A Few Things That Will Happen When the Power Grid Goes Down

As America is converted to a Third World country, the grid will become less and less reliable.

IMAGINE if you will, what would happen if you pulled an American family from the 19th century, and plopped them in the middle of downtown Los Angeles during rush hour. They’re not given a warning, they’re not given any kind of primer on what they’re about to experience, and the occurrence is completely inexplicable. How long do you suppose they would last before they cried uncle? Would they even survive? The odds probably aren’t so good.

Of course, the reverse is probably also true. If you and your family were wrenched from the comforts of the present and hurled back into a previous era, you might not fare so well either. Your survival odds would probably be a little better since you have hindsight and an understanding of germ theory. However, it would still be a pretty alien world for you. It would be littered with pitfalls that most modern people can’t even imagine.

And that’s why it’s so important for everyone to prepare for the possibility that one day our grid could go down in a big way, whether it be from a terrorist attack, cyber attack, nuclear war, or solar flare. If our society suffered a widespread power failure that lasted for weeks or months, it would be no different for us than if we were suddenly sent back to the 1800s. It would be a strange and dangerous world, and for the average person, it would catch him or her off guard in the following ways:

  1. All commerce will cease. The ATMs won’t work, the banks won’t open, and the cash registers won’t…well, register. For a while cash will be king, but if the crisis goes on for more than a few weeks, then people will view it as worthless. We’d be back to a barter economy in short order. Those — like Black or Mestizo unemployables — who have no skills to barter would almost immediately turn to open terror and violence on a large scale.
  2. Communications will shut down. If you think you can rely on your cell phone to work in a disaster, think again. In a crisis, when everyone instinctively reaches for their phone, that limit is quickly surpassed and the radios on the tower get sluggish, thus causing the fast-busy signal. Mobile analysts estimates that a cell site can handle 150 to 200 calls per second per sector. When a large group are making calls at the same time, the network can’t handle the amount of calls. More importantly, communications with police, firefighters, and ambulance services will cease. Many of the workers in these positions will try to soldier on, and keep doing the best job that they can for as long as they can. However, without ordinary citizens calling them to report crimes and emergencies, they’ll be helplessly watching their communities burn down around them. It won’t be long before they give up, ditch their posts, and return to their families.
  3. Without electricity, all forms of fuel that our society relies on will stop flowing. All of our vehicles will be dead in the water, and more importantly, the trucks will stop delivering food. The grocery stores will be stripped bare in hours, and will not be replenished for a long time. Even if you live in an area that is rich in agricultural resources, there may be no food to be had, since those farms rely on fertilizers and farming equipment that must be delivered by trucks.
  4. And of course many of those farms will lack water, as will your plumbing. For a couple of days after the power goes out, you’ll still have running water since water towers rely on gravity to feed the water to your home. However, electricity is required to clean that water and pump it into the tower. Once it’s out, that means that you won’t be able to flush your toilet. So not only dehydration be a major threat, but without the ability to remove human waste or wash your hands, every community will face daunting sanitation problems.
  5. When the grocery stores are stripped bare, the pharmacies won’t be far behind. Millions of people who rely on life saving medications could die in the weeks and months that follow. But perhaps more shocking is what would happen to the people who aren’t using drugs that are immediately life saving. 13% of Americans are using opioid drugs, which are highly addictive and cause horrendous withdrawal symptoms. Another 13% of Americans are on antidepressants, and likewise, the withdrawal symptoms are pretty problematic. In other words, within a few weeks after the grid collapses, about 25% of your neighbors are going to be in an awful mental state that is not conducive for survival. The White people who are unprepared for such a disaster may themselves prove a danger, even an organized one, as time goes by — but they will be nothing compared with the depredations of the urban non-White underclass, who will quickly spread out from the uninhabitable inner cities into the suburbs where the hated “rich” Whites live. To be safe, White families should be at least several days walking distance from any sizable city.
  6. And finally, one of the most shocking things that people will have to deal with, is the nuclear power plants not running. Sure, we may lose some power, but the real issue will be a release of radiation. A large percentage of electricity goes into maintaining and cooling the spent fuel rods in a nuclear power plant installation. A prime example is a nuclear facility that may have one working (running) reactor and two that are shut down with spent fuel rods. This is not uncommon to find. Now, follow the reasoning: when the primary power shuts down and the backup is rendered inoperable, how is coolant water to be pumped to cool the spent fuel rods?

In summary, law and order will break down at every level, and death will be around every corner.

* * *

Source: Ready Nutrition and National Vanguard correspondents

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22 March, 2017 4:12 am

…still the best video to get the message across in less than two minutes. “EMP: A Terrorist’s Dream” – 1 minute – 24 second VIDEO Pulling the plug on the electric grid, however it happens, would be WORSE than plunking present day Americans back down into the 1800’s. The people of the 1800’s were trained, educated, and had spent their entire lives preparing to live in the 1800’s, and their whole world was designed and equipped to function and survive in the 1800’s. Present day Americans trying to live without electricity would be like 300 million fish trying to live out of water. The population would probably collapse back to pre-Columbian levels, with just some few millions of hunter-gatherer-scavenger-cannibals left to fight each other over the carcass of the… Read more »

22 March, 2017 6:49 am

The flow of electrons is an artificial lift. Anything beyond food, clothes and shelter is a luxury in the natural world. Natural Selection decides who stays and who goes. A sharp adjustment could be just what the doctor ordered. The Sun will continue to shine and photosynthesis will provide oxygen for all to breathe. It’s high-time to see what contemporary White people are made of. As a southern down-homer of the kinfolk states, I concede that central air and heat is good.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
22 March, 2017 7:30 pm

I bought one of these from Lee Bellinger a few
years ago…

…and you newbees are in luck because the new
ones are EMP-proof!

29 March, 2017 4:05 pm

Permaculture is the best known method for food production, without ruining the top soil or eco-system. It requires no out side input other then some one who will work hard, have the discipline to postpone gratification, intelligence enough to manage it, and creative enough to deal with the ever changing natural world. I wonder what group of people are best fitted to deal with all of that? We all should/will be starting with this basic formate to rebuild our civilization and better way of life. It will weed out the weak, unintelligent, uncreative, and non-hackers. All families will produce their own local food and we will have a “internet net work” of permaculture food production across our nation. All surplus labor and materials will be used to advance our technology… Read more »