White Genocide by Racist Mainstream Media

by Michael Walsh

OURS WAS a far different world when in 1983 I added conventional media to my writing output. There was then neither Internet nor independent broadcasting. The few Spartans defending our race did much but achieved little.

Until the onset of the Internet, the media’s palace scribes ruled the roost. Boy, did they abuse their mind-manipulating monopoly. Little did those libtard hacks realise that their calling was soon to go the same way as typewriter ribbons and Victorian hatpins.

Since, thousands of newspapers have disappeared and tens of thousands of hacks told to clear their desks. Why not get a job washing sheets in Ugandan brothels; it would be a step upwards.

Isolated in the media’s brothels, the surviving cadaverous scribblers, whose tongues reached furthest up their bosses’ back passages, use printer’s ink as mouth wash.

Surprisingly, the ethnic-European worldwide community has little media presence. Every ethnicity, every religious faith from the Baptists to Buddhists, boasts their online media. Why are there so few news portals like National Vanguard that mirror the broad interests of ethnic-Europeans?

Jamaicans and Jehovah’s Witnesses, Lithuanians and Liverpudlians, Hindus and Haitians, are represented by their exclusive online news portals. The Jews, of course, consider mainstream media theirs; no one argues with that, as to do so is futile.

If you don’t follow my drift, tell me when you last saw a media story that didn’t denigrate Whites. When did you last open up a newspaper, switch on radio or TV, to read, hear, or see something that made you feel proud to be White?

Jew-controlled media is a page-turning horror story. It chronicles White trivia, debasement, cheap shots at crude White behaviour, promotes fake history, sponsors multi-racial porn, and breeds “diversity” advertisements like lice. We are smothered by stories of deviant behaviour of Whites; we endure anti-White spin, shame, and under-achievement.

Anti-White media is spun with fake news, stories that launder or downplay Black crime, promote anti-White and degenerate minorities, invent, encourage and laud Black interests whilst encouraging Blacks to feel good about themselves.

Racist mainstream media promotes wars, protects warmongers, and fuels anti-White resentment and hatred. Racist media justifies or launders violence against ethnic-Europeans and promotes “reverse racism.” Tell me, am I wrong?

In my dreams I fondly imagine a broader choice of media, the purpose of which is to focus positively on ethnic-European culture, exclusivity, values, history, and self-interest. Our own media in which we can read content that actually makes us feel proud of ourselves as ethnic-Europeans.

I imagine mastheads like The Ethnic European, Europe’s Voice, or The European. The portal would act in the same way as does a battle flag or national or regimental standard. A rallying point for ethnic-Europeans, it would boost morale and act as a binding influence as does any flag.

Across the world are scattered one billion brothers and sisters whose racial heritage allows them to call Europe their Motherland. The Internet could be the last chance saloon for the otherwise wandering tribes of dispossessed ethnic-Europeans. Perhaps I dream, but dreams do come true — and the Internet itself was once a dream.

EUROPE ARISE, Cause and Solution, Mike Walsh

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John Coffee
John Coffee
26 August, 2017 8:57 pm

The article on the msm was bang on. Precedents have been set with the banning of daily stormer and stormfront. Now the haters will go after us all.

John V. Fields
John V. Fields
27 August, 2017 11:08 pm

I enjoy your articles very much. Thank you for your contribution to our heritage and our country. Keep up the good work.

John Moffat
John Moffat
28 August, 2017 1:43 am

So much to do; so little time. But I agree – the internet is our best and brightest hope but for how long. I heard yesterday that, justified by the Hamburg debacle, the extreme left is being banned from the internet in Germany. It wasn’t said; it didn’t need to be, but the ‘extreme’ right, the real bogey man in Germany will also be getting the same treatment. This doesn’t portend well for the rest of the West whose ‘so called’ leaders are obviously itching to follow suit. This should be plenty of incentive to do as you suggest while the sun still shines.
(I’d appreciate it if my blog name was shown)

John Moffat
John Moffat
Reply to  John Moffat
28 August, 2017 6:32 am

The blog is: