A Bridge Too Far

George Lincoln Rockwell

by Kenneth Roberts

GEORGE LINCOLN Rockwell liked to tell the joke about the young man who
left the American Nazi Party.

Rockwell was puzzled by the sudden departure of the youth and he
queried him as to the reason for such a rash move.

“While you are certainly free to go and we wish you nothing but the
best we’d like to know why you are leaving us. Is an exit interview

“Of course sir, my dedication to your overall cause remains

“Then why is it that you are going? Was it our teaching you objected

“Oh no, sir, your doctrine is sound. You helped me overcome many
mental hurdles and opened my eyes to the truth of what is happening to
our race.”

“Was it the organization itself then?”

“Oh no, sir, you were highly organized and I met nothing but the
best people, and your movement was professional through and

“Was it then perhaps the uniforms? Were they a little over the

“Oh no, sir, the uniforms were impeccable. Even in my days as a
‘normal’ I always considered National Socialist aesthetics to be top

“Could it then have been our goose-stepping? Did you not like the
way we goose-stepped?”

“Oh no, sir, you goose-stepped well.”

“What was it then? I must admit to being at a loss here.”

“Well, sir, to be honest, it is what I learned from you about Adolf

“And what was that? We’ve always taught that Adolf Hitler was a
great and good man who was unswerving in his dedication to our race
and who employed the only means possible to save it.”

“No, sir, it wasn’t that. I’ve always felt that you alone gave
Adolf Hitler what was due him as a great man. You said true things
about the greatness of Hitler that no one else dared utter.”

“What was it then?”

“Well, it was what you taught me about the ‘Holocaust.’”

“We have always said that it never happened! That can’t be it, can

“Oh no sir, it’s not that. I am very happy that you dispelled that
myth for me, it is what made the scales fall from my eyes. I see now
that the so-called Holocaust is nothing but a weapon used against our

“Well I am very happy for that. And as I say we wish you well but we
are just very sorry to see such a promising young man go. So in order to
avoid any other similar departures in the future you have to tell us.
What was it that made you want to separate from us and our

“I am sorry to go too. But to tell you the truth the reason I am
leaving does have to do with Hitler and the Holocaust. It was not the
fact that Hitler didn’t kill six million Jews, that I could live
with that; that I could abide; that was not the problem at all.”

“What was it then?”

“Well once I found out the truth, I said to myself that I could
belong to the Nazi party knowing that Hitler didn’t kill the six
million Jews, that’s neither here nor there. But what I can’t
stomach, what I can’t stand, and what led me to this unfortunate
break is the fact that he didn’t even try.”

And that, said Rockwell, finishing the joke and beaming his charming
smile, radiating his inner goodness for all to see — that was a bridge too far.

* * *

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8 December, 2020 7:32 pm

Love it, Rockwell was quite a man!

8 December, 2020 10:45 pm

But Hitler did try and he did fought, it was only his time. The hand that protected him had to be taken away and the war had to pass, it all leads up to many plans.

Walter Green
Walter Green
11 December, 2020 9:19 pm

I was eating tangerine while reading this.
I was almost choked when I finally reached at the conclusion.

It can be said in some gruesome way.
And actually I met some people who said it in rage on Jews, sometimes,
on the internet.

Never expected it popped upon here as a joke.
Especially from a gentle man usually with serious look. Brilliant !!!

31 December, 2020 8:52 am

I can -sort of- appreciate the “spirit” of the joke, e.g. someone leaving the American Nazi Party because “Hitler did not even try to …’holocaust’ the jews”, but what I find somewhat misplaced in this article is GLR’s reference to the “a bridge too far” idiom. First, this expression did not become popular until the book and film with the same title came out, in 1974 and 1977 respectively. As we all know Rockwell died on 8/25/1967, many years before the “bridge too far” expression came into popular use, first in the UK and then in America and the rest of the world. Second, assuming that Rockwell was aware of this expression, from his military service in WW2, how is it applicable in the context of this article? The final… Read more »

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  XwpisONOMA
20 February, 2021 11:54 pm

help ?

how bout you just roll with it

look at all the Luciferian Jew realities the rest of us have had to deal with since 1945.