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Is America Good?

Mike Pompeo

by Douglas Mercer

A COUPLE MONTHS AGO Mike Pompeo continued his endless rolling campaign for the Presidency by going to that jackass Jerry Falwell’s legacy college, Liberty University, where he got the brainwashed all riled up with his patented brand of cloying treacle. The day before he spoke was Veterans Day, and he averred as to the reason that people served this country in the military. His answer warmed the hearts of deaf, dumb, and blind Americans everywhere, the kind of folk who haven’t yet noticed that Negroes and wetbacks have moved in next door and are “dating” their daughters. What he said was balm to civic nationalists everywhere, those who still get weepy when they see “old glory” majestically wave or when the organ swells on a Sunday morning.

What did he say? What did he say at this convocation of the deluded? Why does he think that people choose to join the military?

In some piece of their warrior soul they knew that they are serving America because America is good, because this nation is fundamentally good, and it is something worth defending.

That’s it. America is good.

But is America good? Is it really?

Is America really good?

Is a nation good whose medical establishment endorses elective double mastectomies to fourteen-year-old girls? That blocks the growth of secondary sexual characteristics of young boys? Is a nation good that says a boy can be a girl or a girl a boy? Or, worse that there are no such things as girls or boys? That lets men in women’s bathrooms? That lets boys compete in sports with girls? That permits Negroes with White women to be shown in countless advertisements? That has turned once-thriving White communities into ghost towns? Is a nation good that doesn’t want to control its border? That investigates and threatens or prosecutes border agents who do? Is a nation good that shreds it founding document which protected liberty and puts in its place a made-up one that enshrines “equality”? Is a nation good that slanders its ancestors? That labels good and decent patriots as “domestic terrorists”? Is a nation good that wages war on its founding people? That allows people of the same sex to “marry” and to adopt helpless innocent children? Is a nation good that allows rank filth to be broadcast all over its airwaves? Is a nation good that condemns its past? That mandates injections? Is a nation good that lets its cities burn and doesn’t lift a finger to stop it? That puts Kyle Rittenhouse on trial? That gives James Fields 400 years? Is a nation good that won’t let you say a bad word about the Jews? That lets Jews rule it? Is a nation good that exalts its parasites and condemns any who try to free the nation from them? Is a nation good that lets feral Congoids run free rather than putting them in a cage? Is a nation good that shoves Jewish propaganda about Negroes and other near-erecti down the throats of unsuspecting school children? Is a nation good that confers citizenship on alien invaders’ offspring born on its soil? That flies invaders into unsuspecting pristine White towns deep in the interior? That wants its remaining majority-White states to become less and less White?

Is this a “good nation”?

Is it “worth defending”?

Is a nation good that makes White men and women second class citizens in the country their people created? That throws overboard all standards in testing and academics in order to elevate the alien? That won’t uphold the rule of law? That hunts down patriots? Is a nation good that allows the statues of its heroes to be torn down with no repercussions? Is a nation good that lets it’s people’s jobs bleed out to foreign coolies? That imports alien invaders to lower our wages and take our jobs? That openly allows property and other crimes when committed by “protected classes”? Is a nation good that fights endless and pointless wars, slaughtering millions, on behalf of Jews? That brings in Chinese and Indian invaders to compete with even our intellectual class, and supplant us? That purges law enforcement, the FBI, and the military of White patriots? Is a nation good that welcomes those thought to be most subservient to the nation’s parasites? That welcomes all and sundry invaders and haters of its founding people? That gives these invaders free health care and insists that they be allowed to vote, even when here illegally? Is a nation good that lets itself be overthrown by people who wish it nothing but harm and obliteration?

Is this a good nation? Is it really? And one worth defending?

What do you say with your warrior soul?

* * *

Pompeo is frequently heard uttering that refrain: America is good. It’s like a mantra, charm, or talisman — or a fetish that’s meant to ward off dark night. Say it enough times and close your eyes and the bad men will go away. He says it like he says it on his Scout’s Honor. He sighs deeply when he says it and gets that vaguely misty-eyed look on his face, as if in his minds eye he can see the unending wave of an infinite number of flags, and he can see all those millions of “good” men and women going to church come Sunday morning. When he says it, you know for sure that his God is in His heaven and all is right with the world. It’s a see, say, and hear no evil innocence. It’s that cloying treacle on an industrial scale.

He seems to think he is always going to be a newly minted Second Lieutenant, and he will always be protecting the Fulda Gap like one of the 300. That he will always be out there on those European borders, defending the West against the Soviets. Can the West survive? Why, of course it can! Decent and upstanding men such as himself will see to it. And that smiling hero will always be in the White House with that genial grin of his, and so we “know for sure” that nothing can ever go wrong.

* * *

So is America good? Is this a good nation and a true one? No, of course not; not even close. Despite his pious protestations, America is Weimar redux. America is the Evil Empire incarnate. And far from protecting the homeland from incursion, Pompeo has willfully blinded himself to what is really going on. He’s closed his eyes and those of his followers. He regales the greying remnant of the real America with Sunday sermons, warmly summoning visions of a golden past that can never be again. It’s his Myth of the 20th Century. He believes in it with the fervor of the truest believer, but it fell long ago like a house of cards in a hurricane. It had already fallen before they laid Joe McCarthy in the sod.

And Pompeo stands there amidst the ruins, swearing that the house still stands in all its glory. Like a lunatic, he clings to an imaginary lifeboat as the ship goes down and the provisions dwindle.

Great winds sweep up behind him and waves crash down, but his eyes are focused only on the glory of his words and the nation that now exists only in his fevered dreams.

He really should open up his eyes and look behind him. Because the Communists are not before him, aiming to shoot the gap; they are already inside the gates, and have been there for a very long time. And they have nearly won.

This is no time for heartwarming illusions, empty dreams, hiding in the past. This is no time for pretending. It is time to raise up a generation who will terrify the parasites and the invaders and the collaborators, whose race will be their religion, who will dream only of victory — and who will make those dreams come true.

* * *

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Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
12 February, 2022 12:37 am

Indeed, our race is our religion, it’s the only thing that matters to us Whites as a whole as our future is totally dependent on whether or not we come together and decide, We Must Be. The ordering, the goals, the plans, all that and more will follow this decision. I’ve cast my lot in with the National Alliance because it is aiming at the highest cause, a supreme moral authority I’ve looked for–and found– the Creator’s Purpose as Dr. Pierce has often described it in his essays, broadcasts, and other works.

The Pompeo’s, Jews, and others who would distract or attempt to hinder and destroy us must be swept aside and only building our revolutionary infrastructure of Cosmotheist communities affords the opportunity to do so.

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
12 February, 2022 8:06 am

A fine article that strikes at the root of American narcissism based on myths broadcast by Jewish controlled media. People are victims of flattery and the American people have been so flattered with this media hype, that it works like the “Holocaust” does for the Jews. The Jews are victims and the Americans are heroic. So heroic, they will sacrifice everything to protect the Jews.

12 February, 2022 10:18 am

Unfortunately, America hasn’t been good since the Jews succeeded in establishing the Federal Reserve in 1913. Britain has been a slave to Juda for even longer.

Lazaris Procrustes
Lazaris Procrustes
12 February, 2022 11:10 am

Pompeo’s America:–mightyprintwallartmp.aspx

Just as no sane woodsman would build his cabin that close to the water, which would surge mightily in the spring, no sane nation would tolerate what we are tolerating. There will always be small springs of discontent and envy, but we have let them become mighty torrents, sweeping away what we used to be.

We will end up where we should be, according to all that has gone before, and now is. . . the Law is not mocked. It will not be pleasant.

Reply to  Lazaris Procrustes
13 February, 2022 2:55 pm

Well said.

12 February, 2022 1:27 pm

“Is America Good?”
It’s easy to answer – No – it’s Jewish …

Reply to  Howard
13 February, 2022 2:53 pm

“Is America Good?”

It’s Good For the No Good Jews …

Nate Sosh
Nate Sosh
12 February, 2022 6:48 pm


William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
11 February, 2023 11:28 am

Bump! It’s been a year now since Mr. Mercer posted this truth, and… — Mike Pompeo continues his endless rolling campaign for the Presidency…still standing there amidst the ruins, swearing that the house still stands in all its glory. Like a lunatic, he clings to an imaginary lifeboat as the ship goes down and the provisions dwindle. — A few others are beginning to throw their hats in the ring to replace the batty octogenarian, but Mike is jockeying hard to be frontrunner. Even with the partisan airheads on FOX News giving Mike lots of valuable face time, as a racial separatist I’m now sticking with the current Commander in Chief. I heard some FOX gals agreeing the other day that Joe Biden is “dividing this nation racially.” Hooray! Mike… Read more »