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86 That Story, Schlomo!

by David Sims

INTERRACIAL violent crime between Blacks and Whites is (approximately) 90% Black perp and White victim, and 10% White perp and Black victim.

The media’s reporting on interracial crime, at the national level and with races identified, is (approximately and ostensibly) 90% White perp and Black victim. And, of those, a percentage of the “White” perpetrators aren’t really White.

Putting those two facts together, we can deduce that the mainstream media has a reporting bias that results in their news coverage incorrectly assessing the relationship between race and crime by at least two orders of magnitude.

It’s actually more like three orders of magnitude, though, since Whites outnumber Blacks in the US population by a factor of five.

Indeed, it might be four orders of magnitude, because among the alleged violent crimes having White perpetrators and Black victims, the media’s narrative is often false and intentionally misleading, such that maybe only one alleged White perpetrator in ten is guilty of any wrong-doing.

A Black teenager kicked an old Asian lady in the face. The video appeared on the Internet, but it wasn’t shown to the public by the mainstream media — purely because the perpetrator was Black. If the perp had been White, then the mainstream media would have shown it on prime time news over, and over, and over, and over. Endlessly.

A Black man ambushed some police officers and killed five of them before being killed. The report appeared in the Internet alternative media, but it didn’t make much headway in the mainstream press — purely because the perpetrator was Black. If the perp had been White, then the mainstream media would have reported on it as a long-running featured story.

A Black man with a scoped sniper rifle shot and killed an elderly White couple as they were paying a visit to the grave site of their son, who had died in service to his country. Accounts of this double murder appeared in the alternative media, but the mainstream media buried the story — purely because the perpetrator is Black. If the perp had been White, then the mainstream media would be telling us the story, no doubt with embellishments of their own devising, ever since and for long into the future.

Really, should you even be paying attention to the mainstream media? They present a truckload of false information with each pint of truth. You can do much better than that with the alternative media online, where the ratio of correct information to incorrect information is much, much, much greater.

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18 May, 2020 11:26 pm

We already know that the Jews control 90% of the media in the USA, therefore they will be 90% anti-white, now the important thing is to know what safeguard the racially conscious whites are taking, for their non-extermination.

19 May, 2020 5:30 pm

Another factor to be considered is that despite all the efforts to integrate the US, most whites continue to avoid blacks. So, many of the black on white crimes are a result of blacks deliberately seeking out whites.

25 May, 2020 2:53 pm

I think the numbers are closer to 85% to 15% and 550,000 incidents per year.

To me this is even more shocking than 13 to 50 and we should be pushing this all over the internet, as i have been doing for about 3-4 months now on sites like D-Live and BitChute.

550,000 incidents of violent crime per year is incredible.