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Worshiping the Jews

Prince Charles

by Douglas Mercer

THAT THE JEWS RULE England is an axiom which requires no corollary but this was not always completely the case. In 1906 England passed an Alien Law aimed directly at keeping out all the verminous Jews even then packing up in the East and heading West. And then for one glorious moment in time England had a King who was more than willing to do business and make common cause with Adolf Hitler. The latter is not surprising at all; the British Royal family are German after all; when Wagner visited London and was received by the royals he found it a German oasis. It was only with the advent of the first World War that they changed their name from a German one to the wimpish Windsor.

Now those snobbish and weak-willed royals can’t run fast enough from Hitler. In the summer of 1945 way too many who had worked for Hitler suddenly and shamefully found amnesia:

“Hitler? Hitler? Oh that’s right, Austrian fellow? House painter, odd mustache? Yes, I think I spoke to him once at a gathering. Not sure, oh yes, I think we spoke about building roads. But definitely not about the Jews, that I’m sure of, nothing about the Jews, the topic never came up.”

So too the British Royal Family.

The Royal family’s connection to German princes is a subject that raises uncomfortable questions. The Queen’s staff has internalized her protective outlook and one experienced researcher acknowledged that the subject of the British Royals connection to the Nazis make the archivists really nervous.

That is, the archives have been shut down on the subject.

They don’t want the world to know that they weren’t always such sniveling nobs.

* * *

In attempting to trash the ghetto trash Meghan Markle, many in England declare themselves on “Team Kate.”

Some team.

For the last few years, however, Prince Charles and Kate Middleton have paid special attention to the Windsor family’s remembrances of the victims of the Holocaust, and on Holocaust Remembrance Day in January 2020, Kate announced that she had taken photographs of two of the last living survivors of Nazi concentration camps.

Yes, now the royals have gone full-on liberal maggot; they are now the rainbow royals.

Team Rainbow.

Because the Jews rule England.

It’s an axiom which requires no corollary.

* * *

Bonnie Prince Charles, the man who once said he wanted to eat the tampon of Camilla Parker Bowles, wants to make sure he gets on the right side of the Jews, so he cowers in abject fear and throws them bone after bone. He threw his spine away long ago. Soon his whole skeleton will be theirs.

Lily Ebert, Charles, and “art”

Or maybe, deep down, he really loves Jews — who knows, with these inbred cretins. Rumor has it Charles was going to convert to Islam. You’d think he’d make it official that he had become a Jew but that would simply be redundant.

Princes Charles has commissioned paintings of Holocaust survivors to pay tribute to their generation.

They crawled out of Auschwitz as good as dead (they say) and now they have been elevated to the subject of Royal Portraits.

What a scam.

The Prince of Wales — who is patron of the National Holocaust Memorial Day Trust — commissioned seven artists to paint people who survived concentration camps, and they will be featured in an upcoming BBC Two documentary Survivors: Portraits of the Holocaust.

A full-blown “special” to drill down even deeper into the collective brain stem. BBC special, breaking news: Some Yids are getting painted — and it’s a profound and sacred occasion. The darkness of humanity, and all that. Man is a wolf to man, but more importantly the the world is wicked to Jews. And the most amazing thing of all is that they did absolutely nothing to deserve it.

Yes, calling in the painters, and wheeling in the fake victims, and memorializing the lies in works of “art” so future generations can see all of the many “victims of Hitler” who lived nice long lives in comfort and leisure. Hell, if Hitler did half as much to the Jews as they say he did, these obscene old lizards wouldn’t be waltzing around having their mugs painted and Kate Middleton wouldn’t be taking photos of them.

They’d have been six feet under, or only a few feet, or scattered to the wind, or washed out in various river deltas, or contained in various mason jars, depending on which story you believe. But as it is they look rather jolly and spry and no worse for the wear. And they are more than willing to regale the dupes with tall and lugubrious tales of how many times the Germans tried but strangely failed to kill them.

Two of the survivors included in Charles’s project, Zigi Shipper and Manfred Goldberg, met Kate for the first time during her July 2017 tour of Poland with Prince William, which included a visit to the Stutthof concentration camp. To mark Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2021, Shipper and Goldberg attended a video engagement with Kate where they explained the dramatic story of behind their friendship.

Team Kate! The great White hope!

She’s a water carrier for Jews, a right royal traitor.

Charles commissioned seven leading British artists — including Jenny Saville, Paul Benney, Ishbel Myerscough, and Clara Drummond — to paint portraits of seven survivors to serve as a living memorial to the six million innocent men, women and children who lost their lives in the Holocaust and whose stories will never be told.

Whose stories will never be told? What on Earth are they talking about? We’ve have had a massive surfeit of those stories piled higher than Everest for many decades now. Books, movies, television shows, even comic books; we’re drowning in the damned things. At one secondhand store I frequent, they use “Holocaust” books as shelf supports.

The paintings will be unveiled on a BBC special on January 27, which is Holocaust Remembrance Day. They will also go on display in the Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham Palace before becoming a part of the Royal Collection.

And unveiled they were, to take their place beside the greats. The Royal Collection? Now the ugly visages of some hooked-nose vultures will be right there next to the van Dycks, which is quite the come down — think about it.

This is a country which has seen better days.

And a country which will see worse if it doesn’t come to its senses soon.

Not-so-bonnie Prince Charles, that most egregious of human beings, stood up in front of the rat’s nest assembled and spoke ineloquently on the subject of these parasitic Jews:

As the number of Holocaust survivors sadly, but inevitably, declines, my abiding hope is that this special collection will act as a further guiding light for our society, reminding us not only of history’s darkest days, but of humanity’s interconnectedness as we strive to create a better world for our children, grandchildren and generations as yet unborn; one where hope is victorious over despair and love triumphs over hate.

Bloody Hell, what noxious rot! “Love triumphs over hate”? You can be sure more than a lot of Jews are holding their hands to their mouths to stifle the uncontrollable laughter. This guy is a right royal Shabbos goy, running malignant interference for the International Criminal Tribe. He knows who keeps his lights on.

They were separated after their initial meeting at the camp, but eventually found one another again after liberation.

That’s it? No one’s fingernails were removed with pliers? Not all that dramatic, really. Had the “evil Nazis” blinded them with tuning forks and they found one another by recognizing their voices in a London café forty years later that would be dramatic — and I’m sure that story has been told too, or others just like it, stories not unlike apparitions at Lourdes or images of the weeping Jesus seen in cumulus clouds. The whole “Holocaust” story is like a crowdsourced fiction project, to see who can be more outlandish than the next in their gross fabrications.

Another one of the survivors being painted is Arek Hersh, who joined Kate in Cumbria last September to tell the story of how he came to Lake Windermere to recuperate from the war.

Man, these Jew victims never had it so good. Hitler nearly offed them and postwar they retire to take a spa. To hear the tales of woe and horror you’d think in the summer of 1945 they couldn’t move another inch, that they’d just curl up in a fetal ball (were they even alive?) and give up the ghost. But here this guy is retiring to an English lake like some rural grandee.

The task of bearing witness falls to us. This is our time when we can, each in our own way, be the light that ensures the darkness can never return.

If this Charles fellow were any further up the backsides of collective Jewry, he’d be tasting the gefilte fish and eating it with a bagel and a bit of shmear. And the “darkness” can always return, pal; your false witness means not one thing. You know this because some seventy-five years after the fact they have to haul in the superannuated soulless bloodsuckers, dress them up in human clothes, paint ghastly pictures of them, and hang them next to the Rembrandts. That they protest too much is obvious to all but the most obtuse.

All seven people featured in the artwork are survivors of concentration camps, now in the 90s and still living in the UK.

What ever happened to that Alien Act? That was one damn fine idea, keeping the Jews out. Prior to the war, many countries were still leery about bringing Jews in, or were outright opposed. But after the Holy War, who was going to say no to a Jew? Funny how that happened, is it not?

Paul Benney has painted Helen Aronson, Ishbel Myserscough painted Lily Ebert and Clara Drummond painted Mandfred Goldberg. Other survivors and artists in the project include Arek Hersh (painted by Massimiliano Pironti), Anita Lasker Wallfisch (Peter Kuhfeld), Rachel Levy (Stuart Pearson Wright) and Zigi Shipper (Jenny Saville).

They sure are getting the royal treatment, these Jews. Sitting for their portraits like very important actual people, painted by established artists. They are superstars now.

To survive the concentration and death camps and 77 years later see their portraits displayed in Buckingham Palace is very special indeed, and a poignant and fitting testament to their lasting contribution to this country.

How solemnly they shake their empty heads.

* * *

Britain’s Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall attended an exhibition showcasing artwork of some of the UK’s remaining Holocaust survivors.

Ah, the Duchess of Cornwall. Whenever I hear made-up names like that — like Lord so-and-so or Lady what’s-her-name — I think it’s a laundering operation; they used to do that with the slimiest Jews; they got dressed up in gentlemanly finery and presented themselves to the world as Sir Big-Wig of Briny Heath or whatever. That’s why Dunsany created his “Lord Castlenorman” character. And now they’ve turned an old hag into a country squiress.

Zigi Shipper, Manfred Goldberg, and Camilla

Charles had commissioned paintings to be made of seven men and women who survived the horror of the Nazi campaign to systematically round up and kill all Jews in Europe.

And then the big day came: 27 January 2022. And a more disgusting spectacle is not to be imagined. The royals and the “cream” of British society showed up. But the real stars were those seven Jews who somehow or other magically escaped the iron grip of the entire evil German state, which was determined to kill them. It was their day. Even as it is the Jews’ country.

The survivors shared stories with the Royals about their experiences, with one even showing the future king her concentration camp tattoo.

The stories came hard and fast; about those horrible guards and those trips to the shower, the separations, and the shoes and the hair and the soap. Precious pendants were hidden in shoes and rations; an angel necklace escaped Hitler by its wing feathers. (When has a Jew ever worn an angel necklace?) Everyone nodded gravely.

Auschwitz survivor Lily Ebert, 98, whose picture was unveiled with six others at the Queen’s Gallery in London, also showed the heir to the throne a golden pendant she hid from camp guards in her shoe then later in her daily bread ration.

You really shouldn’t hide things from your master.

Even from this distance, you can hear those tiny violins play. This is all so gratuitous, the recounting of these fake atrocities, the legends of unmitigated horror; it all follows a familiar cookie-cutter pattern, just copy and paste and rearrange the various components and you have a new story, same as the old story. And all the while, all the “right-thinking” people sit in the audience and shake their heads gravely and shed tears at the appropriate times. (Anyone caught laughing will have his name taken by Saperstein over on the right.) This was not merely a quotidian version of man’s inhumanity to man, oh no, this was not your run-of-the-mill evil — this was the sine qua non of evil that puts all other evil in the shade. This was raising a hand to the parasite.

Seven portraits, seven faces. Each a survivor of the horrors of those years, who sought refuge and a home in Britain after the war, becoming an integral part of the fabric of our nation.

More like fraying the fabric beyond all repair. Bring in Jews and watch the patrimony of the centuries unravel like a cheap suit in a light summer rain.

In July 1944, a 20-year-old Mrs Ebert and her family – mother and five siblings – were transported to Auschwitz. Her parent and some of her siblings were condemned to death in the gas chamber after encountering the infamous Josef Mengele, notorious for his experiments on those in the camp.

“They arrived and they saw Dr Mengele, he took them straight away. I have worn my necklace every day since I survived.”

The Angel of Death in person! My god, it’s like seeing Elvis! What stories she could tell about wild experiments run amok like on that island of Dr. Moreau. But the fact is that sightings of Mengele among “survivors” are legion; here one sees him in the rampart, deciding fates in an instant — here one’s sister saw him observing her in a cold and clinical room — another swears it was the great man himself, injecting dye into eyes — and little Shlomo can place him in the officer’s mess while he was serving them some bloody Chateaubriand; in fact in the annals of this hoax Mengele appears like an apparition everywhere, he’s the ghost of genocides past and present, but most likely the confused liars are just retailing images they learned from somewhere else. To have seen Mengele! — they’ve made it a religious experience.

You never saw the Angel of Death? Why, you poor man.

“This necklace of an angel is very special. It went through Auschwitz and survived with me. Auschwitz took everything, even the golden teeth they took off people. But this survived.”

Another miraculous tale of survival. What were those “nasty Nazis” thinking, to let this cheap trinket escape their implacable maws? So many items they have, “I hid in shoe,” “I hid in clothing,” “I hid in rations,” always the “symbol of survival.” They will keep telling these stories. Steven Spielberg has optioned yet another one, I hear. He won’t live long enough to make them all, especially since they make them up faster than he can option them.

She made headlines last year when, with the help of her great-grandson Dov, she was reunited with the American soldier who penned her a heartfelt note on a German banknote after she was liberated from a Nazi Death March in 1945.

What was that banknote worth after Jews ransacked the place? The heartfelt stories, the Jew, the American soldier, the Nazi Death Marches where nobody died, and the banknote; it’s like that myth of the Negroes who freed some people from the concentration camps, those heartwarming tales about America the Good defeating Germany the Bad. It is always good to remember that when Germany capitulated, Jews immediately had a monopoly on the place, and were firmly in control of the means of communications. Indeed, they could tell any tale they wanted — and they did not waste the chance. And they’ve been letting their putrid imaginations run wild ever since.

She told the prince during the event held on Monday: “Meeting you, it is for everyone who lost their lives.” And Charles replied: “But it is a greater privilege for me,” and touched her shoulder.

It would bring tears to one’s eyes if one were not so busy retching.

And as the event wound down, Charles was in a bloviating mood:

One of the starkest reminders of this was the Holocaust, when a third of Europe’s Jews were brutally murdered by the Nazi regime as it sought to extinguish not just the Jewish people, but Judaism. However, these portraits represent something far greater than seven remarkable individuals. They stand as a living memorial to the six million innocent men, women, and children whose stories will never be told, whose portraits will never be painted.

These people are a precious commodity, eyes to Nazi genocide, primary witnesses of the purest evil, which some wicked imbeciles still try to deny. Never mind the Queen’s Gallery, their faces should be on postage stamps and the sides of buses because their living memory will one day be gone.

Why not put these images everywhere like they did Big Brother’s in Orwell’s book? Put their grotesque, leering faces everywhere to remind the degraded masses who rules them. Put their faces on all public buildings, on banknotes, on billboards, put their faces everywhere always on every screen in the world. Indeed they are a commodity to be traded, traded for our future. And you can be sure these portraits have and will circulate widely, for verily I say unto thee, no business is like Shoah business. It’s what happens when Jews rule you. And it’s a bloody business indeed, and their most precious commodity of all.

* * *

On “Holocaust Remembrance Day” in 2022 Londoners got a stark reminder of who rules them, if indeed they had ever forgotten. In addition to the purple prose of the prince, the city of London itself was bathed in purple — not royal purple, but Jew purple, to honor the new ruling class.

The London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, and Battersea Power Station were among the capital’s buildings to be illuminated in purple as part of the event.

It would have been much more appropriate had the city been drenched in blue.

Individuals also lit candles in windows at 8:00PM to mark the moment, while the lights in Piccadilly displayed photos of Holocaust survivors before being replaced by a commemorative candle glowing on the screen.

There it is, those faces projected on ten thousand screens.

Speaking at Westminster, Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle said the day should give us all pause for thought to consider how we might call out, counter messages of hate, intolerance, and instead work together to create a better, safer, and a happier future.

A safer and happier future will only come about when the Jews are gone.

Recently, the British government approved the construction of the Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre at the Victoria Tower Gardens in London’s Westminster district.

In its endless quest to lavish more and more attention on Jews, the British government is currently putting up a new Holocaust Memorial and they are putting it near the Houses of Parliament. Which makes sense: Now the “lawmakers” can be reminded many times every day (as if they need reminding) for whom it is they work.

Not one, but two of these festering “memorials” this formerly White city has.

Although the monument is the UK’s first national Holocaust Memorial and Learning Center, according to an official press statement, there is another monument dedicated to victims of the Shoah in London’s Hyde Park.

The new monument to worship of the insects will open in the heart of London in 2025. The whole of London will reek of it, the whole of Britain.

According to a government press release, the aim is to provide a national focal point to honor the 6 million Jewish men, women and children who were murdered in the Holocaust.

A “national focal point.” All must bow down to the idol; all must burn strange incense to the golden calf in the form of the misshapen Jew.

Jean-Marc Dreyfus from the University of Manchester also emphasizes the great importance of the underground Learning Centre that will be built at the Victoria Tower Gardens. “That is good news. The commemoration of the Shoah must continue.”

And a pretty pound it will cost, too. No amount of money must be spared when working on behalf of those who will not spare them. It turns out annihilation is quite expensive.

Construction on the memorial and education center will begin in London towards the end of 2021 and is expected to cost £100 million (€118,154,550) and they are expected to open to the public in 2025.

British Holocaust survivor Sir Ben Helfgott expressed pride that the new memorial will be built in the heart of the British capital in the government’s press release: “I know that long after I and the other survivors are gone, the UK will continue to remember the Holocaust and learn what happened when hatred reigned.”

Oh, they will remember all right. How could they forget? The faces haunt the country, the made-up Whites-are-evil “memories” stalk every British child’s dreams. The portraits hang in the Royal Gallery. And there won’t always be an England.

And one thing you can be sure of is that those archives won’t be opening any time soon. The Jews rule England. That’s the axiom, and there is no corollary.

* * *

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Reichsfürst von T.
Reichsfürst von T.
7 February, 2022 11:09 am

His Royal Lowness Prince Charles said: “These people are a precious commodity, eyes to Nazi genocide, primary witnesses of the purest evil, which some wicked imbeciles still try to deny.”
It seems, that even the imbeciles no longer believe in the Holocaust. While idiots, like my distant cousin Prince Charles, still do.

7 February, 2022 2:17 pm

Kate Middleton is a sephardic Jew

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Mayonnaose
7 February, 2022 10:03 pm

What’s your source, Mayo?

Reply to  Mayonnaose
8 June, 2022 12:43 am

That is possible but we cannot be sure. Her mother’s maiden name is Goldsmith (see Wikipedia: “Kate Middleton”) a very popular surname among German and English Jews (the German version is Goldschmidt). However, there are exceptions. Let’s not forget the famous XVIIIth century writer Oliver Goldsmith who definitely was not Jewish at all.

Closer to us there are other examples of 100% German/Aryan surnames that have been adopted by the Jews in such numbers that one could easily believe everyone with such a surname must be a Jew. I would give two examples of this: Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg and SS-Obergruppenfûhrer Karl Wolff, Himmler´s deputy.

In the matter of surnames, we must be VERY careful. I have met Jews with very Aryan-sounding names and who also looked 100% Aryan.

7 February, 2022 5:51 pm

Do the royals actually believe that nonsense or are they just sucking up to the parasites?

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Joshua
7 February, 2022 10:06 pm

Their actions say they’re for what the Jews want.

Reichsfürst von T.
Reichsfürst von T.
Reply to  Joshua
8 February, 2022 3:14 pm

They believe what they want to believe, like most people. And they want to keep their social position and they certainly don’t want to end up like the Romanovs.
They are not asked to think deeply. Their role is to represent the state, not to rule it. And give naive people hope to stand behind them. They are generously rewarded for it. Nothing for real aristocrats.
P.S. Lily Ebert looks like she has been exhumed for this rare occasion.

Reply to  Reichsfürst von T.
22 June, 2022 6:28 am

i don’t know. we british pay such a lot for them – QE2 is literally the keystone of arch justifying our rent & usury slave society – that if she can’t afford decent advisors you have to wonder wtf are we paying for? [no royalist can answer]

i suspect they’re jews themselves. william got circumcised. why would you break your dick – or say you did – if not to be one of the tribe? makes no sense

7 February, 2022 7:11 pm

Ernst Zundel, Canadian Court Trial in 1985-1988 is a fascinating case. He was arrested for one of the holocaust denial laws in Canada. For his defense he hired an Execution Specialist Fred Leuchter, from the United States. Fred Leuchter was examined by the Canadian Judge and certified by the court to testify, that he was qualified to testify on his physical findings at Auschwitz/Birkenau and one other site in Poland. Fred Leuchter and his team were accompanied by a court assigned team. The Architecture and physical chemical samples of the structures were examined and tested. Fred Leuchter testified that Auschwitz/Birkenau and the other site were strictly housing and work camps.
‘Blood River Radio’ had Fred Leuchter on as a guest on 3-6-2021. Ernst Zundel past away August 5th, 2017.

L.B. Blakeney
L.B. Blakeney
8 February, 2022 4:35 am

Damn, before I read this, I was an Anglophile. So sad! Even after these holohoax survivors finally kick the bucket, the kvetching will continue. Here in America, it already is, “my parents/grandparents/great grandparents were Holocaust survivors “, spoken in that thick jew York accent.

I hate to say this but it looks like Israel is conquering England without a shot being fired.

I weep for the loss of the British Empire. Well, I can always rewatch Downton Abbey for escapism and the splendor of the country estates and that handsome evil gay servant who got to become head butler at last.

Reichsfürst von T.
Reichsfürst von T.
Reply to  L.B. Blakeney
8 February, 2022 3:17 pm

Yes, look at Downton Abbey, but carefully. Countess Cora’s father was a Jew.
In fact, many British noblemen married for Jewish money at the time. I would say that the British Empire was conquered by the Jews before the United States.

Reply to  Reichsfürst von T.
11 March, 2022 5:33 pm

First Red revolution in Europa in 1642…Moses Carvajel.

Reply to  L.B. Blakeney
22 June, 2022 6:38 am

“I weep for the loss of the British Empire”. the british empire was always the jewish british empire anyway. britain just paid for it & provided the soldiers for the purposes of pillaging & subjugating other countries. fact is britain has been conquered since 1066 when william the fat b*st*rd took the whole land for himself – backed by the bank of rome, or the (((bank of rome))) – & rented our own land back to us at “whatever the market will bear”. eventually anyway, as it seems to’ve taken a few centuries to nail the new slave system down. for the kind of british history to make anyone an anglophile you have to go back much further to king arthur & the ancient britons. here’s a video by a… Read more »

Nate Sosh
Nate Sosh
8 February, 2022 12:49 pm

Have been reading about these suborder blattodea and their Lies for thirty years….Mr. Mercer always brings a freshness to the whole,entire unironic splattery surreality. And he’s funny as Hell too.
All our lives will be the poorer by the way, for never having the opportunity to gaze into the eyes of Doc Mengele .

L.B. Blakeney
L.B. Blakeney
9 February, 2022 3:18 am

Oh, bloody hell, back in the 90s, I didn’t pay attention to Charles’ tampon remark, but that sounds more like something spewing out of the jew Howard Stern’s mouth than something that a proper prince, or any royal would publicly utter. How could he have debased himself!
Well, as an English jew once sang, “you’re bringing on the heartbreak “.

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
10 February, 2022 7:24 am

This infection is incurable. The whole structure should collapse before it would be possible to change the direction. The modern population is programmed along these ideological lines. The mainstream majority would stop believing these fairy tales only when plunged into the icy water of natural reality. The sooner the better. 

11 February, 2022 3:58 am

A holohoax survivor is any jew who is/was alive after WW2 and lived in an German occupied country. Many of them receive(d) ‘restoration’ payments because of that.

11 February, 2022 9:30 pm

People need a better term for the enemy of our peoples and all peoples. Do you give the parasite power by speaking the word jew so much? – They are laughing at y’all for not understanding propaganda rules Would not the most logical name for the jew be the parasite? The jew by definition by the bible and today’s terms are not accurate. Not one of the jews alive today can prove even 40% they are of the tribe of judah. So by mentioning these facts to the jew, it should disarm that man or woman Has the patriarch Judah’s tomb ever been found to give scientific proof you are of that tribe If said jew were to say if he or she was jew because of “religion”, then he… Read more »

13 February, 2022 12:47 pm

A very useful channel that you might find interesting in its content.

13 February, 2022 12:55 pm

Jewish Fifth Column in India.Printed 1969 Sir Phillip Sassoon, who was a member of several English governments in India, and the lawyer of the same Israelite community called Solomon Judah, who wrote the”Indies Companies Act”. The “Jewish Encyclopedia” ends by confirming an already known fact (which when published in an official book of Judaism of unquestionable authority has even greater value as evidence) that the money earned by these rich Jews coming from Baghdad: “both in Calcutta and Rangoon, Burma, came from the opium traffic between India and China” (8), In fact, it is well known that the British Jews, the Indian Jews and other Israelite monopolist magnates controlled the nineteenth century opium traffic with China, and that when the Chinese government wanted to prevent this criminal commerce, in the… Read more »

13 February, 2022 1:02 pm

The Falklands Islands crisis is one of conflict between Argentina, one of the few white nations in South America, and the Jewish-poisoned dregs of the once mighty British Empire, a former bastion of the white race now consisting of a few whites inundated by a sea of coloured, and ruled by the Jewish banker family of Battenberg, who anglicized their name to Mountbatten in World War I, because even then they had already attained complete control of the formerly white nation of the British Isles. Lord Mountbatten reigned as First Lord of the Admiralty, and his son married Edwina Cassel, daughter of the fabulously wealthy Sir Edward Cassel, a German Jewish emigrant who formed one of the notorious “Jewish Seven” who comprised the Prince of Wales; and later Edward VII; inner circle, led… Read more »

Reply to  Howard
11 March, 2022 5:38 pm

Yup, Thatcher the Torah party crypto-Trotskiist upset soem expatriate Germans allegedly daubing swastika’s on kosher houses, so Cromwell’s Britard army sent to chastise them

11 March, 2022 4:37 pm

I’m a former member of the NF, despite my Irish-German origins that are no different actually to that of many Americans heritages, many of whose ancestors were sadly on the USA side in the ACW-but I have been strongly criticised on every Rightist site for pointing out that all the opposition parties in England/U.K, including the BNP were virtual and factually unreconstructed Masonic fronts because of their Ulster Loyalism which every leader upheld…the British Right hate to be told so and that is why Zionists like Tommy Rubinsohn were so easily able to dupe the soccer Plebs of EDL patriotardism. Protestantism leads quicker to Zionism while Catholicism can lead either to Fascism or Communism, but Catholicism was broken in England 500 years ago by Henry the eighth…these parties were never… Read more »

Axis real heroes of ww2
Axis real heroes of ww2
29 March, 2022 2:43 am

Windsor family are obvious jews

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
30 July, 2022 7:02 pm

“A living memorial to the six million innocent men, women and children who lost their lives in the Holocaust and whose stories will never be told.” Whose stories will never be told? What on Earth are they talking about? We’ve have had a massive surfeit of those stories piled higher than Everest for many decades now. Books, movies, television shows, even comic books; we’re drowning in the damned things. At one secondhand store I frequent, they use “Holocaust” books as shelf supports. Oh man this is rich, really rich! I have heard that crap about their stories will never be told so many times it invokes a reflex gag reaction when I hear it. The reason these lies about history are to be endured with ever-increasing frequency is because they are… Read more »