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Why the Soviets Never Attacked America

9000016512They well knew that America, riddled with Blacks and Jews, and with a ruling class that had lost faith in itself, was doomed to self-destruction anyway.

SO MANY BOOKS are published each year by major U.S. publishers that one or two, even though they have committed the cardinal sin of containing a paragraph or perhaps a whole chapter critical of our minority masters, may manage to slip through the censorship. When this rare event occurs, the book may still fail to attract the notice of Majority members. Even the sharpest eye may miss the needle of wisdom in a haystack of intellectual slobbery. One such needle was some pages (401-18) in the now out-of-print The European Surrender by John Ney (Little, Brown, 1970).

Who is John Ney? Instauration tried to get a line on him and found that he was a businessman with international connections and the author of some popular children’s books, one of which, Ox Under Pressure (Lippincott, 1976), was a Book-of-the-Month Club alternate in 1976 and a National Book Award nominee in 1977.

The European Surrender is dedicated to the proposition that Western Europe has given in to Americanization (produce-and-consume) in much the same apathetic way that Majority America itself has given in to the minorities. When Ney travels to Eastern Europe, where Americanization runs head on into Russification, he meets a colonel in Soviet intelligence who shows him The Pushkin Report, an encyclopedic Russian diagnosis-prognosis of America. As the real or mythical colonel carefully explains, The Pushkin Report has nothing to do with the Russian poet Pushkin, but is the brain child of five years of intensive study and analysis by a team of Russian foreign policy experts. With this introduction the colonel adjusts his incongruous gold pince-nez, takes the report in hand and begins reading.

America, like all societies, capitalist as well as socialist, is merely a proposition in control. It does not matter whether those who are controlled are willing or unwilling …. Those who are controlled work, and those who control supervise them. The economic aspects — the organization of production, the presence or non­ presence of huge profits — are of great interest and im­portance to professional socialists, but of none to social analysts. To the social analyst, human history is the story of succeeding controls. We may begin with the Egyptians and see that it was an old story at the time of the pyramids. Old then, and no different now. The trappings have changed, but nothing else. Now there are better wages and more willingness, based on the illusion that anyone (and thus everyone) can get from the slave to the master status … But no real change…

The American problem, then, is no different from that of any other historical society. From the stand­point of those who control, the slaves must be kept working and given enough diversion to keep them working as happily as possible. American controllers carried out their historical task adequately enough until after World War II, when they began to permit excesses. Now the diversion has gotten out of hand, has approached chaos, and the workers will not be able to withstand the external pressures much longer…. To go to the root, the lack of control means that there is serious trouble among the controllers themselves. They have suffered a disastrous loss of will, and are allowing events to dominate them completely. Even the Negroes sense this when they say that white men will now put up with have anything from them…. The American have lost the desire to control and the faith in their ability to control. The chaos follows from that psychological state: it does not precede it, nor does it have a parallel life. The young, the Jews, the Negroes — all dissident minorities get out of control after there has been psychological collapse at the top, among the controllers. The dissidents have no independent life as such: They are only symptoms, never first causes. They only reflect a state of collapse on the part of the controllers; they have no other existence or role. When and if control is re-established, incidentally, they are the first to recognize it, and to resume their natural functions…. Their only meaningful existence now is as visible evidence of a suicide wish on the part of those who have let them loose…. We may thus be confident, in view of the rapidly increasing dissenters, that there is a profound death wish on the part of American society, from the top to the near bottom.

For the remainder of The Pushkin Report author Ney provides a summary, intermixed with the colonel’s direct quotations, of important passages, followed by some earthy observations. The report, as interpreted by the colonel, first compares the loss of control in Rome to the loss of control in America and then goes on to state:

Authority is the only answer for any human problem. There was formerly authority (control) in the United States — what is now denigrated as Wasp control. It ran from coast to coast and interlocked. It was, of course, a conspiracy, because all authority is a conspiracy on the part of the controllers.

At this point the colonel adds:

When the controllers are strong, they don’t mind being conspirators. They are not frightened by words like that. But as they grow weaker, someone says “conspiracy” and they lose their nerve. They become concerned with questions of abstract morality, forgetting that all control is crime if you want to look at it that way, or the highest service if you want to look at it another way. At the present time, for example, the American Zionist Jews who are certainly a cabal and thus a conspiracy, are the only controllers in America. They represent the only order. Very little, but there is no other.

The colonel then returns to quoting from the report itself:

Sensing the loss of faith and loss of appetite on the part of the controllers, the three most potent minority groups — the young, the Jews and the Negroes — reacted predictably. They do not revolt, technically speaking, but react to loss of direction from above. It is the entrance into the abhorred vacuum…. Nor are they technically important. When a physician sees the signs of leprosy, he does not say, “I see a case of thickening skin, of leonine features,” and so forth. He says, “I see a case of leprosy.” In this case, we do not say that we see Jews, Negroes and young Americans taking over the United States. We say that we see the controllers of the United States giving up.

The colonel again interjects:

If we have done anything original, it is on that point. We don’t think the young, the Jews and the Negroes mean anything in and of themselves, as other analysts do. We always see their enlarged presence as symptom, never as cause. We look for the meaning behind their presence. When we have to consider them in various contexts — economic, social and political — we do, and very exhaustively…. But we don’t lose sight of the first cause, we never put them first…

The colonel now reads from the report again, which stresses that Russia has deliberately tried to keep the peace because war with America would have allowed its controllers to reassert their control, war being a “screen” and providing “a darkness in which many things can be done secretly.” The controllers are criticized for their handling of blacks, though it is admitted they

could not control the Negroes without losing the support of so-called world opinion. Very well, they did not have the courage to be socially unacceptable, so they gave in to the Negroes. They would have given in anyhow, of course, but the lack of war made it happen very much more swiftly. [T]hey could no longer be controlled in the necessary way. Faced with a choice, they settled for the fiction, like a man who would abandon his family rather than be seen in the wrong sort of suit.

Once the controllers realized their lack of courage they were frightened. Once they were frightened, they made greater and greater concessions to the groups which closed in on them like hyenas, sensing the fear. That fear has now grown to the point where they are all running, very frightened and only trying to protect what they have. There is no dignity and no future.

The colonel chimes in:

The things we know about what they do in Switzerland and South America. Talk about rats and the sinking ship!

The report goes on to argue that Majority America seems to be gripped by a subconscious conviction that the weak must be given carte blanche to keep them quiet — revolt would threaten material well-being, the prime Majority concern. The weak means the young, because they are children, the Jews because of the holocaust and a long history of persecution, and the Negroes, the weakest of the weak, because culturally and intellectually they have never grown up. Once the strong give in to the weak, the latter “become more tyrannical toward the strong than the strong ever were to them.” But the weak never become strong, in spite of their “lust for tyranny,” which is to be distinguished from a lust for control. In fact, the retaliations of the weak upon the strong indicate a secret longing on the part of the young, Negroes and Jews for the revival of a hard-nosed central authority.

Here the colonel elaborates:

It is almost a law of nature that the weak set up a noise when they sniff collapse at the top. They are frightened and correctly so — at the dangers implicit in being left without leadership and protection. There is nothing improper about what they do. The villain is always the abdicating controller.

After reading from the report that in a declining nation such as America the weakness shown to one group results in even more weakness being shown to other groups, the colonel illustrates:

You can see this very clearly at your educational institutions. At Harvard, for example. First the petulant young; then the unhappy Jews; finally the “militant” blacks. Each time a greater weakness absorbs a lesser, until now Harvard resembles a “university” in the poorest part of Africa more than it does the Harvard of thirty years ago. The chaos is academic as well as social….

The process, according to the report, insures the ascendancy of the least gifted over the more gifted to the point where all Americans are reduced to the lowest common denominator — the ghetto blacks.

When a world power sinks to the condition of uncontrolled crime in the streets, it means the leaders — the controllers — are out of control. The streets mirror their condition.

The report states the genie can’t be put back in the bottle because no effective protests can be made against the excesses of the young, the Jews and the Negroes short of civil war. The colonel attempts to explain by putting himself in the place of a rich Wasp, who thinks he can save his property and his position in life by making concessions. He sells his business to a Jew, watches his son become a hippie and allows his daughter to marry a Negro. The colonel, ever the dramatist, composes the following Wasp interior monologue:

I sit on Park Avenue — or the Main line in Philadelphia — still hugging what I have and thinking I am still what I was and have what I had. I will continue to think so, too, when everything has been taken. I will totter up to Harvard for reunion in my old coat, clutching what is left of my depreciated stock shares, knocked down by Negroes whenever I get in their way, and I will say, “I am still the ruler.”

The colonel asserts that even in Russia writers are allowed to protest against the “hooligan young,” but American writers have no freedom at all. When they see Negroes running amuck in the streets, they cannot write a word of truth about what is going on.

All America is a conspiracy of silence — vaster than any we have ever had in Russia — with everyone leaning against everyone else, the most delicately balanced and dangerous house of cards.

Russians, the report affirms, are quietly awaiting the time when Americans discover their problem won’t go away. Then there will be a “hydrogen bomb” of the spirit and a total collapse. There will be no need for Russia to drop bombs on the U.S. The bombs are already there, and they are of American manufacture, and are already “activated and ticking.” The hatred of Jews and Negroes for Majority members is “the hatred of the destructive for the constructive.” Both groups have a conscious and unconscious aim to destroy the U.S.

The Jews are less obviously destructive than the Negroes, but they are a powerfully parasitic people who can only take from the host country. Jews do not create in the economy, but take control of what has already been created, by artificial manipulation of stocks, etc. It is significant that so many of the conglomerate companies are controlled by Jews. The power of the Jews in the American economy is potentially so disastrous that it would suffice in itself to bring America down.

In their long history, the Jews have never had as much power in a host country as they have in the modern United States. They are power-mad… But they are not real controllers, not able to use power constructively…. They cannot rest; they must go on, like Hitler.

Also, they all have the Israel virus. When a relatively uninfected Jew, like Henry Kissinger, comes into a high office, he is so badgered and harassed by important Zionist Jews that he becomes like them. The ultimate Jewish aim is not proper and constructive control in the United States, but the ruination of the United States by making the country serve Zionist interests, subordinating the United States to Israel. It is an extreme inversion of values, not really in the interest of American Jews. But the Jews are not a practical people, they prefer the sensational. Israel does not exist except in aggrandizement: a peaceful Israel is very dull, even to the Jews. It must fight, conquer, keep everyone in an uproar.

We think there is a very good chance it may end with the Jews forcing America into a Hitler-type adventure on behalf of Israel. They will force the United States to attack, and we shall defend.

In order to demonstrate his open-mindedness the colonel raises the possibility that the concessions of the controllers might actually have been wise, as well as necessary, and in the American national interest. He affirms that the Russian experts considered this alternative very thoroughly, but had come to the irrevocable conclusion there was no possible way the Jews, Negroes and the young could ever play a positive and constructive role in the American nation as presently constituted. As to the Negroes, there “can be no Negro aim except to bring all non-Negro life to the Negro level, which means a level at which the American economy cannot function.”

To the colonel, and presumably to the Kremlin, Negroes are only “inferior and destructive” in the America of today. He admits that they can be “somewhat constructive” in a properly controlled society. When the Negro had respect for whites, it was not degrading to work for whites. But now, as a result of white weakness, he has lost this respect and his small quota of constructiveness turns to a large quota of destructiveness. The colonel then turns back to the report which calls attention to the “frightful history” of Negro barbarity in Africa, a history now being reenacted in the U.S.

The idea that Negroes can be integrated socially or economically into an uncontrolled environment is entirely wishful. The lack of control literally and rather reasonably — drives him mad, and he tries to destroy that which is causing the pain, again rather reasonably. The more the impossible “integration” is attempted, the more driven the Negro will be to destroy that to which he is given access.

Thus the Negro cannot be a part of a technological economy in an uncontrolled society. It is beyond him. He cannot hold a job, maintain a home, etc., in chaos the way a white can. In a controlled society, he can make a contribution, however simple. Uncontrolled, he can do nothing. Entirely uncontrolled, he can only destroy.

The colonel, as is his habit, elucidates:

The Negro is a very expensive tax­. He cannot contribute; he must be carried. In any job except physical labor now, he will always have to have a white sustaining him, which means doubling production costs as well as demoralizing the whites.

The report emphasizes the danger of Negroes insisting that whites adopt Negro social patterns. This reactionary process, into which more and more Americans are being drawn, will soon turn the U.S. into one vast Newark. “The idea of Negroes taking over a developed country” was so incredible to the colonel that he conceded for a time he had to question the report’s veracity. But then he read Melville’s Benito Cereno, and it all became clear. The captain had to lose control before Babo, the Negro, could take over — a takeover which was carefully hidden from the outside world. The colonel continues:

Now you have an inverse Mississippi, with the white men stepping off the sidewalks, and permitting a dual standard. The white can be insulted — be called “honkie,” for example — without being able to retaliate with epithets of his own, just as the Negro could not retaliate before… In the end, it will be either your Negroes or your entire society. You can’t have both.

The report reluctantly agrees that some Americans, mainly workers, understand the situation, but are too weak and disorganized to do anything about it. They fall into the trap of taking out their frustration by hating Jews and Negroes, without realizing that it was and is the Majority leaders who betrayed them. Since the workers still have some small stake in the system, they can be talked out of offering any effective resistance, which to succeed would have to amount to an insurrection.

The colonel grants that some Americans, notably Jews, are seeing the straws in the wind and are beginning to turn “conservative.” They realize that not only their wealth, but Israel, too, will disappear if the present trend continues:

This bears out our theory that the Jews, although ultimately destructive, do not have the same short-term suicide wish as the non-Jewish Americans — all of whom remain very quiet — and so will increase their criticisms and become the only group trying to put the brakes on the process. They will be unsuccessful, but they will try in increasing degree.

The report then spins off on a psychological tangent, hypothesizing that some superior people have a depraved type of sensuality which makes them enjoy being taken over by their inferiors. Many rich Wasps actually want to be humiliated by minorities, to see their daughters violated by Negroes and their sons talking like them. According to the colonel,

It starts with men like Harriman and Rockefeller… They are born to control, and then lose faith. Harriman I have often observed on official business, and I know much about his background. He is the perfect example of the lost controller, starting with, in all innocence, the croquet playing with Swope and his nest of Zionists. Disenchanted with the crudity and brutality of the world into which he was born, he allowed himself to believe that the liberals, Jews and Negroes were “better” and so made the steps down one by one… First there creeps in with such people the insidious idea that a world without control is desirable and possible. They actually believe that if they give up control it will disappear. They don’t realize it will only pass to another group.

The report accused the decadent controllers of promoting every possible act and thought that would destroy society. Homosexuality and modern art are included in the list. Things are very bad, so bad, that the question must be asked, “How does the U.S. continue to exist?” The colonel’s answer is “delayed realizations.”

It is already over, but the reality has not been faced. It is the man walking around after the automobile accident and saying, “I’m just fine.” Five minutes later he is dead. Our phrase is “when the Negroes get to the stock market,” by which we mean that when the stock market investors in the United States suddenly realize the true domestic situation, there will be financial panic and collapse… The American adventure is collapsing because of leadership abdication many years ago. This primary cause, working through the Jewish adventures superimposed, and the Negro inefficiency underfoot, will bring the economy down, either in war or peace. This will trigger the general world collapse. Africa, South America and India, with the thinnest of civilized and technological veneers, won’t last a year after the American demise. Then Europe will be strangled without the foreign markets. The house of cards will be in ruins.

The colonel takes a final snort of vodka, stands up and offers a menacing valedictory:

When the United States collapses, the rest of the so-called free world will collapse with it. We shall be the only great power left intact. As unworthy as we are, we shall be in charge. The Americanization will stop. There will be no Americanization….

“If men cannot achieve heaven on earth, they would rather have hell than anything in between. And we can offer hell. That is the Russian message, if you please; that is the basic, binding fact of centuries of pan-Slavism, the great truth that Koba [a nickname of Stalin — Ed.] understood. You could always see it in his eyes, in everything he did… Hell is equal to heaven; it has to be by the very nature of the division, perfectly equal on the other side… All Russians have a touch of religion, and will always desire one extreme or the other. Also a touch of cruelty. If you think any Russian will lay flowers on your grave, you are very mistaken. They prefer to be triumphant…

“So, in a strange way, Marx will come true after all… I could say we wish we could bring heaven rather than hell, but that would not be true. It would not be in harmony with our destiny, our passion, what all our history leads to. Nor is hell a small offering — remember that it is as precious and marvelous as any other completely unique gift…

The Pushkin Report and its mysterious publicist, the drunken KGB colonel, are quite apocalyptic, almost too apocalyptic to be real.

What exactly is Ney trying to tell us? To give up the game because it is already lost? To clean up the mess now that we have been given the proper warning? To realize the enormous strength of the Russian population?

Though we are not at all sure of his motives, whatever Ney is up to, he has given us something to think about — and in days when new perceptions are as rare as supernovas, this is a priceless gift.

* * *

Source: Instauration magazine, April 1978

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17 January, 2016 4:11 pm

Great article.
However I disagree with the following:
“…When the United States collapses, the rest of the so-called free world will collapse with it.”

The status quo for Europe is enforced by the US. This status quo lets the immigrational madness happen, or even directs it. Only when the US collapses can Europe start ‘correcting’. There is, I sense, already popular support for this. New organisational structures will arise quickly once the current US power goes down.

Reply to  NR
27 August, 2021 9:06 am