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Military Commands

Chameleon “Stanton”

by Douglas Mercer

IN Jew York City there’s a punk rabbi named Joshua Stanton who’s blowing the Shofar to mind-numbing levels. Remember that lady who said she had fantasies of unloading a revolver in the head of any White person who got in her way? Or that guy who said Whiteness is a malignant and parasitic condition and White people’s appetites are voracious, insatiable, and perverse? Well, when it comes to vicious anti-White diatribes those two are pikers, bush league stuff. When reasonable-seeming Rabbi Joshua Stanton puts on that ridiculous prayer shawl and that minuscule hat he doesn’t hold back. He goes whole hog.

Apparently he’s looking to wipe out hundreds of thousands of people.

Check the record.

This shofar-blowing Jew is doing the equivalent of fedposting — putting up threats of violence, advocating felonies — from the pulpit of a synagogue right there in the heart of New York City. But he doesn’t have to worry about a thing from the two-tier, two-track system of “law and justice” in this once-White land. Hell no! He’s totally in the clear. They’d no more think of knocking on his door than our “elites” would think of actually defending our border; it’s the last thing on Earth they’re interested in. You see, the Joshua Stantons of the world know they have free rein to rain down hate and tyranny and blood libel on White people. Jews are not only a protected class, they are a class that is cocooned from criticism, sheltered from any repercussions, given safe harbor to perpetrate any kind of evil they wish, and no one will do the least little thing about it. In fact, in most cases they’ll cheer it on.

If you want to learn who rules over you it’s the Jews.

Why, they have the feds wrapped around their little gold-ringed fingers. The FBI is very busy doing the Jews’ bidding, you know: going after “White supremacists,” that very famous Number One Domestic Terrorist Threat. So, far from going after him, they’ll cheer him on, and go after those who question him too loudly. They’re on the same team.

It’s a nation attacking its founding people.

And Joshua Stanton is piling on. He’s hurling anathema at us, proscribing us; like a Jew Roman emperor he’s giving us a big Jew thumbs down.

And he’s doing it scot-free.

What a sweet deal!

* * *

East End Temple stands in solidarity with Jewish groups targeted in acts of anti-Semitism. Please visit the Anti-Defamation League web site, below, for reliable and up-to-the-minute information.

In an interview he says he wants to “end the pandemic of racism,” that when the Black Lives Matter “protests” were occurring near his synagogue, he put on all the PPE he could lay his hands on and showed up at them; he said it was important that he be seen not just as another denizen of New York City but specifically as Jewish, specifically as a Rabbi. He said that in his tradition they believe in — and here he said something indecipherable in Hebrew but it sounded like he was about to cough up something large — but whatever that disgusting sound was, it apparently means there are some things you are obligated to do. Like eradicate White people.

A cursory look into him and you can see him on CNN lambasting Marjorie Greene for comparing mask mandates to the so-called Holocaust. Hasn’t she heard that on the very first day and on every day thereafter, the Lord God Yahweh told the Jews that there shall be no other holocaust before the Big One? How dare that White woman have the temerity! Why, judging by the rabbi’s reaction, she might as well have used those holy ashes for kitty litter, or bathed with those famous dove bars their ancestors got turned into, or worn some of those famous shoes and gone shucking and jiving in blackface, or squatted on Leo Frank’s grave screaming Why not one more time?

Stanton told Jew stooge Jim Acosta during a mega ten-minute segment that Greene was “appropriating” Jew history and promoting a false understanding that “can cause death” to Jews. It’s not her place to assess Jew history; it’s the place of the victims, so shut the Hell up, goy. Then he averred that you can look into every branch of his family tree and see that the branch got lopped off summarily by the sinister Germans who had the vicious audacity to want a country of their own, free of foreign influence. It was a “dark time,” he said; the Jewish population still has not recovered from all those work camps, their hearts broken beyond repair at the the thought that Jews actually had to do manual labor. He said you can’t things that Jews don’t like and just expect them to go on as if it’s business as usual, no — they have to ramp up their screaming to massive decibel levels and double down on the fleecing and preying on their hosts. And now the Lord God Yahweh has given them a big stick to beat the White man about his head, and damn it if they’re not going to use it. He said the GOP needs to force Greene out; that her words can be linked to violence; that she should stop speaking and start listening and start learning. He then invited her to journey with him to the Camps of Death (where the Magic Jew in the Sky somehow made the Jew population increase while it was being “wiped out”) so he could fill her ears with lies and nonsense.

Marjorie Green did not take up Stanton’s offer to travel with him to the reputed charnel houses and putative halls of horror. But she did the next best thing. She went to that shrine to Jewish power in Washington, DC, the “United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,” paid for by you and me and dedicated to our mortal enemies. There she saw the simulacra of the simulacra of nothing, and probably got to visit one of those converted meat lockers where you get herded in with the other dupes and you push a button and the steam comes pouring down like you’re in a cheesy disco. It was after this trip that Greene stopped opposing the powers that be and apologized for her “insensitive” remarks that mask mandates were like forcing Jews to do an honest day’s work. That is, she got zogged. You think you can’t fight city hall? Try fighting the Jews — they own city hall.

Later Stanton went back on CNN after a Synagogue attack, and, despite the greater number of attacks on Whites and the vastly more widespread anti-White rhetoric, droned on about the “rise of anti-Semitism” and the zeroed in on the by now familiar “radicalized base of White nationalists.” The phrase “domestic terrorism” was bandied about liberally like a witch doctor’s charm and then a homosexual Negro called Don Lemon said the words “White terror.”

They look so solemn and grave when they do this act; if you didn’t know any better you’d think they were talking about something real.

That is one advantage of being a high-profile, ultra-privileged Jew in Jew York City: When the Jews who run the networks need someone to tell White people to shut up and start listening, they trot you out so you can tell fibs about how Rudolph Hoess transformed your great uncle Schmuley into a doodad for the dashboard of his Mercedes.

* * *

Joshua Stanton is Rabbi of East End Temple in Manhattan and a Senior Fellow at The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership. He serves on the Board of Governors of the International Jewish Committee For Interreligious Consultations (IJCFIC) which liaises on behalf of Jewish communities worldwide with the Vatican and other international religious bodies.

Josh was in the 2015 – 2016 cohort of Germanacos Fellows and part of the inaugural group of Sinai and Synapses from 2013 – 2015. Josh served as Associate Rabbi at Congregation B’nai Jeshurun in Short Hills, New Jersey and before that as Associate Director of the Center for Global Judaism at Hebrew College and and Director of Communications for the Coexist Foundation. Josh was one of just six finalists worldwide for the $100,000 Coexist Prize and was additionally highlighted by the Coexist Forum as “one of the foremost Jewish and interreligious bloggers in the world.”

The Germanacos Foundation, a partner of Seeds of Peace since 2009, supports educational programs that use a broad range of perspectives to foster a critical scrutiny of society.

The Sinai and Synapse site has an article called “Repairing the world with Science Tikkun.”

The people at the Coexist Foundation are the ones who published that execrable “coexist” bumper sticker you see on Volvos with all the religious and peace symbols, doubtlessly hoping Whites will act as if something called “humanity” existed and was just one big happy family as opposed to what is really going on, which is that there are numerous races and tribes locked in terrible and mortal combat in pursuit of living space, resources, domination, spoils, exploitation, and genocide.

From the foregoing you can see that Joshua Stanton, the Jew rabbi from Jew York City, is all Jewed up.

* * *

His synagogue’s site says that he belongs to something called “Rabbis Without Borders.”

“Haven’t we been called rootless cosmopolitans and slandered as perennially disloyal for not being sufficiently devoted to the defense of home and country?”

Yes, you have. Continuously and truthfully.

“Tikkun Olam (Hebrew for world repair) has come to connote social action and the pursuit of social justice. The phrase has origins in classical rabbinic literature and in Lurianic kabbalah, a major strand of Jewish mysticism originating with the work of the 16th-century kabbalist Issac Luria.”

An obscure Jew dressed in black with the hat and the locks promoting an obscurantist philosophy gave them their MO: Pretend to be virtuous while being evil; pose as paragons when in fact you’re pariahs.

Has there ever been a more Orwellian phrase than the Jews’ “repair the world”? In fact they break it down, harm it, undermine it, subvert it, attempt to weaken it — so like vultures they can feed on the carrion.

“Our downtown Reform congregation reflects the interests, diversity and energy of the New York Jewish community: we are women, men and children of all ages; Jewish and interfaith; single and partnered; straight and gay; socially responsible and personally spiritual; traditional and liberal; and everything in between.”

They have no standards whatsoever; the weirder the better.

As always, his synagogue seems to be big on immigration; if he has his way rabbis won’t be the only thing without borders.

Learned about the immigration crisis with activist Ravi Ragbir and Professor Alina Das from the NYU School of Law.

Hosted Accompaniment Training sessions with the New Sanctuary Coalition, in support of immigrant rights.

Proud members of the Synagogue Coalition on the Immigration and Refugee Crisis.

Signed onto multiple amicus briefs in support of immigrant rights and opposing the construction of the border wall.

Taken part in, cosponsored, and led numerous rallies in support of immigrant rights and against the separation of families.

When it comes to borders, repairing the world means flooding our homes with the Brown tide.

“Living out our Jewish values takes a voice and an agenda. I am proud to be part of the New York Jewish Agenda.”

Destroying America is a Jewish value. Blotting out Whites who have retained their self-respect is a Jewish value.

To repair the world they’ll leave it in ruins.

* * *

To Blot Out (definition): to destroy all traces of

To Extirpate (definition): to root out and destroy completely

At one point he put on that prayer shawl, donned that tiny hat, stood in the pulpit of his synagogue, and, as they say, said the quiet part out loud. Susan Sontag said that Whites are the cancer of of history; Derek Hook said that White people should commit suicide as an ethical act, Noel Ignatiev wanted to abolish Whiteness. But they have nothing on this guy. He doesn’t beat around the bush or do it piecemeal, or talk in hypotheticals or abstractions. You don’t have to read between the lines.

You just have to read them.

In America today we have White Supremacists, in the Torah we had Amalek. Amalek is seen as the eternal enemy or our people whose members found strength by making us suffer. Therefore when the Lord God grants you safety from those enemies around you and the land the Lord God has given you as your portion you shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven.

Do not forget!

Our rabbinic sages parsed these sentences into two distinct meanings. Blot our the memory of Amalek is a military command, literally to destroy Amalek. Now facing today’s Amalek today we are reminded that Torah calls us not just to escape but to extirpate. We are commanded to do real and literal battle against Amalek. That means coming off the bench in the fight against White Supremacy, that means putting our reputations and our money and our physical bodies on the line. But also that we must be ready to answer people with a radically destructive and incoherent version of history so we can counter White Supremacy and blot them out by retaining on our lips and in our records their history, by being bearers of history we can help guide the future. Blotting out need not be merely about military conquest but equally important is ideological victory. Nothing could more readily counter White Supremacy than the Jewish community proudly helping our Muslim neighbors, nothing undermines the White Supremacy world view than diverse communities getting along and building towards the future. For if we are honest with ourselves and look within there is something that plagues us, attacks us when we are weakest. and follows us through the generations, not only that there are people who hate Jews but there is a piece of Amalek in every human being. Now as in every generation we are commanded to fight, to separate ourselves from the world by doing good in the world.

When you watch the video of this, his epicene nature seems to belie his brave words; he seems like the kind of guy who’d sit behind a desk and bring in millions of refugees, or give Blacks and Browns massive legs up anywhere he was working, or shut down the speech of any White person who had a good thing to say about his race, or talk incessantly about pogroms and persecutions in classrooms. But it’s hard to see him as engaging in “literal battle.” But there he is adjusting his problem glasses and blowing a big shofar saying that Yahweh the Vengeful himself is a commanding general laying down the command of genocide. Not the slow motion drip-drip-drip genocide of our replacement by those millions of “refugees,” but the real live, hands-on, bloody-basement-floor thing.

It really is rather startling. The easy going laissez-faire rabbi who will accept “everything in between” is nowhere to be seen.

Doesn’t he know that White genocide as a Jewish duty is supposed to be denied at all costs, to be ascribed only to the kooks and the cranks and the crazy? But here he is spilling it. Spelling it out in no uncertain terms. Making it a call to arms. The g-d of Israel himself says so. Saying that Jews are under orders. Not a bit of wiggle room.

He makes it sound like there is a blood war going on.

You don’t need to read between the lines.

Just read them.

And when he says that everyone has at least a little Amalek in him, you have to think that his definition of “White supremacist” is as as broad as it can be.

* * *

The richest part of this bloodthirsty rant (other than the the call for ruthless killing of White people, that is) is his notion that they, the Jews, are the bearers of our history. From the beginning, the Jews have done nothing but distort and falsify our history. Why just the other day a Jewish Mayor in Mexico City took down a statue of Christopher Columbus and replaced it with an eerie insect-like creature supposedly representing an indigenous peasant women.

We’ll take care of our own history, thank you very much. If we leave it to them, it will disappear.

Fortunately we’ve been keeping an accurate record.

* * *

According to the rabbi the only coherent view of history is the Jewish version, which goes something like this: The Jews are a wonderful people whom the Lord God Yahweh chose to be his peace-seeking representatives on Earth; from time out of mind they traveled the world doing good and mending things and being cheerful and helpful towards the people among whom they lived. But for some mysterious, inexplicable, and irrational reason those people had hard and bitter hearts and hated the Jews and ran them out whenever they could. And when they couldn’t, they mercilessly subjected them to all manner of persecutions, pogroms, and slander. Then one day an Evil Man with the darkest heart of all decided to do away with these good and kind Jews. And only by the skin of their teeth did they manage to survive. But as a result of the Evil Man, millions and millions of them perished. And then it turned out that the people who defeated the Evil Man for them turned out to be almost as evil themselves. And so now the Jews live in this world going about doing good and mending things — but their lives are always precarious because the spirit of the Evil Man lives on and may, at any moment, take hold completely again in that same spirit of mysterious and inexplicable and irrational hate and rage.

The radically destructive and incoherent view of history, according to the rabbi, is that through evolutionary genetic adaptation White people rose to the apex of Nature and were well on their way to the stars, but the Jews shadowed them, stealing the wealth generated by all the Whites’ immense progress, and glommed on to the White race and with sinister intent seduced enough White people so that they were able to act as parasites and drag the Great Race down into the mud. Finally a Good Man came along and tried to set the White Race free from this burden, and nearly succeeded. But when the Good Man was killed, more and more White people became convinced that the Good Man was an Evil Man. Too many White people, by taking the Jews’ part, placed the evolutionary progress and even continued existence of White people in doubt. Through this subterfuge, the Jews obtained immense power and set about finishing off the remnants of who still considered the Good Man to be good, and thus the existence of that remnant is precarious and depends on the sane and healthy ideas of the Good Man once again taking root.

* * *

Both views of history believe that a final battle is afoot. A blood battle, if you will.

And if anyone tells you that White genocide is a crazy conspiracy theory, just take a good long listen to this Jewish rabbi from the Jewish city of New York, listen to him blow that shofar long and loud.

The orders are military commands and come from top brass.

They are as clear as a bell and they are clear as Hell.

It’s what the ongoing extirpation is all about.

Do not forget!

* * *

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Art Thief
Art Thief
24 September, 2021 2:43 pm

Squatting on Leo Frank’s grave while screaming “why not one more time”… thanks, I needed a laugh today!

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
25 September, 2021 3:38 pm

excellent !
excellent ! Mercer ….keep ripping the existential guts out of these uninvited Tapeworms.

i curse the weak men of America in the last 80 years….who allowed these insidious Plague-Rats to gain a foothold in OUR country.

even my father was hypnotized by the filthy rodential propaganda these odious ferrets emanate.

good job again Mercer!

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
27 September, 2021 11:07 am

i call it the “Mercer Report” and look forward to each and every installment.

yes pseudo psycho pretend Jews , your right: people have a tendency to gravitate towards people and subject matter that reaffirms what they already believe.

Jesse Gilbert
Jesse Gilbert
2 October, 2021 12:07 am

10,000 Round Mags! No Kick!! No Silencers Needed!!! Welcome to NEWMATICS from Superstar Patriotic Pro-Constitutional Weapons Developer, Jesse Gilbert (semitic/irish reader of NV)… Will you even post the truth that semitic male Jesse Gilbert from Berkeley, California gets around USA / lawyer unconstitutional restriction with personal AI/OS weapons systems that the government cannot regulate or stop? Air power fellas! You cannot regulate self-defense compressed air, BB’s, nails, pepper balls etc… 1/10th the cost + potentially 10x++ as effective as gunpowder bullets – Can definitely be mounted on vehicles. A multi trillion budget saver with projected spending factored in!. Ever been hit with a paintball gun? A Pneumatic weapon firing a spike with a bit of AI targeting assistance has all the ‘stoppin power’ anyone needs. Do whites who read… Read more »

bryan o'driscoll
bryan o'driscoll
2 October, 2021 3:59 am

Should the jews gain the type of power in the US that they wielded in Russia after 1917 then whatever becomes the equivalent of the Chekka will be flooded with creatures like Stanton. They will as enthusiastically slaughter the hated goyim as did their cousins in Russia a hundred years ago. You can be sure that most jews are like this scum rabbi, only they are more circumspect. However, more and more of them sense that whitey is on the ropes and that they can drop the mask. As the author states, they have nothing to fear. The System is fully behind them and there aren’t too many white men of the stature of, say, Bob Matthews around to give them pause for thought. Unlike the Russians under Lenin and… Read more »

4 October, 2021 11:01 pm

Just another blabbermouthing Jew COWARD.