Jews Are Special

Jewish “sex education expert” and recipient of many honors and awards Benjamin Levin (see second item below)

MOST OF YOU WILL have come across the news item about this guy, ‘Philosophy’ Professor Stephen Kershnar. He thinks having sex with children is fine, even with those barely out of nappies.

Posting by Kershnar

Essentially his argument boils down to claiming that we “don’t know whether sex with young children is bad for them,” ergo it shouldn’t be banned. You know, for at least half of my life I used to think that Jews were the Good Guys. Okay, they might be pushy and greedy but they weren’t like Blacks or Muslims who mess up everything they touch. You weren’t going to get mugged by a Jew, they weren’t welfare spongers, and they’d had to put up with some serious ill-treatment throughout their history. Suffice to say my opinion now is somewhat more nuanced.

Only a Jew could write a book like this. He also wrote a book making the case for torture.

Here’s what Fredonia State University of New York, which employs Kershnar, has to say about him:

Stephen Kershnar is a distinguished teaching professor in the philosophy department at the State University of New York at Fredonia and an attorney. He focuses on applied ethics and political philosophy. Kershnar has written one hundred articles and book chapters on such diverse topics as abortion, adult-child sex, hell, most valuable player, pornography, punishment, sexual fantasies, slavery, and torture. He is the author of ten books, including Desert Collapses: Why No One Deserves Anything (2021), Total Collapse: The Case Against Morality and Responsibility (2018), and Abortion, Hell, and Shooting Abortion-Doctors: Does the Pro-Life Worldview Make Sense? (2017).

Teaching Interests
1. Applied Ethics (Abortion, The Good, Torture)
2. Property Rights (The Good, and Torture)
3. Metaphysics (Metaphysics and Autonomy)
4. Philosophy of Law (Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Civil Law, and Philosophy of Criminal Law)
5. Political Philosophy (Political Philosophy, Distributive Justice, Property Rights, and Libertarianism)

Research Interests
Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy


How lucky we are to have such a creature “teaching” our young people.

Take also the example of Benjamin (“Benji” to his numerous friends) Levin, a stellar educator from Canada, laden down with awards and distinctions. His wiki tells us that “Benjamin Levin dazzled everyone around him. He was the second of four brothers, born in 1952 to a warm, loving, staunch NDP family in West Kildonan, a Jewish suburb of Winnipeg.” A Jewish suburb? Hello, does that mean Whites can have their own suburbs as well? Please? Ha ha, just kidding.

Apparently from an early age Benji worried deeply about race, discrimination, inequality, the disadvantaged. And most of all about education ‘reform.’ In fact according to an article by Toronto Life he “thirsted for reform.”

Apparently everybody wanted to work with him. He advised on progressive education systems all over the world. He wrote inspiring books outlining his theories. In 2005, he became a professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), holding the chair in Educational Leadership and Policy. Over the years, he served as Ontario’s Deputy Education Minister under then-Education Minister Kathleen Wynne, a fellow OISE grad who “found herself impressed by his dedication.” In 2013, after she took over as Premier, she hand-picked Levin to be on her transition team. And boy, there was no shortage of ‘reform’ once he got his feet under the desk. “Sex education” was foisted on kids from the outset of their programming — er, I mean education — to the point where by age twelve they knew all about anal sex, oral sex, group sex, masturbation, same-sex relationships, all in a ‘guilt-free’ setting. In other words, sex had no moral dimension.

In the late ’70s, Levin married Barbara Wiktorowicz (good old Irish name there) and they had three daughters, Clare, Anna, and Ruth. “By all accounts, they radiated the cheerful domestic hum of a close and happy family, their days filled with homework, swimming lessons, family dinners, sleepovers, and birthday parties.”


But Benji had other interests too. Like child porn and paedophilia Web sites. He began telling other users that he and his wife had been sexually active with his daughters when they were 12, 13, and 16. Bad, although he did have his standards: For him anyone under six was too young. He claimed his wife initiated the incest and poignantly wished he’d had a son so he could have had sex with him too. He hoped that one day his daughters would share their children with him. Just the kind of guy you’d want to ‘reform’ kids’ education. Unfortunately for him he was busted by the police in a sting operation. The trial revelations were so disgusting and horrifying that even hardened vice police were sickened. But happily for Benji, his colleagues and family offered him fulsome support and asked for understanding for his “mistake.” This even applied to his brother, whose own son had committed suicide after being sexually abused by a rabbi. Thus, despite Levin having had direct personal experience of the devastation caused by sexual abuse of children, he nonetheless continued with his depraved lifestyle. You won’t be surprised to learn that following a slap-on-the-wrist sentence he was back out among the public after three months in the slammer.

* * *

Source: based on an article at Irish Savant

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7 February, 2022 6:42 am

There are no words to describe how revolting the Jews are.

Nate Sosh
Nate Sosh
Reply to  Joshua
8 February, 2022 1:56 pm

i agree Sir. And i’ve tried them all.

12 February, 2022 2:47 am

“You weren’t going to get mugged by a Jew ” – mind mugging/warping for white folk and all people for that matter is more serious problem than actual muggins if they don’t lead to death
they weren’t welfare spongers —— THEY ARE the biggest “teachers” of the browns,blacks, and probably the asians of how to game the system, also the are the ones who first sold the american public on social security as pensions. Pensions for folk who actually put the time in i agree should be there, but look they are now killing the elders off and have bankrupted the system they sold.
They also sell parents on circumcision which may I add is a baby’s first experience in trauma based mind manipulation by the parasite

14 February, 2022 3:37 am

Sex therapists are scam artists and I can’t believe insurance companies reimbuse them. Women do not like casual sex, period. Many men don’t like it, either. I don’t care what stupid feminists and magazines have to say