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Full Newspaper Article List of Henry Ford’s “The International Jew” Series

by Andrew Hamilton

The Dearborn Independent, owned and operated by automaker Henry Ford from 1919 to 1927, was a weekly Michigan paper published on Saturdays. It consisted of feature articles, together with shorter pieces and filler material. It did not aim to cover current “news” as such.

The newspaper gained fame, and among the legions of the Politically Correct, infamy, for its “The International Jew” series, which was critical of Jewish power and had enormous worldwide impact. Translated into 16 languages, it was particularly influential in Germany in the 1920s, where it went through several German language editions.

The series ran for a little under two years. During that time neither the paper nor the series’ installments missed a single Saturday, not even Christmas Day.

By 1925 the paper reportedly reached a circulation of 900,000, second only to the New York Daily News in the United States.

My educated guess is that coverage of Jews, and probably Politically Incorrect topics generally, dropped off sharply after 1921 due to enormous personal, familial, psychological, emotional, social, legal, and economic pressures, and no doubt terrorist threats and acts as well, directed against Ford and his associates, just as happens today.

Even in the early exuberant period the bulk of the paper’s content was not devoted to Jews. The majority of articles covered a wide range of human interest topics unrelated to race, which still make interesting reading today.


Blatant falsehoods about the paper by Jewish “scholars,” such as the preposterous 1980 lie that editor William J. Cameron “explicitly attacked Jews on every page except ‘Mr. Ford’s Page,’” go unchallenged by anybody. Well-heeled academic and media perjurers get away with anything when it comes to racial defamation of Whites.

Jewry forced Ford to close the Independent, which carried no advertising, in 1927, and issue a public apology for telling the truth about Jews, which he did. The humiliating apology Ford signed was dictated to him by the powerful Jew Louis Marshall of the American Jewish Committee, a man The International Jew had written about.

Needless to say, the relentless persecution of Ford did not stop, but continued to the end of his life.


Eighty of the “International Jew” articles were collected and republished in four separate volumes between November 1920 and May 1922.

The numbers in parentheses in the list below (following the date of publication) specify the volume number of the book in which the article subsequently appeared, then the article’s sequence number from 1-80 across all four volumes. Except for Volume One, the articles in book form were not strictly sequential by date in terms of their appearance in the newspaper.

Seven articles in the series were not included in the books, and have never been republished to my knowledge. These “lost articles” are highlighted in red “(never reprinted)”. They are of the same caliber and educational value as the rest. There is no obvious reason for their omission, though the publishers did state in the preface of Volume 2 that two articles had been omitted “in the interest of compactness.” One of them was published in a later volume.

The Seven Lost Articles:

• Gentile Fall Involved in Hope of Jewish Rule (December 25, 1920)

• The Jews’ “Defenders” Make a Poor Showing (March 26, 1921)

• Jewish Leaders Scheme for Gentile Support (April 2, 1921)

• A Little Jewish Luncheon With John Spargo (April 9, 1921)

• A Glimpse of Jewish International Politics (August 20, 1921)

• Pro-Jewish Scout in the Daily Newspapers (October 29, 1921)

• The Leo Frank Case — Are the Jews Clever? (December 3, 1921)

My numbering, 1-87, follows the original order and date of publication in the newspaper itself, including the seven lost articles.

The list comprises the entire “International Jew” series only, omitting the “Jewish World Notes” filler section that appeared at the end of most articles in the series, other Dearborn Independent articles that occasionally covered the Jewish problem, including the major seven-part series “Baring the Heart of Hollywood” (Oct. 29, 1921 – Dec. 10, 1921), and individual articles (e.g., “Actors’ Lot Improved, But Struggle Continues,” April 2, 1921; “More Evidence of Sob Propaganda,” August 20, 1921, etc.).

Complete Chronological List of “The International Jew” Articles from The Dearborn Independent, May 22, 1920-January 14, 1922 in Order of Appearance

1. May 22, 1920 (1:1) The Jew in Character and Business

2. May 29, 1920 (1:2) Germany’s Reaction Against the Jew

3. June 5, 1920 (1:3) Jewish History in the United States

4. June 12, 1920 (1:4) The Jewish Question — Fact or Fancy?

5. June 19, 1920 (1:5) Anti-Semitism—Will It Appear in the U.S.?

6. June 26, 1920 (1:6) Jewish Question Breaks Into the Magazines

7. July 3, 1920 (1:7) Arthur Brisbane Leaps to the Help of Jewry

8. July 10, 1920 (1:8) Does a Definite Jewish World Program Exist?

9. July 17, 1920 (1:9) The Historic Basis of Jewish Imperialism

10. July 24, 1920 (1:10) An Introduction to the “Jewish Protocols”

11. July 31, 1920 (1:11) “Jewish” Estimate of Gentile Human Nature

12. August 7, 1920 (1:12) “Jewish Protocols” Claim Partial Fulfillment

13. August 14, 1920 (1:13) “Jewish” Plan to Split Society by “Ideas”

14. August 21, 1920 (1:14) Did the Jews Foresee the World War?

15. August 28, 1920 (1:15) Is the Jewish “Kahal” the Modern “Soviet”?

16. September 4, 1920 (1:16) How the “Jewish Question” Touches the Farm

17. September 11, 1920 (1:17) Does Jewish Power Control the World Press?

18. September 18, 1920 (1:18) Does This Explain Jewish Political Power?

19. September 25, 1920 (1:19) The All-Jewish Mark on “Red Russia”

20. October 2, 1920, (1:20) Jewish Testimony in Favor of Bolshevism

21. October 9, 1920 (2:21) How Jews in the U.S. Conceal Their Strength

22. October 16, 1920 (2:22) Jewish Testimony on “Are Jews a Nation?”

23. October 23, 1920 (4:66) The Jews’ Complaint Against “Americanism”

24. October 30, 1920 (2:40) Why the Jews Dislike the Morgenthau Report

25. November 6, 1920 (2:41) Jews Use the Peace Conference to Bind Poland

26. November 13, 1920 (2:23) Jew Versus Non-Jew in New York Finance

27. November 20, 1920 (2:24) The High and Low of Jewish Money Power

28. November 27, 1920 (2:25) “Disraeli of America” — A Jew of Super-Power

29. December 4, 1920 (2:26) The Scope of Jewish Dictatorship in the U.S.

30. December 11, 1920 (2:27) Jewish Copper Kings Reap Rich War-Profits

31. December 18, 1920 (2:37) Disraeli — British Premier, Portrays the Jews

32. December 25, 1920 (never reprinted) Gentile Fall Involved in Hope of Jewish Rule

33. January 1, 1921 (2:28) Jewish Control of the American Theater

34. January 8, 1921 (2:29) The Rise of the First Jewish Theatrical Trust

35. January 15, 1921 (2:38) Taft Once Tried to Resist Jews — and Failed

36. January 22, 1921 (2:30) How Jews Capitalized a Protest Against Jews

37. January 29, 1921 (2:42) The Present Status of the Jewish Question

38. February 5, 1921 (2:39) When Editors Were Independent of the Jews

39. February 12, 1921 (2:31) The Jewish Aspect of the “Movie” Problem

40. February 19, 1921 (2:32) Jewish Supremacy in Motion Picture World

41. February 26, 1921 (2:33) Rule of the Jewish Kehillah Grips New York

42. March 5, 1921 (2:34) The Jewish Demand for “Rights” in America

43. March 12, 1921 (2:35) “Jewish Rights” Clash With American Rights

44. March 19, 1921 (2:36) “Jewish Rights” to Put Studies Out of Schools

45. March 26, 1921 (never reprinted) The Jews’ “Defenders” Make a Poor Showing

46. April 2, 1921 (never reprinted) Jewish Leaders Scheme for Gentile Support

47. April 9, 1921 (never reprinted) A Little Jewish Luncheon With John Spargo

48. April 16, 1921 (3:49) Jewish Hot-Beds of Bolshevism in the U.S.

49. April 23, 1921 (3:50) Jew Trades Link With World Revolutionaries

50. April 30, 1921 (3:56) Dr. Levy, a Jew, Admits His People’s Error

51. May 7, 1921 (4:78) A Jew Sees His People As Others See Them

52. May 14, 1921 (3:55) B’nai B’rith Leader Discusses the Jews

53. May 21, 1921 (4:65) Angles of Jewish Influence in American Life

54. May 28, 1921 (3:51) Will Jewish Zionism Bring Armageddon?

55. June 4, 1921 (3:43) The Jews and the “Religious Persecution” Cry

56. June 11, 1921 (3:44) Are the Jews Victims or Persecutors?

57. June 18, 1921 (3:57) Jewish Idea in American Monetary Affairs

58. June 25, 1921 (3:58) Jewish Idea Molded Federal Reserve Plan

59. July 2, 1921 (3:59) Jewish Idea of Central Bank for America

60. July 9, 1921 (3:60) How Jewish International Finance Functions

61. July 16, 1921 (3:61) Jewish Power and America’s Money Famine

62. July 23, 1921 (4:77) The Economic Plans of International Jews

63. July 30, 1921 (4:73) Jews Are Silent, the National Voice Is Heard

64. August 6, 1921 (3:47) Jewish Jazz Becomes Our National Music

65. August 13, 1921 (3:48) How the Jewish Song Trust Makes You Sing

66. August 20, 1921 (never reprinted) A Glimpse of Jewish International Politics

67. August 27, 1921 (4:75) The Jewish Question in Current Testimony

68. September 3, 1921 (3:45) Jewish Gamblers Corrupt American Baseball

69. September 10, 1921 (3:46) Jewish Degradation of American Baseball

70. September 17, 1921 (3:52) How the Jews Use Power — By an Eyewitness

71. September 24, 1921 (3:53) How Jews Ruled and Ruined Tammany Hall

72. October 1, 1921 (3:54) Jew Wires Direct Tammany’s Gentile Puppets

73. October 8, 1921 (4:67) The Jewish Associates of Benedict Arnold

74. October 15, 1921 (4:68) Benedict Arnold and Jewish Aid in Shady Deal

75. October 22, 1921 (4:69) Arnold and His Jewish Aids at West Point

76. October 29, 1921 (never reprinted) Pro-Jewish Scout in the Daily Newspapers

77. November 5, 1921 (4:71) Jewish “Kol Nidre” and “Eli, Eli” Explained

78. November 12, 1921 (4:70) The Gentle Art of Changing Jewish Names

79. November 19, 1921 (4:74) What Jews Attempted Where They Had Power

80. November 26, 1921 (4:76) America’s Jewish Enigma — Louis Marshall

81. December 3, 1921 (never reprinted) The Leo Frank Case—Are the Jews Clever?

82. December 10, 1921 (4:72) Jews as New York Magistrates See Them

83. December 17, 1921 (4:62) How Jews Gained American Liquor Control

84. December 24, 1921 (4:63) Gigantic Jewish Liquor Trust and Its Career

85. December 31, 1921 (4:64) The Jewish Element in Bootlegging Evil

86. January 7, 1922 (4:79) Candid Address to Jews on the Jewish Problem

87. January 14, 1922 (4:80) An Address to “Gentiles” on the Jewish Problem

* * *

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Kenneth Roberts
Kenneth Roberts
22 December, 2020 10:50 am

In 1929 Henry Ford struck a deal with the Soviet Union to help them build industrial plants, so successful was this endeavor that when the Wehrmacht entered the Soviet Union it was true to say that by then Russia was built Ford Tough.

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Reply to  Kenneth Roberts
22 December, 2020 5:46 pm

Henry Ford was a brilliant and in many ways heroic individual. His accomplishments, not least among them The International Jew and resultant rearguard action against the powers that be, included inventiveness, innovation, and amazing feats of engineering and industrial organization that are staggering to contemplate. But Ford did have his dark side. There is the industrial cooperation with the Soviet Union you mention. In 1988, when the USSR still existed, an Establishment writer stated that by 1928 “Henry Ford had become an even greater hero to the Soviets than Frederick Taylor. An emotional cult grew up around Ford’s methods and even his person. By 1925 his autobiography, My Life and Work, had had four printings in the Soviet Union.” By contrast, The International Jew is very anti-Communist. During the… Read more »

Kenneth Roberts
Kenneth Roberts
Reply to  Andrew Hamilton
23 December, 2020 1:00 am

Mr. Hamilton that is a fascinating comment, very much to ponder. It is interesting that you mention Frederick Taylor in this connection. The person who coined the term “The Great Replacement”, Renaud Camus, claims there are two progenitors of “replacism”—Henry Ford and Frederick Taylor. Indeed he sometimes refers to “replacism” as “Fordism” or “Taylorism”, his idea being what Taylor said: “it used to be that man took precedence, but now the system does”, ie, that Taylor’s system of management has regimented man and has bled into all part of life in the “human park” created by the elites or “Davos” man. Camus says that in terms of movies the progression is from Metropolis to Modern Times to Soylent Green. Also, I did not know that Ford was so eager to… Read more »

23 December, 2020 2:28 pm

I’m so glad that you posted this article here. I decided to see if I could locate on the Internet just the first installment of Henry Ford’s exposition on the Jew and it is online. Obviously based upon the total number of titles that is posted here there must be at least articles numbering in the hundreds of thousands of various words that would be needed to be read. That shouldn’t be a deterrent, but obviously it would take probably many months to go through it all. Nonetheless, it is so far in the first article very interesting reading and it does seem like it is still pertinent today. The only problem of course is, even if it is highly relevant will it be far too late to change what appears… Read more »

Reply to  Howard
27 December, 2020 9:17 am

thanks to the ganino website, the articles can be found (in english language) here: (the world’s foremost problem)
reading them doesn’t take months and i highly recommend to read them.

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Reply to  Howard
26 January, 2021 11:38 am

I concur with Karl’s statement, although I am unable to access the books at the link he provided. That might be due to my computer.

They are easiest to read in book format (4 volumes). They are not difficult, and do not require an inordinate amount of time.

The books can also be read in e-format, though you’d probably want to use an e-reader or tablet if you were going to do that.

Clarence Spangle
Clarence Spangle
25 December, 2020 4:12 pm

Running around on the overgrown grounds of the boarded up Fairlane Manor, a group of us preteen boys used to trespass and play war games with crude makeshift SS uniforms. The boathouse was our secret place to meet, getting our orders from the Fuhrer, and where we hid our bicycles. Then they started building the damn mall and levelled our little Argonne Forest. My very first job at 16 was working for the Edison Institute (Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village). Thanks to my family connections, I had access to everything, the keys to everything, including several mothballed rooms full of things that belonged to Mr. Ford; as well as his ghost, which still roams Ford Motor Company facilities in Dearborn. He is still there. And when I go back… Read more »

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
26 January, 2021 11:43 am

The seven lost articles from The Dearborn Independent’s 1920-1922 newspaper series The International Jew, listed and discussed above, are now available in print on the website Culture-Clash for the first time since their initial publication in Henry Ford’s paper a century ago. They were never reprinted in the bound volumes in which Ford collected most of the articles. Thus, we now have access to every single article in the series, without any omissions. The seven articles are republished together with the “Jewish World Notes” filler sections that accompanied them. No “Jewish World Notes” from the original 87 articles were included in the books, or have ever been reprinted. The seven articles at Culture-Clash will make most sense to those already familiar with The International Jew, or who have read the… Read more »