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A Neat Problem

by Revilo P. Oliver

A FEATURE article in the Midland, Michigan Daily News was reproduced photographically in the Christian News, 20 October 1986, accompanied by a commentary intended to prove that good old Jesus administers heart-balm to the afflicted and sorrowing.

The facts are that a man and woman had a daughter, seemingly normal at birth, but after a few months the child began to die slowly from a progressive decay of the brain. The parents then engendered a second child: same result. It is stated that expert pathologists made comprehensive tests for every known disease, including, presumably, the one that first comes to mind, and discovered nothing. Dissection of the brain showed what areas had rotted away, but gave no clue to the cause.

Two successive occurrences of the same phenomenon make coincidence unlikely. If all other efforts to ascertain the aetiology of the dire malady have failed, an obviously possible cause calls for investigation, since a genetic incompatibility between parents is known sometimes to produce a wide variety of malformations, physical as well as psychic, in the offspring. The parents are White, as shown in photographs, and the names suggest they are Aryan. That however does not exclude a latent ethnic or even racial diversity that could result in the birth of physiologically defective children.

So far as one can tell from the articles, no such investigation of the genetic antecedents was made, as would have been done automatically in the early part of this century, when the study of eugenics had not yet been forbidden by the Jews, who had not yet taken over the United States. They have now ordained that a study of heredity and ethnology is evidence of a wicked presumption in the lower races and will be punished informally by personal pressures and attacks on the culprits until God’s Race has enacted laws by which they can send Federal goons to haul off the insubordinate Aryans to prisons in which they will be condignly tortured.

I note the problem in genetics for its obvious importance and relevance. The Christian commentary is only what one would expect. The parents are pious True Believers, profess to believe all the grotesque tales in the Jew-book, and claim that the crucified Jew-boy assuaged their sorrow.

Why he did not heed his devotees’ prayers to save the children, as, according to our shamans, he could have done with a snap of his fingers, is presumably one of those “mysteries” that theologians talk about when they cannot imagine a plausible answer to an inescapable question. And, of course, no one even thinks of asking why he should have afflicted children and parents so atrociously, although he, according to his dervishes, manages the whole universe and nothing happens — not even to swallows — without his notice and permission.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, January 1987

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13 June, 2021 8:12 pm

Revilo P. Oliver, my favourite historian and one of the few I trust, and one of my favourite writers.

13 June, 2021 9:49 pm

nothing happens — not even to swallows — without his notice and permission.”
yep you nailed it. the jewbook really lost it.