The Lighter Side of Negro Pathology: No KFC for Zimbabwe

Everything is fine: Zimbabwe’s Energy Mutodi

EVERYTHING GETS better when you add genetic aliens who carry foreign DNA not found in any other race. This is the secret ingredient in your successful multi-culti and you can rest assured that these dusky humanoids will quickly become a better [your nationality] than you almost immediately after they invade your ancient homelands. If you’re still not convinced, consider the staggering achievements of the Negro back in Mother Africa, including endless civil wars fought with child soldiers, killing Whites/come back Whites we dyin’ hee-ah, starvation, jihad, pirates, the witchcraft belt, garbage everywhere, mud huts that a beaver would look at with disdain, the list just goes on and on. How many million should we put you down for?

A deepening unease is settling over Zimbabwe as the country’s fragile local currency loses value at an alarming speed, prices soar, local and foreign businesses close their doors, and people wonder whether their savings are about to be wiped out once again, as they were during the economic collapse and spectacular hyperinflation that tore through the country a decade ago.

Durr goe muh savins. A creature from an early chapter of an anthropology text held on to a few hundred trillion dollar bills, but thanks to duh joo hoo-doo, combined with the content of its character, the paper it’s printed on is now worth more than its alleged value. When Whites are gone, when hope is gone, all that remains are dangerous inferiors milling around pathetic ruins and preying on each other. All men, created equal. The level sands stretch far away.

“We are suffering. Inflation is too much. Every minute, every hour, every day, the prices are just changing,” said a wholesale trader who did not want to give his name.

We be suffering, explained a semi-human tar creature. Look at the poor coal monster that destroyed its own country by killing and driving out Whites. This is sad. Let’s move it into Sweden.

KFC has closed its local outlets citing “these difficult times,” while supermarkets have been rationing some items, and mining companies and other key exporters are complaining about a lack of access to foreign exchange reserves.

Concern is rising — along with prices — following a series of unexpected government announcements regarding plans for a new 2% tax on money transfers, and for possible changes to a controversial local currency which had been pegged, one-to-one, to the US dollar.

Get ready for the new local currency — severed albino hands — which should be able to hold its value against the almighty dollar.

“There’s no need to panic,” insisted Energy Mutodi, deputy information minister with the governing Zanu-PF.

“Everything is fine,” explains a corrupt 70 I.Q. local official. In another life Energy here could have been President of the Jew Ess Ayy, but here it is, getting devoured by its fellow night terrors.

“What we’re seeing is simply the result of speculative behaviour. People started to hoard. But this should normalise in the next few days. Zimbabweans need to know they are safe under Zanu-PF. The government is committed to reforms, so we need people to really be patient.”

The spectacular behavior of the living fossil. You are safe under Zanu-PF, mudda fudda. Hope and change has arrived. Everything is fine.

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Source: Modern Heretic

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Michael Dean Miller
Michael Dean Miller
16 October, 2018 5:24 pm


Snorted whiskey out my nose reading this.
Laughing too much to write anything serious.
I’ll be back later.


Word Nazi
Word Nazi
21 October, 2018 2:46 pm

“I’ll be back later.”

When’s “later”? You said that FIVE DAYS AGO.

21 October, 2018 6:05 pm

It’s easy to laugh at Zimbabwe’s spiralling inflation, but about 95% of everything you’ll hear about what caused it is rubbish. Many neo-classical – or as you guys might say (((neo-classical))) economists – have convinced the public that the problem in Zimbabwe is the ‘socialist’ Mugabe government printing money. They say that if the state ‘prints’ (or otherwise creates) new money, inflation will result. Crazy socialists just don’t get it. The unspoken messages here are (1) the current rotten system of money creation in Western countries is perfectly fine. The only responsible process for creating new money is for private banks to lend it into circulation as interest bearing loans, and based on this (2) There Is No Alternative to capitalism as currently practiced. Of course, allowing private corporations to… Read more »