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The Realist Report Features Kevin Alfred Strom

JOHN FRIEND of The Realist Report writes:

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Kevin Alfred Strom, a legend in the White nationalist movement. Kevin is the host of American Dissident Voices, a weekly podcast, and editor of Kevin and I begin by discussing his racial awakening, background and experience with Dr. William Luther Pierce and the National Alliance. We discuss the White nationalist movement generally, the rise of the Alt Right, and the top priorities of our movement. Kevin offers his analysis and explanation of the age-old “Jewish Question,” i.e., the Jewish agenda to genocide the White race, as well as many other topics.


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Source: Realist Report

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James Clayton
James Clayton
15 March, 2017 8:34 am

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r. balasco
r. balasco
20 March, 2017 6:17 pm