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THIS NEW video by YouTube producer ReallyGraceful is very well-done, although there are a (very) few mistakes in it — Leo Frank’s trial jury is conflated with the grand jury, for example. This piece is a sign that we in the alternative media are making a real difference in how this case is…
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by Hadding Scott WHY WE FIGHT is a series of short films that was produced by Frank Capra’s Liberty Films for the U.S. Army Special Service Division in 1943, with Capra directing most of the episodes. You may have seen parts of this series on some unaffiliated UHF television station that had time…
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AN IMPORTANT PART of the Blame Whitey narrative that has come to frame the understanding of history conventionally found within the public sphere is the myth of tolerance in Muslim-ruled Spain: “convivencia” as it is called, or co-existence; together with an ostentatious appreciation…
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