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The White Man’s Law

by Douglas Mercer

DURING HIS tenure as US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions was speaking to an assembly of sheriffs and said that the office of the sheriff is a critical part of our Anglo-American heritage. No sooner were these commendable words spoken than all Hell broke loose. I’m pretty sure it was the “Anglo-American heritage” part that set them all off. But the way they shrieked you’d have thought that Sessions had urinated freely on a statue of Rosa Parks while singing Dixie and when he was finished said “How do you like your Civil Rights now?”

And the shrieking really was incessant. Writing in Jew-run Time magazine, big Jew Olivia Waxman once recounted a weepy story of how super big Jew Albert Einstein, on the occasion of his 70th birthday, celebrated in New Jersey with some little Jews who had just arrived in America from Europe as “displaced persons” (we should have kept them out). But in this instance big Jew Waxman writing in Jew-run Time magazine made the comment that in America (which is only nominally her country) the office of sheriff has its roots in slavery. If you can believe her, sheriffs were historically instrumental in capturing runaway slaves and preventing slave rebellions. If so, they did yeoman’s work (yeoman being a Middle English word).

Other Jews and their Jew-like allies bellowed that Sessions’ perfectly true and reasonable statement was a “dog whistle for White supremacy,” but then what isn’t nowadays? Indeed, things are getting pretty bad when a regular White guy can’t stand up straight and celebrate his own heritage on a continent conquered by his forebears without being called names by the aliens who showed up yesterday. But such has come to pass in America.

For the record the following is the origin of sheriffs:

“In England, the sheriff came into existence around the 9th century. This makes the sheriff the oldest continuing, non-military law enforcement entity in history… The concept of sheriff, because of the vast British Empire, was exported to places such as Canada, Australia, India, and, of course, the American Colonies.”

Even Jew-run Wikipedia admits that “a sheriff is a government official, with varying duties, existing in some countries with historical ties to England and Ireland, where the office originated. Historically, a sheriff was a legal official with responsibility for a Shire. The term Shire being a contraction of “shire reeve” (Old Engish scīrgerefa).”

So there you have it, straight from the Jews’ own mouth. So obviously Sessions was on solid historical ground and (despite the many immoral things he’s done) was morally right to praise his ancestors.

But in the America of our time there is a “new sheriff in town,” one who hates sheriffs, and who wants to de-criminalize crime even as he wants to criminalize White people.

And this subject also highlights another the cardinal point: Despite the GOP’s febrile fantasy life, Mestizos are not “natural-born conservatives,” nor are they indistinguishable from Anglo-Saxons; and, despite the neoconservative lies, our way of life cannot be exported. Our ideals are peculiar to ourselves, particular to us. These values were created in Europe in a specific time and specific place among a specific historical people. And these ideals remain native only to those people and the legitimate inheritors of their colonial possessions, men and women of our race and no other.

Other peoples, no matter how much they pretend, don’t want to adopt this ideology — they want to exploit it.

In the 19th century American historians liked to say that freedom was born in a German forest. But it is dying in a mongrel-filled “universal nation.”

These immemorial “rights of an Englishman,” these “ancient liberties,” can be quickly summarized: They consist in the idea that a man’s home is his castle; that there are some places where the King’s writ doesn’t run. Now that the King’s writ runs nearly everywhere, including your home and your face, it’s good to remember the specifics of what these famous English liberties are (or were): the freedom to say what you want, to associate — or disassociate — with whomever you want, to assemble whenever you want, to have freedom of thought and religion, to own a gun, to defend yourself, to possess life, liberty, and property which no one can take from you without a lawful process, and proving that any such process is lawful takes a mountain of evidence, enough to 100 per cent. satisfy a jury of your true peers.

These are the glories of the English people, or were — when there still was such a people.

But just take a look at the most primal of these rights: speech. Our Ivy League schools were created one and all by White Anglos but now are the home of aliens, rabid enemies, and traitors. Poll after poll of the students at these “elite” universities shows that they now value the right “not to be offended” much more than the right to speak freely. In fact they don’t value the latter at all when it is White people doing the speaking. So the Mario Savio of today is not on his way to a sit-in for free speech; he’s on his way to kneel in front of a Negro. A sea change, that.

Jew Elena Kagan has shown the way. She has outlined a thought process whereby so-called “offensive” speech will be deemed to create a “climate of hate” and thus will be said to incite violence. That means “hate speech” laws for America, and no free speech for you and me. Sound far-fetched? So did Drag Queen Story Hour and billions of dollars for free illegal alien health care the first time we heard it. So did Pakistanis raping tens of thousands of White girls in England under the watchful eyes of Jews and White race criminals. Indeed, wherever you hear one of our enemies say we are just being paranoid, and that the slippery slope is a fallacy, you can be sure they are somewhere furiously greasing the skids of our destruction.

The overall fact of this matter is that we White people are a particular people with beliefs, a culture, and values all our own. These values only work in a White society — in a completely White society. Indeed, even some measure equality in certain things is not so bad as long as it is among true equals. When non-White foreigners emigrate to our lands they don’t all of a sudden start reading James Madison; they just begin to use our laws against us whenever they can.

A recent book on “global White nationalism” described Sam Francis as “a journalist turned White supremacist.” We all should have such a noble career arc. What finally got Francis kaiboshed from polite and cowardly society was when uber-Wog Dinesh D’Souza squealed on him to big conservative Mommy and Daddy. What Francis said that offended the alien dot head should be enshrined in letters 500 feet high in front of the White House, as it is an eternal verity: “The civilization created by White people will not survive their passing.”

True, that.

And you can be sure that, should we fail in our task, what will succeed our civilization will be an anti-civilization — and what will come after our culture will be an anti-culture. It will be no place for White men.

In that new dystopia of darkness and dark men, the White man’s “inalienable” rights will be fully alienated, as indeed they already have been to a great extent. Even our country will be totally alienated from us. A man’s home will not be his castle — it will belong to a Mexican; it will belong to Negro squatters and God help you if you try to take it back; and it will really belong to the unspeakable Yid who orchestrated our fall. And the King’s writ? It will run right into your bloody face.

The White man’s law will be no more. You’ll have a new kind of law. The law that prevails in the places whence these aliens slithered. The law of the jungle.

If we fail in our task.

* * *

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mortal goyal
mortal goyal
27 February, 2021 7:42 pm

big Mercer fanboy here… the kind of quality writing that assures me i am not insane
<as the jew would forcefully have me believe>….and completely alone in this now degenerated pile once called America…

A White Man who does not mince his words when speaking of the malevolent Jew menace in this Hemisphere….is the anomaly…
all i know are indifferent, metaphysical cowards… tight work again DM. later.

William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
Reply to  mortal goyal
1 March, 2021 12:04 pm

Mr. Mercer: [We] White people are a particular people with beliefs, a culture, and values all our own. These values only work in a White society — in a completely White society.

I feel the same way about Douglas Mercer’s writing, mg. He understands that total separation of our people from those who oppose us, especially those of other races, is the paramount consideration for preserving our people. You and I and
Alliance members understand this, but most who like to comment here at National Vanguard do not, or they would join with us.

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
Reply to  mortal goyal
8 March, 2021 12:17 am

Beautiful prose. Well crafted and it stirs the soul.