Swedish MEP: Europe Having Borders is Like the Holocaust


by Steve Goode

CECILIA WIKSTROM (pictured), a Swedish member of the European parliament, is creating a Europe-wide campaign for “legal and safe routes to Europe” for illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

So in reality, what she is really calling for is the destruction of Europe’s borders.

Wikström went onto Swedish television network SVT to push the view that not assisting illegal immigrants is like the policy of appeasement during World War 2.

“There are more refugees in the world today than during and after the Second World War”

“People will ask the same question they did after the war: if you were aware, why didn’t you do something?” she told

“It is very controversial. I cannot speak for the government or disclose what they have said. What I can say is I really wish for them to take the lead on this and put it into action as a national policy”

“Swedes will compare this to the Holocaust”

The only reason why anti-White politicians want to destroy Europe’s borders is because Europe is full of White folks.

You see, anywhere White people exist as a majority, there are these anti-Whites who want to force-“diversify” our schools, our homes and our neighborhoods.

What they mean by that is, no area can have a White majority . . . and they call this “progressive policy”.

However, when an area is majority Black or majority Asian – or any non-White group – no one says anything about it needing more “diversity”.

But if the anti-Whites in power are deliberately trying to make it so your children grow up to be a minority, is that not a genocidal policy?

It’s White Genocide, because they want to get rid of us.

* * *

Source: White Genocide Project

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25 April, 2015 5:32 am

A quick “google’ shows that this piece of filth is a devotee of the ‘kike on a stick’ religion. So her comments do not surprise me.