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Breaking the Stasis

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 5 March, 2022

by Kevin Alfred Strom

BECAUSE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE were mostly sleeping during the last century, we’ve let our worst enemies turn our country — and most of the world — into a cage of steel.

Our enemies control our media. Our enemies control our banks and financial system — so much so that they are able to create dollars at will and literally give them to their friends and favored institutions, conferring on them a terrible advantage in any political activity. Because of that informational and financial control, they control the so-called “democratic” political process and virtually no candidate can be fielded by any major party without our enemies’ consent. Our enemies control the educational establishment, too, from preschool through graduate school, and our young people — those of our race who have, despite all the odds against them, somehow been born — are marinated in an atmosphere of the most vicious anti-White hatred imaginable. Because of that financial and informational and political and educational control, businesses and corporations who wish to survive and make money have to conform to the political and social ideas and narratives put forth by our enemies.

As I said, this is a cage of steel out of which — as the rebellious truckers in Canada and naïve election truthers in Washington, DC recently discovered — it is extremely difficult to escape. Once you are targeted by our enemies, you may have your name and address published so that weaponized anti-White “leftist” rioters and non-White mobs can terrorize your family. You will almost certainly lose your job. Any financial lifeline that others may send you can be cut off at a moment’s notice by “woke” capital — financial entities like banks, money transfer firms, and the like. If you annoy our enemies sufficiently, they will shut down your business’s ability to use credit and debit cards to take orders from your customers (this has happened about 20 times already to one of the sponsors of this radio program, Cosmotheist Books). You will soon discover that the so-called “justice system” in America will be used as a deadly weapon against you, too — with a large percentage of police being sent to special “training” set up and run in many cases directly by enemy organizations like the Jewish ADL, designed to make officers regard any manifestation of resistance to the tyrants as “extremism” and “hate” and deserving of special scrutiny formerly reserved for organized crime bosses, and with career success and promotions almost guaranteed for officers who clamp down hardest on dissidents. Judges and prosecutors, too, are corrupted, not only by Soros or other Jewish money and behind-the-scenes campaigns, but by the overall culture of the field, set by educational institutions and NGOs that have been in enemy hands for years.

Once our enemies — the Jews who flooded into this country starting in the late 19th century — were allowed to enter our financial institutions and our universities and our media and our political institutions, they quickly took over, since they were united racially and we were not. Once they took over, they immediately — and continuously — worked to make their position impregnable and their dominion permanent. Before they achieved total power, they preached “anti-Establishment” rebellion — rebellion against our people’s old Establishment. Before they achieved total power, they preached “freedom of speech” — to criticize and deconstruct the old, “square,” White America they wanted to take down. (They even sponsored things like the Berkeley “Free Speech Movement” and the ACLU, in order to make sure that Jews and Blacks and other anti-Whites were perfectly free at all times to preach hatred of Whites, preach Communism, and preach burning down the old, pre-1965 America they hated.)

But now that they have achieved near total power, they are all about enforcing the most rigid ideological and social conformity seen since that of Vladimir Lenin, with a perfunctory happy face sticker pasted on top. Now that they have achieved near total power, they are determined to keep that power. They are all about the stability and preservation of that power. In other words, they are all about stasis.

Stasis — a most important word. The Cambridge Dictionary has a brief and elegant definition for it: a state that does not change. Maintaining stasis while they’re in power helps to ensure they stay in power. Stasis involves a balance of forces that keeps the System in place.

Bolshevism failed to stay in power. Bolshevism was one-sided and heavy-handed. Its brutal suppression of opposing forces sometimes strengthened those forces, and ultimately the balance was upset. Stasis was lost. Our enemies have learned that allowing a controlled and limited opposition to their rule, an opposition that never really challenges the System but only seeks reform within it, is a good “safety valve” and actually helps to maintain the societal stasis they want. Thus we have disgusting creatures like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and all the rest of the so-called “conservatives,” who scream loudly about peripheral issues like tax policy or budgets or masks or ICE facilities or unisex bathrooms — but who almost never challenge the wars our enemies want us to fight and even lead the charges for them; who never question the conversion of America into a multiracial country, and even praise said conversion; who never even acknowledge the existence of our enemies’ predatory financial class of bankers, hedge fund billionaires, and other Wall Street vultures; who never even acknowledge, much less do anything about, the central fact of our times: the control of the mass media by Jews. Put 99.9 per cent. of the “alternative right” and “new right” into the controlled opposition camp, too — their own words demand it; they act their part, too, as agents whose purpose is maintaining the stasis of the current System.

The war in Ukraine has already shaken up our enemies’ System. It’s done so in several ways. It’s resulted in decisions to implement blatant censorship, but we’ll leave that for another program. The example I want to give you today involves the US dollar.

The dollar is one of the main pillars of the Washington/Jewish System’s world hegemony. Sometimes it’s called the petrodollar. Missiles, bombs, and military forces full of naïve White soldiers back it up. If you are a nation or a large company that needs energy — and they all do — that means you need oil. The Washington regime (and that regime is tightly interlocked, almost synonymous, with the Jewish power structure) has made arrangements, many of them through threats and bullying of other nations, so that you must pay for that energy with US dollars, or the regime will make war on you. Try to sell oil for gold or for Bitcoin or for rubles or for yuan — and you will soon find the “regime change” and “color revolution” and “nation building” brigades and bombers on your doorstep. Therefore many, many nations and corporations must somehow get US dollars and that demand gives the dollar value. That value means that people will trade their labor for US dollars. Having billions of people willing to trade their work for US dollars means that those who hold — or, more importantly, those who create — US dollars are able to command the peoples of the Earth. To put it bluntly, it means that the Jews command the peoples of the Earth, thanks to the US dollar and the financial system that supports it.

The “petrodollar” dominance means that the dollar is overwhelmingly used a reserve currency by central banks, big financial institutions, nations themselves, and large corporations. This is yet another pillar of the world power of the Jews and the Washington regime they control. A “reserve currency” is simply the currency of preference used when settling foreign trade accounts and held in reserve by nations or their central banks to be used when buying or selling their own currencies to keep them from rising or falling too much in relative value. This means that many, many central banks around the world must hold large quantities of dollars at all times to facilitate such stabilization operations. This creates continuous demand for dollars and gives great power to those with the “godlike” right to create dollars out of thin air.

However, the hysterical reaction of the Jews (and the Washington regime they own) to the war in Ukraine has now led them to sabotage their own financial system. Like all other nations of any significance, Russia holds US dollars, mostly as US Treasury bonds, as a reserve to support its own currency. $630 billion of those reserves were held by Russia, mostly in Western banks, as is the usual practice. Since Russia’s currency, the ruble, fell by some 30 per cent. when Russia invaded Ukraine, the normal practice of Russia’s central bank would have been to use some of those dollar reserves to buy rubles, bringing the value of the ruble back up and back into balance with other currencies.

But last Monday, the Washington regime (and also the EU and Japan, who were pressured into going along) made it illegal for the banks where Russia was holding its foreign exchange reserves to allow Russia to access its own accounts. Additionally, it was made illegal for any bank or financial intermediary to accept the US dollar bonds Russia held within its own borders. So not only has Russia had all of those billions instantaneously stolen, but it also cannot support its currency in world markets, which will make it much harder for Russia to get any imports it might need. including food or necessary items for national defense.

Now Russia does have some reserves outside the clutches of the “West” — they have thousands of tons of gold, and, unlike many other countries who discovered to their sorrow that gold held by US/Jew banks can be confiscated at will, Russia holds all its gold in Russian vaults. There is also evidence they have been buying Bitcoin, and even though crypto exchanges have been bullied into blocking certain Russia-linked accounts, Bitcoin held on private wallets is uncensorable and permissionless. (There is also ample evidence that Bitcoin is being used widely in Ukraine as well.)

The banker/Jew/Washington theft (they call it “freezing”) of Russia’s reserves will do two things, each of which has the potential to destroy the stasis of the current world system: 1) it will force Russia and her allies and partners to decouple more than ever from the Washington regime’s world financial system. They will have to find other ways to buy what they need, and make what they need. This will weaken Russia as intended, at least in the short term, but it will also weaken Washington’s dollar hegemony as more and more nations find ways to work around it and without it. 2) — and this is the most important stasis-busting effect: Many nations, including superpower China (which holds a lot of US Treasuries) are going to look at what happened to Russia and its foreign exchange reserves, and they are going to ask themselves this question: “Are US dollars and US treasuries, and dollar-denominated assets in general, a safe place for our foreign exchange reserves? Are they a safe place for our savings in general? Are they really “stable” and a “safe haven” in uncertain times as we have been told they are? Are they safe in any sense if the dollars we “own” can be turned off by Washington and its Jew overlords at any time they choose? Are they safe in any sense if we instantly lose them if we act in our own national self-interest?”

So, when this realization fully kicks in, the Washington regime will find it harder and harder to sell its debt. Demand for the US dollar will go down. It may lose its status as the world reserve currency. As nations find ways to do transactions without US dollars being involved, it will no longer be practical for even the bloated US military to make war on everyone who starts buying oil with something other than dollars. A self-reinforcing feedback loop will drive demand for dollars to lower and lower levels, and Jewish/Washington hegemony in every field and every region will spiral downward as a result. The stasis of the current world System may indeed be broken in the coming years.

By simple definition, we who want a White racial state need an end to the stasis of the current System. Despite our need for a breaking of this stasis, we in the National Alliance have no current means of breaking it ourselves, except at a personal and organizational level: We have no secret weapons nor armies at this time. We can and do, however, bring our vision of a White future to more and more individuals, and integrate the best of them into the real world White racial community that we’re building — both the physical community in Upper East Tennessee and our other facilities, and our organizational and educational community that spans several continents.

The anti-Nature System created by our enemies may have its stasis broken by its own internal conflicts and contradictions — and by the wars in which it continually engages.

What we need to do — whether or not the System’s stasis is broken by this current war — is build the strength of the National Alliance as an organization and as a community. Building that strength will allow us to be in the best position possible when opportunities arise. Building that strength sufficiently will allow us one day to create our own opportunities — opportunities for achieving the power over our own destiny that we must have — opportunities for forever crushing and eliminating the Prime Enemy. Don’t get caught up in secondary conflicts like the current war between rival anti-White Systems. Far more important is building the National Alliance. You know what to do.

* * *

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Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
5 March, 2022 12:05 pm

A New Order must build and grow to be ready to replace the old. Whites who can see for themselves what Kevin Strom has said above is true provide the energy for the old, corrupt system —or for our New Order. Which camp do you want to be in, feeding theirs which is to starve ours, or with us to give our race a better chance to survive?

L.B. Blakeney
L.B. Blakeney
5 March, 2022 4:50 pm

Mr. Strom, you never cease to come up with insightful topics for these radio shows that I look forward to listening to every week. If ever there was one that names the jew and their dastardly deeds more than all the others I’ve listened to, it would be this edition in particular. I wasn’t around in the 1960s, but how ironic that the same jewish establishment that championed free speech back then, as you said, now censors free speech. My parents were kind of hippies in college at the time, and fell prey to the anti White Marxist propaganda of the time, as were many other White boomers and some born a bit before them, such as those who went on to become our teachers. Hey, as long as they… Read more »

6 March, 2022 2:32 am

I certainly wish your currency scenario turns true, and it might happen one day, but recent history doesn’t support it. For decades, and at a stunning rate so since 2009, the tribe has been creating colossal amounts of dollars out of thin air. For years, real inflation, and now even the official figure, has been significant to staggering, the US debt is at monstrous levels, way, way past and sense of solvency, and yet… China kept buying US debt. I mean, I understand the EU, and enslaved Japan, would keep buying on orders till sinking together, but China? If they kept buying trillions of insolvent long-term debt (which loses them 5-10% right off just on an annual rotation basis) with such an extremely negative outlook, and given the ever hostile… Read more »

6 March, 2022 11:09 am

Just breaking one leg of the triad – the US Dollar, mainstream media and US military power – would start the collapse. A digital dollar would be very bad for us domestically but would cause many overseas users to flee the controls it would provide the US government to enforce its whims which it would undoubtedly use. Having a large number of foreign transactions in dollars (not just oil though that’s what started it) allows the US to create a large number of dollars through the financial system for its own needs and exporting them before inflation results. “Free trade” allows cheap goods to flood the US to further hide inflation and give the illusion of affluence. The Triffin Paradox states that a trade deficit is a requirement for the… Read more »

Art Thief
Art Thief
6 March, 2022 2:26 pm

so-called “conservatives,” who scream loudly about peripheral issues like tax policy or budgets or masks or ICE facilities or unisex bathrooms — but who almost never challenge the wars our enemies want us to fight and even lead the charges for them;

Indeed, it is precisely “conservatives” who first began talking nuclear first strike – which would instantly kill millions of innocent White Russian men, women and children, and decimate our race in the ensuing exchange and its aftermath – even before the invasion of the Ukraine.

6 March, 2022 11:07 pm

Yall fail to realize that more than likely the dollar is tied directly to each man,or woman child’s productivity of entire working life. Do the math and technically numbers wise they could print dollars for another 100 years. Each man or woman born is assigned a number for age say 16-65 of potential earnings off his or her labor and taxes yielded for entire life, add to that the fractional usury(example say one is worth 100 dollars they can “lend” 1000 dollars for that). This explains immigration etc. Their proposed replacement is the ledger based (bitcoin,dodgecoin etc.) economy which is 1000 times worse. Anyone has to admit their “system” is entirely brilliant numbers wise . Was probably stolen from some other culture they assimilated long ago. American whites are probably… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  cas
7 March, 2022 12:38 am

While these presidents had attempted to contest with the Jewish international banking system or one of its subsidiaries in regards to money and credit and that they deserve some credit for doing so, I cannot agree that these men were “heroes.” Striking at branches (i.e. financial manipulations outside the control of Jewish banking practices) is what they died for, the root cause of their predatory financial systems– Jews as a biological entity– was left totally unaddressed. We here at the National Alliance are primarily concerned with our race as a biological entity, and our heroes are those that have striven or are joining our struggle on that basis. It is after we Whites have liberated ourselves from the Chosen Parasites that we can devise a financial system that serves our… Read more »

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
12 March, 2022 3:56 pm

Excellent article here Mr. Strom.
So to the point….it hurts.

28 April, 2022 10:05 pm

It’s just more jewish tricks Both China and Russia are controlled by the jews and have been since the Boshevik and cultural revolutions. The US has outlived its usefulness to the jews, like a golem made from dirt , it must return to dirt. It has been sucked dry and got them what they wanted, Trumps announcement of Jerusalem as their capital was the capstone on the pyramid. Jews were here long before the 1900’s as was said in this broadcast Sephardic and German jews were here long before the Eastern European jews came and they probably created this country to be destroyed all along, the whole thing is a lie the “New Jerusalem” as they called it , only crated as means to an ends, that ends was for… Read more »