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Deconstructing White Heritage

Enthroned Washington (1832) by Horatio Greenough

by Douglas Mercer

STARTING IN THE 1970s, the theory of “people’s history” swept American academia like an infectious disease; this was to replace the “great man” theory in which heroes held center stage; now the great men were made into nonentities of the historical process, and it was always “the people” who caused movements and events to happen. In 1980 Jew Howard Zinn penned a mediocre book called A People’s History of the United States. It was off-the-rack standard Jewish/leftist fare: The White man committed genocide against the Indians, stole the land, oppressed the Negroes, and behind whatever fortune we had there was a crime. With a book so inauspicious no reasonable person would have prophesied its thunderous success — but the Jewish stranglehold on the academy was already well in place.

Howard Zinn

Propelled by the Usual Suspects into use as a standard history text in American high schools, its thesis (White America is evil) — once controversial — is now as “mainstream” as it comes. Indeed, every school district across the land eats such ideological garbage for breakfast. And no one ever went broke teaching it.

On June 21 2023 Washington, DC’s Board of Education approved new anti-racist social studies standards for grades K-12 in public and charter schools that will teach students to analyze the harmful effects of white supremacy and colonization across US and world history, as well as embrace tenets of Critical Race Theory to explain power structures.

What we are witnessing is the assault on the heroic image. Whatever greatness there is in the world, whatever nobility, whatever astounding renown (that is, whatever the White race possesses), they want to drag it down to their level, to grind it into equality with the lowest common denominator.

The other day, a supposed White advocacy site let loose this howler on the world:

I think that simple White Supremacism, in the sense of the belief that whites are superior, which was at least plausible in the 19th century, is now extinct. Apart from the huge Asian economic renaissance, everyone who looks into the matter is aware of the racial IQ distribution and its implications. This science was not available until the 20th century.

What this is supposed to mean is that because Asians are hive people drones who can crank out production, somehow the White race is no longer superior. Some White advocacy, eh? They make great hay of the idea that some Chinese monks (not Gutenberg) supposedly “invented the printing press” first. But this means nothing; what the Chinese did with this invention was somewhere on the spectrum between doodly and squat and trending heavily toward squat. The thing about a printing press is that it’s worthless if you have nothing worth printing, and the so-called Asian tiger is a paper tiger — with naught to put on paper. But we Europeans with our vast inheritance of Greece and Rome used the new invention to immediately go vertical and set off on a 500-year binge of greatness which will never be equaled (unless we do it). It is this greatness which galls them and sticks in their craw. So in kindergarten, White children will now be told that this greatness A) was stolen and B) is the quintessence of evil.

In contrast to the previous social studies standard from 2006, the latest version will explicitly discuss white supremacy. The basis for an updated curriculum came in December 2020 when the Social Studies Standards Advisory Committee issued its Guiding Principles publication that explained today’s students are living in a globally interconnected and culturally diverse world. Washington, DC schools will officially implement the new standards during the 2024-2025 academic year.

The guiding principles are simple: Dead White males are the cancer of history, history as taught in the bad old days was White history and needs to be deconstructed and decentered. No longer will our young learn about the glories of the White conquest of the continent; the noble and courageous men who went into the wilderness, cleared it of its stagnating inhabitants, forded the rivers, went through the passes, charted an unknown world, and created everything we have. No, now they will pore over the lore of broken pottery shards, of superstitious medicine men, of Negro “spirituals,” and the “Underground Railroad” which was not a railroad at all; of poor coolies who lived twenty to a flophouse and got the business end of a superior people; of all the worthless Browns who were denied citizenship in an emerging empire; of lands pilfered; of Jews excluded; of smallpox and lynching; of “redlining” and “the back of the bus” — that is, not history at all, but the saccharine stories of lesser breeds.

Beyond Heroes and Holidays is an interdisciplinary guide for teachers, administrators, students, and parents. Through lessons and readings, we share examples of how educators, staff, students, and parents can work together to transform the curriculum, rather than simply adding to current frameworks.

The Gay Mulatto said that he wanted to “fundamentally transform” America; “to transform” is a Jewish term of art meaning to undermine, weaken, and destroy; the fact is that American history as it was taught even fifty years ago was never any great shakes; it was still too apologetic and meek; instead of unabashedly celebrating the coming of the White man to America it hedged it about with numerous caveats; but the Indians, but the Blacks — you know the drill. But even so, at its core it was a positive rendition of what was after all the most glorious moment in White world supremacy; the White man flinging himself to the New World and creating one. But now, the curriculum and the framework (which held us in reasonably good stead) has to be stripped of every last vestige of Whiteness, has to be decolonized and made to showcase the alleged suffering of what are, after all, strangers to our blood. And by the time these ideological ghouls are done transforming it, there will be nothing left of our history and our heritage; that is, there will be nothing left at all.

The advisory committee urged for a new standard that would advance beyond a heroes and holiday treatment of history, and instead offer culturally inclusive and anti-racist material that will impart important social studies content in the early grades, strengthen student knowledge of democratic principles and values, and promote civic engagement.

This is straight-up propaganda; not that I object to that per se; every ruling people should teach its youth exactly what they want them to know — when Adolf Hitler set about constructing a new National Socialist man, he coordinated the whole of the teaching profession in the Reich to teach about the importance of a racially pure community of the German people — what I object to is that we have let the organs of education slip from our grasp; as early as the 1930s in American high school textbooks they were already supplanting settler ideology with that of “natural equality” and the “melting pot”; and now this trend has gone berserk to the point where the founding stock of this nation is pilloried from pillar to post. When they say they want to “go beyond heroes and holidays,” they mean eliminating White heroes and White holidays; gone is Columbus day in favor of the allegedly “indigenous.” And the White race — gone with the wind.

At the Kindergarten level, students should be able to recognize that sometimes rules are unfair, but people can work to change them. They will be also instructed to identify different kinds of families and caregivers within a community (e.g., single-parent, blended, grandparent-headed, conditionally separated, foster, LGBTQ+, multiracial), and explain the importance of demonstrating respect for all people.

Subversion in the little grades! How quaint it seems now that “Heather had two mommies”; now she’s got three at least, they are all mixed-race, at least one is into leather, and they marked down “unknown” as to her sex on the birth certificate. The little kids now will have their minds perverted by a strictly Jewish approach to learning.

By the fourth grade, students will learn about important contributions of diverse Americans while evaluating the ways American history has led to conflict, exploitation and unfairness. This will include discussions on how colonization created opportunities and limitations for people, partly depending on their race, social class, religion and/or gender. Fourth graders will also analyze the impact of European colonization and oppression on the human rights of Indigenous Nations. High school students will learn about the lasting effects of the systematized tactics and impact of widespread terror and violence implemented by mostly white Americans.

There is a science fiction story in which a girl from another planet where the Sun always shines comes to one where it always rains. Then one day the word comes that on the rainy planet the Sun will come out for a moment; and the children who have never seen the Sun take the new girl and lock her in a closet for those moments. This is a parable of our time, a story of boiling and seething resentment, of the desire to take what is high and render it low, to take what is great and roll it through the mud. In the schools in our capital now, they have Zinnism run amok; our enemies are in control of what is, after all, a battlefield: the minds of the young. And when they are done, not a stone will be left atop a stone; and White holidays and White heritage and above all White heroes will be consigned to the darkness. Until the day we rise again.

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
25 July, 2023 9:51 pm

Truths about Jews! 20 July 2023. Studies 
in the anthropology of a genetically-
fanatical and remarkably influential 
quasi-racial group …… Read this 
to understand our world: Invest a 
little time into your whole future…

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Walt Hampton
26 July, 2023 8:45 pm

Read this to understand our world: Invest a 
little time…

“A little time,” you say? Like maybe three months to read through that wall of text that leads the reader nowhere.

So, what do you think of Douglas Mercer’s essay, Walt?

He doesn’t need a half million words to have NV readers understand our world just fine. He does so with just one pithy paragraph like this:

Subversion in the little grades! How quaint it seems now that “Heather had two mommies”; now she’s got three at least, they are all mixed-race, at least one is into leather, and they marked down “unknown” as to her sex on the birth certificate. The little kids now will have their minds perverted by a strictly Jewish approach to learning.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
27 July, 2023 9:12 am

Excellent! National Vanguard magazine provides
a depth and clarity to the Jew problem that
can be found nowhere else. Aletho News is also
good, albeit without actually naming the Jew.

Reply to  William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
3 August, 2023 7:25 am

Excellent observation Mr. Williams. I would like to warn all the readers of National Vanguard against the website ( It is a confusing, and therefore time-wasting, hotchpotch of good and interesting information combined with worthless trash and outrageous lies. Stay away from there and confine yourselves to National Vanguard, the best political website in English language.

PS: The creator of the website, a man who calls himself Raeto West, promotes and is great admirer of a lunatic called Miles W. Matthis who believes EVERYONE of importance in European history was a Jew; to give you an idea of how ridiculous his claims are I shall only mention two historical figures who, according to him, were Jews: Napoleon and Mussolini. I rest my case.

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Angelicus
3 August, 2023 11:47 am

Angelicus: …( It is a confusing, and therefore time-wasting, hotchpotch of good and interesting information combined with worthless trash and confine yourselves to National Vanguard, the best political website in English language. — It only took me a couple of minutes to agree with your assessment of that aptly named site where Walt suggests NV readers go spend a little time if they really want to “understand the world.” Walt has a habit of surfing the Internet for anything he finds interesting, then posting links to those sites here, no matter how off the wall and off-topic they are. This only confuses newcomers to NV and demoralizes regular visitors like yourself. If he doesn’t cease, we’ll have to block his comments, even though he’s capable of posting material relevant to… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
28 July, 2023 7:52 am

Libraries To Close!

Maybe a good idea, as school and public 
libraries have banned most books on 
holocaust truth or anything anti-Jew.  
It’s all available on the internet now.

As an aside, most Negros do not read 
books. They watch and listen to “rap” 
(anti-White) or listen to how bad White 
people are in classrooms. Under this 
new system, the violent disruptive 
ones will be isolated at the former 
libraries. The former libraries will 
become in effect fight clubs. This 
new use for some school libraries 
in Houston might be challenged in 

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Walt Hampton
28 July, 2023 8:50 pm

Congoids brought the jungle with them from Africa, Walt. It’s in their DNA to cause the destructive society they inhabit. As fast as we can separate from them won’t come soon enough for us, and doing so in a comprehensive, organized matter is what the National Alliance is a necessity if our race to survive and have the tools for getting it done.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
29 July, 2023 12:05 pm

I agree. However the biggest threat
– both individually and collectively
– is the international cabal of mega-
billionaires that control the Earth
thru their WHO (World Health Organ-
ization) and WEF (World Economic 
Forum). These arch-fiends are actively
bringing down the planetary population 
from 8 billion to around 500 million. 
We live in a world of James Bond 
villians – but no James Bonds.

30 July, 2023 9:10 am

Thank you for an excellent article, Mr Mercer. “…all White heroes will be consigned to the darkness. Until the day we rise again.” I do hope this happens, but have no hope when it comes to my country, Sweden. The only truly nationalist info source in the Swedish language is the web-paper “Nordfront” and pods from the Nordic Resistance Movement. Both are, unsurprisingly, widely defamed as Nazi-terrorist (btw, Nordfront was cancelled by Twitter as soon the great “saviour” Elon M. became the “boss”.) All other info sources, with exception for Motpol, a web-paper that publishes articles for highly intelligent people, and Nya Tider, the only printed paper that is since ten years putting great efforts to stay impartial (As we now are “governed by rightist”, I doubt that the tiny Nya… Read more »

Reply to  Annacath
3 August, 2023 6:46 am

Hello Annacath: You have made two interesting points. The first was about that cynical billionaire who likes to pose as a defender of “freedom of speech” a meaningless concept as fake as a 3-dollar banknote in our Judaized world. Yes, Mr. Elon Mask (pun intended) is considered by many fools some kind of “right-winger” (another meaningless term as it has been coined and devaluated by the Jews) who, supposedly, was going to cleanse that disgusting Marxist hotbed known as “Twitter” (LOL) The second point concerns the cowardly and fully brainwashed Swedes. Having said that, the situation in Sweden mirrors that of almost all Western Europe (i.e.: the majority of Whites are too scared/stupid to do something about their replacement/destruction. As a good friend told me: “Most White people are still… Read more »

12 September, 2023 8:00 pm

Malevolent Marxist cockroaches eventually figured it out early in the 20th century.
There is no actual need for wars. To take over an entire civilized country, all you need to do is infiltrate the schools and poison the minds of future generations.
It takes a little bit longer to achieve, but these parasites are very patient.