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Bankers, Counterfeiters, and Applying Godwin’s Law to Stefan Molyneaux

United States Notes, unlike today’s Federal Reserve Notes, were not issued at interest by private bankers — they were issued interest-free by the government itself.

by David Sims

STEFAN MOLYNEAUX made a mistake (almost a lie by omission) in the video below when he said this: “There is no free market left in the world. If there’s no free market in money, there is no free market, and the effective takeover of money by the government in 1913 means that everything else has just been, you know. . . You shoot the giant in the kneecap and he falls slowly, but he ain’t gettin’ back up, and that’s really what’s happened to the free market since the government took over money.”

There was no “effective takeover of money by the government in 1913.”

The Federal Reserve, instituted in 1913, is a private, run-for-profit, corporation whose “product” is loan money and whose profit is interest; otherwise known as usury. Usury causes problems for a variety of reasons, including:

1. The money comprising the principal of the loan is not offset by real manufactured goods or real and necessary services rendered. That being the case, the new money which is loaned into existence has the effect of reducing the buying power of all the money which existed previously. That is why the apparent inflation of prices (actually the deflation of the dollar) happens.

2. When all of the money in circulation is the aggregate principal of loans, there is no way the aggregate debt can ever be repaid with the interest due. It is simply mathematically impossible, because only the principal was ever created, not the interest. And so a country is hooked by its creditors into an eventual economic collapse by its very first act of borrowing — unless the debt is legislatively repudiated on the grounds that the bankers’ game is illegal racketeering. (What might prevent the repudiation of debt is that so many politicians have collaborated with the scheme, and they fear being charged with treason.)

3. It was a heightened form of “businessman’s greed” that led to the establishment of the financial system from which all of our economic woes have risen. Some of our elected political figures, such as Andrew Jackson, opposed the establishment of a central banking system in control of the nation’s money supply. Other politicians were corrupted into supporting the institution. But the instigators weren’t politicians, but rather greedy businessmen seeking to enlist the government’s coercive powers in pursuit of their own gain.

Again, the Federal Reserve System isn’t a part of our government. It is a private corporation, controlled mainly by Jews, who have run it to set our government in a harness with financial pressures, and through that control it harms hundreds of millions of people every day, both through taxation and through the devaluation of currency.

Greedy businessmen using the government to create special laws and monopolies to increase their own wealth, by the way, exposes a flaw in Ayn Rand’s thinking. When confronted by this development of capitalism in the West, Rand tried to put all of the blame on the politicians, and none of it on the capitalists. Capitalism always subverts the free market. It happens the moment that the richest of capitalists see that their fortunes can be increased by the enlisting of state powers to their own causes. Thus does the pursuit of selfish interests, by individuals, lead to the end of laissez-faire capitalism and the death of the free market.

Molyneaux implies in his video, around the 25:51 mark, that the government shouldn’t be involved in the money system: “And my concern is that because people believe that the government is supposed to run money…”

Wrong, Stefan. The government is supposed to “run money.” The government is supposed to create money, debt-free and interest-free, and put it into public circulation as payments for public works projects, such as road- or dam-building, or for public services, such as delivering the mail. The employees of the government, or those of its contractors, will spend their earnings to buy things made in the private sector, and thus will the money travel into the general circulation.

The government’s authority to run money is in the US Constitution, Article 1. The Federal Reserve Act is, and always has been, unconstitutional because our government is (legally speaking) a government of limited powers, having only the legitimate powers given it by the Constitution, and nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government authorized to contract out the running of money to a bunch of usurious Jewish bankers.

The economic problems we are having now result from the fact that the government is not running money.

Rather, a private corporation owned by greedy Jews is running money as a kind of Ponzi scheme. In another video, Stefan Molyneaux himself called it “a gigantic loan-sharking scam” or something very similar. I have no idea why he made this video presentation here, which is larded with half-truths that he actually doesn’t believe because he knows better.

Ah, I’ve watched a bit more now and maybe I understand. Molyneaux was leading up to a mention of Adolf Hitler. I understand now, I think. Godwin’s Law.

At the 26:45 point, Molyneaux says: “The problem when the value of money collapses is not money and is not freedom. It is the absolute political horror of allowing sociopaths with bottomless satanic greed to control money.”

Quite right. But the satanic greedy people who constitute the prime mover of the corruption of money aren’t the officials in our government. They are the Jews who run the Federal Reserve System.

Hitler wasn’t wrong about why the German people were having such a bad time under the Weimar Republic. He was right. The Jews were up to their necks in the corruption of money in that place and time, just as they are in our place and time.

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10 December, 2017 1:11 pm

Molyneaux is nothing but a little bit of truth poisoned with some key disinformation. It makes the toxin go down easier if it’s not all false. He’s also a jew. That’s all anyone needs to know. I’m surprised even he would would make such a blatantly false statement that’s directly discredited by reading the Constitution as “government shouldn’t run money” and the idiotic assumption that they actually do! Of course, he had to work a Hitler mention into a talk that had nothing to do with him and do what I call “ringing the bell” to keep conditioning the Pavlovian public. Great article. I’m glad someone made the distinction between laissez-faire capitalism / the free market and 20th century capitalism, or as I call it, corporatism. Too many people who… Read more »

10 December, 2017 5:08 pm

Molyjew’s talk has all the characteristics of rabbinical brainwashing, the internet is full of videos of rabbis talking just as Molyjew does. Poison to the mind.

14 December, 2017 9:03 pm

I judge a man by a simple law. If he says nothing bad about the kikes he is a piece of filth. And Molyneaux is the filthiest piece of filth in creation. My hatred for this kike lover has no bounds!!!!

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
15 January, 2021 3:50 pm

i like how your mind works WW.
This sniveling french faggot is a flaming Jew…furthermore, who is this Rat-maggot to explain economics to anyone?