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The Changing of the Names

by Douglas Mercer

APPARENTLY THERE IS TROUBLE brewing in the Gay Bay. A war is brewing in San Francisco between “liberals” and “progressives.” The distinction here is razor thin, as it’s just two very similar kinds of insects. A progressive is one that wants to kill Whitey off right now, and a liberal is one who thinks that to kill Whitey good and dead you have to go a little slower or Whitey will wake up.

The liberals just won a round, as they put some progressive school board members out on their keisters because, amidst Covid, they were focused too much on removing the names of great White men from area schools. This, of course, was just an “optics” thing — there was no disagreement in principle that those bad old White guys have had their day and that day is over.

A liberal in San Francisco is one who is fully for White genocide (who isn’t?), but who wants the killing to be done with at least a little decorum.

Gabriela Lopez can be seen, all smiles, with a hat that says “Make America Indigenous Again.” Of course this anti-White hater (despite having a lot of White ancestry) doesn’t want to live in a teepee and forage for food, no way; she’s one of the upper class in the Bi Area and would rather pick lice from Jerry Nadler’s head than give up her cushy existence among San Francisco’s nobs. No, she just wants everyone to know that she hates White people and wants to play act at caring about pointless nomads who certainly weren’t the first nation (a band of roaming menials does not a nation make). She’s one of those who got canned recently for monomaniacally focusing on the removal of White historical figures’ names from schools. And she’s got a thing or two to say about it.

The progressive San Francisco school board president who was stripped of her position in a recall vote this week has dramatically claimed that those who ousted her are aligned with white supremacists.

Is that really all that dramatic? Charges of “White supremacism” are now as common as human feces on San Francisco streets. And to think that the Negro Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed (which isn’t a type of dog), is somehow aligned with “White supremacism” is the depths of lunacy. Of course she doesn’t believe it, she just knows that to scream “White supremacists” today is the moral equivalent of lobbing a Molotov cocktail into an empty space — you get a lot of attention, no one gets hit, but people start thinking about the next time. That is, she knows that it makes for very good copy so it’s always another weapon for her to pick up.

“So if you fight for racial justice, this is the consequence.”

So said the newly martyred Gabriela Lopez. She sure is milking this for all it’s worth. She wants to go out guns blazing in a supernova of “anti-racism,” and, like a demented White-hating Cassandra, warn us that the moderate wing of the White Genocide Party is about to defect to the Dark Side.

“Don’t be mistaken, White supremacists are enjoying this. And the support of the recall is aligned with this. If you are not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

For very different reasons, of course — but on that we can all agree.

* * *

San Francisco is one of those coast “elite” cities that follows the fashions and the fevers of anti-Whiteness, and sometimes leads the way. They have a District Attorney who give criminals a wide berth and lets them run amok to prey on the last remaining contingent of the White and the normal. You can make small to medium incursions into a CVS there, for example, and nothing will happen to you. Go for some smash and grabs and they’ll turn a blind eye. Rob, rape, loot, and pillage and they’ll rub their hands. So it’s no surprise at all that the school board there is all over the ongoing revolt against civilization, the smothering of excellence, the trashing of our people’s entire history, and the blanketing of all that is noble with “anti-racist” opprobrium.

In October, the school board halted the selective-admissions process at Lowell High School, which is known for its academic strength and has markedly low numbers of Black and Latino students.

Really, once you’ve said that a school is known for its academic strength, do you really need to add that it has markedly low numbers of Blacks and Mestizos? Isn’t that redundant? It’s axiomatic, really. But it grates them that this is so, so they come in with their fiat “anti-racism” to break up the bedrock of hard work and achievement in the name of a false and impossible equality.

The news also comes more than a year after the school board voted to cover a controversial mural depicting images of slavery and dead Native Americans at George Washington High School.

Shots across the bow; remove them all; cover them up; blanket them; remove the names; erase everything.

The slaughter is wholesale:

San Francisco is not the only city to pass such a resolution. In recent years, city councils and school districts nationwide have renamed buildings and removed monuments dedicated to Confederate leaders who fought to preserve slavery and White supremacy in America.

They have a profusion of groups dedicated to our symbolic demise, as a prelude to the actual one:

In September of 2020, the Equal Justice Initiative identified more than 240 schools across the country that bear the name of a Confederate leader. More than 30 schools in the US have been renamed since 2014 in order to eliminate any link to Confederacy.

By now, the assault on the Confederacy seems quaint — it was just a preliminary move, a softening up. They promised us it would end there — but you always knew it never would. Why would they make a distinction between the gray and the blue? — when what they want gone is White.

* * *

You ever wonder how Charlottesville became such a casus belli and cause célèbre rolled into one? The patriots did have a permit, after all, and police are well aware of how to handle such things. But word came down from on high that this was to be the White Waterloo — and they orchestrated it by design. But the way they casually and routinely reference Charlottesville is like the way they casually and routinely reference George Floyd, as if it is universally understood and generally accepted that this represents a before and after, like some Rubicon that has been crossed, after which there is not to be any thought of going back. It seems odd that such partings of the waters generally come along only very rarely, yet they had two such in less than a handful of years. It seems like someone might be behind the scenes, priming the pump.

What we are witnessing is a disturbance in history, and a disturbance in the population. A form of mass insanity and the madness of crowds — a moral hysteria, moral panic, and moral contagion. Were it not so tragic, and if it could be looked at objectively, it would look breathtakingly surreal. But a violently insane person not securely locked inside a padded room cannot and should not be the object of cool, objective detachment; he must be put down lest the insanity spread.

San Francisco’s Board of Education voted, 6–1, to change names of forty-four schools, including schools named after Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. A committee formed by the board in 2018, in the wake of the white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville, had determined to rename all schools named after any figures who engaged in the subjugation and enslavement of human beings; or who oppressed women, inhibited societal progress; or whose actions led to genocide; or who otherwise significantly diminished the opportunities of those amongst us to the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

They might as well have tossed out that long laundry list and just said “White.” And do you ever wonder why burning down major parts of sixteen American cities, killing scores of people, and doing untold billions of dollars in property damage is not the occasion for anything? — not an occasion for marking a before and after, a turning point? — not an occasion for changing names and toppling masonry? Why, under the current Establishment, is it not an occasion for anything other than more anti-White madness?

That is the question of our time.

This resolution came to the school board in the wake of the attacks in Charlottesville said San Francisco Board of Education President Gabriela López. And we are working alongside the rest of the country to dismantle symbols of racism and White supremacy culture.

They want to dismantle the White world — period. They want to remove each and every thing we need to survive.

Washington’s name was struck because he held slaves, Lincoln’s because of his policies toward Native Americans.

And you know things are getting pretty bad when that Chinese-graft-loving Jew and prominent doddering old bat Diane Feinstein gets swept up in the iconoclasm:

Senator Feinstein’s name will be removed from a school, owing to the decision, when she was San Francisco’s mayor, in the nineteen-eighties, to replace a Confederate flag that was part of a Civic Center display and had been taken down by a protester.

So someone took down the old Stars and Bars and the heinous old Jew put it back up; what a world. Though when her name got struck she had a story about how it wasn’t her fault.

The aforementioned White-hating banshee Lopez had plenty of justifications for the purge, of course:

“And that’s part of my work as a school-board member. That’s been my work as a teacher. What are we highlighting in our classes? And what are we teaching our students? And what isn’t being uplifted in our time and our public-school system that we’ve seen throughout history?”

Yes indeed, what is “uplifted” in the classroom is very important. It should be, of course, the great men and the heroes who conquered this continent and who sacrificed everything to pave the way for us. But now instead it will be the parasites and leeches who couldn’t create a nation or a county if their lives depended on it, but who as artful con men piled into a great country and manipulated it for their own benefit, and who ultimately turned it into a pile of ashes.

London Breed gave the move a big thumbs up:

“I understand the significance of the name of a school, and a school’s name should instill a feeling of pride in every student that walks through its doors, regardless of their race, religion, or sexual orientation.”

Does the same hold for Rosa Parks Elementary School? Should a White child feel pride in that? What about Martin Luther King Elementary School? John Lewis? Why, they even have a private Nelson Mandela Elementary School — in Omaha, of all places. Are White children going through the doors of these schools supposed to beam with pride? Or hang their heads in shame? And when the inevitable Nat Turner School shows up, what then, pray tell?

Why, the very influential style book of the Associated Press now capitalizes the “b” in Black but not the “w” in White? And this isn’t some fringe oddball on a soap box in Berkeley, screaming about White people — this is the Associated Press.

How’s a White child supposed to feel about that?

Anyone directly involved in the colonization of people, those connected to any human rights or environmental abuses, slave owners or participants in enslavement, and known racists and/or white supremacists and/or espoused racist beliefs.

That about covers it, with plenty of wiggle room (“any human rights or environmental abuses”) to add anyone they want. Indeed, was there a great White man prior to 1920 who could escape their whipping?

Other names on the chopping block include Francis Scott Key, who wrote the words to the national anthem, inventor Thomas Edison, Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere, author Robert Louis Stevenson, and former presidents William McKinley, James Garfield, James Monroe, and Herbert Hoover.

And of course the elision of all these White men was the result of (wait for it) — George Floyd.

The move comes after a year that has seen statues and monuments of historical figures toppled throughout the US, amid a call against racial injustice following the death of George Floyd in police custody back in May.

And, as always with our historically ignorant enemies, there was an element of Keystone Cops incompetence to the proceedings.

In the case of Roosevelt Middle School, it wasn’t clear if the board knew which former President Roosevelt it was named for, but decided to have it removed anyway.

They’re pretty sure he was a White guy either way, so he’s got to go.

Paul Revere Elementary School will be renamed because of his role in the Penobscot Expedition of 1779, an assault on a British fort that the committee claimed, incorrectly, was intended to colonize the Penobscot people.

The idiots are coming!

As Joseph Goebbels liked to say, it makes you want to laugh and cry.

And naturally such historical destruction costs a pretty penny:

Replacing signage at the 44 schools will cost more than $400,000, according to Courthouse News. The price tag could also go up to around $1 million for schools to get new activity uniforms [and] repaint gymnasium floors. Board member Mark Sanchez, however, called the decision a moral message. “It’s a message to our families, our students and our community. It’s not just symbolic. The message is loud and clear.”

Can you put a price tag on White genocide?

* * *

This overbearing insanity cost a few anti-White jihadists their employment. The London Breeds of the world want a cleaned-up White genocide wearing a happy face, and they view the Gabriella Lopezes of the world as needlessly poking the bear. It didn’t help that they took down Diane Feinstein in the anti-White purge, that was a Jew too far. It didn’t help that even the rank and file are fed up with Covid restrictions and the “woke” crowd was seen as fiddling while Rome burned.

Does this mean that liberal San Francisco was against the renaming? No, far from it. Remember that London Breed was all for it, she just wants a nuanced erasure of White history. So the right wing hurrah that this was another example of the “woke” getting their comeuppance was premature, to say the least.

San Francisco won’t be burning the books of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud any time soon.

Three San Francisco School Board members were removed from their positions by voters on Tuesday following a tough recall campaign that pitted Democrats against Democrats as interlocking controversies over school closings and renamings fueled a well-funded backlash.

Are even the lunatics starting to glimpse the truth? No, not at all. It’s not really a backlash; it’s really a smoothing over. The moderate wing of the Kill All the Whites Party winces a bit when their crazed dervishes run around talking about an “all-indigenous” America, with all Whites gone. They prefer a cleaned-up and coded message about putatively popular notions like “equality” and “justice.”

There is a reason, after all, why in the end the Jews gave up talking about Communism and started talking about a “liberal order.” You get people to take poison much more easily when you call it something else and add a little sugar.

The seeds of anger that led to the recall effort were planted early in the coronavirus pandemic, when the board considered changing the names of as many as 44 public schools in a city that was still grappling with how to safely reopen them. The discussions touched off angry confrontations between the city’s liberal establishment and movement progressives.

So a few “progressives” are out on their backsides. But you’ll notice that the names are gone. The legacy of the White man is gone. The intense hate served its purpose.

London Breed (not a type of dog) changed her tune when it suited her:

Mayor London Breed rebuked the school renaming plan in October as offensive, saying the school board should be focused on reopening schools closed during the pandemic rather than renaming them.

Wait, she said she wanted them renamed just five seconds ago. So that’s the game. Lopez and Breed are tearing down and destroying all that our children need in order to have a sense of identity and psychological wholeness and health — obliterating all that was great and noble, all that is necessary for us to have a future. But that’s Breed and Lopez and all the rest of them that we’ve permitted to take our nation from us, all of them driven mad by a century of Jewish hate — so what do you expect?

What’s really offensive is that, in the face of this offensive, so many White people have lost their nerve. The changing of the names is the changing of the guard and the changing of the guard is the changing of the people. If enough of us don’t stiffen our spines, soon the Zebra Killers will get a school named after them.

And what will little White children think, then?

* * *

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Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
4 March, 2022 12:38 am

You know what this is leading to.
It’s not just that it will be unpleasant, it’s going to be worse.
And that it could hurt a lot.
It’s that you’ll be all alone against the savages as they hunt you down and get some of that “racial justice” they’re itching for.

On the other hand, you could have joined us to help build physical communities for our self-defense and to instill in the children a sense of our identity.

Lazaris Procrustes
Lazaris Procrustes
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
4 March, 2022 9:13 am

I’ll go out like this—-

comment image

Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
20 March, 2022 11:24 pm

“It’s that you’ll be all alone against the savages as they hunt you down and get some of that “racial justice” they’re itching for.”

Me and Mssrs. Smith & Wesson are prepared.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Phil
21 March, 2022 12:46 am

“Me and Mssrs. Smith & Wesson are prepared.”
I’m sure you are, but you have to sleep sometime and ‘Mssrs. Smith and Wesson’ cannot do anything without you.

4 March, 2022 7:33 am

All brought to you by the Jew

LH Collins
LH Collins
4 March, 2022 9:36 am

Whites are the true indigenes of America, for they created the country. Amerinds never created the country; they were just one the continent. America was never a concept with them. What difference would it make if these animals were kept in the North American wilderness, or if they were deported to their ancestral homeland in Siberia? Men who build cities and civil infrastructure deserve the country. Ravens and foxes can live on the land, too; but they are not the proprietors of the country.

Reply to  LH Collins
20 March, 2022 11:26 pm

Exactly. I’ve been saying that for years.

Amerigo Vespucci was an Italian merchant, explorer, and navigator from the Republic of Florence, from whose name the term “America” is derived

4 March, 2022 12:06 pm

Another day at the office in Federaland.

The Capital of Texas is named from Stephen F. Austin. When he brought ‘the old Three 300’ to Texas, (the first 300 Anglo families) their slaves came with them. Austin’s sister owned a plantation. Will those who demand a racial adjustment file a suit-of-law to rename the Capital and Capitol grounds.

Terry’s Texas Rangers. Confederate Monument

comment image&t=1646412927&ymreqid=6319c2f6-afa3-5506-1c83-e1000501dc00&sig=rd2iVx93kGa7ipiwJH7JoQ–~D

5 March, 2022 11:33 am

Forgot picture in first post.

The magnificent White statue arouses a call back to antique heroism. Musket in one hand and the written word in another.

In a letter to Henry Clay, Stephen F. Austin said of the impending conflict in Texas: “mongrel Spanish-Indian and negro race, against civilization and the Anglo American race.”

comment image

The Texan
The Texan
Reply to  aa
11 March, 2022 9:01 am

The Texas of Stephen Austin is gone. Austin is now completely submersed in “wokeness”. It is the “San Francisco” of Texas now. What’s more, America is gone. We failed to stop this. Nothing we did mattered.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  The Texan
11 March, 2022 11:30 am

Nothing we did mattered? Not quite, as our ancestors brought today’s Whites into existence. With a future to be formed as we want, if we so will, it’s possible to make things happen that do matter. It’s important we do so with an eye looking at the Creator’s Purpose from an eternal point of view and understanding that we ourselves are of this Creator and exist for bringing that purpose to fruition.

Reply to  aa
20 March, 2022 11:35 pm

“mongrel Spanish-Indian and negro race, against civilization and the Anglo American race.”

That’s true. Not too many people know that but at one time quite a few cotton pickers from the Dark Continent were imported into Mexico and over the years have been submerged via the unnatural act (at least for Whites) of miscegenation into that hybrid Mexican ‘race.’

8 March, 2022 9:50 pm

“Oh Anti-Racism, what crimes are committed in your name!”

For those who are curious, the above quotation has been modeled after the last words by Marie-Jeanne “Manon” Roland de la Platière (1754–1793), or perhaps one version of them:

“O Liberté, que de crimes on commit en ton nom!”

“Oh Freedom, what crimes are committed in your name!”

„Oh Freiheit, welche Verbrechen begeht man in deinem Namen!“

I came across the original French quotation here:

— Elfriede Lentner

Reply to  Elfriede
9 March, 2022 10:36 pm

“Oh Diversity, what crimes are committed in your name!”

“Oh Diversity, they have made a mockery of you!”

Moderators and others, that may be better than the first.

10 March, 2022 5:47 pm

If you control the media, you also control the narrative. Who owns 90% of american mainstream media? A investor group led by the Rothchilds, Rockefellers etc. That is TV, newspapers, radio etc. They no longer even bother to hide it. It is all out in the open. That in itself should be a big warning sign, not just for americans, but for every living human being who is not if a zionist persuasion. Please, people. Time to wake up. The moment you hand in your private firearms, this is all over. Trust me. Do never give in to that demand. Ever!

11 March, 2022 12:00 pm

Austin is not what it used to be for sure. But comparing it to San Francisco is an exaggeration. There are cities across the country that are horror stories. But I will not insult those cities by naming them on this post.

Austin was the live music capital of the world because it produced more White, blood-based music than you can shake a stick at. I don’t believe it can claim that title anymore.