Assault On Our Youth: Jessica Chambers’ Plight

The sadistic way in which Jessica Chambers (pictured) was murdered serves as a wake-up call to all of us: Just what type of society makes its young women literally fend for themselves in the nightmare multiracial landscape they’re forced to inhabit? 

chambersby Michael Olanich

OVER THE PAST few weeks, the controlled mass media have been saturated with wall-to-wall coverage of the decision of a Missouri grand jury not to indict a White police officer who killed a Black thug, Michael Brown, in self-defense. Shortly thereafter we were saturated with reports and headlines that can only be described as incitement to encourage Black violence. Well, the media owners got their wish — Blacks promptly rioted and set ablaze the town of Ferguson, MO, for at least 24 hours – with what seemed like the sympathy if not the approval of the regime in Washington.

Other stories — of murders far more horrific than what happened to Michael Brown — receive little or no attention from the mass media. Only a relative few have heard, for example, about the atrocious murder of a 19-year-old White teenager, Jessica Chambers, which took place in Mississippi on the evening of December 6th. The latest National Alliance American Dissident Voices broadcast gives an in-depth analysis of what happened on that fateful day. Jessica Chambers’ killer poured lighter fluid or some similar substance into Jessica’s throat and then set her on fire. She died of her wounds. Before she died, she named her killer, and if the largely-suppressed reports on social media are true, her attacker was a Black male “boyfriend,” one of several that Jessica was involved with during her short life.

* * *

Pictures of Jessica Chambers were released and shared online after her death, which included her high school yearbook portrait (pictured above). Judging from this photo, Jessica was an attractive blonde, blue-eyed, seemingly All-American young White woman, who looked like she could have been one of our daughters, sisters, or nieces. What happened to her is all too common in today’s America. Literally thousands of parents have lost loved ones in a similar manner — but such occurrences do not receive the media attention they deserve. No longer must one search for stories from South Africa or Zimbabwe to read the chilling, gruesome ways in which our people are being slaughtered.

Other Facebook pictures shared online consisted of various cell-phone images, including one “selfie” showing Jessica kissing a Black male with whom she’d had a “relationship.”

Living in a city myself, I’ve had the misfortune of witnessing many interracial couples walking about in public — evidence of a not-so-subtle and constant sexual war being waged on us by the Jewish-controlled media. Jessica Chambers is the most recent casualty in that war, a war which threatens our very existence as a people.

* * *

Jessica’s parents are grieving. Her father, Ben Chambers, has vowed “to find her killers” and have them put in “solitary confinement.” I hope he showed this passion and concern for Jessica when she was alive. I hope he told her that her life was in grave danger every time she socially interacted with non-Whites and the gangs they brought to the area. Jessica’s father has been and still is employed by the Sheriff’s department in Panola county. It’s unclear whether he ever served in uniform, but working there doubtless gave him some understanding of the violent, dangerous, and criminal behavior of the Blacks in his county. I hope he warned and instructed his daughter to never, ever socialize with these non-Whites — to say nothing of allowing them to be involved with her sexually. Whether he irresponsibly didn’t warn her — or if he did warn her, and the warning didn’t “take” — the result is a tragedy beyond words.

White Americans must learn the lessons this horrific crime teaches.

The neighborhood where Jessica Chambers lived and grew up is majority non-White now. It’s been turned into a sewer where Black gangs flourish and drug-dealing seems to be the norm. “White flight” is simply not an option for many of us who must continue to live near family or work. I’m sure the diversity mongers are quite proud of the wrecking job they have imposed on Panola County, Mississippi. Their racial “experiment” has led — as was intended — to a social atmosphere in which young White women are willing to bed down with Black “gangstas.” Make no mistake, the group that dominates America’s media wants to make every White town and every White neighborhood into more or less what Panola County has become.

Whites who live in majority non-White areas are definitely at much higher risk of being assaulted or killed. And children of White families who grow up in such environments often “adjust” or assimilate into the Black or Mestizo crime culture that surrounds them. Programmed to believe that White girls are greatly attracted to Black gangsters, White sons grow up and join Black gangs — and act as if they are Black themselves. White daughters grow up, give their bodies to the “gangstas,” and become drug addicts — as was the case with Jessica Chambers. Many other White youth neither fit in with, or resist, the gang subculture. They become alienated and stripped of any community spirit, leaving them open to the danger of developing one or more of the psychopathologies that can arise from living in such an isolated, individualistic way, cut off from any natural sense of community or belonging.

* * *

The National Alliance seeks to instill a new morality and spirituality — and build a new sense of community — among our people. We seek to unite thinkers, poets, fighters, and most importantly, leaders in every sense of the word — so we may one day build a healthy society, one in harmony with the values inherent in our race-soul.

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29 December, 2014 6:55 am

Jessica didn’t die. this is why the marshalls were down there. this is why no one cares about this case in the media, nor her family, friends, etc.
She is in witness protection. At least that is what almost all of the known facts line up with.

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
19 July, 2017 3:38 pm

Coal burner got burned. Simple as that. Yeah, there were years and decades of (jew dominated) media brainwashing. So what? Many of us Whites in America have been forced to interact with negroes and have witnessed their savagery and other bad behavior and not fallen for the brainwashing. And that includes youngsters in early school years. Without any parental warning we learned not to get too involved with them.