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When the Jews Fired Bob Grant

wabcs_bob_grantby Kevin Alfred Strom (1996)

NEW YORK CITY is, for all practical purposes, lost to the United States. It has become a Third World city. Its political structure and institutions are ruled by an elite consisting of a certain Middle Eastern tribe and their White collaborators. Its streets are ruled by often racially unidentifiable non-White gangs. It is an uncivilized and dangerous place to live and work, unless you are wealthy enough to hide behind the security systems and bulletproof glass of the skyscrapers and limousines. (ILLUSTRATION: Bob Grant)

In New York City the controlled media are unable to maintain the pretense that everything is still all right and that the American people are still in charge, as they do in their “lie casts” to the rest of the country. To make such an outrageous claim would lose the media masters all their credibility, for New Yorkers know better. They know far better than most of us what a sewer this country has become.

In such an environment it was inevitable that someone like Bob Grant would be on the air. Bob Grant was an extremely popular talk-show host on New York’s WABC radio, the 50,000-watt flagship station of Cap Cities/ABC. Bob Grant dared to acknowledge that there were racial differences and that there was a racial problem in this country. He never ever implicated the self-chosen in the decline of America, but he did state openly the obvious truths that the man in the street had waited to hear for so long. And that made him extremely popular. He stated:

Minorities are the Big Apple’s majority. You don’t need the papers to tell you that. Walk around and you know it…. To me, that’s a bad thing. I’m a white person.


We have in our city, we have in our state of New York, we have in our nation, not hundreds of thousands but millions of sub-humanoids, savages, who really would feel more at home careening… along the sands of the Kalahari or the dry deserts of eastern Kenya — people who, for whatever reason, have not become civilized. Am I the only one who makes that observation? No, certainly not. Perhaps I express it more directly, more candidly, far less euphemistically than politicians would.

He even dared to question our present policy of allowing the worst among us to breed us and themselves into more and more poverty and misery:

The only hope we have is something that we’re not brave enough to do. But if there is a brave new world of tomorrow, they will enact the Bob Grant Mandatory Sterilization Plan. I wonder if they’ve ever figured out how they multiply like that. It’s like maggots on a hot day. You look one minute and there are so many there, and you look again and wow, they’ve tripled!

. . . Why not apply the laws of eugenics, the laws of heredity, as discovered or proven out by Gregor Mendel? Why not take those laws and use them on the most important species of all?

He also went beyond merely stating the obvious truths that “everybody knows but no one is supposed to say” when he exposed some of the shady and subversive connections of that New World Order saint, “Martin Luther” King. He went so far as to state the simple facts that made King a phony, a fraud, and a fake; and he characterized King’s moral state accurately when he called him a “scumbag” and a “bum.” Hidden truths were leaking out to the hoi polloi, and we all know that we can’t allow that in our “free and democratic” society!

Though he disclaimed any affiliations with or sympathy for so-called “racists,” Grant did allow pro-White individuals to speak without being cut off in a few instances. This enraged neo-Marxist and leftist groups and individuals such as Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, Jesse Jackson, and Jewish attorney Alan Dershowitz. Their agenda, you see, cannot stand the light of day. And Grant, though on an obvious leash himself, was letting too much light in the room for comfort. They had been clamoring for Grant’s removal for months to no effect. Cap Cities/ABC, though heavily Jewish, had businessmen at the helm who valued profits more than Zionist or leftist goals. And Grant was extremely popular and extremely profitable for ABC.

Even after ADP, AMTRAK, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, First Data Corporation, New Jersey Transit, Blue Cross, and Xerox had been pressured into canceling their ads on Bob Grant’s program, he was still on the air, popular as ever, and the ad revenue kept pouring in.

But, as reported on this program, things have been changing at ABC. ABC has been purchased by the Jewish-owned and controlled Disney Company, making it arguably the largest media empire in the world today. Instead of ultimately reporting to Thomas Murphy, everyone at ABC was now reporting to Disney’s chairman Michael Eisner and Disney’s president Michael Ovitz — both Jews.

Soon ABC radio had a new Gentile overseer, Robert F. Callahan, Jr.; described by the Unofficial Bob Grant Home Page on the Internet as Bob “I never met a protest group I didn’t cave in to” Callahan.

Knowing that they would now have a more sympathetic and a more Kosher ear, the censors intensified their demands to ax Grant after the Disney takeover. When Jesse Jackson demanded Grant’s termination, Michael Ovitz wrote back in true Machiavellian style:

“Although we have already determined how we will handle this situation, I nevertheless appreciate your consideration and concern.”

In a few days, Jackson, Dershowitz, and the rest of the gang were outdoing each other in taking credit for their obscene victory. Grant was fired. According to an inside source at ABC, the conversation between Callahan and Grant went like this:

CALLAHAN: Bob, you’ve been with ABC for a long time and are a valued member of our company. Unfortunately, times are changing, and views such as yours which were once acceptable in the media are now unacceptable. Don’t get me wrong, Bob. I agree with a lot of your views, but your views have become, well, controversial.

You know, Disney owns Cap-Cities/ABC now. Disney is a large, family-oriented company. They don’t like controversy, and frankly, Bob, you’ve become a bit too controversial.

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but you have to be off the air. Here is the deal we’re willing to offer you:

We will continue to pay you in full through the end of your contract if you agree to leave immediately and also agree the separation was mutually agreed to.

If you do not agree, we will stop paying you and claim that your actions were so racist and irresponsible they brought disrepute onto this company and thereby constituted a breach of your contract.

Sure, you’ll sue us, but that will take thousands of dollars and years to get through the courts. You know, we have dozens of lawyers on staff, we can tie this up in court for years. Bob, you’re 67 years old. Are you really up for a fight like that? And even though you’ll win in the end, is it really worth all the legal fees, time, and above all, the aggravation?

Take the money and run, Bob. It’s best for you, best for ABC, and best for Disney.

GRANT: I feel terrible about this. My life has been WABC for years. This isn’t the way I hoped things would end, but it looks like I really have no choice.

Grant has now been offered a time slot at rival New York station WOR. I await reports from my listeners in the urban jungle as to whether and how much his leash has been tightened.

And I have a few words for the censors. You cannot suppress the truth. By shutting down a source of truth, incomplete and partial though his revelations were, you merely drive people to go farther and farther from the lapdog media to find the truth they crave. And you confirm their suspicions about the controlled media. Are you listening, Mr. Eisner?

* * *

Source: Free Speech magazine, June 1996

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17 October, 2016 11:11 pm

According to Buddha there are three things that cannot be hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth.