” He said the move would also “contribute to a greater understanding of human rights, which is crucial for fighting and preventing racial and religious discrimination.”

Jewish groups have repeatedly demanded that Europe’s ex-communist states award the groups assets estimated to be worth billions of dollars, and Jewish control of the US Congress has led to massive American pressure on these states to accede to the demands.

After US threats, in 2009 46 countries signed the “Terezin Declaration,” named after a Czechoslovak wartime ghetto, urging the “restitution” of “stolen” Jewish assets and social aid for the world’s wealthiest ethnic group — though they prefer to describe themselves as “impoverished Holocaust survivors.”

The United States said Serbia was the first country to pass such a law on heirless property since then, and the US continues to use pressure tactics and economic and diplomatic threats on other governments to get them to take similar action where, as the US claims, “justice has long been denied.”

Poland, which had Europe’s largest pre-war Jewish community, in 2011 suspended work on compensation legislation for property seized by Nazis and post-war Polish communists, intended to apply to both Jewish and non-Jewish victims of expropriation. Warsaw argued the law would swell the nation’s debt to the point where it would breach a European Union (EU) debt ceiling.

“We have identified more than 3,000 buildings seized during World War II by Germans,” said Fuks, adding that the properties listed so far were in Belgrade, central Serbia, and a small part of northern Vojvodina province. In other words, Jews may expand their claims and seize properties from their owners almost at will.

In other parts of Vojvodina which were occupied by German-allied Hungarians or Croatians, so-called “seized Jewish property” is yet to be “tracked down and listed” — meaning that thousands more properties will be claimed by Jews.

One of these areas, Backa, was once home to half of all the Jews in Serbia, Fuks said, hinting that the final amount of property due to be returned is likely to be much higher.

Fuks said the new law offered a chance to “commemorate properly those who were killed and to fight against the intolerance that almost destroyed the community.”

It also means, he said, that “Holocaust survivors” can “live with fewer worries in the last years of their lives, after the horrible personal experiences they have been through.”

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Source: Times of Israel

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MUH HOLOCAUST!! Those who have doubts about the holoscam as an extortion racket should open their eyes now. Surely the “victims” are not worried about the future anymore. I wouldn’t be, if I milked the goyim cash cows like that.

Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.

When will the people finally realize that we fought on the wrong side in WW2? If the English speaking world had fought with Germany and her allies, Italy, Hungary and Romania, against the USSR how much better the world would have been. Many Americans who fought in WW2, like my grandfather, were of German and Italian descent, yet we sided with the communist Russians and Jews to kill our brethren. Sick.


Jeremiah, I understand what you mean, but let me say that, there was a time when I was younger, that I held a lot of anger towards the so-called “Greatest Generation” of my grandparents for having sided with the wrong side. I’ve always said that after 2000+ freaking years of these liars in our midst, and we still haven’t figured them out! What the….!!! Looking back to the 1930’s, how could we expect the average citizen to know what side to be on, when the media, even at that time was owned by them. Spewing forth their lies and deceptions onto the good citizenry of the time, with little to no counter arguments. All they had was the controlled radio and newspapers to inform themselves with. Hard to make the… Read more »


That’s why these bastards want to censor or at the very least, control the Internet! It’s for pages like this one that the frigging kikes are so scared! This site is an eye-opener! People is starting to become wise about the “Jewish question” like the peoples of yesteryear. Our ancestors may have been illiterate and ignorant of a lot of things, but they were not fools about the bloodleeching nature of the Jews. As they say, anti-semitism is contagious, because you catch it from Jews!

Jack Murray
Jack Murray

And aside from the Zio/Jew machine using their myth of the Holocaust as a cash cow, & as a means of shutting down any criticism of Israel, they have, also, used it as a means of inflicting a ‘guilt trip’ onto the White European races, so that the White Peoples of the world have lost their sense of identity, & are allowing their homelands to be overrun by Muslims, & other assorted, non-Whites, as, all the while, the White Race’s proportion of the human gene pool & land mass is shrinking to near extinction levels. While, on one hand, not all Jews are a, conscious, part, of this Zio/Jew machine, on the other hand, the Rothschild/Zionist’ Talmudic branch of Jewry, is certainly the most evil & the most diabolically dangerous… Read more »


Jews should not be seeking compensation from the holocaust, and very few if any “survivors” who owned those properties, or their heirs, are alive or can be located within the countries where the properties are. Jews should learn from the holocaust and numerous pogroms and expulsions: They don’t belong in the West. There are plenty of non-White/non-Asian countries (Asians will not have the jews in large numbers!), from Mexico to Venezuela, Zambia to Nigeria, that they can move to and start fresh and live well. They just have to realize that if they swindle the locals in such places, they will have their sex organs cut off and stuffed down their throats, then set on fire, as a matter of tribal or gang law.