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Henry Ford: A Little Jewish Luncheon With John Spargo

One of the lost articles from Henry Ford’s International Jew series.

by Henry Ford

Fearing to Confess, Unable to Deny What Most Jews Know, Jewish Leaders Turn the “Defense” Over to Gentile Hands

THE Jewish masses of the United States are thoroughly dissatisfied with the manner in which their leaders have attempted to meet the Jewish Question by evading it. But both the Jewish masses and their leaders are dissatisfied with the “defense” offered by non-Jews who, to win the favor of those whom they considered the most influential part of the community, or in response to certain inducements, became pro-Semitic propagandists of one sort or another.

The Jew knows when he is getting his money’s worth: at least he knows when he is not getting his money’s worth; hence his dissatisfaction with the work of the non-Jewish “defenders.”

The appearance of the pro-Semitic propagandist on our soil, sometimes in the guise of a preacher, sometimes an editor, the cry common to all being that they are protecting “Americanism,” is one of the strange developments of the time. For the most part they are sentimentalists who have not studied the Jewish Question for one half hour; without exception they are men who would move out of a neighborhood when the Jews began to move in; they would eschew hotels where the major patronage is that of Jews.

The Next Move Is Silence

THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT, as a matter of curiosity, has examined the history of some of these non-Jewish “defenders” and has discovered this inconsistency in them. One clergyman, who has been most outspoken in his praise of the Jews and in his denunciation of all who make a study of the Jewish Question, has twice changed his residence because the neighborhood grew more and more Jewish, and has once removed his children from the public school because the school attendance was entirely Jewish. The reason for his “defense” lies in another direction. He loves and admires the Jews—from the comfortable precincts of his study in a non-Jewish quarter of the city.

Because the Jewish masses are not satisfied with the defense made by their leaders, and the leaders are not satisfied with the defense made by their non-Jewish conscripts, a new tack is about to be tried. The Jewish leaders are ready to adopt an attitude of very high dignity and let it appear that the American discussion of the Jewish Question is far beneath their notice. That is, having shrilled through the country ineffectually for eight months, they are now going to adopt the expedient of silence. It is a non-Jewish idea, by the way, and a very good one—if they can maintain it.

In the meantime, it will be made to appear that non-Jews (called “gentiles” or “goyim” (beasts) by the Jews) have taken the defense entirely out of the hands of the Jewish leaders, thus relieving the Jewish leaders of a state of evasion which must have become most painful.

The new strategy is the result of the exposures made by THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT of the activities of the New York Kehillah in interfering with the religious and educational liberties of the American people. The investigation was one to which even the Jews could not object. They had announced in various ways that they were organized merely to protect Jewish rights. When knowledge was desired as to what the Jews believed their rights to be it was sought in the official records of the acts of those organizations. That record has been spread before the readers of this series, and not a single item has been challenged by the Jewish leaders. They cannot challenge it, because it is from their own records.

Let the Gentiles Do the Work

THE dilemma which has faced the Jewish leaders all along is this — confession or denial. Their fear for their own position as leaders prevented confession; the fact that the statements made in this series have been based on Jewish authorities has made denial futile. It was still possible, however, to start back fires among the non-Jews, as was shown in the last article, but these fires do not promise to burn very long. The next resort is silence.

But it is a silence from which the masses of the Jews will probably rouse their leaders before long. Silence, however, does not mean inactivity. Hardly. Boys selling THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT on the street will still be slugged. Non-Jewish police departments will still be ordered to do illegal acts. Jewish influence will bring shame upon various cities by using political pressure to force through ordinances that even a shyster lawyer knows cannot stand. Jews who contribute largely to “churches” which call themselves “liberal Christian” but which are really liberal Judaism, will contrive to have rabbis speak from the pulpits. The whole sickening sordidness of the Jewish campaign of violence, suppression and fraud, will go on in the silence of the Jewish leaders.

And this is well, also. It simply gives each community the opportunity to see for itself, at close range, how this organized force works. It requires no imagination to see how much further it would go if it could. It dares, but as yet it cannot. And in the United States it never shall.

John Spargo, who began as a Christian Marxist and ended as a Barry Goldwater supporter

Now, one of the non-Jewish defenders who will be vigorously touted during the interim, although it is doubtful if his work has steam enough to travel very far, is Mr. John Spargo.

The first anxiety of Mr. Spargo throughout his pro-Semitic propaganda is to have all and sundry believe that he is acting entirely on his own, without the suggestion, knowledge or assistance of any Jew in the land. Mr. Spargo insists on that wherever he can.

When Mr. Spargo circulated the round-robin against “anti-Semitism” (but really, as the use made of it proved, against the THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT) he had it announced through the always accommodating Associated Press—or was it the Hearst service? — that no Jew had put him up to do it, he just did it himself. This document was given two publications broadcast throughout the country, once in its original form, and again when Woodrow Wilson, whose administration was so marked by its Jewishness that it stands distinct, added his name. There is never any difficulty about getting pro-Semitic propaganda sent broadcast throughout the country over the wires of Mr. Hearst or the Associated Press.

And again when Mr. Spargo wrote a little book, a surprisingly little book for Mr. Spargo, he led off with a foreword in which he said,

“This little book was written without the knowledge of any Jew. It is not a defense of the Jew. It is not a pro-Jewish argument.”

In the January 29 issue of THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT reference was made to a little meeting which Mr. John Spargo had with Jewish leaders in New York just before he sprang the manifesto against “anti-Semitism.” Mr. Spargo was moved to deny this. In a letter to THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT under date of January 31, he says:

“I have never at any time in my life entered any ‘secret consultation with a group of New York Jews,’ or with any other group of Jews.

“The protest against the propaganda of anti-Semitism, was conceived without consultation with any Jew, written without the knowledge of any Jew, and no Jew or group of Jews has any responsibility for it, direct or indirect.”

The Spargo “Jewish” Luncheon

YET in a letter written from Boston, Massachusetts, to the New York World, and printed in that paper on February 7, Mr. Spargo tells a somewhat fuller story:

“I have never attended any kind of conference or consultation of Jewish leaders, secret or open, large or small, in New York or elsewhere, in my life. The whole story is a senseless lie.

“The protest against anti-Semitism was initiated by me without consultation with anyone either Jew or Christian. It was privately printed at my own expense, and submitted to many influential non-Jews before any person of Jewish birth or belief knew of its existence. After it was printed and was in private circulation, and had been signed by many representative men and women, I mentioned the matter to a few friends gathered in one of the downtown clubs. The circumstances were as follows:

“A group of gentlemen, Christians and Jews, were lunching together and discussing the alleged predominance of Jews among the Russian Bolsheviki. Because of my interest in the subject, I was invited to join the party. A previous engagement making it impossible for me to be at the luncheon, I arranged to join the group after luncheon for as much of the conversation as the time at my disposal permitted. Those present were Mr. Melville E. Stone, of the Associated Press, Honorable Oscar S. Straus, Rabbi Wise, Mr. Jerome Landfield, of the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Louis Marshall and myself—three Jews and three Christians.”

This is quite an extension of information concerning Mr. Spargo’s pro-Jewish activities and about the meeting in question. There may be a little more information to be had, as for example, was another of the national Jewish leaders expected, and was a reason announced why he did not come?

Let us analyze the party. There is the general manager of the Associated Press, Melville E. Stone. He is an important personage, most important in the pro-Semitic propaganda scheme. It is over his nationwide system of telegraph wires that the pro-Semitic news items now flooding the newspapers, are carried every day. It was there, in Mr. Stone’s presence, that Mr. Spargo quite casually showed the protest, a few days before it also was sent broadcast telegraphically across the country. Mr. Stone was an important part of that conference—the Jewish Telegraph Service would vouch for that statement. Yet, as Mr. Spargo informs us, Mr. Stone is not a Jew.

There is also Jerome B. Landfield. What interests particularly about this gentleman is that he is a special writer (or was at a time) on the Weekly Review. That, of course, does not mean much to the general reader. There are many “liberal journals” sent out from New York which would mean much more to the general reader if he could see the list of those who are financing the publications.

A Non-Jew With Jewish Directors

NOW, in the case of the Weekly Review, the stockholders of a certain date included these gentlemen: Louis Marshall, head of the American Jewish Committee, Julius Rosenwald, Mortimer L. Schiff, Paul M. Warburg, and some other Jews not so well known to the public.

So, with the non-Jewish Mr. Stone whose Associated Press has not been entirely useless to the Jewish propagandists the world over, there is also Mr. Landfield of the Weekly Review. The mission of the Weekly Review seems to be the making of literary attacks on Bolshevism in such a way as to veil the fact of Bolshevism’s Jewish character.

The other non-Jew, or “Christian,” as Mr. Spargo prefers to describe his non-Jewish associates at the conference, was Mr. Spargo himself, and as to Mr. Spargo’s absolute freedom from Jewish influence, his works speak louder than all his protests.

Now the Jews present were Rabbi Wise (who, by the way, has not yet brought that threatened lawsuit against Professor Hobbs); and Louis Marshall, whose leadership of American Jewry has so woefully failed; and Oscar S. Straus, who has served in a number of important Jewish capacities, not the least of them being as a member of the executive committee of the American Jewish Committee, which is an inside place of an inner organization at the top of organized Jewry.

The luncheon gathering, even considering Mr. Spargo’s presence, takes on a decided pro-Semitic tinge, does it not? At any rate, it appears that only matters pertaining to the Jewish defense were taken up. Mr. Spargo showed his “protest” to the company; and they discussed “the alleged predominance of Jews among the Russian Bolsheviki.”

In view of these statements of Mr. Spargo, to go no further, there is no reason to modify any former description of this meeting.

Nothing here said is in disparagement of Mr. Spargo’s character as an honest man, for his letter to the New York World was the act of an honest man. He is not altogether happy in the role he has assumed; if he were, his book would have contained less of ill-suppressed bitterness. Mr. Spargo knows a number of things, but doubtless a few things which he knows are wrong. He dislikes anti-Semitism, and so does every sane man; he dislikes pro-Semitism also, but does not say so. He knows that anti-Semitism is never the original element, but that Semitism is, yet in his book he does not say so. He knows also that the one sure way of preventing anti-Semitism, is checking Semitism before it goes too far, but he does not say so. He knows that Americans can attempt to prevent the growth of Semitism to dangerous proportions, without being poisoned by anti-Semitism, but the book he wrote forbade him, by reason of its purpose, to say so. Mr. Spargo is in the wrong camp; he has left his tribe; he is not happy where he is. Let him attack anti-Semitism all he will, and show its source in Semitism, and he will have rendered a valuable contribution to the discussion.

Russian Bolshevism Still Jewish

MR. SPARGO does not know anything about the origin of the Protocols, but he has measured and weighed the fog which Jewish propagandists have thrown about those documents, and he writes quite entertainingly of the fog in his book. But he does claim to know something about Russian Bolshevism and he repeatedly denies that it is predominantly Jewish either in its personnel or its purpose.

It is rather late in the day to thresh over the Russian situation. In view of the fact that Bolshevism is the result of propaganda financed by Jewish money from the United States and was heralded as a Jewish triumph at its beginning before its true and terrible nature was known to the world, in view of the fact that the Jewish radicals in the United States still claim the movement to have grown out of the aspirations of their people, and in view of the fact that the very latest information out of Russia shows no change in the Jewish political line-up, the facts are fixed. It may be granted Mr. Spargo that not every Jew in Russia is a Bolshevist, just as it is known that not every Jew in the United States stands for the suppression of a Free Press, in spite of what the Anti-Defamation Jews are doing, but this does not minimize the main fact that Bolshevism was and continues to be distinctly Jewish in its leadership and official personnel. The Jews hardly deny this; they merely ask, “How do you know?”

The latest information from the countries surrounding Russia is that every purchasing commissar outside Russia, acting for the Soviet Government, is Jewish. The latest information from inside Russia is to the effect that:

All political administration is in the hands of Jews, and is non-Russian.

There are still practically no Jews in the army upon the fighting line, the Jews of the army having charge of the commissary and other sections of the army back of the fighting line.

The reason the counter-revolutions have failed is that the peasants fear that they are a trick on the part of the Soviet Jews to gain the complete control they have always wished and failed to get over the agrarian population, who are not virtually the private owners of the so-called “nationalized” land.

That it is the Jewish influence in Soviet, from which Lenin and Krassin have tried to split away during the last six months, which is responsible for the idea of world revolution through Bolshevik propaganda in all lands.

American Bolshevism Also Jewish

THAT the Jews in power in Russia have conducted themselves with indescribable brutality toward the Russian population as if visiting upon them their hatred for the Czarist regime.

That the statement of Kameneff, during the deliberations of the Lithuanian peace treaty, still stands, tamely, that Sovietism is maintained by Jewish brains, Chinese bayonets, and the stupidity of the Russian.

It is not necessary, however, to go as far as Russia to see what group most energizes the Bolshevik idea. Indeed, it is not necessary to travel any farther than New York—not very far from the scene of Mr. Spargo’s luncheon with “three Christians and three Jews.”

If he will use his Jewish friends (provided they are willing) to look into the interlocking directorates of the Hebrew workers’ unions of New York and the Communist party, he will see something which will convince him that it is not THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT that menaces Americanism, but that which this paper is exposing.

He will find that the organizer for the Amalgamated Clothing Workers in New York is a member of the United Communist party.

He will find that Benjamin Schlessinger, president of the Ladies’ Garment Workers of America, and B. Fineberg, secretary of the Jewish Forward Association, were at the office of one Charles Recht where was discussed the carrying on of Russian propaganda in the United States, and where the agreement was general that the safest way for the propaganda to be pushed was through the Jewish unions.

He will find that H. K. Herwitz, of the research department of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, is also a member of the Communist party.

The One Big Union is the cover-name for this Bolshevik movement. The I. W. W. leader for the Russians in the United States is a Jew named Bluden, who is extremely active in the One Big Union movement, as is also Sam Balatin, Bob Paltner, and others.

The Jewish character of Bolshevism is demonstrable without leaving New York. There have recently been two large public meetings in New York, in which multitudes of Jews left no doubt of their Bolshevik allegiance, and at least one rabbi incurred their displeasure by preventing them from publicly recording that fact.

Is It Un-American to Warn America?

MR. SPARGO will not say, in response, that this information is dangerous to the .American people, will he? Because if it is, there is danger ahead, for there are mountains of information on this subject. The American citizen will be inclined to think, however, that the danger exists only for those who are trying to foment revolution in the United States.

It is a pity that Mr. Spargo should find nothing but “pogroms” as the purpose of studies in the Jewish Question. Who will start them, does he think? The American people? Mr. Spargo has apparently overlooked that point. In his special pleading he has thrown over on his own people all the potential wickedness he can think of.

As to violence, if it should ever come, it will arise from the Jews. They believe in violence, if any deductions are to be drawn from their teaching and actions in this country. Out of a clear scene, without warning or cause, mobs of from 100 to 500 Jews have appeared on the streets of certain cities in the United States within the past 30 days to exhibit in every particular the brutality which has come to be associated with uprisings in Russia. As Rabbi Judah I. Magnes, head of the New York Kehillah, speaking of the revolutions in Austria, Germany and Russia, said: “See what a large company of Jews was available for immediate service!”

This technique of revolution, of street insurrections, of organized minority movements to give the impression of public disorder and widespread confusion, is actually taught in this country, and those who know most about it are Jewish leaders of the radical elements. They seek every occasion to practice the art which they are hopeful may one day be used on a large scale. In spite of Mr. Spargo’s pretended indignation with THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT, he would not himself undertake to get 500 Americans to attack two newsboys, and stage the play in six or ten American cities of the first class, would he? Why not? One of the reasons is that he could not get Americans to join in such a demonstration. The observation of these disorders, which are another timely exhibition not of Jewish power, but of Jewish method, shows them to have been instigated, managed and manned by Jews.

Now, in this manner it will be comparatively easy for local Jewish leaders, with the connivance of politically obligated non-Jewish officials, to stage something which they will label a “pogrom.” They have already affixed the label “anti-Semitism” pretty promiscuously; the next thing in logical order is a “pogrom.”

There is nothing the Jewish leaders in the United States would consider as more confirmatory of their contentions. It would be considered a godsend by them. And the records of history arc not without evidence that, upon occasion, Jewish leaders have not hesitated to manufacture so-called “pogroms” to evade answering at the bar of public opinion.

Mr. Spargo is apparently anxious to defend Americanism. To that end he would do well to move farther from the camp of those who attack it. He is with the wrong crowd. Consciously or not, he is a tool. His chief service to the Jews, of course, is not anything he says in his book, but the fact that he is in the attitude of a “Gentile front.” The impossibility of that position is that as soon as it is discovered, the occupant becomes useless to both parties.

What Mr. Spargo has failed to do in his book is the very thing he has often done in his mind, namely, ask himself the question, What is the cause of this scrutiny of the Jew? What is the situation out of which, in the United States, a new canvass of Jewish aims and methods has arisen?

He has asked himself that question, and he has doubtless got his answer, the only answer he could possibly have arrived at. But he has not given the answer in his book. In other words, Mr. Spargo has not touched even with the point of his pen the real problem of Jewishness in the United States. But, unless he is more firmly bound to his clients than his book admits, he will be forced by the very logic of the situation to come to it very soon. As a student, he cannot escape it.

The Truth Is Never Unfair

WE HAVE in the midst of the United States a people who proclaim among themselves that they are a separate nation, who say that in every war that is waged they fight for an alien country; a people whose very numbers are concealed; a people who have one statement for themselves and another for the public; a people who openly proclaim the right to make the United States Jewish; a people who advertise that they managed the recent war, and who boast that their race accounts for most of the millionaires whom that tragedy produced; a people who are not content with their American rights but seek Jewish rights, to the injury of all that is traditional in American culture; a people who with execrable taste endeavor in season and out of season to utilize the diplomatic service of the United States to their own national ends; a people who are at this moment prostituting the whole consular service of the United States in the Balkan countries for dumping in this country, contrary to the regulations, people whose only claim to special privilege is that they are Jews—privileges and even rights, which are rigidly denied other peoples applying at the same consulates; a people who have boasted in ten thousand copies of their private publications that they own the United States and will soon rule it; a people who have made, through their leaders, alliances with every possible revolutionary and disruptive force in the country; a people who, through their representatives, have seized the instruments of visual education to bring the people to a lower grade of moral taste than we have ever seen before; a people who would abolish the American Sunday; a people who demand as part of their “rights” the complete public concealment of every indication that the cultural and traditional caste of American life is Christian and not Jewish; a people who, en masse and through representatives, have demanded that the majority revolve about them as the controlling minority.

When Mr. Spargo says that it is cruel, unfair, cowardly, and so on, and so on, to stand up and look at these people, to identify them and to read their own statements of purpose, he is entitled to the right of revision whenever he wants it.

A book containing 236 pages of the first twenty articles on The International Jew will he sent to any address, upon receipt of 25 cents in stamps to cover printing and mailing cost. [Original offer in the Dearborn Independent, 1921 — not a current offer. — Ed.]

Jewish World Notes

  • The Crusader’s Almanac, a Catholic publication interested in maintenance of the holy places of Palestine, has several interesting bits of news from that land:

“The Zionists are preparing a new guide to Palestine in which everything Christian is ignored. It refers to the Holy Sepulchre as the ‘Tomb of the Nazarene.’

“The nomination of Sir Herbert Samuel, an Israelite, as English High Commissioner of Palestine, has from the very beginning disquieted the Christian as well as the Mohammedan element of the Holy Land. The feeling caused by his nomination has grown in proportion with the activity displayed by him whom the Jews call the ‘Prince of Israel.’

“On Saturday, July 4, Sir Herbert Samuel went in great ceremony to the grand synagogue in Jerusalem…but even the Greek patriarch who paid him the honors could not persuade him to enter the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre.

“Another surprise for the Christian and Mohammedan population was the recognition by the new commissioner of Saturday as a legal holiday, and then the decree that Hebrew was to be an official language of the government, together with English and Arabic.

“The Jews are coming to Jerusalem at the rate of several hundred a week. The most of them are emigrants from Russia and Poland, and are Bolsheviks. They try to buy up every available morsel of land, paying exorbitant prices in gold.”

  • By order of the Palestine administration, a conference consisting of 71 rabbis and 35 Jewish laymen met in Jerusalem on February 25 last to elect a supreme rabbinate and a Jewish court of appeals for Palestine. Sir Herbert Samuel, the British high commissioner, in opening the conference, expressed the hope that the proceedings would help to bind more closely the scattered forces of Israel.
  • The first “Kosher ship” has been named the Mount Carroll. It is designed for third-class passenger service between Hamburg and New York.
  • Sir Alfred Mond, Zionist leader and British cabinet minister, on his recent return to London from Palestine said: “Palestine is a glorious state, suffering today from the results of centuries of neglect at the hands of the Turks. There is an immense amount of work to be done. The country has literally to be rebuilt. Work can and will be provided for three or four million men for years to come.”
  • A Brooklyn Jew, requested by the American Jewish Committee to forward his war record, replied as follows: “I regret that I will be unable to give you this. I enlisted in the army as an American. The fact that I am a Hebrew is of no great import; I was no more important in the service than any American-born Pole, Hungarian, German or Swede. I will receive due credit as an American. In America, of all places, the Hebrew has the great opportunity of abandoning his Old World clannishness and becoming a true citizen of the land, and I cannot do anything which tends to keep him a separate people.”
  • “It is quite some years since the writer visited an immigrant station and being always interested in Jewish immigrants, he took advantage of an invitation . . . to Boston where immigrants are now landing in large numbers. During the past two weeks a dozen ships docked at that port. They carried about 15,000 Jewish immigrants, of whom only 25 have been detained.” —Jewish Daily News.
  • The Hearst papers are now in the pro-Semitic program with all their might. After forgetting that February 28 was the anniversary of Rachel, the actress, who died in 1858, on March 22, the overdue article was printed: it gave the desired hook on which to hang more pro-Semitic propaganda.

* * *

Source: Andrew Hamilton via Culture Clash

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Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
10 August, 2021 8:51 am

Henry Ford was eventually sued for “Anti-Semitism,” and fearing for the loss of his company (my interpretation), folded and wrote an apology. However, if saving his company had been his endeavor, he failed. The Ford Foundation, one of the richest, is definitely not in Ford friendly hands and was cited by Norman Dodd as one of the leading foundations bringing Communism to America. Still, Ford was a valiant fighter for his people and in this article, he calls out his own Christian brethren as stalwart warriors for the tribe. That is a key impediment to the protection of American rank & file, traitors to the cause. That there are bad people in white communities is no surprise, what the Jew has done, is elevated that underclass of white people into… Read more »

21 August, 2021 5:58 pm

A Russian confidant of mine mentioned something quite interesting about the word “comrade” which has become a sort of English buzzword for Communist association. The Russian word for comrade is “tovarishch”. This modern Russian word is completely foreign of slavic origin and comes from the root word “Tovah” which is a Hebrew female name for “good”. This revelation of a foreign word being introduced into the lexicon of the Russian language by the Bolsheviks lends credence to the fact that the Bolsheviks were first and foremost jews. As Ford mentioned, the “stupid” masses of Russians or the Russian peasant class would be swayed by these people and thus allow a new foreign word to be introduced into their language. This was the power of the Jews in Russia at that… Read more »

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Jmac
22 August, 2021 1:21 pm

Thank you for that, Jmac. We Americans also thoughtlessly use words with Hebrew origins like comrade — and worse than that, knowing what we now know, many Whites even continue to give their children Hebrew tribal names.

And talking about “stupid,” more and more Whites, even racially conscious ones among us, are stupidly using words like “woke,” with its Negro origin, when more appropriate words are available. (94) Woke? – White Biocentrism

We are controlled by language, by the words we use, and should be more careful how we use them.

Reply to  Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
22 August, 2021 3:07 pm

We may even take this deeper with the biology of linguistics and why the negro didn’t ultimately choose to butcher the English language when they had four hundred years to master it. Ebonics is a term referring to the ancestral language of the first black descendants of America. It is obvious that the language they originally spoke didn’t carry over but what did carry over is its African syntax. The African language that they spoke was likely devoid of future and past tense. That is why you get such expressions like “I be wanting that”. Since their mental capacity is more regulated to present thought, their language thus evolved to reflect this and it never changed when they started learning English. “I be” is a reflection of a present state… Read more »