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Henry Ford: A Glimpse of Jewish International Politics

Herman Bernstein

One of the lost articles from Henry Ford’s International Jew series.

by Henry Ford

Herman Bernstein Brings Home a Whopper; Hearst Shoots It Broadcast; A Few Facts Explaining Present Jewish Fears

THE judgment of Judah is fast approaching. The set time has come to bring to that amazing tribe a true consciousness of the place it occupies in the world. All its sordid dreams of empire, its pathetic trust in gold and cunning, its delusions as to destiny and desert are about to come tumbling down around its head. And these delusions will not rise again to plague the world. The Jewish Question is at last going to be settled, and the United States seems to be the destined place of settlement.

The judgment will not be that which Judah’s conscience fears. Physical violence and spoliation of goods has always represented the Jews’ extreme apprehensions. Weaklings have cried tremulously that this is what will occur in the United States as the result of the identification of the Jew. Even poor John Spargo fell for that, in his defense of “American ideals.” There are Jewish leaders who are praying for violence to occur; there are Jewish gangsters who have exhausted all their arts to insure that violence should occur; THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT is in possession of the details of actual Jew-made pogroms against Americans which have occurred in the United States within two months; but the cry of “persecution,” that century-long loophole of the Jew, will not serve any longer. The judgment of Judah is to be worse than violence—it is to consist in a complete unmasking and exposure of Jewish conspiracies against law, order, peace and humanity. And that is what Judah most fears. Moreover, that is what will bring Judah out of his delusion, and make him see himself as the world sees him, and start him on another path. The last judgment of Judah, and most damning of all, is the Judgment of Light.

Herman Bernstein Does a Globe-Trot

OUR readers will remember that recently a strategic hush fell upon American Jewry, as if in response to a lifted finger. Never was obedience so instant and complete. American Jewry is ruled, absolutely ruled, and gives an obedience nowhere else to be found. The agent of the “silence order” was the B’nai B’rith. The source of it was, probably, London, England, since the silence fell there about the same time. The giver of it was most probably Asher Ginzberg, a Russian Jew who is known as Achad Ha’am.

About the time of the silence, Herman Bernstein, of New York, went abroad—ostensibly to see about relief work in Russia. That is what they all go abroad for. The number of Jewish judges who have drawn salaries from the American public while they have gone abroad on missions described as “relief work,” is large enough to warrant attention. When they come back, however, it is easy to tell from their utterances what they went over for: they are agents, for the most part, of an international Jewish policy.

Mr. Bernstein, however, is not a judge—except it may be “a judge in Israel,” or one in training for that place. But that he is a globe-trotting messenger of international Jewish political policy admits of no doubt. The record of his activities in this line is both lengthy and interesting.

The Bernstein Record–An Eastern Jew

THE fact that Mr. Bernstein is a Member-at-Large of the American Jewish Committee (other Members-at-Large being Albert D. Lasker, head of the Shipping Board; Lee K. Frankel, who was recently intrusted with the “welfare” of all the postal employes of the United States Government; and Abram I. Elkus, former minister to Turkey) renders him a person whom the American public has a right to know. Even if he were not a member of the American Jewish Committee, which, readers will remember, is really the flower of the New York Kehillah, his zealous efforts to tell the American people just what they shall think about the Jewish Question would be sufficient to subject him to scrutiny.

Mr. Bernstein is about 45 years old, and is a Polish-Russian Jew. Coming to the United States in 1893, he married a Moscow Jewess in 1902. He has been identified with Jewish propaganda from an early age, his first important work being done as special correspondent of the New York Times. He was founder and first editor of the New York national Yiddish daily known in English as The Day. He was also editor-in-chief of the American Hebrew, a publication which would seem to be issued for non-Jewish readers, so little does it contain Jewish information or represent the Jewish point of view. Between The Day and the American Hebrew there is the difference of day and night, which is not at all unpremeditated, as all know who are acquainted with Jewish policy. Mr. Bernstein has also dabbled in what is called “literature” in New York. He published the private correspondence between the Czar and the Kaiser, known as the “Willy-Nicky Correspondence,” to which he had access for no other reason than that he was a Jew and that Russia was in the hands of the Jews—although an ignorant world was deluding itself with the pleasant thought that liberty at last had come to Russia.

It is rather curious that this Member-at-Large of the American Jewish Committee should be in Russia pawing over the archives of the Russian Government, while at the same time Trotzky (Braunstein) another New York Jew, of the same antecedents, should also be in Russia tearing the Russian Government to pieces.

Bernstein and Braunstein are two figures worth knowing, though the first is incomparably the smaller. Braunstein, there is reason to believe, is acting on his own convictions, long held. But Bernstein is “directed.” He will support Trotzky or not, as he is told; he is an obedient servant, anxious not to displease certain persons, especially one who is not a member of the American Jewish Committee.

Wherever anything transpires likely to affect questions of war or peace, which are really Jewish questions, Bernstein is sent to watch it. Not exactly a spy, perhaps, he nevertheless fulfils that function together with that of unofficial representative. Sometimes he talks too much.

He is not dangerous after you know who and what he is. He is only dangerous when he is offered to the American public as a journalist, with all his other connections and history hidden.

Mr. Bernstein Makes a Whopping Discovery!

SO THIS was the Herman Bernstein who slipped away to Europe, ostensibly to work for the “relief” of Russia. Incidentally, he was said to have been accompanied by Morris Gest who was supposed to have gone in quest of his parents. THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT has expressed its opinion of his influence on the American stage and will pronounce a more interesting opinion on Morris Gest as an individual whenever it may be required–but the point just now is that, after reaching fame and fortune in America. Morris Gest was told that all his press-agent sob stuff about his old parents made rather surprising reading in view of the fact that his parents were still left in what the Jews called the most distressed part of the world. Thereupon it was reported that Mr. Gest departed in quest of the parents, quite eloquently resenting the inference he made that he had been charged with neglect of his people. He said no Jewish boy would do that, which is another surprising statement inasmuch as so many Jewish boys have done it, that even the Jewish press is now compelled to deviate from its unfounded laudation of the superiority of Jewish family loyalty. Indeed, Henry Abrams, an Indiana lawyer, saw so many cases of parent desertion by Jewish sons that he introduced a law before the state legislature, for the purpose of correcting this shameful condition.

This is not to say, however, that Morris Gest accompanied Herman Bernstein with Mr. Bernstein’s consent. Mr. Bernstein’s disclaimer of choosing Gest for a traveling companion would be accepted without question. Mr. Bernstein is not considered to be that kind of a Jew.

But Mr. Bernstein apparently did not go to Russia; he wandered down around Constantinople and made “discoveries.” He has made one startling, overwhelming, world-shaking Discovery—a perfect whopper! He has discovered that the Russians want back Russia!!!

He has discovered that the Russians have discovered that if they want to get Russia back, they must take it from the Jews!!!

All this Mr. Bernstein discovered in Constantinople. And Mr. Hearst (or perhaps only Mr. Brisbane) is announcing it in big headlines with Mr. Bernstein’s picture ‘n everything.

Mr. Bernstein also has the papers! He shakes them in the reader’s face, police-court-wise. He shows photostats of seals, official seals. He reprints inconsequential notes of transmission. The whole handling of the story—which is third-rate Hearstian in style—shows that Mr. Bernstein thinks he has made quite a Discovery.

THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT does not question a single document Mr. Bernstein offers, wherein THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT follows a different course than that adopted by Mr. Bernstein with the Protocols. Mr. Bernstein uses a document if it suits his purpose, rejects it if it does not. THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT, having no cause to serve but the cause of Truth, is under no such disadvantage with regard to documents. It accepts all genuine and authentic documents on whatever side of the matter they may appear,

Mr. Bernstein’s documents indicate that the Russians want to get Russia back. Is that a crime?

Mr. Bernstein’s documents indicate that the Russians know that to get Russia back, they will have to take it away from the Jews. Is not that the fact?

It was not necessary to go to Constantinople to discover that. The American Jewish Committee knows that; so does the Kehillah; so does the Amalgamated; so does the whole Jewish East Side.

Coincident With the Hoover-Trotzky Furore

BUT Mr. Bernstein has the documents, always very interesting things. How he got them, he does not say. It is not necessary to suppose that he stole them, or that he procured them through bribery. A people that were foolish enough to let the Jews get control of their country are not likely to be any wiser in scheming to get their country back. The Jews are shrewder than the Russians, and moreover there have never been a lack of Russian traitors. Anybody who thought the “documents” of sufficient importance, could have secured them. They were copied and recopied and sent everywhere and were confiscated by Bolsheviki, and were thus easily obtainable.

The fact to be noticed is that whenever Jewish documents are found and exposed, newspapers fear to publish them. But Russian patriotic documents are blazoned to the world by Hearst. Why? Because Hearst, like others, dare not print the truth about Jewish world politics.

The documents indicate that Russians are “conspiring” together to get back their homeland now held by the Jewish Reds. This is always a crime when it means the inconvenience of the Jews. That it will mean inconvenience to the Jews everyone knows. The Jewish Reds are going to pay for what they have done to Russia—there can be no doubt about that. Not all the powers of earth can prevent it. The Jews know it, hence the wild scramble to get out of Russia. If Lenin ever gets permission to spend his “vacation” in Scotland, he will never go back, he too knows the doom preparing. The impression is heightened by the insistence of Marguerite F. Harrison, first released prisoner under the Hoover-Trotzky agreement, that “Soviet authority will last.” It is strange that the first American prisoner released should be a journalist proclaiming the invincibility of the Soviet Government, at the time Herman Bernstein is rending the Hearst heavens with his shrieks that a few Russian exiles down in Constantinople are scheming how they can get Russia back for the Russians.

Mr. Bernstein Makes a Serious Mistake

THE documents tell the truth of what the Russia want — they want their country back from the Jews. With knowledge on the spot, with the evidence of their own experience, these Russians know who controls Russia now. They know who must be dispossessed if Russia is to be returned to the Russians. This is what they want to accomplish, and state it plainly in their documents.

The documents tell the truth, but Mr. Bernstein does not.

The documents go to prove the statements made in THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT about Jewish-Bolshevik control of Russia. Mr. Bernstein overlooked that fact, so intent was he on another objective. Didn’t he see that if he used these documents he would show that the Russians believe the Jews to be the cause of their misfortunes? Didn’t he see that if he showed the Russians to believe this, it would throw light on the reports of every impartial observer of the actual conditions?

Evidently not, for Mr. Bernstein has two things to do: (1) to discredit the Russian revulsion against Jews by calling it “Czarism”; (2) to discredit the study of the Jewish Question in the United States by saying it is a part of the international plot of the Czarists.

It is rather mild, and purely in the interest of verbal politeness to confine comment on these statements to the simple assertion that Mr. Bernstein is not telling the truth, and knows it.

There is no Czar to restore. Jewish leaders did away with him, his wife, his young daughters, his crippled son—did away with them in a cellar. There is no Czar to restore.

There is no “international plot of the Czarists,” for Russians are nowhere represented in the world. The so-called Russian embassy to the United States, supported by American money, is a Jewish underground station, and nothing more. Doubtless there are Russians who wish the Czar back and why should they not? An American officer writing in an American magazine says that the Russians in Russia say that in getting rid of one Czar they got 7,000,000 czars, meaning the Jews. Russia at least was fed under the Czar and was coming slowly to a place in the world.

The reason there is no “international plot of the Czarists” is that Czarism is too thoroughly discredited everywhere for such a thing to exist. Every reader of these lines is a victim of a 25-year period of pro-Jewish propaganda in this country against Russia, and it was only under cover of the state of mind induced by that propaganda that the Jews could have done what they have done. Even if the Czar were alive, and Russians wished him back as they have a right to do, there would be no sympathy anywhere with such a wish, so thoroughly has the world been influenced by anti-Russian propaganda.

How, therefore, these “Czarists,” whoever they may be, are responsible for the “anti-Semitism,” as Mr. Bernstein chooses to describe studies of the Jewish Question, even in this country, is not clear to anyone who thinks. There is no hesitation in saying that it is not clear to Mr. Bernstein either, except as a propaganda tune which he must play over and over again.

At first it was “pro-German” to study the Jewish Question; now it is pro-Czarist. The nimble Mr. Bernstein should do some quick thinking — he will soon be in need of another formula.

As a matter of fact, if the world’s view were normal, the cry of Russians that Jews have destroyed their country would be sufficient to shake the world. We are reminded of Norman Hapgood’s bromidic pro-Jewishness to the effect that “anti-Semitism follows every war” — and by “anti-Semitism” Mr. Hapgood meant this series of Jewish studies. But hasn’t Mr. Norman Hapgood plain peasant common sense enough to ask himself WHY suspicion of the Jews should spring up in war times? Why not of the Negroes or the Eskimos? The first question we shall ourselves answer: Mr. Hapgood has sense enough, and knows better, but has always been distinguished for a great deal of courage where it isn’t highly tested.

A Little History of Jews, Germans, Russians

THE strictly pro-American DEARBORN INDEPENDENT, which recognizes as an American no one but an American-American, has been called — only by the Jews, however — pro-German and pro-Czarist. And it will probably be called so again until it is made out quite clearly who and what the Jews are: it will take an entirely different set of terms to describe them.

And to risk being so named again, THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT will tell its readers a little inside truth about the Jews, Germany and Russia which Mr. Bernstein doubtless knows but will never tell. What he has told, everyone knows. Did you not read how the French were trying to transport the Cossacks to Brazil? Why?–Because the Jews want the Cossacks far away when the day of Russia’s return comes. Mr. Bernstein is not giving information, he is coloring it—he is asking you to look at an old fact in order to take your eyes off certain new facts.

Attend, then, this recital of facts. The International Jews chose Germany to be their champion among the nations. The Jews chose Germany, and the German Government accepted the choice. It was decided that the wings on which Jewry was to ride to its destiny were to be the wings of the Imperial German Eagle. Was not the world’s financial center at Frankfort-on-the-Main?

German expansion toward the East was encouraged with this in view — Berlin began stretching out toward Jerusalem and Bagdad. The German Emperor himself went to Jerusalem in the full splendor of his sovereign strength, and there gave an interview to Herzl. But Wilhelm showed a side of him in Palestine that frightened the Jews. He behaved as ruler. He did not alight from his horse to talk to Herzl. Moreover, for the entry of his cavalcade, he had a breach made in the wall. He offended also by rearing institutions in which Christianity was made manifest by public signs and symbols.

The Zionists did not like that kind of patron. They were afraid that he, and not they, would rule.

Zionism, let it be said right here, is the corner stone secret of modern Jewry, and the real Zionists are the Russian Jews. Zionism is much more than a pietistic or philanthropic desire to get the Holy Land for Jewish residence; Zionism is a name which conceals, in this generation, the entire Jewish program. If you want to know which way Jewry is going and where is the hiding of its power, watch the Zionists.

The war came on. It could never have come had not the warring nations had permission of the Jewish money-lords of the world; specifically, if Germany had not permission of the Jewish money-lords whose world capital was Frankfort-on-the-Main. Germany was to be International Jewry’s battle-ax to crush Russia against whom the Jews had sworn vengeance. There was no objection to Germany mobilizing against and crushing Russia. The Jews had enough power to lay Russia helpless before the German armies, which they did. The confusion of the days immediately preceding the war in 1914, a confusion that has baffled statesmen and historians, can be understood by following the Jewish members of the plot.

But the rest was not seen—the entry of Britain and America. The Jews do not see nor foresee quite everything. Don’t entertain the idea that they are infallible. Their shrewdness and trickery are beyond description, but they seldom make anything but mistakes—the most elaborate and stupid mistakes!

Jewry Puts Itself Up at Auction

IN THE meantime, follow Zionism. The German Jews were not very Zionistic, the Russian Jews were. German Jews were looking for something more than permission to inhabit a sterile land where no one wanted to live — they were looking for the conquest of the world by Germany. Now, in every break between Zionist and non-Zionist Jews, the Zionists win always! They are the Russian Jews, whom Herzl described as the quintessence, the most vital part of the Jewish people. All Jews in every country — Allied and German — were united on the destruction of Russia; but the destruction of Germany was decreed by the Zionists alone.

In the middle of the war, International Jewry, in the form of the Zionists, put up Jewish support at auction. The International Jews, the true Zionists, the core of world Jewry, were willing to throw their power and weight into the scales of the highest bidder. That bid is understood generally as meaning only permission for the Jews to go to Palestine. That is the public aspect of it; it really included much more. Great Britain and the United States won the bid. The ensuing Balfour Declaration was revised and O. K.’d in the United States. Part of the price promised, the United States was not able to deliver, namely, the League of Nations. The League as an idea of peace-loving people, and the League as a super-government conveniently organized for easy and silent super-control by the Jews, were two very different ideas. Neither has been realized. The one which an effort was made to realize was the Jewish idea. The day will come when everybody will thank heaven for the failure of the false League of Nations.

Zionism, breaking with Germany, threw its support to the Allies. From that time forth the Germans were subjected to the pressure the Allies had met before.

That, then, is Chapter One. Readers will recall that in the midst of a great war the Jewish Question and the Balfour Declaration and the talk about Palestine became bigger than the war. This is the explanation.

Trotzky Jews Against Weizmann Jews

NOW opens Chapter Two. The German-Jewish government, not to be outdone, conceived the idea of setting Jews against Jews. Jews are always available. Trotzky and his crowd were transported from America, through Germany, well supplied with German gold, and sent into Russia. The tactic was this: setting the non-Zionist Jew against the Zionists. Trotzky (Braunstein) was Jewish but not orthodox, not Zionist. He was the German agent to counteract Zionist Jewry in Russia which had sold out to the Allies. It was a grateful task for Trotzky to complete the destruction of allied Russia in the interests of Germany. Only a Jew could have done it, as Germany knew. Trotzky was the only kind of Jew ruler that Frankfort-on-the-Main cared for a non-Zionist Jew. Russia fell. Revolution ensued. Jewish Bolshevism became supreme. Russia got her 7,000,000 Jewish czars. Germany was the door through which this entered Russia; the Balfour Declaration was the moving cause back of it all. In using a Jewish backfire, Germany started something that was not on the schedule. Indeed, all the nations had that experience. There was something besides human wisdom at work in the world during that period.

Chapter Three finds Jewish Bolshevism apparently “all set” in Russia, except, as Mr. Bernstein shows, that the Russians have not totally acquiesced; there are still Russians who want their country back; there are still Russians capable of seeing that if they get their country back, they will have to take it from the Jews.

However, in Russia the Jewish-Bolshevik power is not so secure as it seems. There are three strong currents of life to be observed.

First, there is the strong revival of religious loyalty among the Russians. Their churches are crowded on all days. The indifference that marked the period of pro-Jewish propaganda just previous to the Czar’s fall, the same indifference which follows Jewish anti-Christian “liberalism” everywhere, has passed. Russia is lining up with its own racial and religious traditions. This is a movement so marked and so profound as to lead some to say it is the salvation of Russia.

Second, there is the struggle between Russians and Jews in the Soviets. The Jews have crowded their authority too far. The slow-minded Russians have emerged from their daze of class prejudice. It seemed all right for a time to kill off the capitalists and the intellectuals and the bourgeoisie, but after a time the Russians awoke to the fact that only Russians were being killed — that the best of Russia was being murderously done away under one pretext or another, while the Jews were waxing more numerous and masterful. When Russians began to murmur about this, they were put to death as “counter-revolutionaries.” This opened other Russians’ eyes — “so? — to be critical of the Jews is to be disloyal! Then, this must be a Jewish republic!” The Russians drew together for action and self-protection. There is therefore today within the Soviets a distinct pro-Russian movement which in the very necessity of the case is anti-Jewish. The “7,000,000 czars” are now in danger of the anger of their 182,000,000 dupes.

Third, there is the struggle between Zionistic Jewry and apostate Trotzky Jewry for control of the next phase of Russia. Russia is the stronghold of Zionism and nothing will be permitted to supersede it, not even the control of Russia. The whole Russian situation is a stupendous example of the misdirection of Jewish plans. Bolshevism came from the Jews sent into Russia by Germany — the Trotzky Jews. The real international Jewish plan was that followed by Kerensky, from whom Trotzky took the control. Jewish financiers backed both, but Kerensky represented the plan approved by Jewish leaders. They hailed it as good luck however, when Trotzky succeeded Kerensky, and they cannot stifle that fact today. They would like to hide it, but cannot. They hailed Trotzky, but now that Jewish Bolshevism has been shown to be such a sadistic, inhuman, bloody, thievish, mean, contemptible and incompetent thing, they would like to shelve it again.

There will be a change in Russia, but the Jews are playing so that it shall be a change from the Trotzky Jews to the Zionist Jews. The stage is all set. The men are all chosen. But the same old fatality that has always dogged the steps of Jewish usurpation will be on hand again to spoil the plan. You will soon begin to hear about Russia going into the hands of the Mensheviks, or the Social Revolutionary party. These are names for Zionistic Jewry. The Jews are deserting the name “Bolshevism” and are hoping to avert the change in rule by changing the name of the rulers. This cannot be done. Russia is in for a cataclysm of retributive readjustment and the Jews who flee her borders are wise.

Too Late to Avert the Law of Adjustment

MR. BERNSTEIN shrieks that some Jews will be killed. “Slaughter of Jews,” is a part of every Hearst headline. Russians have been saying here in America for three years that when the Russian people finally opened their eyes to see the whole wretched betrayal of their country, the consequences would make the world shudder. It is nothing new that Mr. Bernstein says.

Russians were killed too — tens and hundreds of thousands of the upper and middle and intelligent working classes, were systematically killed. Killing of Russians was undertaken by the Jewish authorities as systematically as street paving is undertaken in American cities. The Jews in power have always been capable of this, as their history shows. Russia is a land of murdered ghosts. But, due to the complete Jewish control of the avenues of propaganda, no one shuddered at the slaughter of the Russians. Mr. Bernstein wishes the world to shudder in anticipation of what may come upon the Jews. The upper and nether millstones of fate are coming together in the world.

Of course, if it were the other way round — if it were the Jews taking vengeance, we might then adopt the state of mind of Israel Zangwill who pooh-poohs the delicacy of the British in not wanting to remove the half-million Arabs who have occupied Palestine for 2,000 years, to make room for the Jews. “People talk of the removal of the Arabs from Palestine as an unimaginable atrocity,” says Mr. Zangwill, “yet France is at this moment expelling thousands of Germans from Alsace-Lorraine and England’s expulsion of the French Canadians of Acadia in 1755 forms the subject of Longfellow’s famous poem, ‘Evangeline’.” It is true that Mr. Zangwill does not urge the deportation of the Arabs; unlike most Jews he believes that the Arabs have a right to their own territory. But his expression indicates a feeling that in a world so much awry a little more injustice would not make much difference. That is precisely the way the Russians feel. So many Russians have been done away, that a few more days of mad vengeance will not make much difference.

The Jews were wrong; the Russians are wrong; the two wrongs are yet to produce a third wrong. And neither Mr. Brisbane’s eulogies, nor Mr. Hearst’s headlines, nor yet Mr. Bernstein’s “discovery” are likely to affect the matter. Accounts are being closed all over the world. Old scores are being wiped off. How many of them might have been prevented altogether if the virus of Jewish ambition had not been permitted to seize control of world affairs!

* * *

Source: Andrew Hamilton via Culture Clash

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Johnny Reb
Johnny Reb
1 September, 2021 9:02 am

The jews have won… America is under jewish tyranny and we are their livestock. Wear your mask and get your shot… Is there no injustice that Americans will not endure????