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The Afronaut

Self-declared “afronaut” Chris Nsamba and helpers assemble the “African Skyhawk Jet” in his mother’s back yard near Kampala, Uganda.

by David Sims

AMAMA MBABAZI is a leader of the ruling political party of the Black African nation of Uganda, and a former prime minister there. I’ve discovered that he has a Web site. Some of what was published there caught my attention:

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has commended Captain Chris Nsamba, the founder of the African Space Research Programme, for his pioneering spirit to usher Uganda into the space age. The Premier said Government appreciates and values his resilience and is ready to support his scientific exploits. Mbabazi made the remarks on Tuesday at the Space exhibition by African Space Research Programme at the Uganda Museum in Kampala.

Captain Chris Nsamba’s space technology projects are a source of inspiration for Uganda’s leverage in space science and technology. He recently received wide media coverage for the Cadimella space observer which is capable of delivering life into space by providing oxygen and now this project awaits clearance and mission facilitation.

During the exhibition, Captain Nsamba unveiled his 2013 masterpiece project of a drone which can be used for delivering both civilian and military services including traffic control and disaster management. He is focuses on releasing the first space drone in the world.

In 2011, they successfully manufactured and tested a space rocket prototype which managed to cross the clouds in 5 seconds at a speed of 27000 km per hour.

Chris Nsamba is a fraud. He’s been manufacturing a hoax about the achievements and technical abilities of his “team,” which calls itself the African Space Research Program. The last claim about launching a space rocket that reached 27,000 kilometers per hour is a big, fat lie. They did no such thing.

Chris Nsamba’s claim to fame is that he and a group of Ugandan men either carved or put together from a hobby kit a wooden airplane in the back yard of a house owned by Nsamba’s mother. They even painted it pretty colors. However, it has never flown and doesn’t even have an engine.

Chris Nsamba keeps promising and forecasting the “launch” of a “space probe” called Cadimella. He has made all sorts of wild claims about what Cadimella can do, at one point asserting that it had secret technology that could shoot down enemy missiles. Nsamba says that Cadimella will orbit Earth and communicate with the ground while it is in space. He says, also, that Cadimella will deliver “life” to space.

Well, let’s look at the truth, shall we? Cadimella is an aluminum rice-cooker that has been converted into a small rat cage. It has had what might be a square foot of flexible solar panel attached to it, with an electrical wire going from the panels to somewhere inside the rat cage. The solar panels might be able to generate 10 watts of power in full sunlight, which isn’t nearly enough to operate a computer, and it might be that the solar panel is only there for show, even if it is a real solar panel.

Contrary to what Nsamba has said on at least one occasion, Cadimella has no rocket propulsion. It is, rather, to be a payload lofted by a weather balloon. As such, it will not reach space, which begins at 100 km altitude, but will be restricted to 32 km altitude or below, since at that altitude the reduced ambient pressure will cause the balloon to rupture. Indeed, that is probably the mechanism whereby the African Space Research Program intends to effect Cadimella’s recovery.

Cadimella certainly will never orbit Earth because that requires, in addition to reaching space, a speed relative to Earth of at least 8 km/sec. Uganda has no rocket system capable of pushing anything to that speed.

In short, this is just another bunch of Blacks out to aggrandize themselves though self-delusion and by lying, to each other and to the world, about what they have done, what they are doing, and what they can do. They didn’t. They aren’t. They can’t.

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30 June, 2022 1:42 pm

in “black panther” it was said they had flying saucers already !

30 June, 2022 3:08 pm

“Afronaut” — just the title of this article got me laughing, and the first picture conjured in my imagination was that of a suited Congoid wiith an oversized helmet to accommodate his bulbous afro complete with extra room for his fro pick.

The fraudulent government of the United States should bring Mr. Afronaut here and put this conman in charge of NASA like they’ve done with the CDC and other agencies, he’d fit right in with the other shysters and Shylocks. The Empire may as well die with a laugh.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
30 June, 2022 8:19 pm

No doubt the Mudsharks will grovel
over this latest installment of “Afro-

Mayo Monkey
Mayo Monkey
10 July, 2022 2:51 am

Well, it isn’t Wakanda, but at least Captain Chris Nsamba is, as the song goes, “young, gifted and black”.