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Henry Ford: Jewish Leaders Scheme for Gentile Support

One of the lost articles from Henry Ford’s International Jew series.

by Henry Ford

THE Jews of the United States are now organizing into one big union, to be known as the American Jewish Congress, completion of which is to be made before October 31 of this year, for the purpose of tying every individual Jew and every Jewish organization to a definite plan of action.

What this plan will be can only be surmised by past and present activities. Whether a new set of leaders will appear, is doubtful — even if a new set of officeholders should be appointed. It is said that the officers are to be chosen by popular vote among the 3,000,000 “or more” Jews in the United States, and it is sincerely to be hoped, for the sake of Judah and the welfare of the land, that the Jews will vote for frankness in their leadership and not for the folly which has marked it so pathetically the last year.

A very careful reading of all the utterances of Jewish rabbis, editors and leaders during the past year yields — in addition to the always undisguised antagonism to the rest of the people which marks Jewish utterances in America for many years back — nothing but a booming rhetoric about “retaliation,” “fighting like men,” “defending our sacred rights,” “bringing Haman’s woe upon our enemies” (Haman was hanged), and the like.

The Jewish position at this moment, at least the position assumed by the leaders, is that the rest of the world is wrong and Judah alone is right. Their position assumes that the rest of the world is maddened by a strange and poisonous obsession, a kind of psychic disease called “anti-Semitism,” and only Judah is sound-minded and can see things readily and see them whole. The rest of Israel (to put it that way), is utterly in error: the tribe of Judah alone has the true view of the case.

Prussia thought that way. Prussia is the only modern analogy for Judah. The kaiser caught the “chosen people” idea (it is very clear where he got it), and the two ideas clashed in Germany. The Prussian tried his faith in battle (pushing the other tribes forward to fight for him) and was defeated: Judah is trying to do the same thing, letting non-Jews do the battling, and in so far as Judah is wrong in his interpretation of his Scriptures and his destiny, Judah also will fail.

Old Game Played Out

THE principal characteristic of the so-called “Jewish Defense” during the past year has been the attempt to get non-Jews to make the defense. The word “defense” is itself a piece of strategy, since no “attack” has been made. There is, it may be stated, plenty of material for an attack such as would probably constitute Judah’s day of judgment, but counsel has been preferred, counsel upon a set of facts which Judah knows better than the rest of the world can ever know them, though they be stated and proved a thousand times.

After all, it is not of such consequence that the non-Jewish world be moved, as that Judah be moved. And today Judah is moved. The Jews of the United States know the facts, and they know that what has been printed in this series is true. What they fear is that the non-Jews will be moved against them. That has been the folly of the past, that the other tribes of men have been moved against Judah, instead of Judah being moved into a position of concord with the other tribes of men. If Judah is wise, she will know her day. This much she already knows: that the studies in the Jewish Question which have proceeded under these auspices in the United States are not “anti-Semitic,” are not “pogroms,” are not “attacks on Jewish rights,” are not any of the things which for public consumption the Jewish leaders say they are; Judah knows that it is a sign of the times that a certain plan is played out.

Jewish leaders in the United States are now convinced that their program for this country is stopped. Too much is known about it. For mere “anti-Semitism,” the coarse unreasoning and jealous antipathy toward the Jew, the Jew has nothing but contempt. He can endure that, he has weathered it for 20 centuries. But the Jewish leaders know that this is something else, very different in its origin, its procedure and its consequences, and that the old defenses and appeals will not do. The appeal is now to Truth. Not to the passion of anti-Semites, nor to the sympathy of non-Jews, but to Truth!

The chief achievement of the present series of studies is to apprise the Jewish leaders in such a fashion as they can no longer doubt, that a certain plan is played out. It is done. The task before Judah is readjustment, not defense. And no exposure of Judah’s consciousness of this has been more pitiless than his own methods pursued the past year.

With all the talk of “fighting like men,” Judah has not done so and, what is more, will not do so. There is something to meet, to be sure, but it cannot be fought against: it must be met and acknowledged.

The Jewish defense up to this time has been an attempt to get other people to do their fighting — it is the Prussian tribe enlisting Saxons, all over again.

It is significant also that this has been done by misrepresentation of the grossest character.
As a matter of plain business judgment it ought to appeal to the Jewish leaders as superlatively stupid to obtain support by this method, because the reaction when the deception is discovered is bound to be severe.

Masons Not Deceived

TAKE the method by which Masonic sympathy was for a time enlisted against a plain study of the Jewish Question. True, it was never enlisted to the extent of gaining official Masonic action, although there is a large infiltration of Jews in American Masonic lodges; but there was a certain amount of success obtained among a few unofficial Masonic editors who lent their publications to the dissemination of the Jewish falsehood that the studies in the Jewish Question had included the charge that Freemasonry was allied with Judaism for the subjugation of the world.

The Jews did not scruple to circulate that story among Masonic lodges. In certain lodges in dependencies of the United States, they went so far as to circulate printed matter urging a commercial boycott.

But the Jewish dealers in this falsehood evidently did not foresee that Masons, thus brought face to face with the statement that a paper like THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT was linking them with the Jewish program for world power, would examine copies of the publication to read those strange statements for themselves. And when the Masons read, they read again, for they could not find the things which the Jews had said were there. And they never did find them.

In the meantime, however, many Masons discovered that there was a Jewish Question within the limits of Freemasonry itself. This Question assumed almost the same form in diverse places, and the end of the matter was that this piece of false Jewish propaganda proved a boomerang.

There is a great deal that could be said on this point, but it is not at issue just now. The matter is alluded to in order to illustrate the Jewish strategy of endeavoring to get someone else to go out to fight. And they did get a few Masonic editors to fight — on a false premise. They even made some Freemasons believe for a time that this series of articles was specifically anti-Masonic.

How far the Jews may control American Masonry is a matter for Freemasons alone. In how many cases Jews are at once prominent in American and French Masonry is another point that is for Freemasons alone. What concerns this public chronicle is the fact that twice before in the history of American Masonry the Jews hid behind the Masonic name to the temporary detriment of that name in public esteem, but this third time they not only endeavored to hide behind it, but to push the Masonic Order out in front to do their fighting for them. Freemasons will always be found ready to defend freedom of faith and speech, but it is doubtful if any pretext or falsity will be sufficient to lead them to activity of such a nature as the Jewish leaders evidently expected of them in the recent past.

Will K. of C. Be Fooled?

WORD just comes in the daily press that the Knights of Columbus have declared a campaign against anti-Semitism in the South and that a large number of lecturers are being sent out to combat it. Coupled with this announcement is another that the Knights are also to combat religious prejudice, which is apparently connected in some way with what is called anti-Semitism.

These two objects cannot be gainsaid. Anti-Semitism, the hatred of a Jew because he is a Jew, is a most unreasonable thing. Religious prejudice is a deformity which has no place in American life. They are both to be combated. In combating both, you combat the Jewish program, whether you know it or not, for the Jewish program does its utmost everywhere to create anti-Semitism as a mask, and religious prejudice is the strongest motive behind most of Jewish activity as shown by the Jewish records recently reproduced in these pages.

The question is, Have the Knights of Columbus been undergoing the same experience which lately befell Freemasons? Have they been told that the study of the Jewish Question is a form of religious intolerance? Apparently so, in view of the statement that religious prejudice is to be attacked in so far as it is aimed against the Jews, because it is believed that if the taste for religious prejudice becomes widespread the Catholic will be the next to suffer.

If religious prejudice becomes widespread, every man of every faith will be next to suffer, for it is never one-sided in its effects.

Who told the Knights of Columbus that these were based on religious prejudice? The only time the note of religion has been struck in these studies was when it was unavoidably struck in publishing the list of Jewish activities as found in official Jewish records, for those records are an almost unbroken list of the attempts of the Jewish powers to do away with every “Christological manifestation” which they could reach with their present lines of influence — even to the taking of the Cross off the uniform of the chaplains of the war veterans. The sacred symbol which means so much to the Knights is “anti-Semitic,” in Jewish parlance.

It is stated now and here that the only potent form of religious prejudice operative in the United States today is manifested by the Jewish powers. Other religious prejudice exists, to be sure, and makes itself known, but expends itself mostly in wild words. The Jewish form of this dread growth manifests itself in acts that tell.

This constitutes the regret with which is seen the coalition which apparently exists in some cities between men who are honestly entitled to complain against religious prejudice and the Jews who since their residence in the United States have never known the weight of a single straw of this un-American thing.

This coalition is seen in practically every state in the country in a bargain which apparently runs like this: “If you help its Jews suppress THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT, then we Jews will help you suppress the Menace,” or whatever paper it may be that offends.

When the Dupes Awake

THE suggestion is a most vile one and can only be made where there is an absolute lack of knowledge as to the contents of this series of articles. Yet the suggestion is made and it is acted upon, until in several cities of the United States today we see stalwart Irish chiefs of police acting under the orders of Jewish political bosses.

There is no surprise that the Jews act in this manner. It only serves to prove most vividly some of the statements made in this series. But to see other men made the dupes of the Jews, allured under false pretenses to attempt to pull the Jewish chestnuts out of the fire, is not a good sight.

Again, what will be the reaction when these men, now brought by false pretense into the service of the Jews, learn that there is no religious prejudice at all in the publication they are seeking unconstitutionally to suppress, but merely a quiet and serious attempt to make known a condition which exists broadcast and easily discernible in American life?

But that is not the end of the Jewish duplicity. After whispering to the Knights of Columbus that the Catholic faith in America is endangered by reason of these studies, the Jews then go around to the rabid publishers of anti-Catholic papers and say: “Don’t you see what it is that these DEARBORN INDEPENDENT articles are doing? Why, they are reviving the papal hatred of the Jew. Rome is again in arms against the Jew, and THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT is Rome’s instrument!”

And then these Jewish provocateurs quote long lines of the history of the Middle Ages. They show in recently published editorials in Jewish papers the statement that Rome is the eternal enemy of the Jew, the one enemy of which Jewry must at all times beware. They work on the imagination and the passions of the anti-Catholic bigot, and it is soon whispered throughout the country that the real author of these articles is a Jesuit bent on stirring up another pogrom.

The result is that in anti-Catholic papers we have long, impassioned articles calling upon loyal Americans to suppress this new activity of the Pope!

Verily, the phrase “boob Gentile” is not without its justification. Here are shrewd Jewish propagandists telling one talc to the Masons, another to the Knights, another to the remnants of the A. P. A., and then they stand back waiting to see the result.

The result, and one would think it a result the Jews would rather evade, is that in no short time, these various groups will turn round and look at the Jew in the background, and will understand what the Protocols mean when they speak about dividing the Gentiles among themselves while Judah takes the spoils.

To cap the climax, as told in our last article and as there is still much more to tell, the very Negroes are propagandized, and the Jewish tale to the Negro is that these articles are really the authorized communications of the Imperial Wizard of the Ku-Klux Klan, and that the remedy is the violent assertion of Negro rights before it is too late.

Anti-Masonic, anti-Catholic, anti-Protestant, anti-Negro — all these the “defenses” of Jewish propagandists against the study of the growing influence of Jewish power in the United States!

It is about time to revise our notions of Jewish cleverness. The course the Jewish leaders are pursing is the acme of stupidity, and all that is needed to prove that is — Time. And there is so much time that even impatience with the Jewish course is not indulged in. It is a course that condemns itself.

Now, this is the Jewish “answer” — to ask the Masons to believe that a study of the Jewish Question is anti-Masonic; to ask the Catholics to think that a study of the Jewish Question is anti-Catholic; to ask the more rabid Protestants to think that a study of the Jewish Question is anti-Protestant; and to make the Negroes think that a study of the Jewish Question is anti-Negro. There are still the Indians.

Moreover, there are still the Christian Scientists and the Quakers. If a study of the Jewish Question is the signal for a flood of religious prejudice, surely the Christian Scientists ought somehow to be made aware of it.

And right there is a point. Consider Christian Science, a mode of belief and life which has had its opposition in very recent years. Parallels exist between Christian Science and the Jews, yet no one ever dreamed of a Christian Science Question existing.

Christian Scientists have considerable wealth, they believe in a comfortable portion of wealth and good things for everyone, they believe these are mankind’s birthright. Yet no one ever heard of their being accused of using their wealth to promote the undesirable influences in social life. They never produced an “Aphrodite.”

Christian Scientists exert a considerable control over the press. It is no longer the custom for thoughtless editors to write slanderously or inaccurately about Christian Science, for if one were to do so, a Christian Scientist would call the next day and insist on showing him where his error lay. There would be no coercion but that of truth. The newspaper’s newsboys would not be assaulted on the streets; the legislators would not be bombarded to make a law against free speech with regard to Christian Science; Christian science advertisers would not besiege the office with loud threats of boycott; a Christian Science anti-defamation society would not do spy work to find out where the publisher owed a debt and then bring pressure to bear to squeeze him on it; the Post Office Department would not be buried beneath the appeals of Christian Scientists to bar that paper from the mails. No, in friendly belief that if the editor knew the truth he would not do violence to it again, he would be visited and the matter laid before him.

Christian Scientists have many men in high public office — very many. You find them everywhere, and they do not attempt to conceal themselves either. They don’t change their names, nor do they attempt to evade questions about their faith; rather, at the first opportunity they will quietly testify to you that they are Christian Scientists and will tell you what Science means to them. Nobody raises a hue and cry about the number of Christian Scientists in public office, because they are not in office for the service of Scientists alone, but for the whole community.

Subterfuge and Evasion

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE has its own press, a very powerful press, and its power consists fundamentally in its attempt at a single-eyed allegiance to the truth of things. No one ever saw that press assailing the Old Testament as being Pro-Semitic, as certain Jewish editors have assailed the New Testament as being anti-Semitic.

But suppose some publication, led by a motive not now to be imagined, should come out in a description of Christian Science as an undermining power, dangerous to the state, destructive of morals, violently revolutionary in character, anti-social in its basic teachings, and should present certain facts which it thought supported the contention.

Would the Christian Scientists go round to the Masons and say, This is anti-Masonic; it is really you they are attacking; you ought to do something about it”? Would they go round to the Knights of Columbus and say, “Now, they are attacking Christian Science, but if they get away with it, the next on the list will be the Catholic Church; if you wish to preserve the freedom of your faith you must combat this attack against us”? Would they go round to the more strenuous anti-Catholics and say, “Now, this is really a recrudescence of papal persecution, and if you do not attack it at once you may prepare for a revival of the worst excesses of religious fanaticism”? Would they go to the Negroes and say, “This attack on Christian Science is really a clever device of the White Man to retain the supremacy of his race and to more deeply subjugate the Black Man; you ought to resist it strongly”?

Would the Christian Scientists be capable of doing such things under the pretext of meeting an attack made upon them?

Hardly. They would take the statements one by one and set the facts, as they saw them, in order. They would take each separate charge, and where there was truth they would admit it and where there was error, would bring facts to show the error. They would meet such matters as the non-Jew always meets them, squarely.

The Jews in the United States have not done that, more’s the pity.

It is not, however, to be supposed that even this attempt to have others do their defense work for them is without its purpose. Don’t you see how it splits up so-called “Gentile society”? There is the labor and capital split, for one — an artificial division. Then there is the religious split — or rather the irreligious one, for it is usually those who have least religion who fight most over it; that also is artificial, and never exists anywhere except as part of political ambition or suspected political ambition. Then there is the racial split, as between the white people and the colored ones, a split which has been rapidly widening of recent years, especially since the wealthy American international Jews, whose money financed the break-up of Russia, began also to take an interest in Negro welfare work.

By playing upon these splits the Jewish powers attain the precise condition described in the Protocols:

“To obtain control over public opinion it is first necessary to confuse it by the expression from various sides of so many conflicting opinions that the Gentiles will lose themselves in the labyrinth. . . . This is the first secret.

“The second secret consists in so increasing and intensifying the shortcomings of the people in their habits, passions and modes of living that no one will be able to collect himself in the chaos, and, consequently, people will lose all their mutual understanding.” — Fifth Protocol.

Hear also the plan as stated in Protocol 10:

“To wear everyone out by dissensions, animosities, feuds. . . . until the Gentiles see no other way of escape except an appeal to our money and power.”

And as to the work described throughout this article, read Protocol 9:

“People of all opinions and of all doctrines are at our service, restorers of monarchy, demagogues, Socialists, communists and other Utopians. We have put them all to work. Every one of them from his point of view is undermining the last remnant of authority. . . .”

To this might be added many others who can be identified by their actions.

But the aim of it all is stated in the Fifth Protocol:

“A world coalition of Gentiles could cope with us temporarily, but we are assured against this by roots of dissension among them so deep that they cannot be torn out. We have created antagonisms between the personal and national interests of the Gentiles by arousing RELIGIOUS and RACE hatreds which we have nourished in their hearts for twenty centuries.”

Even in the bankruptcy of Judah’s power to answer the question that has been put to her, the same program is being followed: “Divide the people!”

The Jews say the Protocols were written by a madman. Mr. Spargo seems to think they were written by the Russian Secret Police. Of that, more later.

But strange to say, in the United States, in this year 1921, they are being fulfilled by Jews.

A book containing 236 pages of the first twenty articles on The International Jew will he sent to any address, upon receipt of 25 cents in stamps to cover printing and mailing cost.

Jewish World Notes

  • How Poland, with Christian charity, received the Jews when all other countries expelled them, and how the Jews repaid that charity by undermining their hosts until present1y there was no more Poland, is the story told in “A World Problem” by Mrs. Stephanie Laudyn.
  • The Jewish Socialist parties in Warsaw are negotiating a consolidation of the Bund, the Poalei-Zion and the United Party. In a proposed common platform, these parties are to unite on the following demands: 1—A campaign for Jewish autonomy (the state within the state): 2—Legal recognition of the Yiddish jargon; 3—Support for the co-operative movement and for immigration and colonization.
  • The Chicago Israelite complains that a perusal of the leading morning paper of that city discloses the fact that almost every other ad contains the slogan “gentiles only” (the small g is the Israelite’s). This we are told “gives the lie” to the poem of Emma Lazarus inclosed in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor in which occurs the line “Send these, the homeless, tempest tossed to me.” and to the American principle of liberty for “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”
  • The “Society” chronicler of a Jewish weekly writes that naval honors were ordered by the admiralty for John W. Davis, the retiring American ambassador at London, on his departure from the shores of England. Furthermore, notables gathered at the station to bid him goodby and “Mrs. Davis shook hands with all except Lord Reading — whom she kissed.” It will be remembered that Mr. Davis was at one time actively discussed as a probable Democratic candidate for the presidency last year.
  • According to a Philadelphia news dispatch, James A. Flaherty, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, which did such good work in the war to make the world safe for democracy, in a recent address there denounced “an alleged anti-Jewish movement in certain southern states” and announced that he had “called upon the 2,200 Knights of Columbus lecturers in the United States and Canada to combat anti-Semitism.”
  • The London Jewish Chronicle complains that the annual meeting of the Jewish Colonization Association was held behind closed doors, and none of the reports given to the public. The J. C. A. is the trustee of an enormous fund left by Baron de Hirsch, probably not far from $50,000,000. Baron de Hirsch, also, left $5,000,000 to American trustees for promoting agriculture and colonization among the Jews. The American trustees are as secretive as their English confreres and probably for the same reasons.
  • By a vote of 6 to 4 a committee of the New York legislature decided not to report out the Jewish Sabbath bill this year. The reason, presumably, is that the New York non-Jewish public has been awakened to what is going on.
  • “Give us a Jewish leader,” cries the Jewish Times, which goes on to plead: “Give us a Jew big enough and able enough and spiritual enough to bring some semblance of order out of the chaotic conditions in which American Israel finds itself. . . . Who is there? Louis Marshall has tried to meet the situation and while he has done well he is not the man.” This Jewish paper is not alone in appreciation of the deplorable exhibition of lack of character and ability displayed in the hysterically strenuous campaign of Israel’s pseudo-leaders in this country to meet the situation created by the discussion of the Jewish problem so long evaded by our newspapers.

* * *

Source: Andrew Hamilton via Culture Clash

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Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
13 June, 2021 6:24 am

The natural goodwill and generosity of the American people make Henry Ford’s words, just roll off our backs like water off a duck. But perhaps the worst outcome is takeover of the Ford Foundation, with its immense financial power, and placed at the service of the Jews. Read the account of Norman Dodd and the Reese Commision to investigate the contribution of tax-free foundations to American society. That is the worst insult to the memory of Henry Ford.