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American Dissident Voices: More Debt for Us, More Children for Them


American Dissident Voices broadcast of March 15, 2014

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

TRAPPED. That’s the way many young, mostly White, college graduates feel today. Trapped by student loan debt. They were told they needed a college degree to compete in the job market. They were told by interested parties — the banks and the colleges — that “money is available” to pay their ever-rising tuition bills — and so, being unsophisticated in the ways of finance, they signed up for the loans, believing that these wise advisors would never steer them wrong. (ILLUSTRATION: Top: A college student in chains dramatizes his debt slavery — many Whites are foregoing children because of student debt; Bottom: Murder suspect Rashad Charjuan Owens, in contrast, has fathered six children at the age of 21.)

And boy, do they regret it now: Upon graduating, they often find that job prospects are not what they supposed, and, even if they can find work in their field, they are saddled with loan payments as high as they’d be paying if they had bought a house with a substantial mortgage. And there’s no way out. Not even through bankruptcy: The banks lobbied hard, and got, special provisions in the law forbidding these graduates from discharging unpayable student loans through bankruptcy, like anyone else who gets in trouble with debt can (so far anyway, until the next round of bank lobbying). And some of these loans, or groups of loans taken out by a single student, are huge: $30,o00 is common. $100,000 is not rare, even for students at third-tier, little-known universities and colleges. A shocking number are near the quarter million mark.

Many of these graduates got their parents or other family members to sign up as cosigners on their student loans, and are very reluctant to go into default for fear that their loved ones will be forced to pay. So they must scrape. They must take whatever work is available. They must accept much lower wages than they might otherwise, because they often cannot wait for a better offer, because those loan payments must be made, every month, on time, or the loan goes into default — which ruins your chance of future credit, and which might mean that Mom and Dad lose everything they’ve worked for for the last twenty years.

Some are driven to suicide by their impossible situations. A few have fled the country. But what most have done is buckle down and give ten to 25 years of their lives to paying “principal and interest” to the banks, making payments that, for many, mean no hope of a home of their own, no chance to save any significant amount, and, most crushing of all, no hope of children until they’re well into their 30s — if then. When you are saddled with crushing student loan debt, there is no taking off a few months to pursue a lifelong dream, no sabbatical to figure out what you want in life, no changing of your mind and setting off on a new, perhaps lower-paying path — the gaping maw of the banker must be filled or you’re in trouble, and it must be filled continuously, without pause, for ten years or, in some cases, 25 years, a full quarter century, almost half of your adult life.

Is this any way to run an educational system? Is this any way to run a society? Suppressing the birth rate of your most promising and intelligent young people seems unbelievably stupid — stupid, that is, until you realize this system was created by the regime in Washington, working hand in hand with the oligarchs whose fondest goal is to exterminate our race; working hand in hand with the oligarchs whose second-fondest goal is to see all of us working for our entire lives for them, paying interest on money they created out of nothing.

And demoralizing the brightest people of the upcoming generation like this is certainly a formula for disaster. The only question is whether it will continue to be a disaster for us — or will we be able to educate our people and nurture in them, not demoralization, but a righteous anger, an anger so great that the situation will reverse itself and become a disaster — the final disaster, let us hope — for the vipers that are taking our life’s blood away from us.

These graduates are paying tens of thousands of dollars for decades to pay back loans that the banks created out of nothing, you say? Yes. That is the entire basis of the fractional reserve banking system and also a major source of wealth for the Jewish financial elite. In a future program I will show you the history of this, the greatest of all confidence rackets in the history of the world.

But for now let me say briefly that when you make a deposit in your checking account, or other demand deposit account (demand deposit merely means that you can demand your deposited funds back at any time), of, say $1,000, the bank then proceeds to lend out around $900 (the exact amount depends of the reserve requirements set by the central bank) to another customer, and that $900 immediately becomes available in that other customer’s checking account. But does the banker actually “lend out your money”? Does he then deduct the $900 from your available funds? Does he put a hold on $900 of your funds until the loan is paid back? No, he does none of these things. You can demand your full $1,000 at any time. And the recipient of the “loan” can draw down the $900 immediately too. What the banker has actually done is create the $900. Out of thin air. Where there was once $1,000, there is now $1,900. And since the amount created by the banker is limited only by the reserve requirements, and since most loans are deposited eventually in checking accounts, the process reinforces itself to the point where approximately 97 per cent. of the money supply — 97 per cent.! — has been created by the banks, with only some 3 per cent. actually coined or printed by the government. And the banker has the benefit of interest on this money created out of nothing.

It is for this filthy rotten system that our young people must forgo their dreams. It is for this filth that we fight — tricking our young people into fighting wars so that this fraudulent system can be imposed on other peoples under the guise of “free enterprise” and “democracy.” It is to this filth that our college graduates are trapped into paying tribute for decades, slaving to pay interest to banks that created the “loans” out of nothing. It is for the sake of this filthy system that our young people so often remain childless.

When the revolution comes, our best young minds will have the full support of our government and our society. When the revolution comes, monetary reward will go to those who contribute to the future of our race, and never to the parasites of the underclass or the overclass. When the revolution comes, the birth of quality White children to healthy White families will be among the most sacred goals of our society, beyond any mere economic values. When the revolution comes, we will be free.

* * *

While the best young White people are being enslaved by debt and having their fertile years made into barren years by the banks, while White birth rates are below replacement levels — so far below replacement that the majority of births in this country are now non-White births — the American population is still booming, getting bigger every second. What kind of people are replacing the White children who aren’t being born?

I could give thousands of examples, but let’s take one from this week’s headlines. Let’s see what kind of America the System is building on our graves.

Rashad Charjuan Owens and friend
Rashad Charjuan Owens and friend

The day before yesterday in Austin, Texas, a Black male “rapper” named Rashad Charjuan Owens went into a blind rage after police officers checking for drunk drivers tried to stop him during the “South by Southwest” festival in that city, and plowed his vehicle into a crowd, killing two and injuring 23.

“Charjuan”‘s so-called “music” is disgusting, using crude and hateful language toward women. But Charjuan, it must be admitted, is biologically more successful — successful in the way that really matters in this Universe — than the intelligent young Whites who are encouraged to be childless by propaganda and forced to be childless by debt: Charjuan, at 21 years of age, is the father of no fewer than six acknowledged children. How many do you think he’ll have at age 31 — or 41?

Looking at his social media profiles, it appears Charjuan’s sex partners include both Black and White women. If some of those six children are by a White woman, then he has succeeded in not only disgustingly degrading her but also in probably removing her, and who knows how many others, from any hope of finding a White husband and bearing White children.  And how many more Charjuans are there in your city — how many in what used to be called America?

Ironically, and also very telling about what America has become, the crowd that Rashad Charjuan Owens drove into was outside Austin’s Mohawk nightclub where they were waiting to go in to to see another Black “rap” performer calling himself “Tyler the Creator.” I don’t know how many children Tyler has, but the White people who are his “fans” have clearly been lost to our people. “Tyler the Creator”‘s rap “songs,” like Charjuan’s, include lyrics sexually debasing and degrading women, but they go even further and openly call for gunning down White people. Yet Tyler is a darling of the Jewish-owned NBC television network, and performed a slightly-edited version of his  rap song “Sandwitch” on NBC’s Jimmy Fallon show recently, receiving millions of dollars worth of publicity and probably convincing uncounted young White people that he was “cool” as White comedian Fallon  applauded his performance and literally carried him on his shoulders after his performance.

"Tyler the Creator" and fans
“Tyler the Creator” and fans

Some of “Tyler the Creator”‘s lyrics — taken from just this one song alone — include references to punching a pregnant woman in the stomach and shoving objects into her womb:

“And showing you and yours that breaking rules is fucking cool again / I’m going harder than a midget jumping over me… / I’m shoving blunt wraps in bitches ovaries / Punches to the stomach where that bastard kid supposed to be / Fuck a mask, I want that ho to know it’s me… / I’ll push this fucking pregnant clown into a hydrant stuck in the ground / I step through the stomach, replace the baby with some fucking pounds…”

In the same song, “Tyler the Creator” makes an obvious reference to White suburbanites:

“Come on kids, fuck that class and hit that bong / Let’s buy guns and kill those kids with dads and mom / With nice homes, 41k’s, and nice ass lawns / Those privileged fucks got to learn that we ain’t taking no shit… kill them…”

That’s the creature that NBC’s Jimmy Fallon was told to have on his show and carry on his shoulders. That’s the “rapper” that Jewish-run NBC tells your kids is “cool” — and, with some of them, it’s working: Just one week ago, a fifteen-year-old White girl posted on her Instagram account “Tyler the creator is the father of my future children.”

One media executive instrumental in promoting this piece of garbage to our children is Nick Weidenfeld, head of Fox Animation Domination HD (ADHD), a cartoon production company owned by ultra-Zionist Rupert Murdoch, boss of Fox News. Weidenfeld, who is said to “hang out” a lot with Tyler, is producing a whole series of kid- and teen-oriented cartoon videos directly promoting “Tyler the Creator,” including “Five Things You Didn’t Know About Tyler the Creator,” which shows the rapper verbally abusing little White children while their parents stand by helpless and spitting on a subservient White man.

That deluded, betrayed White girl who wants “Tyler the Creator” to father her children — who wants to give herself to this primitive being who wouldn’t have kept his freedom or maybe even his life for five minutes, acting as he does, in the America of the founders and the pioneers — is typical of what America is turning into, thanks to the Nick Weidenfelds of this world, and the oligarchs who finance his filth while impoverishing us and enslaving our young people with debt. That crowd waiting breathlessly and paying substantial sums to see “Tyler the Creator” rap about punching a pregnant girl in the stomach are typical too. And so is Rashad Charjuan and his White girlfriends and six children. While our young people delay having children — greatly limiting their number, and often waiting until it’s too late — they work year after year to pay the bankers, members of the same tribe that push the likes of Tyler and Charjuan on our unwitting young people.

It’s a crime, a stinking crime, an unforgivable crime, a capital crime — and we need to work together to end it, once and for all. And then we need to work to build a new society, a whole new world in fact, in which our young people, our most sacred posterity, the most precious thing in the Universe, are protected and guided and inculturated with healthy values, our values, and a sense of who they really are — a sense of how sacred is the genetic and cultural heritage that has been given to them —  and a sense of how sacred is their sexuality as the door to our infinite future. And we need to break the grip of the tribe that enslaves us to pay interest for half our lives on their fictitious “loans.” We need a society that gives the best education to our best young minds, without stealing the most precious years of their lives, without forcing them to work for decades for the world’s wealthiest parasites.

If you want to help us build that new world, let me hear from you today.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the new National Alliance membership organization, founded by William Luther Pierce in 1970. This program is published every week at and Please write to us at National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. We welcome your support, your inquiries, and your help in spreading our message of hope to our people. Once again, that address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: “Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.”

Listen to the broadcast


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  1. Ryan
    16 March, 2014 at 12:39 am — Reply

    Now that I know that these sick Whites at the SXSW festival were there to listen to rap “music”, my sympathy for them has dropped to zero. I imagine having a drunken promiscuous negro run over their friends and loved ones wouldn’t be enough convince them that profound differences exist between our races and we ought not be living in the same society. If anything, I expect these same brainwashed lemmings to start protesting the possibility of Charjuan receiving a death sentence for his crimes. Sickening!

    The key point of this article is the role the Jewish media and government has played is promoting dysgenic breeding, non-breeding, and the racial degradation of our people, especially with the lowest sub-species of human(?) possible – the negro. We are being led to a holocaust far worse than the largely fictitious one the Jews claim to have been victimized by – and far too many of our people are too blind to see it. Whites need to have more children and explicitly raise those children with the correct racial beliefs. And we need to do it now.

    Do you know what would help with the racial enlightenment of our people? The old National Vanguard book catalog. I know National Vanguard books isn’t in business anymore, but if KAS could post an old copy, I would love to start building a racial library for myself and my loved ones. Finding Dr. Pierce’s recommended readings from alternative sources would be possible.

  2. matt
    29 March, 2014 at 11:37 am — Reply

    As long as you keep blaming the Jews your movement will remain small and ineffective. Do your homework and you’ll find that the Jews DO NOT own the media. As long as you keep focusing on the Jews the real problem gets ignored, its this “progressive” idea that’s corrupting our white race. More white kids support black culture than they do their own, people automatically turn away from supporting you the second they hear you start in on the Jews…do you want to preserve our white race? QUIT UNDERMINING YOURSELF! talk about the real issues…its the blacks that are responsible for the decline of this country.

  3. Being
    14 April, 2014 at 4:31 am — Reply

    Until you see that people are all one, you will forever be miserable. The media mainly depicts a certain type of African American, the African American they created and deemed to be accurate. The subliminal messages worked to an extent. Some African American men are rappers, as are some Caucasian. Some African American men have many children, as do Caucasian men. As an an “African American” woman..(I do not like to label myself), I to am in debt because of student loans. I have a Master’s degree, and I am a psychotherapist helping all races when they are in need. I am 31 without any children. My point is, it is not African Americans you dislike, it is what the media portrays African Americans to be on a second by second basis. It has actually played on your subconscious a great deal and you are reacting to what your subconscious has picked up on. For every African American criminal you chose to utilize in your article, I guarantee I could find a Caucasian criminal that committed an almost identical crime. Did you know that African American women are the highest ranking among college graduates? There are many other successful African Americans like myself. It is actually the norm. The media simply does not allow it to be shown. I do hope you have gotten something from my post.

    • CNMMNC
      15 April, 2014 at 12:06 pm — Reply

      Your post is ridiculous. naïve and ignorant of racial reality in the up is down/down is up, politically correct toilet called America. Since your politically correct, “new-age” baloney is in every sentence I’ll go through the larger mounds of rhetorical waste in your cesspool of a post.

      “Until you see that people are all one, you will forever be miserable.”

      “All one” of what? Do you call people miserable because they don’t swallow egalitarian baloney as you have?

      “The media mainly depicts a certain type of African American, the African American they created and deemed to be accurate. The subliminal messages worked to an extent. “

      The portrayal of blacks by the Jewish owned media has been, since the late 1960s, been downright adoring. Like a circus animal act, they’re shown to children who have been conditioned to clap on cue. Anything they do is called wonderful. Any semi-illiterate, brown, ghetto animal who resembles an orangutan is just too wonderful for the media to hide. You talk about ‘media depiction’. That depiction is designed to fool the audience. Racial reality is anethema and when crime is involved – racial reality is never allowed. If the negroid getting the airtime is a minority WITHIN a minority, has an narcotic addiction or a politically correct disease such as hiv/aids it’s even better. The jewsmedia will even go out of their way to have them “show off”/dance like a carnival clown/parade their disgusting, bastardized spawn for the camera. The gullible/trendy flock to it like bees to honey or birds to a carcass. Whites who have been mentally conditioned by the media since infancy, even imitate the clowns. Indeed, “wiggers” are no more White than any animal and racially conscious Whites tell them to ‘get lost’ in every area(never hire them) AS THEY SHOULD. Some of us threw the TV out of the window(we did over 13 years ago). Actually, blacks spend more time in front of the TV than ANY OTHER RACE.

      “Some African American men are rappers, as are some Caucasian. Some African American men have many children, as do Caucasian men. “

      It’s funny your first catagorization of negroid men is as “rappers”. And secondly,“having many” children, like “having shoes” “having cars” “having stocks” shows an economic thought process. If a dog “has a tail” and a cat “has one too”, then youre brain feels vindicated that they’re the same. Doesn’t matter what happens before, during or afterwards, just “having” this or that, is supposed to prove something.

      “For every African American criminal you chose to utilize in your article, I guarantee I could find a Caucasian criminal that committed an almost identical crime. “ Same old “having a nose” argument.

      FBI-Uniform Crime Reporting 2012

      Blacks (12.6% of the population) Violent Crime in 34.2 per 1,000 in 2012
      Whites (72.4% of the population) Violent Crime in 25.2 per 1,000
      in 2012

      “Did you know that African American women are the highest ranking among college graduates? There are many other successful African Americans like myself. It is actually the norm.”

      US Census-Educational Attainment in the United States:

      Bachelor’s Degree or more: Whites 30.0% of 72.4% of the population.

      Bachelor’s Degree or more: Blacks 17.3% of 12.6% of the population.

      “As an an “African American” woman..(I do not like to label myself)” Then don’t. Or do. Or???

      “I to am in debt because of student loans. I have a Master’s degree” How about elementary spelling?

      “I am a psychotherapist helping all races when they are in need. I am 31 without any children.”

      There used to be an old cliché that applies here – “Going to a doctor who is sicker than you are”.

  4. Alex
    14 April, 2014 at 5:36 pm — Reply

    If there’s anything that’s apparent from the total history of the human species, it’s that we are not all one. Human history is to a very large extent the history of competition and conflict. If people were really “all one” then we would never disagree and would never compete with each other for power, advantage, or resources. To be sure, there are some who would like for us to believe that people are “all one.” However, they promote this idea either in the vain hope of realizing some utopian fantasy or else disingenuously, motivated by a realization that they or their kind benefit in some way from a perception that “people are all one.”

    • Being
      17 April, 2014 at 11:43 pm — Reply

      I understand where you are coming from. Do some more research on the topic. Forget about history for a minute. I am talking about our origins. When humanity was originally created. We are all connected. That is why sometimes, you may be thinking of someone and that person just happens to call you, or you run into that person. That is no coincidence. Pay attention to just how often things like that happen and remove the word coincidence from your vocabulary. You may be shockingly surprised! :)

      While human history is full of conflict, my theory is because the masses are not aware of the connectedness or who we really are. Because for so long we have been told we are separate. Separated by race, nationality, color of skin, religion and class. Separate to conquer and control. Together we stand, divided we fall.

      More time is spent on conflict and less time discussing our magnificent minds, the billions of planters in the cosmos, solar systems that resemble our solar system with an Earth and Sun, and we do not even discuss the Stars. They are right outside our window. People actually ignore them lol but spend so much time on things like this. No coincidence there either, we are kept busy with turmoil, stress, negativity and anger we don’t even bother to ask questions about things that truly matter. If the masses knew and understood our capabilities, it would be much more difficult to control us. If the turmoil stopped, people would begin to ask questions.

      Life is beautiful beyond words.

  5. 14 April, 2014 at 7:22 pm — Reply

    Being, you and Matt should get together. Matt thinks your people are America’s problem and you think the problem lies with those who control mass media — namely, as Mr. Strom points out: the Jews. Matt doesn’t believe the Jews are the problem, though, just because practically all levers of mass persuasion in America are in their hands. Dr. William Pierce documented incontrovertible Jewish media control in dozens of his American Dissident Voices broadcasts. One of my favorites was what he revealed about Jewish control of mass media in Canada in this piece:

    • Being
      18 April, 2014 at 12:11 am — Reply

      Hey, I will check out the article. Thanks. I definitely believe the media is one of the biggest reasons society is in the state we are. The negative image of African American people is literally everywhere. TV shows, commercials, movies, billboards. Many do not realize it because it is accepted as the norm. It is easy to miss when brainwashed. As harsh as that sounds, it is true. The subconscious sees and hears everything and the media controllers know that. They play on the subconscious so very well. It is pretty clever actually.

      African Americans begin to adopt the behavior because of it being forced into the subconscious and other races believe that all African Americans are the way TV depicts us. Caucasian people are brainwashed to believe it is true as well. If I saw a certain race of people shown as lazy, violent, greasy-faced and scary I would have probably believed it as well. But I know better, now. I say I probably would have believed it because before I began to enlighten myself to things I was not being taught in school I actually learned a lot. At one point I thought all of Africa was poor and starving.

      I met an Ethiopian gentlemen when I was a teen. I remember asking him “did you have video games in your country?” That question came after a few other ignorant questions. He proceeded to get angry and say “Yes, why is it that every American I meet ask me things like that? We have everything you have here! There are poor areas in Africa yes, but many other areas are not. We have buildings, and cities, and everything you have.”

      Let the TV tell it, everyone in Africa is naked, starving, and living in a hut. And also let the media tell it, Egypt isn’t in Africa. Notice how they always say Africa and Egypt separate?

      That is because they know the truth about Egypt and they know the Ancient Egyptians were Africans which means, all of the advanced technology, invention of educational institutions, mathematics and a host of other wisdoms about LIFE would have come from the minds of black people. They can’t have that. So they stole the information from Ancient Egypt, rewrote it and called it Christianity.

      The real question people should ask themselves is not what is wrong with black people. It is why does a particular race go to such GREAT LENGTHS to destroy another race?? Because of what exactly??

      Lastly, take a look at Black Wall Street. See what happened to the African Americans that lived in Tulsa Oklahoma. They owned planes, property, business and schools. They were peaceful, attended school dressed professionally and were affluent people. Caucasian people dropped bombs on them and destroyed their community. Not the last time that happened either.

      I know I am rambling. So I will leave it at that. Just spreading some information. Have a nice night.

  6. Being
    18 April, 2014 at 1:06 am — Reply

    It was nice talking to all of you. I am getting ready to go check out the stars. Our planet is in space!!! Can you believe it? We are one of billions! We see planets and various stars on a daily basis. It absolutely amazes me.

    That is the reason I can’t spend much time on topics like this. The article actually shocked me to the point that I was compelled to comment. Now, I must go back to the beauty and peace of life. The sounds of nature, the laughter and innocence of children. The magic of life. Just thinking of it soothes me.

    Your body is like an avatar, you are on the inside looking out. Sending love your way <3

  7. John M.
    4 June, 2014 at 8:24 am — Reply

    Thanks for this. I am $70,000 in student loan debt. I was grossly misinformed by the System as to what was really going on.

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